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Winter Solstice

Author's note: I wanted to right a romance novel with a character based on myself. Some characters in this story...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wanted to right a romance novel with a character based on myself. Some characters in this story are also based on people I knew at the time. I love the story of Romeo & Juliet and I love vampire and werewolf stories so I merged the two to make Winter Solstice.  « Hide author's note
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Young Vampire

Deep in the dark woods of Northern Alaska, hidden behind the huge sycamores is where our house stands. Selene Shakespeare was a young vampire. She was a small girl with long brown hair and shimmering brown eyes. Sometimes looking at her reflection made her cry because she look painfully like her mother, Clarissa Shakespeare, who is one of the most beautiful women she’d ever known, including vampire women. She had a special power. She had the power of the siren. Her incredible beauty and her singing
This is the introduction chapter, introducing the main character and her "family".
could hypnotize just about anyone. She had also been gifted with an amazing writing ability and could write stories on any subject. At the tender age of eighteen she was the youngest member of the clan. She and her older brother, Jett, were changed around the same time and had only been a part of the family for three years.
Jett Shakespeare is her big brother. He is two years older than her in human life but in vampire life she is just a few days older than him. He is a smart, sweet, caring young man who loves her more than anything else. He’s slightly taller than her with the same dark hair and cool brown eyes as their father, James Shakespeare. Jett has the power of amazing speed and strength. He is the strongest and the fastest of us all and he uses his powers to protect Selene at all costs. Because of what happened to them in their human life he is extremely protective of her and does everything in his power to keep her safe. He is truly amazing and she loves him with all her heart.
Kamalia and Pandora Everdeen are twin sisters. They have the power to read minds and communicate with each other telepathically. But their telepathy is limited. They can only speak to each other, no one else. They are the same height and have the same build and look mostly alike in the face but they are totally different. Kamalia has red hair and brown eyes and is kind of crazy and wild and loves to have a good time. She is always laughing and joking around. Pandora has brown hair and brown eyes and is mostly the quiet sister. She likes to have fun too but is calmer than her sister. They were Selene’s best friends, besides Jett, and the ones she told all her secrets to. I know what you’re thinking. Why would she have to tell them her secrets when they can just read her mind? Well, she also had the power to make herself immune to their power. She could control it though. If she didn’t want them to know something she would just shield herself from their power.
Ember and Drake Cromwell are the smart ones. Their knowledge is astounding. It amazes Selene how much they know. Ember is a beautiful girl with red, curly hair and ember eyes. She’s a dreamer and loves to tell stories of the adventures of her human life. Drake on the other hand prefers to keep his life before his Change a secret. He is a tall young man with brown hair and brown eyes. He’s sweet and charming but sometimes he can be withholding. Selene used to have a thing for him but it was just an infatuation and didn’t last very long. They are very sweet people and love to teach the others everything they never got to learn as humans as well as vampire secrets.
Salem and Milena Hawthorne were the first ones to join the clan. They are superior over the others and they let it get to their heads which really annoys the rest of everyone, especially Selene. Salem is average height and has a very nice build. He has black hair and dark brown eyes and surprisingly tan skin. Vampires are normally ivory-skinned but not Salem. He was blessed with a beautiful skin tone and that kind of adds to his attitude. He has the power to control the earth. Milena is rather short with black hair and brown eyes. She has the power to create storms but rarely uses her power which Selene is grateful for. They are always together and hardly ever talk to the rest unless it’s to give an order. That really makes Selene mad, but she tries to keep her anger in check. They also piss her off because they say her power isn’t really a power. To them a power is being able to control things or do things like they can do. But everyone else always reassures her that her powers are special. Kamalia and Pandora say they’re just jealous but she doesn’t really know how true that is.
Last but not least is the leader of the clan, their “father”, Mica Rakove. He is a very powerful being and in Selene and the twins opinion, very good looking for his age. He is tall with luminous skin and brown hair and brown eyes. He also has a goatee which they like a lot. He is trying to teach everyone to be powerful like him. He says Selene is a quick learner and they get along very well. Selene is very close with him and enjoys listening to the stories of his adventures. He has done so much in his life as a vampire. He has a very cool power, even though his is limited as well. He can speak to any of his children whenever he wants. He can’t hear their thoughts or pinpoint their exact location but he can telepathically call out to them and speak to them where ever in the world they are. So no matter where they are he’s always with them and that always comforts Selene when she’s out alone.
Sometimes she thinks about her life before the Change but she tries to keep it out of mind. Jett says it’s not good to dwell on the past and that they have such a wonderful life with the others that they should just forget all the painful things that happened to them in their previous life. But it’s hard for her to forget her mother and father, no matter how bad they were and no matter what mistakes they made because they were her parents. And even though sometimes she misses her life as a human she looks at what she has here and she knows that it is so much better than the way she used to live and is so thankful to be what she is right now.
Now you probably already know about the raging, century-long war between vampires and werewolves. Well Selene did not. She didn’t even know that werewolves even existed. But when she joined the clan she was warned by everyone not to fraternize or associate with werewolves in any way. And she didn’t…for a while.
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