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If Your Life Depended on It

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Love at First Sight

I couldn’t believe I had found this perfect guy in the first place. I was the average nerd, my long black hair always pulled away from my face so it wouldn’t fall on my book. My ocean blue eyes were always glued to one book or another, so I don’t know how he ever noticed me or me notice him. Since then I have worn my hair down more often, and I try not to bring books on dates.
“Earth to Kylie!” Mason snickered. I looked over at his smiling face. Wow, I really do get distracted easily. Thank God he is here to bring me back to earth when my head’s in the sky, or I’d never get anything accomplished.
I really didn’t want to go back into the woods again, but we were out of firewood and we need fire to cook. I bucked up and put on a courageous face, which he smirked at, then I trotted off into the dim forest. I didn’t like the forest in general, because when it’s dark in there I feel like I’ll never make it back out. I stumbled along with my usual clumsiness until I found a pile of logs. I scooped them up, on the look out for the demon bugs, and hurried back to Mason. When I got there, he was trying to rifle through his bag without much success due to his bad arm. I gently laid the logs down and went to help him.
“What are you looking for?” I asked.
“I’m looking for the map!” he exclaimed, obviously frustrated. He was having a hard time doing things single-handedly, and I felt horrible. I know I would be upset if I couldn’t do things for myself. I gently pulled the bag away from him and set it out of his sight, so he wouldn’t think about it so much. I sat next to him and took his good hand in mine, then I gave him the calmest look I could muster up, because in all reality I was far from calm. Although I didn’t believe myself, he seemed too. My boyfriend and I were stuck in the middle of the woods for God knows how long, and he needed medical attention. His face relaxed, and he laid his head back against the tree behind him. I pulled away and went to start the fire. Mason gave me instructions on how to build it properly, like a teepee, since apparently I did it wrong the first time.
When the fire was ready I began to walk over to him. Just before I sat down, I heard a twig snap in the woods surrounding us. I frantically looked around me, trying to figure out the direction of the noise. Mason slowly turned his head to the left, then his face went pale. I followed his gaze, and my eyes rested upon a massive beast. I screamed bloody Mary, even though I knew you were supposed to be calm in front of wild animals. The massive grey wolf took its first steps into our clearing, only ten feet from where I stood paralyzed. It was as tall as my 5’ 1” figure, and at least three times my weight. My mind raced, not knowing what to do. I didn’t even see Mason struggle his way to his feet and limp over to the fire. The wolf sniffed the air around its head and licked its muzzle, its eerie yellow eyes resting on my face. Our gazes were locked, the wolf anticipating its next move, and me preparing for my next scream. As it tensed to lunge, Mason roared and charged at the beast, a flaming log from the fire in his hand. He swung at its face and shoulders, trying to hit it. The wolf yelped in fear and dashed from sight. We heard it crash over fallen trees and kick up leaves in its hurry to get away from the burning ball of flame. Mason tossed the wood he had been holding back in to the fire, then proceeded to slump to the ground in exhaustion. I could not believe my eyes. Mason, my injured, fragile Mason, had saved my life.
“Mason!” I cried. I caught him in my arms just before he hit on the ground. As I cradled his head, I noticed a purplish splotch above his right ear. It was about three inches wide, and it covered almost the whole right side of his neck. Now I really needed to get him to a hospital. I began to sob, fearing that this might be the end of him, that his courageous act might have been to much for his frail body. I had to do something. There was no way I was letting him stay in this forest for one more night. I laid him down by the fire, then I paced the clearing while trying to think of a way out of this mess. Come on, Kylie! I thought. God made you a nerd for a reason, and that reason is not to sit here and wait until he dies! I paced faster, my heels digging into the dirt, leaving my footprints behind. Footprints. Oh my gosh, that’s it!
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