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Conflicted (Unfinished)

Author's note: This piece really means a lot to me and I am trying my hardest to make it the best that it can...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This piece really means a lot to me and I am trying my hardest to make it the best that it can be. Most of the time, I have experienced the events and feelings portrayed in the chapters, and I am trying hard to make the readers feel like they are right there with the characters.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The rest of the weekend was boring compared to Friday night. I talked to Ava a little bit, but she was usually busy doing something while she was out of town. I mostly worked on homework. I know, it sounds stupid, but I had a lot of math to do… I wonder why that is.
It may also sound weird that I was actually excited to go to school on Monday. Of course, I was actually excited to go to math.
When second hour finally came around, I could barely control myself, I was so excited. I walked into class and immediately found Jonathan’s eyes in the back of the room, staring at me. He smiled and I smiled back as I made way over to him.
“Hey Amara,” Jonathan said, giving me the chills. His voice was so sweet.
“Hi,” I replied, setting my books down on the desk next to him. “How was the rest of your weekend?” I asked.
“Boring, compared to Friday night.” He winked at me and I couldn’t help but blush as my stomach flipped.
“I had fun too. I wish that night never ended.” I said, completely serious.
“We can always do something like that again, just you and me.” He smiled, genuinely.
I just smiled back, not sure what to say. I was still uneasy about Jonathan. I know he was completely gorgeous, but I’ve heard things about him that make me question him. I guess at his old school he was a complete player and slept around with anyone he could lay his hands on. That reputation at East Land hasn’t developed yet, but I don’t want to be one of his “girls.”
“Amara,” Carter said, finally speaking up. I turned to look at him, smiling. I’ve heard nothing but good about Carter. I already trust him more. “I’m really glad you came on Friday. I had an amazing night with you.”
I blushed once again. This was just sort of getting awkward. “Thanks for having me over. It was a great party.” I said.
Jonathan was about to say something when the teacher started talking.
“Class, we are going to have a test tomorrow, but it won’t be graded. I just want to see where you are in your skills before the actual lessons begin. So today, I am going to give you work time for the hour. Hopefully you can use this time to your advantage and study a little bit on the stuff you all learned last year.” My teacher kept talking, but I had stopped listening after ‘work time for the hour.’ That means talking to Jonathan and Carter. I smiled to myself.
“I’m not going to get anything done.” I told myself out loud.
“Why not?” Jonathan asked.
“I never get anything done with you two sitting next to me.” I said, closing my book and taking out my cell phone.
“You don’t have to sit with us,” Carter said, jokingly.
“But, I want to.” I said, knowing that I was contradicting myself. “I study better when I’m alone anyways.”
“Well, okay then.” Jonathan said. “Hey, Amara, what are you doing after school?”
I looked at Jonathan. “I have cheer practice until 5:00pm, tonight. Why?”
“I have football until 5:30. Do you want to go do something after?” Jonathan asked, and I could tell he was nervous.
“Sure!” I said, nervous and excited.
Jonathan looked relieved and let out a nervous sigh. “Great. I can pick you up around 8:00pm if you want.”
“Yeah, that sounds good.”
I had forgotten Carter was sitting with us until he spoke up. “Just don’t do anything stupid,” he said under his breath.
I gave him a questioning look, but he shook his head, telling me to let it go. Maybe I’ll talk to him later about it. I already knew that Kristy didn’t really like Jonathan, but there had to be something good about him.
“Amara, can I have your number then?” Jonathan asked, bringing me out of my thoughts.
I nodded and told him my number. I was trying not to laugh as he typed it into his phone, because I noticed Carter writing it down a his math assignment. Way to be secretive about it, I thought to myself. I guess that worked out well.
The rest of math was sort of awkward after that. Carter didn’t really say anything and Jonathan was actually working on his math assignment. I could feel the tension between the two boys and I was actually looking forward to the end of this class.
When the bell finally rang I rushed out of the classroom and ran into Kristy.
“Hey Amara! How is your day going?” She asked.
“Uhh, sort of interesting actually.” I said, looking behind me to see Jonathan and Carter walking opposite ways. They were definitely mad at each other.
“Are they both in your class?” Kristy asked, following my gaze.
“Huh, interesting. They both seem to like you. Got to be careful, hun. I don’t want them to hurt you. They’re senior boys. I swear to you, they only want one thing.”
I kept quiet, not wanting to tell her that I was hanging out with Jonathan tonight. After the way she apparently acted on Friday night, I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy to hear about that. I bet Carter will say something to her though.
The rest of the school day was slow and boring and cheer was even worse. I was excited about hanging out with Jonathan, just me and him. I wonder what we were going to do.
It was almost 8:00pm when my phone vibrated and I had a text from an unknown number.

Amara, leaving now. See u in a few.

I was just going to assume the text was from Jonathan. I smiled to myself and told my mom I was leaving. I opened my front door and sat on my front porch to wait.
About ten minutes later, I could see someone walking down the street, and I could tell it was Jonathan. I guess he decided to walk to my house.
“Amara!” He said, and I stood up.
“Jonathan, what are you doing?” I asked.
“I thought we could go for a walk, maybe find a spot to sit and watch the sky and stars.”
I smiled as I walked towards Jonathan. “Sounds good to me,” I said.
The sun had just set and I knew it would be getting darker soon. When I finally got close enough to see Jonathan, the only thing I could see clearly, were his eyes. I smiled, as my heart sped up. Was I ready for this?
“Hey there,” he said, grabbing my hand.
“Hi,” I said, barely able to breath. What was I getting myself into.
“Where should we go?” He asked. “What about that little park area up the street?”
“Sounds good to me,” I said, as we started walking.
My hand felt completely normal in his. It fit perfectly and I never wanted to let go. I kept wrapping his fingers tighter around me and his thumb was constantly moving on mine. Comforting me and giving me the chills.
When we finally got to the park, he found a nice grassy area and we sat laid down, looking at the stars.
Jonathan pulled me close to him and I rested my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me, never wanting to let go. He kept moving his hand on my back, a constant reminder he was there, holding me tight.
We made small talk, learning more and more about each other. We watched the clouds move across the sky, trying to make them into objects and pointing them out to each other.
Awhile later, I saw a shooting star light up across the sky, and butterflies invaded my stomach.
“Amara, did you see that?” Jonathan asked, pointing to the sky.
“Mmhmm,” I said. “The shooting star?”
“Yeah, wasn’t it cool?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I pulled myself closer to him, wanting him to never let go of me. He held me tight and kept me warm. I never wanted this night to end.
We laid there for a while, in our own thoughts, when finally Jonathan adjusted so he was laying over me, and I knew he was going to kiss me.
“Amara, I know I barely know you, but I can’t take it any longer. Kiss me, please.”
I was really nervous. Scared to mess up, but I tugged on Jonathan’s shirt, pulling him towards me. He smiled just as his lips touched mine and then my thoughts were numb.
Jonathan’s lips were so gentle, so sweet against mine. He laid his body on top of mine, holding my hands above my head, pinning them to the grass beneath me.
He sucked on my lip gently, and I could feel his tongue trying to reach mine. I pulled my hands out from beneath his and locked them around his neck, pulling him closer to me. His hand moved down my leg, grabbing my ass.
I let his tongue slip into my mouth and I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I had a tingling sensation going through my body as his tongue danced with mine.
I needed some air so I pulled away slightly and Jonathan moved down to my neck. I could feel him sucking my skin gently and I knew he was going to leave a mark, but at that point I didn’t even care.
I pulled his head back up to mine, and my lips found his once again. His tongue was instantly in my mouth, and I felt like I couldn’t control myself anymore. I never wanted this moment to end. This feeling was amazing, and I was kissing Jonathan.
Jonathan pulled away, sitting up and straddling my body. He smiled down at me and I smiled back. His hands found my hips, and he touched my bare skin, where my shirt had rode up. He bent down slowly, and kissed my bare stomach, sending waves of excitement through my body. He moved up, kissing my chest and then my nose, ever so gently. Stopping real quick to peck my lips.
His hands felt like fire on my body, and I never wanted his hands to leave. I wanted to pull him back on top of me, and kiss him until I couldn’t breathe anymore.
“Amara, you are so sexy,” he whispered, kissing my lips one last time. I blushed, glad that he couldn’t see me completely.
Jonathan laid down next to me again, and pulled me in close, his hand resting on my bare skin at my hip. We laid there in silence for a while.
“Penny for your thoughts,” Jonathan said.
I rested my chin on his chest and thought, looking into his beautiful eyes.
“I’m thinking about how that was my first kiss, and how I will remember it forever.” I said, feeling like a little kid.
He just smiled and I laid my head back down.
We watched the moon rise higher in the sky, and I thought about how I should probably get back home soon, but I didn’t want to leave.
“Jonathan,” I said. “What time is it?”
He pulled out his phone and looked at the time. “Almost 10:00pm.” He said. “We should probably get you home, huh?”
“Unfortunately, yeah.” I said, “But,” I whispered, slowly rolling on top of him.
I touched my lips to his slowly, but he pulled me closer to him and our lips met. I smiled against him, and enjoyed the feeling of his hands on me and his lips touching mine. My heart was pounding in my chest and I pulled him closer to me, never wanting to let go.
When I finally pulled away, he whimpered, wanting more, but I knew I needed to get home. He stood up and he pulled me up gently afterward, straight into a hug. He pulled me in tight to him, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body to his. His hands were around my waist and moving down, grabbing my ass, but I didn’t even care. His touch was sending shivers through my body. I nuzzled my head into his neck and breathed in his scent, never wanting to forget anything about this night. I never wanted this night to end, and I knew that he didn’t either.
When I finally pulled away, Jonathan grabbed my hand and we began walking back towards my house.
“Amara, we are going to do this again sometime. I had fun,” Jonathan said, as my house came into view.
“Yeah, I agree.” I said, squeezing his hand.
He looked over and smiled at me, and I smiled back wanting to turn around and go back and just have him hold me. I had felt different with him. I felt safe and I knew that I could trust him now.
When we reached the bottom of my driveway, I turned to him, not wanting to say goodbye.
“How about one more goodnight kiss.” He said, smirking.
I leaned in and kissed him gently, but he pulled me closer and our lips danced around each other’s. I pulled away unwillingly, and I could tell that Jonathan could have kept going. He groaned quietly and pouted, but I kissed his cheek and turned to go.
“Bye, Amara.” He said, letting go of my hand. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I turned around. “Bye Jonathan. See you,” I said, and smiled, trying to figure out if tomorrow was going to me awkward or not.

Jonathan’s POV

Walking away from her house, I knew that I was never going to forget that night. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with Amara, when I invited her out tonight, but I knew I was going to steal her first kiss. I couldn’t handle myself anymore.
She was just too precious to leave her without a kiss.
The night went perfect, and damn she is an amazing kisser. I loved the feeling of her soft lips against mine and her tongue was so sweet. Her body was so hot and I felt like I needed to be careful with her, scared she was going to break. Her skin was like silk and when her shirt rode up I couldn’t help my let my fingers linger there for the rest of the night. Everything about her was perfect. I never wanted to let her go. There was just something about her that made me never want to leave her alone. She never left my mind and my heart started beating fast whenever I thought about her.
I could have kissed her forever, if we had that time. Two hours was not enough time with her. I needed two years.
Out of all the other girls I have been with, Amara was one of the best experiences, and all we did was kiss. I can’t imagine what she’s like in bed. That thought sent my body on a whirlwind, and I had to try to calm my body down. I would never be able to look at Amara again without thinking about tonight. How was I going to be able to control myself.
When I asked her to kiss me I could tell she wanted to, but was scared. I wonder what she would have been scared of. She was completely perfect. Everything about her.
When I finally managed to make it home, I texted her. Maybe that would help me get her off my mind.

Thanks for tonight. So sexy. See u later.
I couldn’t help by smile whenever I thought about her. God. What is wrong with me?
I made it to my room and crawled into bed, replaying the night in my head over and over again, wishing it never stopped.
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Jaguar17 said...
Apr. 7, 2013 at 3:58 am
This is awesome, hope there['s more :D hurry and write more <3
ForThoseWhoHaveHeart said...
Jun. 2, 2012 at 4:22 pm
This was simply amazing. I hope you almost done with the next few chapters! I loved it.(: Continue with the good work.

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