Dear Agony

January 26, 2012
By alliejae, Woodbridge, Virginia
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alliejae, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Author's note: This is only the beginning more chapters are coming!

“Jae!” I was startled awake by my mother’s voice, “Your going to be late!” I jumped out of bed I couldn’t be late on the first day of a new school. I was going to be a Junior and I was so excited. I ran into the bathroom and took a super fast shower. When I got out I straightened my hair. It was dark red and almost looked black when it was wet. I put on a white lace cami and some dark washed skinny jeans. “Mom!” I called down the stairs. “What?” she came to the bottom of the stairs. “Where is my brown bomber jacket?” I asked with a spoiled smile. “It will be down here when you come down.” my mom smiled back up at me. “Ok!” I walked back into my room. I put on my makeup then walked downstairs. My mom threw me my bomber jacket and a banana. “Your going to be late” she said as she handed me my shoes. “I know” I said as I slipped on my brown sperrys. I quickly put on my jacket, grabbed my bag and ran out the door. “I love you!” my mom called after me. I slipped into my blue rav4 and turned the key. I was out of the driveway in literally 3 seconds. I zoomed down my street. Thankfully the school was only five miles from my house. This was the only perk to living in a small town in Connecticut. I was really nervous and when I pulled into the school parking lot it only got worse. I searched for a parking space and found one next to a sleek black motorcycle. I pulled into the space and turned off the car. Surprisingly I was about ten minutes early, so I sat there trying to calm myself down. I had never been to a new school before, but when my dad died my mom wanted to get out of New York, but I missed it there so much. I finally took a deep breath and got out of the car. There were people everywhere. Some were talking by their cars and others were lounging on benches. I turned and saw a girl with honey blonde hair sitting by herself on a bench. I decided to walk over and talk to her. “Hey” I said as I walked up. She looked up startled. “Hey” she said finally. “Mind if I sit here?” She shook her head and moved over. “New here?” she turned to me. “Yea” I sighed. She smiled, “I’m Lexi.” I smiled back, “Jae.” From her smile I knew that I now had a really good friend. “Lemme see your schedule.” she held out her hand. I handed her a blue slip of paper with all my classes. She looked at it for a second then started talking. “Ok we have pre-cal and history together” she handed my back my paper. “And unfortunately you have science and English with my brother” she giggled. I looked at her confused. “You’ll see” she gave me a mischievous look. I changed the subject, “Why do we only have four classes?” “Well, the school couldn’t afford to have any more, so they picked the core classes” she answered matter of factly. I nodded. “Small town small money” I thought. Then the bell rang. “Let’s go!” Lexi grabbed my hand and we walked into the school. Luckily our lockers were together so I felt so much better. “Looks like we were meant to be friends huh?” Lexi looked at me and smiled. I smiled back because I was really happy. The first two classes went by really well, mostly because me and Lexi were together. “So did you enjoy our first two classes?” Lexi asked me on the way to lunch. “They were boring” I said giving a mischievous smile. She laughed and we entered the cafeteria. “That’s my brother” Lexi pointed to a table across the room. There were five guys sitting at the table. “Which one?” I asked. “The one with honey blonde hair and crew cut” she pointed again. Then I saw him and lost my breath. He was really cute. He also looked just like his sister. “Twins?” I looked at her. “No”, she laughed, “He is a year older.” I nodded and grabbed a tray. After we got our food Lexi started moving towards the boys table. “Your brother doesn’t mind you eating with him?” I asked impressed. “Nah we’re really close” she smiled as we reached the table. Her brother looked up at us. “Hey Lex” he said casually. “Hey, this is Jae” she said motioning towards me, “Jae this is Alex.” I smiled and he held out his hand. I shook it. Lexi sat down and patted to a spot next to her. “Jae this is Mark, Justin, and Brett” she motioned towards the three other boys. I smiled “Hey.” Mark had shaggy brown hair with blue eyes. Justin had short black hair and green eyes, and Brett had long brown hair with dark brown eyes. They were all wearing t-shirts and baggy jeans. The whole time we pretty much kept to ourselves. Me and Lexi talked to each other and they boys talked to one and other. When the bell rang for lunch to be over we all got up and went our separate ways. “Mark and Alex are best friends they go everywhere together, kinda like girls” Lexi giggled. I giggled along with her. After we got our books from our lockers we went our separate ways. “Hey meet me by your car after school” Lexi called as she walked backwards. “Kay” I waved and walked the other way. I walked into room 134 for Mr. Tannes’s science class, and sure enough Alex and Mark were talking in the back with some girls. I rolled my eyes, typical guys. I sat down at one of the tables right as Mr. Tannes walked in. “All right everyone sit” he said in a booming voice. Everyone grabbed a chair and sat. “Right now I am going to assign you science partners which you will keep for the whole year.” He grabbed a clipboard and started to assign partners. “Miss Jae Harrow and Mr. Alex Thomas” he called out and pointed to a table towards the back. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I walked towards the back. This was going to be very interesting. I put my books on the desk and sat down . “Hey” Alex gave a casual smile. “Hey” I smiled back. “Ok now that you have your partners I will give you ten minutes to meet one and other” Mr. Tannes started the timer and sat at his desk. Alex turned to me. “Well I know that your friends with my sister” he said in his deep voice. It made my stomach drop. “Obviously” I answered back. I was proud at how calm my voice was. He smiled smugly, “Well were did you come from?” “I came from New York, we moved because my dad died” I looked down to hide my face. I started to tear up. He placed his hand on my shoulder, “I’m sorry.” I looked up. That sounded more like an apology not sympathy. Before I could answer Mr. Tannes stood up, “Times up.” I turned and faced the front. I decided I would talk to him in English. After the bell rang I walked straight downstairs to my English class. It was room 234 with Mrs. Fraternelly. I wasn’t surprised to see Alex with Mark flirting with girls. The whole class I tried to get his attention, but he was sitting in the back. I finally gave up and just forgot about it. After school I met Lexi by my car. “So there is this ice cream shop in town that we always hang out at,” she smiled mischievously, “you game?” “Who is we?” I asked. “Just the boys and us.” Part of me really just didn’t want to go. There was something strange about Alex and it made me nervous. Lexi looked at me waiting. “Fine” I sighed. I then noticed she was leaning on the black motorcycle. “Is that yours?” I asked a little shocked. “Nope, its Alex’s” she patted the bike. “Figures” I muttered. “Hey off my bike” Alex came strutting up to the bike with Mark behind him. Both me and Lexi rolled our eyes. “Jae will you drive me?” Lexi asked with a smile. I rolled my eyes, “Sure.” Alex got onto his bike and Mark got onto the one next to him, which I hadn’t noticed was there. I got into my car and started the engine. Lexi got into the passenger seat. “Let’s go!” she said excited. “Ok relax!” I laughed at her. “Sorry, I’m just really glad I met you today, I’m usually the only girl” she looked down embarrassed. “I’m super glad I met you too” I said starting to laugh. She looked up and smiled. Behind her smile I thought I saw something else, something secret. I shook it off and kept driving. I parked and me and Lexi walked into the shop. Mark and Alex were already sitting in a booth across from each other. Lexi slid into the booth with Mark. I sighed and slid in next to Alex. “We already ordered for you guys” Alex said. “You couldn’t have been that far ahead of us” I argued. “Well ya we were” Mark tried to imitate my voice. I sighed angrily. Boys were so immature sometimes. Lexi gave me an apologetic look. I nodded and smiled. We ate our ice cream and talked about how our day went. The ice cream was so good. “What is this?” I asked Alex. “Its peppermint mocha, pretty good huh?” He gave me a smug smile. I was sorry I asked. “Alright well I have to get home.” I announced and got up. “Alright I’ll see you tomorrow!” Lexi gave me a hug. I hugged her back. “Bye Alex, bye Mark” I waved and walked to the door. On my way home I noticed the clouds getting darker. “Lovely” I muttered. Right as I turned down my street the rain started to pound down. I pulled into my driveway and ran into the house. “Mom I’m home” I called as I walked into the house. No one answered. “She’s probably still at work” I mumbled. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. All of a sudden I had a feeling that someone was watching me. I quickly turned around, but no one was there. I still felt nervous. I jumped as thunder boomed through the house. I shuddered and decided to lock myself in my room. “This is so stupid” I thought as I turned the lock. I sat down on my bed. My phone started to ring. I looked at caller ID. It was my mom. “Hey mom’ I said when I answered the phone. “Jae run” her voice was shaky. “Mom what are you talking about?” I started to get really scared. “Run!’ she screamed, then I lost the signal. I flung open my door and ran downstairs. I went to grab my keys on the counter but they weren’t there. “Looking for these?” I turned. There was an older man holding my keys. He had a long black overcoat, but I couldn’t take my eyes of the shining knife in his hand. I slowly backed towards the door. “I wouldn’t move if I were you” he gave an evil grin and held the knife up. I flung open the door and ran as fast as I could. The rain was pouring into my face and I couldn’t see. Then I felt a sharp pain in the bak of my knee. I fell to the ground almost knocked unconscious by the pain. I reached down and felt the handle of a knife. “You think you could run from me?” the man laughed. He yanked the knife out of my knee and I screamed with pain. Then I saw a bright light flash in front of me and the man flew backwards. I honestly though I was dying. Then everything went black.

I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. I sat up quickly and winced at the pain in my leg. “Oh thank God your awake” I turned towards the voice. It was Lexi. “Lexi what happened?” Everything was blurry to me. “Someone broke into your house and really hurt you” she answered looking down. “Oh no my mom, where is my mom?” I asked my voice getting louder. “Well” Lexi paused. “She’s dead” Alex walked into my room. “No No” I whispered and I started to sob. Lexi sat on the bed and held me. “I....saw....a....light” I said between sobs. “Really?” Lexi said and she raised her eyebrows, “I’ll be right back.” she left the room and closed the door. I heard her urgently talking to Alex. I crawled closer to the door to listen. “Alex I thought you said she was unconscious” Lexi was upset. “I thought she was, I didn’t know she saw me” Alex said frustrated. I couldn’t piece it together. I hadn’t seen Alex at all. They moved farther from the door until I couldn’t hear them. I crawled back to the bed and tried to stand up, but it hurt to much. I wiggled into the bed and laid down. I was so tired and so upset. My mom was gone and right now I really needed her. I was so confused. Obviously Lexi and Alex knew what was going on but they wouldn’t tell me. I was really mad at them and I hardly knew them. The sun started to stream in through the window and I put the pillow over my head. I heard the door open and someone walked in. “Is the sun too bright?” it was Alex. I didn’t answer because I really didn’t want to talk to him. He sighed, “Listen I know your upset and confused..” I cut him off, “you know what is happening, and you won’t tell me” I snapped. “Jae please just trust me” he said quietly. “No” I said forcefully. He just walked out of the room without saying anything else. A couple minutes later lexi walked in. “You made Alex really upset” she sat down on my bed. “I’m not exactly happy with you either” I gave her a look. “If I tell you, you have to believe me understand?” she looked down. I just nodded. “Alright well my family isn’t normal,” she started, “Alex is your guardian angel.” I gasped. “The white light was him?” She nodded. “I’m a half angel because I’m a girl.” “That’s weird” I said. She laughed and nodded. “What we know right now is that someone is after you.” she took a breath. “A dark angel?” I suggested. She laughed, “There are only good angels,” then she looked serious, “But there are dark wizards.” “Um why do they want me?” I asked. “We are still trying to figure that out” Alex entered the room. I still didn’t want to exactly talk to him so I just looked down. “Lexi I need to talk to you” he grabbed Lexi’s hand and walked out. That’s when I noticed him limping and I realized he felt the same pain I did. I felt bad but not enough to talk to him. I sat there waiting for Lexi to come back. There wasn’t much I could do, because I couldn’t move. It was an hour before Lexi came back into the room. “What took you so long?” I said tiredly. I felt as if I hadn’t slept in weeks, but I had slept a lot. “Just had a few things to do,” she held out a pile of clothes, “put these on.” I took them from her. There was a sports bra, underwear, Nike sweat pants, a white cami, and a gray pullover sweatshirt. She dropped socks and a pair of hiking boots by my bed. “Do you need help?” she asked me. “Well seeing that I can barely walk, yea I’m gonna need help.” I smirked. She laughed, “Alright.” She closed the door and locked it. It took me thirty minutes to get changed. “Ok don’t get mad but I have this drink that should heal your leg.” she gave a small smile. “Why did you wait till now?” I said frustrated. “It needed time to sit” she started to get defensive. “Whatever just give it to me” I grabbed it from her hands and drank it. I started to feel really sleepy. Lexi caught me as I fell. “I’m sorry” she whispered. I woke up in a big hotel room, well it was more of a suit. I was in a huge bed and I saw a sitting room outside the room. I slowly sat up. I was fuzzy about what happened, but I knew Lexi had drugged me. I heard a knocking on the door and I got up to get it. I looked through the peephole and saw Alex. I flung the door open, “What?” I snapped. He just walked in. “What do you want?” I was really frustrated. “Listen I know your mad we drugged you, but we are trying to help!” he started to yell. “Help, are you serious!? You got me into this mess!” I yelled back. “Your unbelievable! Do you know how many times I’ve protected you throughout your life?” he sounded a little flustered. “No actually I don’t because I never knew you existed and you know what it was probably better that way!” I had hit him where it hurt. “Your right.” he answered, then he walked out of the room. Angry tears ran down my cheeks. “Not long after Lexi came barging through the door. “What did you do?” she yelled at me. “I told him what I thought.” I said calmly. “He just flew off and I don’t know if he is coming back.” she said angrily. “What?” I was shocked. She didn’t answer. I ran past her and into the hall. I ran to the stairs and started to sprint down them. Unfortunately we were sixty-five floors up so I was winded by the time I got to the first floor. I ran outside and yelled for Alex. “Alex if you can hear me please come back!” I yelled into the wind. The wind picked up and my hair whipped across my face. I knew he wasn’t going to come back unless he was ready. I slowly walked back in feeling numb with pain. That’s when I realized that without him I felt empty. I was in love, with my guardian angel. I sat at a table in the breakfast area which was huge. It sat nestled behind the huge staircase in the middle of the hotel. It had huge couches and a bubbling fountain in the middle. I was lounging on one of the couches when Lexi walked up. “He’s back, he heard you.” she was completely emotionless. “Ok good.” I answered back the same way. I knew that they would be mad at me for a while but I didn’t blame them, but I also had a reason to be mad at them. I was surprised when Lexi sat next to me. “You have every reason to be mad but please just put your trust in us” she looked at me with pleading eyes. I sighed “I do trust you but you can’t just drug me whenever you want.” “You were in pain and we had to move fast” Lexi argued. “Well you could’ve at least given me warning.” I argued back. “You wouldn’t of let me drug you,” she smiled with victory because she was right. I had no answer for that. Instead I changed the topic. “Does Marcus know about you and Alex?” She looked down, “Yes but he isn’t exactly human either.” I moaned, “Seriously?” “He’s a wizard, the only good one left,” she paused, “And I love him.” I laughed and hugged her. “I already knew that, its obvious!” I gave her a playful punch. We then sat silent for a few minutes. I broke the silence, “So I guess Alex isn’t going to want to talk to me.” She shook her head, “I’m sorry.” I shrugged, “I assumed that.” But deep inside I was completely broken. “Lex.” I jumped at the sound of Alex’s deep voice. Lexi looked up. “Oh my gosh!” she ran into the arms of another girl about Alex’s age. “Rachel!” Lexi was squealing like a two year old. Rachel laughed, “Hey Lexi!” I saw Alex smile and also give Rachel a hug. That made me fall apart. Alex never smiled at me. “Rachel this is Jae.” Lexi pulled me off the couch. “Hey” I gave a weak smile. She smiled back and shook my hand, “Nice to meet you!” I turned towards Lexi, “Hey I’m gonna go back upstairs.” I turned before she could answer. The minute I was out of sight I bolted towards the elevators. Luckily the elevator was already on my floor I stepped in and started the ascent up. When I reached my floor I slowly walked towards my door. I could feel the strength draining from my body. Alex would never feel the same way about me. He was an angel, and even though he was my guardian angel, I was sure he loved Rachel. She was probably an angel too. They would be happy together. The thought tore me to pieces. I almost collapsed before I could open the door. I pushed my self through then just fell onto the floor. I sobbed until there was literally nothing left. I dragged myself onto the bed. I turned to the clock. I hadn’t kept track of time since I was attacked at my house. The clock read 7:00 p.m. I groaned and laid on my back. After a while I walked into the bathroom. I looked like a complete mess. I brushed out my hair with a little comb that the hotel had supplied. I rebraided it and also washed my face. I brushed my teeth with my finger. After I had finished with that I decided to go downstairs for some coffee. I was hoping that Lexi, Alex, and Rachel had gone to their rooms. I was actually a little surprised that one of them hadn’t checked on me, but whatever. I took off my boots and walked out with just my socks on. I walked to the elevator and went down to the first floor. I walked towards the breakfast area and hid behind a pillar just to be safe. I peeked around and didn’t see any of them. I sighed with relief and walked towards the coffee maker. As I was getting my coffee I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Jae right?” the voice was unfamiliar. I turned. The mans face was pale and old. His eyes were a scary green and his touch sent shivers down my spine. “Um no” I said softly. He laughed, “come with me.” I pulled back, “No!” “Jacob don’t touch her” It was Alex. I was relieved but my heart was still pounding in m chest. “Alex this is your girl?” Jacob asked. But I knew that he knew exactly who I was. “She is so beautiful” Jacob tried to stroke my cheek. I pulled away. “Jacob don’t you dare” Alex growled. I felt a hand grab me, “Relax.” it was Lexi. She gently tugged me backwards while Jacob was preoccupied with Alex. “I can’t leave Alex” I tried to tug against her. “Jae he can take care of himself” Lexi pulled harder and I let her. We started running towards the door. I saw Rachel standing there. When we reached her we stopped. I heard and felt and explosion shake the whole building. I noticed that no one else felt it. “Lexi why did no one else react?” I whispered. “Because they don’t know about angels and wizards.” she whispered back. I saw Alex walk from behind the giant staircase. Lexi ran up to him and hugged him. I wanted to but I held back knowing that it would only hurt me more. Rachel ran up to him and also hugged him. I just stood there. “We need to leave now” Alex was serious, “Jae are you ok?” I was shocked that he was talking to me. I pulled down my shirt to reveal a huge bruise on my shoulder that I hadn’t noticed before. I covered it quickly hoping he hadn’t seen it. “Yea I’m fine.” But he had seen. “No your not.” He walked over to me and pulled down my shirt. His fingers lightly touched my shoulder and it burned. “Ouch!” I pulled back. “Jae you have to let me heal it.” I shook my head, partially because it hurt and partially because his touch only made me hurt more inside. “Jae” Alex was stern, “Come over here now.” “No Alex I’m fine leave me alone.” I knew that I probably shouldn’t argue but I just couldn’t have him touch me again. He glared at me then walked towards Rachel and grabbed her hand. They walked out together. I tried to hold back tears but they came anyway.

The author's comments:
This chapter I'm still writing so its a little short

Lexi grabbed my arm and lead me outside. “What’s wrong?” she asked as we followed Alex and Rachel through the parking lot. “It’s nothing I’m fine” I wiped the tears off my face. “It’s Alex isn’t it?” she turned towards me. I nodded and before she could say anything we reached Alex’s car. It was a beautiful Bugatti Veyron. “That the most expensive car in the world!” I gasped. Lexi laughed, “You can have shotgun.” “No that’s ok I’ll sit in the back” I said hurriedly. “No you’ll sit in the front” Alex ordered. I crossed my arms, “Please.” I didn’t move until he said it. I slipped into the front. The interior of the car was even more beautiful then the outside. There were black leather seats and a huge stereo system. Rachel and Lexi st in the back. I couldn’t talk to Lexi because there was a black screen separating us and I think it was sound proof. Alex got into the drivers seat and we were off. “Where are we going?” I asked. He didn’t answer me. He was still mad, or that’s what I was guessing. Tears again threatened to spill over. I quickly wiped my eyes with my sleeve. I was really thankful I wasn’t wearing any make up. “Jae I’m sorry” his voice was softer. I didn’t answer because I was emotionally unstable. “Jae please” he laid his hand over mine. I turned toward him, hoping my eyes weren’t red and puffy. “Alex its fine.” I didn’t want to discuss anything right now. Every time I thought about Alex and Rachel I felt sick to my stomach. Something really strong pulled me toward Alex and I hated it more than anything. After about six hours of driving Alex pulled into a rest stop. “Ok we have an hour at most until we need to be on the road again.” Alex started to walk towards the doors. I followed in the back. Right now I didn’t want to be with anybody. Rachel was walking next to Alex and I wondered what her story was. I walked faster to catch up with Lexi. “What’s Rachel’s story?” Lexi smiled, “She’s an angel protector.” “Oh lovely.”

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hurry and post more? I love it :D

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Please hurry and post more. <3

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Ok, your book is so cool and awesome!! I hope you keep on writing some more pages soon. Can you please take a look at some of my poems and my book please. Thanks! :)

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wow nice jobe

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ooo sounds intresting

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Good Job! It was good!

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Hey! comment on my story so that i can know what people think about it!


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