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The Midnight Sun

Author's note: This is my first novel, and I wanted to combine the supernatural and romance, both of which I am...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is my first novel, and I wanted to combine the supernatural and romance, both of which I am a big fan of. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! :)  « Hide author's note
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Prolouge and Chapter one~One year later

Prologue ~ six months ago…
“I don’t understand. Why do we have to move right now?? It’s only two weeks until my 18th birthday, can’t we wait until I graduate?” I questioned anxiously. My father shook his head, his curly locks swishing back and forth. “No Sabrina! My business is moving all the men in our law firm to Sussex, and I can’t say no. Otherwise I’ll lose this job, our house, and everything we own.” I stepped back as if struck. Lose everything? How could we? I couldn’t believe it. “Us?! Loose all of our money? Father, we’re the richest people in Canada…anywhere! Us??” My father ran his hands through his jet black hair, and sighed deeply. “Sabrina, I’ve never told you, but… we’ve slowly been draining the account, and we’ll have to make sacrifices once we move to England. Brina, I really need your support to do this,” he said, using his favorite nickname for me. I didn’t say anything, “Fine,” I muttered sullenly, and ran up to my tower bedroom, slamming the door. “This cannot be happening. Suddenly we go from richest people in England to destitute? Unbelievable,” I whispered to myself as I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling.
I looked sadly out the window of our departing airplane at the only place that I had ever called home. It looked beautiful with its snow capped mountains, and watery blue-black sea. Nevertheless, I was in no mood to enjoy it. My father sat next to me, his laptop notebook opened in front of his serious, deathly handsome face. I sighed and remembered that morning, when I’d had to sell most of my clothes on E-bay and Craig’s-list, because they weren’t the fashion in England. I knew my Dad had always had my welfare first priority in his mind, and keeping our family together, but I still couldn’t help being angry with him. My father, Duke Wellington of Greenwich, and his daughter, Duchess Sabrina Coralline of Greenwich, were basically peasants now, though the Wizard Parliament had let us keep our titles. Oh, did I forget to mention that little iota? Well, yes, we’re Wizards, but we haven’t told anyone that… it’s our little secret. I wondered how I could ever adapt to this lying peasant life. I can’t even believe now, that I used to think like this.
Chapter one~ One year later…
I looked down at the menu for today’s cafeteria meal. Fish and Chips AGAIN! I sighed, and whipped my long blonde hair over my shoulder, as Oliver Connors walked past me, winking slyly. “Uhhhhhhhh, what a dunce,” I thought, as I smiled back, and graced him with a little wave. The wave of ignorance. Ahhh. I’d be ignored by Connors for the rest of the day, thanks to that handy little spell. I smiled at my best friend, Vanessa, who had just walked up to my table with her lunch tray. “Hey Sabrina! Is the weirdo Connors following you around again?” She smirked. I grimaced. “Yeah, but I took care of him. Anyways, how was English today, Van? I heard Mr. Kroll totally knocked over Troy with that paper, right? He’s a total English geek, after all.” She sighed. “Yeah, but he still is a nice guy. I can’t believe that you don’t like him.” “I don’t even know him. He’s not in any of my classes,” I retorted. “Well, yeah, but so what? I could… OMG, look who just walked in!” I half turned in my seat, as a wave of kids did the exact same thing. A squad of cheerleaders entered, escorting the twenty new freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors into Sussex College, Home of the Magicians. “Hey look at those Freshies, mhmmmm, mmmm do they look good!” “Van, stop it,” I whispered to her, trying to control her demon senses myself, which was virtually impossible. Valerie, the head cheerleader, shook her pom-poms and said, “Attention all students of Sussex. Today we admit to your care twenty new scholars. You will be placed in pairs to show them around the school, and meet back here for our last meeting. I will now read off the pairs.” As the started to read, I ran my eyes over the new guys and girls. I noticed a lot of them looked wary, and nervous, but a few stood out. “Whoa, Van, get a load of those six guys over there. It’s like the squad’s personal hot man team.” “And man, are they looking’ good!” Vanessa said. I was too busy looking at the guys, to realize that my name had just been called. Everyone began staring my way. Valerie smirked, and shouted, “Would Sabrina Coral come to the front to be paired up?” Then suddenly she stopped speaking, and looked off into the distance, as if she were staring hard at something. I all too soon realized that someone was performing a spell, but it wasn’t me. There was clearly another wizard in the room. Every regular human was frozen solid. No one else except Vanessa and I seemed to notice. Finally, Valerie shook her head, as if to clear it, then she smiled again and said in her shouting voice, “Sabrina Coral, you’re with Alexandre Carlson. Wait. Alexandre Carlson? There must be a mix up here. I--” But everyone was too busy gasping to hear Valerie. And all the girls were gasping. I felt like screaming, “What the bloody hell!” Alexandre Carlson … was one of the most delicious guys I’d ever seen. Moreover, I had seen him before. He had coal black straight hair, extremely pale white skin, and was six feet tall. His hands were perfect, with thin and long slender fingers, and his eyes… his eyes were… drowsy brown. I knew what that meant, unfortunately, and I squeezed my small hands together. I have the smallest hands in school. How had he found me again after all this time? He put out his hand to me, smiled and said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Alexandre Carlson,” His voice was as smooth as silk. If he was surprised after he’d heard my name he hadn’t show it “Uh,” was all I said. He grinned, and as I began to walk out of the cafeteria, the whole lunchroom’s eyes followed me out.
“Well, say your last words, Sabrina,” was my first thought, when we were finally by ourselves. “Well, I guess we’d better start with the basics. I’m Sabrina Coral, and you are … uh, Alexandre Carlson, correct?” He gave a half-smile, and said, “Sabrina, don’t kid. It’s extremely childish.” I glowered at him, my eyes flashing. We stood facing each other, me with hands clenched, and him with his arms nonchalantly crossed. After a very awkward pause, he smiled suavely, and said, “Rina, how are you? I haven’t heard from you in such a long time?” Alexandre gently rested his hands on my shoulders, and gave me a sick smile. “Don’t you dare touch me!” I yelled, shoving him in the chest a few feet away. My powers surfaced, and though I usually had good control of them, I added them to the power of the shove. The second they came up, Alexandre balanced against the push, whipping out his hands, and gabbing both of mine. I felt the shock of our hands meet, and a shiny white light that shot from our joined hands. He grinned wickedly, his eyes flaring to a powerful bright red. “My, how your power’s grown, love,” Alexandre added in an almost normal tone. Then, his voice turned reptilian then. “Now, Sabrina Coral, your powers and life are in my hands,” he hissed. I could feel my power draining away as my body began to swing out of control. “NO!” I screamed, a searing red-hot light zooming thorugh my hands, into my power channel in my throat and slowly making its way slowly down my spine. “Please Alexandre, stop! You already got what you wanted from me last time! Please, listen to me!” I cried, closing my eyes to the pain. I could feel his power now entering my body, slowly making its way down my backbone. I felt sick to my stomach. My eyes flashed open, and I saw the beads of sweat pouring down Alexandre’s face in concentration. I looked him straight in the eyes, and sent a pleading message into his mind. I tried to pull away, but I couldn’t get out of his grasp. Finally, after the long agonizing moments, he laughed wickedly. “I almost have you, and when I do, you shall be a totally defenseless human! Then, I can do what I have waited to do so long. I almost can’t believe this moment has finally come!” He shrieked, smiling wickedly. “NO! HELP!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping someone would hear, but I doubted it, because they were all inside the orientation building. I tried to keep pulling away, but it was no use. Struggling, I waited until the last moment that I would be fully wizard. Forever. In addition, no one could hear us, because of the soundproof bubble he had put around our battle. I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting so that I wouldn’t become totally defenseless to him and his corrupted ideas. Nothing worked. His power had almost reached the base of my spine, when suddenly, there was no pain. Alexandre’s grip on my hands loosened totally, and as I fell in a heap to the ground, I heard a bunch of loud noises that sounded like choking. “ARGGGGGG! You can’t protect them forever, Adam Lake!” Alexandre roared, in an ear-piercing voice. And then I heard…silence? I opened my eyes to find Alexandre…vanished! I went pick myself up, but fell back down, and cried out in pain, as my entire body was numb. I wouldn’t be able to get up for at least three hours. No one would find me and then I’d just die in my weak state, and my father would— “Are you ok?” A deep voice asked me. I squinted at the sky, and saw the outline of a teenage guy against the sun. I opened my mouth to explain who I was, but I couldn’t talk from the lack of strength. He smiled, flashing his extremely white teeth, and said, “You’re too weak to get up. But don’t fear; you’re safe. Rest now.” I sighed deeply, and, whether I wanted to or not, I blacked out.

A few Hours Later…
I awoke to the sound of typewriters clicking rapidly. A nurse in a white uniform informed me that I had been kicked in the head by a soccer ball, and had a minor amount of injuries. My friend who had found me was in the waiting room. I looked at her, startled. “My…friend?” She smiled slightly, as if she were trying to explain how to tie shoelaces to a toddler. “Your boyfriend?? He’s right outside in the waiting room. He brought you here.” “Oh, right.” I said, smiling a little at the nurse. I have a boyfriend now? Since when? I looked out the glass window, and saw a really hot guy sitting outside, staring at the ground. He had to be at least six feet tall, wore baggy jeans, and a black t-shirt. He picked his head up, as if he sensed I was watching him. Then he noticed me staring at him, and waved. Uncertain, I waved back, and I could see a near laugh tugging at the corners of his mouth. He had straight, bleach blonde, chin-length hair, six packs, and extremely intoxicating dark blue eyes. I stared at him, sending a message to his mind, so as to test his power ability. “So, you’re my boyfriend now, huh?” I asked. He looked up at me, his eyes widening with surprise. “Well, it was the only title I could use to get you in here,” he replied. “I, um, didn’t want you to die, because on my last encounter with Alexandre Carlson, I saw him kill…someone. He almost killed you, you know, and he wouldn’t hesitate to do it, since he’s killed girls…before you,” he said his face flushing as he looked away from my gaze. “Then I’m forever grateful to you, because otherwise he would have made me entirely human, and that means entirely vulnerable, if you know what I mean?” He grinned, but his eyes held a look of seriousness in them. “Well then, I guess I owe you a thanks for saving my life!” I added, smiling a little. He laughed outright, which made the nurse turn around, then go back to filling her needles, or whatever she was doing. “Yeah, whatever. I would have done it for anyone, I guess. Well, if it had been someone, um, like you…” he trailed off, his face red. I smiled gratefully, lying back down. Then I shot up again. “Hey, I don’t even know your name!” He grinned again. “My name is Adam. Adam Lake. And, what’s your name? I just saved some really cute girl whose name I don’t even know!” Then he realized what he had just said, and blushed again. I threw back my head and laughed. The nurse whirled on me. “Shh! Here, go outside. You seem to be in top condition,” She said, opening the door for me. I jumped off the bed, walked outside calmly, and sat down next to Adam. I looked at him, and noticed his eyes had snowflake patterns in them, and were dark blue. Did I already mention that? “Hey! So, yeah, I’m… Sabrina Coral.” I didn’t include my title, thinking it wouldn’t be important. “Hmmm, Sabrina Coral. Where have I hear that name before? ” Adam asked, rubbing his chin suddenly. “I don’t know. Probably in the lunchroom--,” I volunteered the information, before he began second guessing. “Hey, why weren’t you in the lunchroom, Adam?” He looked down, embarrassed. Then he said, “I’d just gotten out of detention. I’m in there a lot, because my band needs to practice in the school, and we never get time or can pay for a room, so we just practice in the halls, and—“You have a band? Oh my gosh! That is so cool! What do you guys play?” I asked excitedly. “Oh, I play lead guitar and sing, my friend Michaël sings and plays the acoustic, while my cousin, Alexi, is our bass guitar player and drums,” Adam said, listing them off on his elegantly long fingers “Oh, cool! Hey, if you ever need a girl singer sometime…” I trailed off, realizing that he was looking at my shoulder, particularly at my tattoo. I pulled my hair over that shoulder to cover it, but he held up his hand, and pushed my hair back. He looked closer at my shoulder. I flushed, getting this weird feeling from an almost stranger guy looking at my shoulder. “WHAT?” I asked. “It’s only a litharon flame. You know sorcer’s magic powers…enchantment?” He grinned, but his eyes looked serious now. I guess he finally realized what he had gotten himself drawn into. I began doing mezmer on him to find out what he was, but I ran into thick, solid barriers in his mind. He flashed a sudden look at me, and I felt a wave of numbness wash over me. But, maybe that wasn’t due to powers. I shook my head, thinking it might be the mesmerizing quality of his been blue eyes that numbed me, but realized it wasn’t going away. Immediately, I tensed. This was no ordinary human. He must have realized I figured this out, since he stopped staring at me, and immediately, I felt better. “Uh, thanks, I guess,” I managed to say, as he stood up, and began walking down the hall without me. “Hey, you save my life, and then just walk off? How rude is that?” I questioned, running after him and trying to keep up with his long strides. He turned on me, and at once, I realized that maybe he wasn’t as into me or my wizardness as I’d first thought. His eyes blazed silver as he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against a partition, saying, “Look Sabrina, I don’t know you, I don’t want to, and I only did it to put my conscience at ease. I just saved you, ok? That’s it! Why don’t you go bother your real Wizard boyfriend now!!!” We were inches apart and I could feel his eyes drilling holes into my brain. My pulse was racing, and I suddenly felt like I didn’t know this Adam Lake so well. His breath was hot as he breathed heavily in and out. Like, he just might kill me right about now. “I think…I need some air,” he muttered, letting me go, as I slid to the floor. Adam turned and ran, leaving me sitting against the wall, scared out of my wits. Why had he suddenly hated me? I knew it had something to do with the tattoo, and being a wizard, I just didn’t know what. After watching him run away, I felt like he owed me an explanation. Maybe he couldn’t control what had just happened. Standing up, I followed him. He was just too intriguing and hot to leave alone.
After trailing Adam for about ten minutes, I ran up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. “What?” He said in an aggravated tone of voice, as if he knew I had been following him. “’Uh, I kinda think you owe me an explanation. I’m sorry if it bothers you, but I don’t like guys who try to save me and then kill me themselves!” I felt my gaze fall deep into his eyes, but I tried not to let it happen. He stared at me for a few seconds, his head tilted to the side, like he couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. “OK, I guess it was kinda rude of me to just walk off like that.” He mimicked. “Pshh, kinda rude, ya think?” I mumbled under my breath. We began walking in the direction that we had come, in total silence. I finally couldn’t stand it. “So, um, where have you trained?” I asked, trying to make this conversation a little bit normal. Adam smiled slightly, shaking his head. “You know, you’re really persistent. It borders on being rude.” I felt myself looking down at my shoes, my face turning red. “I get that a lot.” Sighing, without turning to look at me, Adam said, “University of Cambridge, North sector.” “Oh, the warrior sector?” I blurted out. He turned on me suddenly, and then said, “Look, don’t say it out loud, ok? They might come after you again!” I silenced immediately, remembering Alexandre. “I came here… I was sent to… I felt like… Do you…” He cut off all his sentences, trying to speak clearly. I stared at him quizzically. Finally, he drew a deep breath. Sabrina, would you … like to … um,” Adam grew pale. Then he took a deep breath, and asked,” Would you like to go out with me tonight?” He said, trying to remain non-shalant. I stared at him, open-mouthed. Finally, I said, “Uh…wow. That’s a big change after, “I guess it was rude to walk off like that! You move kind fast, don’t you think?” I asked, grinning in my head at seeing him blush. Adam looked a little pissed off after I said that. “Well, I was just… Just forget it, ok?” He faltered, and took off down the perfectly manicured grass running. I almost regretted what I said, and wanted to call after him. But it was too late. I’d probably never see him again anyways. I sighed, and turned away, back the way I had come. I shouldn’t have wondered why guys could never work with me, but after these kind of situations, I already knew. I was a wizard, and Adam wasn’t. We only get along with our own kind. I grimaced as I remembered the horrid pain Alexandre had inflicted on me. I shouldn’t have been so unforgiving to Adam. He had saved me after all. It’d just happened so fast, I hadn’t been able to process it. As I walked down the hall, I kept seeing Adam’s face in my mind. Those delicious blue eyes. I shook my head, continuing to walk down the hall. After a while of walking, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw Megan, my second best friend, begin to walk next to me. “Hey, I just saw the hot dude you were talking to. Why’d you ditch him? He might have been the first ever to work out with you?!?!?!” Megan asked, a puzzled look in her eyes. “Well, yeah, he just…made fun of what I said, and then asked me to go out with him, after threatening me by pinning me against a wall, and insulting me. Can you believe that?” I questioned her. Megan grinned, and replied, “Well, I can see how that would irk you. I have an annoying brat sister like that who just has to have the last word in our conversations. Still, you should try to ask his forgiveness. He might be a good ally,” Megan concluded. I chuckled, and nodded my head slightly. I still wouldn’t talk to that horrible, insufferable Adam Lake ever again.
I bit down on my sandwich, trying to figure out what would be my next class, when a figure dropped into the seat next to me. I tried not to look Adam in the eyes, as he removed his food from the brown bag. There was a normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple, and a zip lock of…breadcrumbs???? I didn’t ask, but just kept eating my sandwich, trying not to look at his food. After twenty minutes of silence, I finally got up the courage to ask, “What do you want?” I tried to ask it in a non-committal tone, but I could tell he heard my pleading edge. “Well…first off, I’m sitting here because no one else is, second, no one will see me here, and third, I……guess……I think I should……apologize to you,” Adam admitted. I saw the blush on his face, despite the fact that he wore a hoodie. I almost smiled, though I tried to not let Adam see it. He looked so hot when he blushed. “Well then, go right ahead,” I answered quietly. Adam nodded, and turning toward me, looked into my eyes. And suddenly, I couldn’t remember anything. My name, where I lived, my school. It all melted into those eyes. “Well… I’m sorry for making fun of what you said, and for walking away, and being tempted to kill you, and for yelling. I think that’s the end of the list. I just feel like we could still be friends, even though you don’t want to go out with me.” Adam finished, rubbing the back of his neck with his palm. I grinned, and Adam flashed me one of his now famous blinding smiles, and asked, “So, uh, is there a way…I could redo that moment, when I asked you…well, you know,” Adam faltered, turning pink again. I loved to see him blush. “Well, yeah, you could try. But, time can’t be stopped or erased. Still, I’d love to be friends. Now, why do you need no one to see you?” I asked questioningly. Adam reached deep into the bag and replied, “So I could feed this, since I really can’t do it at home, and you’re used to weird stuff,” And he pulled a huge black raven our of a paper bag, just like a magic trick. I almost died in the horror.
“Adam, are you insane? That thing could get you so kicked out of school; it wouldn’t even be funny...and how is no one supposed to see that??? You’re so…” I trailed off as I watched it peck up a few crumbs, then stab its’ beak into Adam’s upper arm. “It’s…sucking your blood! Oh my god!” I whisper-groaned, covering my eyes. Adam laughed loudly. “Come on, Sabrina, it doesn’t even hurt! Think of it as if you just saw my pet bird just sucking my blood. No biggie, ‘kay?” Adam asked, still grinning. I just nodded, and continued eating my sandwich, not looking at the grotesque thing. First bell rang. I swallowed the last of the sandwich, and watched Adam place the animal back into the paper bag. I jumped up, gathered my things, and yelled, “See you after school?” I asked, desperately hoping he’d say the right answer. “Yep, totally!” Adam replied, ducking into the crowd. I trailed off the Math, trying to figure out what to make of Adam Lake, and not believing that he still wanted to hang out with me, after what had happened. It was almost too good to be true.
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