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Unidentified Grace

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Chapter Four

Luke ended up getting permission to take me out of the hospital for Christmas as long as he brought me back Christmas night. I was bubbling with excitement to get out of the hospital and see Denver. Especially if it was with Luke.
The day before Christmas Eve came around and I was standing on my crutches in my bathroom, trying to fix my hair. I had few supplies, only a brush and a few barrettes, but I looked okay.
Luke finally arrived and rolled his eyes at some laughing nurses when
I skipped Chapter three because I havent finished it yet. Basically it talks about her being in the hospital, meeting people, and losing a dear friend- an elderly cancer patient who was her neighbor.
he came through my door. “What?” I asked amusingly, sitting straighter.
He sighed heavily and handed me the JcPenny’s bag in his hand. “This is what.” He smiled and shook his head. “The male nurses have been harassing me about spending so much time with you and now I bring in a JcPenny’s bag… it set them over the edge.” He chuckled.
I smiled and looked in the bag. I gasped at the contents. “Luke, I said a t-shirt and jeans!” there was a black pencil skirt and a gorgeous blue blouse. I pulled them out and then gasped again. Underneath that outfit was a beautiful and elegant burgundy evening gown.
“Luke!” I said in exasperation. He had a huge smile on his face. He helped me to my feet and put the dress up to me. I smiled down at it and then looked up at him.
“I just wanted to do something nice for you.”
I laughed. “You’re letting me stay at your house for Christmas and you hardly know me. I think that’s something nice enough!” I said in exasperation.
Luke shrugged. “Well, I figured you’d say that, so I came up with a different, true, excuse. My parents are classy folks and they expect me to wear a shirt and tie for Christmas dinner. My younger brother Dennis is coming too with his girlfriend Annie. Trust me; they will all be very dressed up. You won’t want to be left out, would you?”
I glared at him and then looked back at the dress. Finally I sighed. “Ok, fine, but what’s with the skirt and shirt ensemble?”
“My mom picked it out. And I just thought you’d look pretty in that.” He said in a husky tone. I looked up at him and he was very close to my face. I leaned in, trapped by his gaze and the smell of his cologne. Suddenly, some male nurses tapped on the glass window of my room and I quickly backed away. Dazed for a moment, I shook my head free of the all-consuming thoughts of Dr. Marcello and said, “Um… I’m going to go change and then we’ll leave.” I picked up the blouse and skirt and clutched the back of my hospital gown as I made my way to the bathroom.
Locking the door behind me, I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror. My cheeks were flushed. I changed into the new clothes Luke bought me and smiled at his thoughtfulness… and his style.
When I opened the door, he was standing at the nurses’ station, checking charts for some of his other patients. I cleared my throat to catch his attention and he looked over at me. His eyes widened and his mouth slacked slightly. He looked either stunned or dazzled.
“Do I look ok?” I asked him, not sure about the reason for his reaction.
He looked into my eyes and fixed a heart-stopping smile. “I was completely wrong. You don’t look pretty at all. You look absolutely breath-taking.” He set the chart down. “Shall we?”
It took me a second to remember to breathe and then I frowned, feeling like I was missing something. Then it dawned on me and I smacked my forehead with my palm. “A shoe!” I said in bewilderment.
He looked at my bare foot and casted other one and then threw his head back in laughter. “I am so sorry!” he said through his chuckles.
I giggled. “How am I going to walk through the streets of Denver barefoot?”
He finally sobered, but the smile never left his face or those dazzling blue eyes of his. “I could always carry you. That would be easier than having to walk around with a cripple.”
I glared at him but then smirked. “You’d like that wouldn’t you, pretty boy?” I pointed on of my crutches at him.
He lifted his hands in the air in surrender. “Well we don’t have to stop anywhere. And my parents are already at my house. I’m sure Annie brought another pair of shoes, and if they don’t fit, no one will mind if you have one bare foot.”
“Don’t be so sure.”
He went back to my room to get the shopping bag. “Maybe you should carry this.”
We got in the elevator and rode down to the first floor. He led me to his car. It was a brand new black corvette and my mouth watered at the sight of it. “This is your car?” I asked
He winked and helped me into the passenger seat. “Hospitals pay cardio surgeons a pretty penny. But this was a gift from mom and dad on my eighteenth birthday. Isn’t she a beauty?”
I waited till he got in the driver’s seat to say. “Please tell me you aren’t one of those crazy people who name their cars?”
He looked wounded. “Deanna is not just a car… she’s a friend.”
I laughed and leaned my head back on the leather seat. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been to Denver, but it’s safe to say I don’t remember it if I have.” I looked at the window and saw the tall buildings. “This place is amazing!”
He didn’t say anything for a while so I just watched the scenery roll by.
Finally he took a deep breath. “I have to warn you,” he said hesitantly, “Dennis isn’t a Christian and I wouldn’t be surprised if Annie isn’t too. Den is… well… he can be kind of a jerk sometimes. I just wanted to warn you.”
I nodded. “Everything will be just fine.”
He drove out of town and into the country. Snow fell and it made a beautiful picture, but the darkening night made me somewhat uncomfortable. “Where are we going?” I asked
He didn’t answer for a moment and turned onto a gravel road. We drove over a bridge and the river running under it was completely ice. “Luke, where are we going?” I asked again. He just smirked
Finally, we stopped in front of a gate and Luke had to hurry out into the snow to open it so we could drive through. When he got back in the car, he pulled forward and said, “Welcome to the Marcello cabin.”
I stared at the little cabin with my mouth wide open. It wasn’t just a little cabin. It was like the mansion of cabins. And it was absolutely gorgeous, with one entire wall made completely of glass, looking at the mountains.
He smiled and got out of the car, then helped me out of my side.
He grabbed my crutches, picked me up, and walked to the front porch with me in his arms. He waited to put me down until after we’d crossed the threshold so I wouldn’t have to touch the cold snow with my bare foot. I was touched by his thoughtfulness
There was a wall mount of an elk to greet us in the front door. “Mom! Dad! Den!” He yelled. “I’m home!”
A thin, petite woman who looked like she could be in her late forties, early fifties, was pulling some dish out of the oven in the beautiful kitchen. She smiled at her son and kissed his cheek. “Mom, this is Grace.” He said, giving my fake name. “Grace, this is my mother, Margaret, but you can call her Marge.”
She smiled and took one of my hands. “Oh, you poor dear. Luke told me all about you. Well, just make yourself part of the family, alright?”
I smiled gratefully and squeezed her hand that she was holding. A man who looked fit, though his hair was graying and there were obviously age lines on his face, came into the kitchen and firmly shook Luke’s hand. “Dad, Grace, Grace, this is the renowned surgeon, Dr. Andrew Marcello.”
“Pleased to meet you.” I said formally.
He kissed my hand. “And your, my dear. Grace, you say? Why, I thought you had lost your memory in that dreadful accident?”
I nodded. “I did. Luke gave me the name Grace until I find out who I really am.”
Luke smiled proudly at me. “It fits her, don’t you think mother?”
Marge nodded. A beeper rang out and she jumped. “Oh, the green beans are ready.” She said happily, as if it was the best news she’d ever heard.
A man who looked to be in his late teens or early twenties walked in with a very pretty red-head in a green cocktail dress at his side. “Grace, this is my brother Dennis and his girlfriend Annie.”
“Nice to meet you.” Dennis said, not bothering to shake my hand. Annie smiled politely, but all I could see was suspicion in her sapphire eyes.
“Nice to meet you both.” I said with a slight smile.
Andrew smiled and put his hand at the small of my back to lead me into the living room. “Oh, please do sit down in the living room. You must be exhausted. Dennis, did you know Grace was in an accident?”
He shook his head, but there was no curiosity. Andrew continued and filled glasses of what looked like champagne. “Yes she got hit by a drunk driver.”
Annie looked me over as she sat next to Dennis on the big brown couch. Luke helped me sit down on the other one and then planted himself very closely next to me. I was thankful for him being so close.
Annie finished looking at me. “And she broke her foot. How sad.” She said, not sounding sympathetic at all.
I was about to say something, when Luke beat me to it. “She also broke a few ribs, was in need of surgery, oh and she lost her memory. Yes, Grace has been through a lot.” He sounded irritated.
I patted his knee. “I’m quite alright now.”
Andrew handed out drinks and when he got to me I frowned, but took it. He sat next to his wife and began asking Annie about her life in Chicago.
I whispered to Luke, “I’m not sure if I drink.”
He put his glass down on the coffee table. “I don’t. If it doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it. My parents won’t be offended.”
I took a sip of the champagne and grimaced. Luke nodded in understanding and set my glass down also.
I took a look around. It definitely looked like a cabin. All of the furniture was brown and a sort of modern western look. There was a huge green Christmas tree sitting in the corner and it had pretty silver ornaments on it. I noticed there were no personal decorations on the tree, like there were when I was a kid.
I gasped quietly and looked at Luke. “I just remembered something.”
“Do tell.” Marge said, overhearing our conversation.
I felt nervous under the whole family’s scrutiny. “Oh, I just remembered that when I had Christmas at my house as a kid we always cut down trees in the woods and decorated them with handmade ornaments. I remember what the tree looked like, vaguely, but I can’t see anything else.” I said, somewhat disappointed that the memory didn’t bring back any other memories.
Dennis laughed. “That sounds like something off a movie.”
Annie nodded. “I don’t think my family ever cut down a real tree.”
Luke smiled. “It sounds absolutely wonderful.” He looked down at me and I blushed. Dennis made a disgusted sound and I wanted to stick my tongue out at him like a child.
Marge got up and finished fixing dinner. “Marge, would you like me to set the table?” I asked.
She smiled at me with a look of thankfulness. “Oh, Grace, you don’t have to do that. You can hardly move around.”
“Actually,” I argued, standing up to prove my point. “I’m getting pretty good at this crutches thing.”
She shrugged. “Luke, why don’t you help Grace?”
Luke handed me my crutches and looked at me like I was super woman or something. We went into the kitchen and Luke gave me four plates and he took the rest and the utensils. I frowned as I tried to hold the plates and move with my crutches at the same time. It wasn’t working. Luke looked like he was about to take the plates from me, when I set down the crutch on my bad side and held the plates with my now empty hand. “I can get around on one crutch.” I told him, daring him to challenge me.
He looked amused and put his hand out for me to continue. I nodded once and limped slowly to the dining room table. I put down the plates and slid them into their right spots. When I was finished I was exhausted, but victorious. “Ha!” I said, wiping my hand on my forehead. “I told you I could do it.”
Marge laughed. “Thank you, dear. Everyone come to the table; Christmas Eve’s Eve dinner is ready.” She said happily. I took the seat next to Luke across from the window wall. I smiled at him. “The view is beautiful from here.”
“Thank you.” Andrew said proudly as he sat down next to me. “We’ve had this cabin for three generations. We built on a little, but this room and that window have been here the whole time.”
I sighed. “Wow, that’s amazing.” The rest of the family took their seats. Dennis and Annie sat across from Luke and I and my heart sank when Annie sat directly across from me. Marge and Andrew sat at the ends of the table. Andrew put his hands out to each side. I grabbed Luke’s hand and marveled at its warmth. I hadn’t realized I was so cold until then. Then I grabbed Andrew’s hand. It was rough and calloused.
“No thank you.” Annie said politely, putting her hands in her lap.
“Me neither.” Dennis said.
His parents looked very sad at the couple’s refusal for prayer, but I could see they weren’t surprised.
“Grace,” Andrew said in his deep, rumbling voice, “Would you like to say Grace?” he asked, seeming amused at his play at words.
I smiled. “I’d love to.” I set my eyes on Annie for a moment and then bowed my head. “Father in Heaven, thank you so much for this beautiful Christmas evening. Bless this family over the holiday. And Lord, bless my own family wherever they are. Thank you for this food. Amen.”
“Amen’s” were heard. Andrew picked up the food and passed it around the table. As everyone took their share, Luke said, “So dad, how’s Boulder Hope Hospital treating you?”
Andrew shrugged. “As well as can be expected. I mean, it’s no St. Bartholomew’s, but it’s a good hospital nonetheless.”
Marge took the mashed potatoes and huffed. “I for one hate Boulder. I was so relieved that you suggested we stay in the cabin, Luke, because I got to come home to Denver.”
Dennis rolled his eyes. “Mom, Boulder isn’t that far from Denver. You could drive over any time.”
Marge sighed. “It’s not the same as living here. I miss all my friends and my Bible study.”
“Did you find a good church?” Luke asked as he dished himself some roast beef.
Andrew nodded with a smile. “It’s called Aurora Heights Community Church. It’s fairly small, like our subdivision, and the pastor is amazing.”
Luke smiled. “Have you gotten into a Bible study there, ma?”
Marge sighed. “I have, but it’s filled with stuffy old women who can hardly read the Scriptures because they’re too blind.”
Andrew gave his wife a look and then continued, “ She wants to come down here once a week and go to her old Bible study.”
Luke shrugged. “I don’t see how that would be a problem. Is it?”
“Well, not a problem per se…” He said hesitantly.
Marge glared at her husband from across the table. “He doesn’t want me driving in the snow on the interstate.”
Dennis frowned. “Mom’s a great driver, Dad.”
Andrew lifted his hands in surrender. “I know, I know, but anything could happen. Especially after Luke told me Grace’s story, I’ve been extremely cautious about driving.”
I felt my eyes widen. “Oh, please, Dr. Marcello, don’t deny Mrs. Marcello the chance to study God’s Word with people she loves because of a freak accident that happened to me!” I looked at Luke to make sure I didn’t overstep my bounds, but he looked pleased with what I said.
Andrew nodded. “You’re probably right, Grace, I’m just always a worrier.”
I put my hand on top of his. “Everything works together for the good of them that love the Lord, Romans 8:28.” I said kindly.
Andrew smiled and patted my hand. “Now why can’t you remember your name?”
Everyone at the table laughed, save Annie and Dennis. They seemed as stone cold as ever.
We all finished our dinner with pleasant conversation and then Dennis and Annie helped Marge clean up. Luke showed me my room which was, mercifully, on the first floor. I learned that there were actually three floors to the beautiful cabin. The basement was more like the game room- filled with ping pong tables, pool tables, a bar, and a huge flat screen TV where they watched football games and what not. The second floor was all extra bedrooms.
Luke turned the light on in the room closest to the kitchen. I gasped. The king sized bed was covered in a snow white comforter that looked like it would poof away if you even touched it. The window was covered with blue curtains that were the color of the sky on a warm summer day. The walls were tan and clean.
I sighed. “This room is so cozy looking.”
Luke smiled and lifted me off my feet into a cradle. I yelped in surprise, but he didn’t put me down. “Wait till you try the bed.”
I was about to comment on his seemingly inappropriate statement, when he dropped me gently on the bed. And then I knew what he meant.
“Wow.” I said as I snuggled into the soft fabric. “I could go to sleep right now.” I said, stifling a yawn.
He laughed. “It’s a lot better than that hospital bed you’ve been sleeping in, right?”
I closed my eyes and sighed in complete bliss. “Join me.” I said peacefully.
He went over and lay on the other side of me. He sighed as well. “Nice.”
I nodded. “Thank you so much for taking me out of that place. I would have hated to stay in a hospital during Christmas. Now I just wish I could have brought all my neighbors here too and then it would have been a party.” My words were slightly mumbled.
He lifted a knee up and laid his hands on his stomach. “Better than my crazy parents and even crazier twenty year old brother.”
I shrugged. “Your parents are amazing people. I even don’t mind your brother that much.” I dropped my voice to a whisper. “It’s Annie that freaks me out. She seems so cold.”
He nodded. “That was my impression too. My parents are worried about the influence she’ll have on Dennis.”
I took a deep breath. “I would be too. Let’s just hope we can get through the season without a fiasco of some sort.”
He lifted his hand for a high five and I laughed, smacking it with my hand. Just then Dennis walked in the room. “Well, don’t you two look cozy?”
Luke glared at his brother. “What do you want, Dennis?”
He sat on the edge of the bed by Luke. “What did you think of Annie?” he asked excitedly. This was the first time I’d seen any sort of emotion from him since I’d met him. “Isn’t she beautiful?”
I nodded. “She’s stunning.”
Luke smiled reassuringly. “She seems perfect for you, Den.”
Dennis laughed and smacked his brother playfully on the leg. “That’s what I thought.” He sighed happily. “I think I might love her, dude. She may be the one.”
Luke frowned. “Are you sure? I mean, you guys have only been dating for, what, four months? That’s hardly long enough to get to know a person.”
Dennis glared at his brother. “I know her.”
Luke lifted his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay, I’m just looking out for you, bro.”
Dennis stood up. “I don’t need you to look out for me. I just need you to support me when I make life-altering decisions.”
Luke nodded. “I’m always on your side, Dennis.” He smiled teasingly. “Unless it’s when you decide to go for fast food on eat-out night, then you’re on your own pal.”
Dennis laughed and shook his head. “Glad to have you back, Luke.” He walked out of the room and I looked at Luke. “He doesn’t seem like a jerk to me.”
Luke sighed. “He has the worst temper of anyone I’ve ever met. And this is the fifth time he’s pulled the ‘I think I might love her, she may be the one’ line.”
I nodded. “Ah, so he’s kind of a player?”
“No, he just falls in love easy.” Luke stood up. “Well, I wish I could sleep in this bed and kick you out, but I’m a gentleman so I bid you goodnight and I’ll see you in the morning.”
I frowned. “Um, Luke, what am I supposed to sleep in?”
He smacked his forehead with his palm. “I’m so sorry, I completely spaced that! Here I’ll go get one of my t-shirts and you can sleep in it.” He rushed out of the room and was back faster than I expected, carrying a gray t-shirt. He threw it to me and then kissed my forehead. “Good night.”
I smiled. “Night.” When he turned off the light and shut the door, I smelt his shirt. It smelt like him. I sighed and threw my clothes off trying not to hurt a rib or my foot and then slipped on Luke’s t-shirt. Wearing his shirt was kind of… intimate, and I felt weird in it. But it smelled so good.
I said my prayers and then drifted into sleep, dreaming of Luke.
The next morning, I put on the same clothes I wore that night since they weren’t dirty and made my way into the kitchen, drawn to the smell of something delicious. I smiled at the sight of Marge already ready for the day and making chocolate chip pancakes. “That looks amazing.” I said with a smile.
She clutched her chest and looked at me with surprise. “Oh dear, you frightened me!”
I rushed to her side. “Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?”
She took a deep breath and nodded. “Yes. I have a heart condition. I’m alright now, though. Thank you dear. And if anything happens, we have the best cardio-thoracic surgeon in all of Colorado right under our roof. And if you happen to break a finger, we also have the best orthopedic surgeon in Colorado.” She laughed
I grinned and filled a mug full of coffee. “Do you have any low fat creamer?” I asked.
She nodded, never tearing her eyes off the spatula. “It’s in the cupboard above the coffee pot.” I grabbed it and put three spoonfuls in the coffee. Then I poured a bit of sugar and went to sit at the table. The snow was falling, slow and gradual to the ground and I sighed in contentment, sipping my perfect cup of coffee. “It’s funny,” I mused, “that I have all these strange habits like putting so much cream and sugar in my coffee, but I cant remember anything about myself. Maybe I’ll never get my full memory restored.” I said with a sigh.
“Actually, I think you’re doing quite well Grace.” Marge said, joining me with a plate of pancakes and a cup of coffee. “I remember when I was little my big brother was horse-back riding and he hit his head on a rock and got amnesia. It was the scariest thing in the world for a seven year old girl to have her brother look at her like she was a stranger.” Marge shook her head and took a sip of her coffee. “He never fully got his memory back. But I can tell you will because Donny never remembered little memories like what the Christmas tree looked like, and he was around his family! You show great potential, and I know my son agrees.”
I smiled when she mentioned Luke. “He’s amazing.” I said in a whimsical tone.
Marge studied me. “I’ve seen the way you look at him. He is a handsome boy, don’t you think?”
I gave Marge a sideways look and then stared at the mountains covered in snow. “He is.”
“My Luke has never been in love.” She said sadly. “I was hoping to have little grandbabies running around my feet by now, but he says God hasn’t brought the right girl along. I think she’s finally here.”
I pretended to not know who she was talking about. “Luke deserves all the happiness in the world. He’s a great guy.”
“He deserves you, Gracie.” She said, making me look her in the eye.
I shook my head. “I don’t even know who I am, Marge. How can I be the right girl for him?” I felt that same twinge of guilt when I thought about falling in love with Luke. “And I think I have someone already. Every time I think about Luke, I get this guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach.”
Marge nodded understandingly. “Well, I know one thing. There’s always a reason for everything the Lord does.”
Just then, Luke walked in wearing a button up shirt and jeans and his dark brown hair was wet. “Good morning.” He said, kissing his mom on the cheek. He smiled at me and I worried that he had heard our conversation. But then I figured he didn’t know how to greet me, certainly not with a kiss on the cheek like he’d done for his mother. Instead, he grabbed three plates and forks and the syrup.
“Oh, Luke, I want to wait until Dennis and your father get up before we eat.” Marge said.
“Mom, the pancakes are going to get cold before noon.” He said humorously.
She laughed. “Well, alright, I can always make more.”
Luke dished me up and I smiled gratefully. My rib had been hurting all morning, especially when I moved my arms. I immediately dug into my pancakes. “These are so good, Marge.” I said my mouth full. “But I guess after eating hospital food every day for the past too weeks, any home cooked meal would be good.”
Luke frowned. “I would have brought you food if you had mentioned that you didn’t like the hospital food.”
I smiled and patted his arm. “No, its fine, it’s actually not that bad.” I looked around secretively then whispered, “Don’t tell any of the other patients, but I think the cook is sweet on me.”
Luke and Marge laughed. Marge gave Luke a knowing look and then stood up. “Well, I’d better go… check on the dog.”
“We don’t have a dog, mom.” Luke said.
Marge ignored him and walked out of the room. Luke rolled his eyes. “I don’t know what she’s up to, but I know it’s no good.”
I laughed. “I love your mom.”
“I think she loves you too.” He said amusingly, “Which may or may not be a good thing.”
I took another bite of the delicious pancakes. “I’d vouch for it being a good thing.”
Luke shrugged, but didn’t say anything, because he too was indulging himself in the pancakes.
We ate in companionable silence until Luke said, “So I was thinking maybe we could go ice skating on the pond today.”
I lifted my casted foot off the ground and cleared my throat. “I think that might be a small problem.”
He shrugged. “We could put socks on your cast and crutches and you could just slide around a little.”
I narrowed my eyes. “I don’t want to risk falling on my rib. It’s been hurting this morning.”
“Are you alright?” he asked worriedly.
I smiled. “I’m fine. I just don’t think ice skating will be on the agenda for a while for me.”
He nodded. “You’re probably right. Well what should we do?”
I shrugged and stood up with my plate in hand. “We could do all sorts of cute movie-style Christmas stuff; we could bake cookies in the shape of Santa Clause, we could go caroling, we could cook a fantastic dinner complete with ham and figgy pudding.”
He laughed and followed me to the sink. “I don’t know about the figgy pudding, but the caroling sounds intriguing. You probably have a fantastic singing voice.”
I blushed. “I don’t know. I haven’t sung since the accident; I’ve never had a reason to.”
“Try.” He said quietly.
I grimaced. “Do I have to?”
He nodded. “Sing Deck the Halls.”
I rolled my eyes. “Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la.” I cringed. Singing like this so spontaneously was so awkward.
Luke smiled widely and joined me singing the next verse in perfect tenor harmony, “Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la.”
I laughed. “That wasn’t bad!”
“You have a beautiful voice.” He said softly.
I shook my head, but didn’t move as he tipped his head toward me. Just then, Dennis walked in and Luke pulled back nonchalantly.
“What’s going on in here?” Dennis asked accusingly.
I smiled sweetly. “Caroling!”
Dennis leaned against the counter, looking cool. “We Marcellos have great voices. Maybe we’ll sing something for you and Annie.”
Then Annie walked in. “Speak of the devil.” Luke murmured quiet enough so only I could hear. I held back a giggle.
“Merry Christmas, Anne.” Dennis said, kissing his girl.
Annie smiled. She was decked out in a strapless green top and black skirt. “Merry Christmas.” Her voice sounded like warm honey, which was way different then last night when the sound of her voice could possibly break glass.
I looked at Luke and he looked as surprised as I did.
“Annie, I was just telling Grace here that my family is an amazing quartet. My mom sings soprano, Luke sings tenor, I sing bass, and Dad sings baritone. We are going to sing for you two tonight.” Dennis said.
Luke held his hands up. “Wait, wait, no we are not!”
Dennis smiled evilly and tapped his fingers together. He let out an evil laugh. Luke rolled his eyes and shook my crutch, motioning for me to follow him downstairs. Dennis called after us. “You will sing Luke!”
When we got down there I looked around and noticed the beautiful woodwork. There were two elk heads and a moose right above the flat screen TV. “Wow, it’s so beautiful down here.” There was a foosball table, a ping pong table, and a pool table. I laughed “I’m a master pool player!” I said, surprising myself.
Luke lifted an eyebrow. “How do you know that?”
I shrugged. “I just do.”
He smirked. “No one’s better than the pool king. Get ready to be dominated.”
I smiled. “You’re on.”
We played a vicious, intense game of pool. It was close, but I ended up winning. “Ha!” I said as I put my stick away. “I told you I was the man.”
He laughed. “That’s funny, you don’t look like one.” I followed him to the brown couch. He flipped the channels to a Christmas movie and we sat back and watched It’s a Wonderful Life. I cried.
When it was finished, Luke wiped away the tear that was rolling down my face. “There, there. It’s just a movie.” He said as he wrapped his arms around me. I willingly laid my head on his shoulder and felt that same guilt, but I didn’t move away. I accepted his comfort.
I found myself wishing he would try and steal a kiss again.
This was getting dangerous.
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MissEmilyDickinson This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 10, 2014 at 1:48 pm
This is amazing. I love it. I've tried finding romance books like this, and I found one. But then I lost it, but now? I found another? If it's alright to ask, is there more coming? I hope there is, because if there is, I would love to read. Thank you so much, for sharing this. I love this. You have such a talent and greatness in you. :) I hope more does come. Thank you again.
Kay_Kay said...
Jun. 26, 2012 at 8:10 am
Oh that was so good!! I hope there is going to be more soon! :D
It is so cute and mysterious and romantic and gosh! I'm so curious as to what happens next!! Eeekk i loved it! 
You are so talented! :D

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