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Conflicted (Unfinished)

Author's note: This piece really means a lot to me and I am trying my hardest to make it the best that it can...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This piece really means a lot to me and I am trying my hardest to make it the best that it can be. Most of the time, I have experienced the events and feelings portrayed in the chapters, and I am trying hard to make the readers feel like they are right there with the characters.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Sitting in my room the night before my first day of junior year, my heart was racing. I really had to make sure to look cute tomorrow. I was going to be seeing a lot of new people because my classes were different this year. I mean, of course, I would see a lot of the same people, but you never know who you may find in one of the math classes. There were usually a couple of people from different grades in those classes. Everyone learns math at different rates and some people are just better than others.
I took another deep breath and looked in my closet one more time. I had to get this just perfect. My phone started ringing and I was glad for the distraction.
I looked at my screen before answering. Good. I really needed to talk to Ava right now. “Hey Ava.” I said, into the phone.
“Amara, I’m freaking out right now. I have no idea what I am going to wear tomorrow.” Ava’s voice sounded stressed.
“Okay, good. I’m not the only one.”
“Amara, are you trying to impress someone? You never have issues picking out what to wear!”
I blushed into the phone. I had a history of not telling Ava about my boy encounters, and I was going to keep it that way. That was just one thing I never talked to her about. “No, Ava. Just wanna look cute. Well, I guess, you never know who might be in our new classes.” I teased, trying to get her mind off of me.
“Oh, I know right?”
We talked for a while longer, and by the time we hung up, we had both figured out what we were going to wear. We had also decided to carpool and we figured out a time for me to pick her up before school tomorrow.
I laid down on my bed defeated. As much as I wanted the school year to start, I really wasn’t ready for the work load. Junior year is the hardest. College searches. Hard classes. Jobs Maybe a boyfriend. I already have a headache.
Sometime later, I actually managed to fall asleep. I don’t remember what time it was when I finally closed my eyes, but my phone is what woke me up the next morning.
“Amara! Are you up? Ready to go?” Ava’s voice was wide awake.
“What?” I asked. “What time is it?”
“You got thirty minutes, until I expect you in my driveway! Let’s go woman! Get out of bed!” She had way to much energy for me right now. Shit, she had too much energy for herself right now. She’s the one I am always trying to wake up in the morning. She is NOT a morning person.
“Okay,” I said and hung up.
I rolled back over slowly, and then realized I needed to take a shower so that I looked the best for the first day of school. What if I saw Jonathan?
I hopped into the shower and my mind started to wander off. Soon my stomach was filled with butterflies in anticipation for the day ahead. I should have gotten Jonathan’s number last week. What if I never see him? As of now, I would be happy with a glimpse of his sexy body from the opposite end of the hallway. I don’t even need to talk to him, although that would be a bonus. His laugh made me weak too. Now my heart was beating fast. I jumped out of the shower and got dressed.
I was blow drying my hair when my mom, scared me as she poked her head inside my bathroom. “Amara? You ready?”
“Jeez Mom!” I said, jumping. “You scared me! Yeah, I’m almost ready.” I said, turning back towards the mirror to triple check my make-up, not that I had much on.
I looked at myself in the mirror. Junior year. Here we go. Deep breath. I’ve got my favorite pair of jean shorts on and a simple pink V-neck shirt from Victoria’s Secret on. Nothing too special but I was revealing my long legs and toned skin. I pulled a cute necklace off my hook and grabbed my backpack. I was officially ready to go.
I had left my hair natural today. Letting my simple , but stunning, brown hair flow over my shoulders as I walked out the front door. I had grabbed a bagel and my keys as I passed through the kitchen, saying goodbye to my family.
“Love you!” I yelled, as I shut the front door.
Okay, now to Ava’s.
I drove the quick five minutes to Ava’s house and waited in the drive way.
“Hey,” Ava said, hopping into the car. “You ready?”
“Yup!” I said, backing out of her drive way.
We pulled up to the school parking lot ten minutes later. I parked my car and me and Ava joined all the other students trying to make it in the school.
“Look! It’s Jessica and Sam.” Ava said, pointing ahead of us.
I scanned the crowd but wasn’t really looking for our friends. I was looking for Jonathan.
I kept following Ava and soon found myself surrounded by all our friends, most of them from cheer.
One of my closer friends Kristy, was there. She was a senior and I was really going to miss her next year.
“Hey, girl.” Kristy said pulling me into a hug, when she saw me coming. “How are you today?”
“Good. You?” I asked, my mind was still somewhere else.
“Happy but sad. I’m really going to miss you next year girlie. I hope you know that,” she said to me, smiling.
“I’m going to miss you too. Don’t worry.” I said. “Listen, I got to go. I’ll see you later!” I gave Kristy a quick hug and then grabbed Ava’s arm.
“Come on! We can’t be late our first day.” I said, pulling her inside East Land High School. We walked to our lockers on the main floor and put our back packs away.
“Amara, what’s your first class?” Ava asked. We compared schedules and we didn’t have any classes together until fifth hour, but we did have lunch together, which was always good.
We soon parted ways and I went to take a seat in my first hour. History. Gross. I sat in the back, hoping to be able to nod off or preoccupy myself with something besides the Civil War and World War I.
Before I knew it, I was on my way to second hour. I talked to Ava for a few minutes in the hallways before making my way to my math class. I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen Jonathan yet, but maybe he would somehow end up in this class.
I turned the corner and walked into my next classroom, taking a quick survey to see if I knew anyone. My heart jumped in my chest when I saw Jonathan staring at me from the back corner of the class room. Some kid was turned around in his seat, talking to Jonathan, but Jonathan wasn’t paying attention to him, only me.
I blushed and smiled, making my way over to him. He smiled and nodded as if he knew I was going to ask him if I could sit by him. I set my stuff down and took a deep breath.
“Hey,” I said, but I came out as a whisper.
“Amara,” he said my name, so smoothly, I had to close my eyes. I felt like I needed to savor this moment. My stomach was in butterflies and I slowly opened my eyes. “How are you?” He asked me, his eyes boring into mine.
“Just trying to make it through the first day of school.” I smiled. “You?”
“Good. Better now.” He smiled and then looked to the front of the classroom. His friend had turned around too, and I realized the teacher had begun the lesson.
I smiled and tried to focus, but having Jonathan next to me for an hour was throwing me off and I was good at math.
About thirty minutes later our teacher was done teaching the lesson and had decided to give us the next fifteen minutes to work on our homework. Unfortunately for me, I was going to get nothing done. Not with Jonathan sitting next to me.
“So, are you going to introduce me to your hot friend?” A male voice was whispering to Jonathan, and without looking up, I knew it was the guy that had been trying to talk to him earlier.
I heard Jonathan laugh, making me smile, but I tried to look busy with my homework. Honestly though, I wasn’t even comprehending what was going on in this class. I felt like I was doing equations with letters instead of numbers.
“Hey, Amara.” Jonathan’s hand brushed my shoulder, sending me nerves on a spiral. I looked up at his beautiful eyes and smiled. “This is Carter. I met him earlier this summer. Carter this is Amara.” Jonathan was looking between me and Carter.
“Hey,” Carter said, his voice sounded like velvet. What was I getting myself into?
“Hey,” I said, staring at him. He was beautiful. His eyes were a dark sea green, matching the shirt he was wearing perfectly. He had tousled sand colored hair that fell perfectly on his head, making him look really sexy. Why was I suddenly meeting all these handsome men?? Carter’s smile did something for me too. I don’t know what it is, but I felt complete. Like I was missing something before, but now I’m not. Right then, I knew I was going to be friends with Carter.
“So, Amara, you’re a junior right?” Carter’s voice brought me back to reality.
“Yeah, I am.” I said, sounding really stupid.
“So you must be pretty smart, right?” Carter said, smiling at me.
“Yeah, I guess?” I said, not sure what he was getting at.
“Good. I’m not going to hesitate to ask you for some help later. I’m sure I’ll need it.” Carter winked at me and then laughed. I couldn’t help but blush as I rolled my eyes.
“I might need help too,” Jonathan finally spoke up. “We might just have to get together and, uhm, study up.” He said, trailing off towards the end of his sentence.
“Do you expect me to believe the lies you guys are feeding me?” I asked. “I mean clearly you guys are smart enough to be in a Calculus class. I really don’t think you will need any extra help.” I said, putting my stuff away and anticipating the bell.
“Well, you could just play along,” Cater suggested as the bell rang. I stood up and both guys were looking at me for an answer. Both their beautiful eyes checking me out too.
“We’ll see.” I said, leaving the classroom, trying to figure out how I was going to make it through the rest of the day.

Jonathan’s POV

The moment Amara stepped into my classroom second hour I knew two things. One, my day had just gotten 100% better and two, I was going to struggle in this class. Not just because I think that Calculus was going to be hard, but because I have this beautiful girl sitting next me.
I regretted introducing Amara to Carter as soon as I did. Carter always has his way of reeling girls in. Not to say that I don’t do the same, but there was something I saw between them that was weird. But I guess I can’t really say much. It’s not like I know her that well anyways. I was just glad to have her in a class.
“Dude, how did you know Amara?” Carter asked. He hasn’t stopped talking about her.
“I met her a couple weekends ago. At the parade. She’s a cheerleader.” I replied with no emotion. Cater and I were walking to lunch together after third hour.
“Oh, man. She’s cute. Did you see her smile?”
I smiled to myself. Is he for real? “Yeah, man. I did.” I laughed and then shut Carter out. I had had enough of his questions.
I sat down at the lunch table with Carter and some of the other guys I had met earlier over the summer. I needed to get Amara’s number. How was that going to work?
A few girls sat down at our table a couple minutes later and I realized I recognized a few of them from one of the parties I went to. This girl Kristy was one of them. She was beautiful too. Whenever she was around, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. Tall with blonde hair. Baby blue eyes pulled me in whenever I talked to her, which sadly, was only a couple times. I should change that.
I scooted over when I saw her look at me and she took the hint, setting her bag down on the table space next to me.
“Hey, you. You were at one of Carter’s parties over the summer right?” Kristy’s sweet scent washed over me as she sat down.
I inhaled her scent and nodded my head. “Kristy, right?” I asked, hoping I was right.
She smiled and I knew I was right. “Surprised you remembered,” She said. I winked at her.
“Jonathan, how have you been doing. How’s your first day at East Land going?” One of Carter’s friends was asking me the question, I don’t remember his name, but I answered and took another bite of my sandwich.
Before moving here, I wasn’t too excited about switching schools senior year, but so far the decision has paid off. Who would have known there would be so many beautiful girls here?

Carter’s POV

I think I have seen Amara before. She’s friends with Kristy, I believe, through cheer. I was glad I had a class with Amara this year. I have always noticed her talking to Kristy at the football games, that I have gone to, and always wondered what she was like, and now I knew. Utterly wonderful. She was beautiful, sexy, smart. She had the prettiest eyes that lit up when she smiled. I mean everything about her was pretty. The most adorable thing was when she blushed. She had put butterflies in my stomach during second hour when she smiled.
Jonathan seemed to have something going on with her though. I couldn’t quite pin it down, but I was going to find out. I know it wasn’t hard to have a soft spot for Amara, but it wasn’t like he owned her. He was totally blowing me off when I was asking him questions about her. He was acting possessive and it was creeping me out. I would have to have a talk with him later, for sure.
The rest of my day went easy and uneventful. I was walking out to my car when I saw Kristy talking to someone by the front doors.
Me and Kristy were best friends. Always have been, always will be. We met in junior high and we just clicked, right away. Nothing has every come between us either, and we can talk to each other about anything. I mean, of course she still has her girlfriends that she goes shopping with and everything, and I still have my bros, but all in all we have each other’s back.
I walked up behind her and tickled her waist, making her squirm. “Carter! Stop!” I laughed as she pushed me away from her. I threw her arm over her shoulder, in a friendly way, and focused on who she has been talking to. I met Amara’s eyes and was immediately sucked into them, never wanting to look away.
“Hey, Amara, how was the rest of your day?” I finally managed to ask, trying to focus on something besides her eyes.
“Wait you two know each other?” Kristy asked, pulling away from me. She hadn’t even let Amara answer my question.
“Yeah, we have Calculus together,” Amara explained, her voice so sweet.
“Oh, well that’s cool! You guys should become good friends!” Kristy exclaimed and jumped up and down. I laughed, Kristy just had one of those personalities.
“Oh, we will. Don’t you worry about that.” I winked at Amara and she blushed, making me want to go over and kiss her right there. I swallowed and looked back towards Kristy. “Hey, Kristy. I want to have a party this weekend. Can Amara come over too?” I looked at Amara and she just smiled.
“Yeah, of course! That would be fun. But we aren’t going to corrupt my baby, Okay?” Kristy asked, hugging Amara. God. I wish I was doing that right now.
“Kristy, it’s fine. I don’t care.” Amara said, rolling her eyes.
“No, I’m serious. You need to be a good child, not like me.” Kristy said.
“Fine.” Amara said, but she was looking at me smiling. I knew she was just saying that so that Kristy would shut up.
“Okay, well, I’m going to go. I’ll talk to you later Kristy. I’ll give you details for the weekend and you can give them to Amara.” I said, walking away.
“Okay, sounds good.” Kristy said.
“Bye ladies!” I said, waving and turning around at the same time.
“Bye Carter!” They both said, making me smile. I wonder what Jonathan was going to this about this.

Amara’s POV
I was so glad to finally be home. I had had cheer practice for two hours after school, and I couldn’t really concentrate. My first day of school had gone totally different than I thought. Jonathan was in one of my classes. I had met his best friend Carter and been invited to a party! Good thing Ava was out of town this weekend. I wouldn’t have to worry about feeling like I was ditching her.
The only homework I had tonight was math. Go figure. I guess this was going to become a habit. I was never going to get anything done in that class. It was hard enough to pay attention during the lecture.
So, when Jonathan introduced me to Carter, I literally thought I was dreaming. I mean is it possible to have the two hottest guys I’ve ever met in the same class as me? It was ridiculous.
I was so happy after math that I was early to third hour because of how fast I was walking. Unfortunately we had had assigned seats in that that class, and I was stuck next to Parker Evans. A hockey player who had treated me like shit my freshmen year. I mean yeah, he was cute and everything, but he never treated me right. Ava kept telling me we were in love and how we were going to get married someday, but I wasn’t seeing it. Seriously. Who tells their future “wife” to f*ck off three times a day. Not my husband.

The rest of my night was uneventful, not that they usually were. I called Ava, and talked to her for a little bit, before eating dinner.
My brother, Alex, had told me he had a good day, which was good. He switched schools this year and I was worried he was going to have a rough time, but he spent the whole dinner telling me all about his new friends. I was happy for him.
After dinner Alex and I watched a movie before he went to bed, and I was so exhausted I followed him to bed twenty minutes later. I needed my beauty rest for tomorrow. Who knew what I was going to get into?
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Jaguar17 said...
Apr. 7, 2013 at 3:58 am
This is awesome, hope there['s more :D hurry and write more <3
ForThoseWhoHaveHeart said...
Jun. 2, 2012 at 4:22 pm
This was simply amazing. I hope you almost done with the next few chapters! I loved it.(: Continue with the good work.

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