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Infinity and Me

Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on watt pad , and I have a cover for it on there (made by my friend).  « Hide author's note
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the confession and the end

“Excuse me?” I asked Ahmed, surprised at what he’d just said,” Did you just say you love me? How can you love me if you don’t know me?” I cocked my head to my side. He must have meant like me, as in a crush. Probably a big crush, you know, like I felt about him, but I had a secret to tell, that I haven’t mentioned yet, but I had to tell Ahmed so he wouldn’t get hurt.

Ahmed was going to answer my question but I stopped him.

“Wait, Ahmed, no, I have a confession to make. I always seemed like I really liked you, constantly talking really loud around Tilly, Kyleigh and Ryna, but that’s a huge lie. I don’t like you anymore, only as a friend, nothing more. I’m sorry, this also goes with my mom’s rule, no dating until I’m sixteen, I still have two years to go. Can we just be friends?” I blurted out my secret hurriedly, scared of what he’d say.

“Oh, it’s ok. I guess I can wait and just be friends,” Ahmed told me, crestfallen. I felt bad for him, so I went up to him and gave him a little hug, and gave him a tiny smile.

“Besides,”I pressed,” We could go sledding on this huge hill near my house tomorrow, I heard it was supposed to snow at least 12 inches tonight! It would be really fun, and I could introduce you to all my neighbors, I’ve told them all about you! It would be really fun!”

“Sure, how do you friends know about me...?”Ahmed inquired.

I blushed feverishly and replied,” I told them about you when I used to like you, back in those old October and November days. Don’t worry, most of them know I don’t like you, so it won’t be an extremely embarrassing event,” I assured him, and the warning bell rang for fifth period. I remembered I would still have to pack up my viola and orchestra music because I didn’t want it to just sit there in the band room where anyone could take it. I raced to the door and turned to wave at Ahmed.

“Call me tomorrow!” I told him and ran to the band room, smiling the entire way.


“Ahhhhh!” I screamed, toppling down the hill on my old green sled. I fell at the bottom in a great big heap, and Gisele and Ahmed laughed and my friend Momo (you all know her as Iloverandomstuff) threw more snow on me.

“Hey!” I yelled at Momo and kicked more snow into her face. We all laughed and ran back up the hill, going to round whatever for sledding. It was time for my experiment.

“I’m gonna go sled boarding!” I screamed giddily and placed both my feet on the sled, and keeping myself standing up, grabbing the string attached to the sled and raced down hill, and landing in one piece at this bottom.

Ahmed was at the bottom, waiting for me.

“That was so awesome!” He complimented me, eyeing the sled with a huge interest,” Can I try it?”

“Knock yourself out Mr. I'm-so- super-athletic” I thrust the bright green sled at Ahmed and watched with curiosity and amusement as he climbed up the hill and got ready to go sled boarding. This was going to be interesting.

He mounted the sled and raced down the hill. Whooping with joy the whole way down. At one point, he flew through the air and did an awesome 360 in the air before landing without toppling over. A bright red orange leaf fluttered out of his pocket and I raced over to pick it up. It was so cute, it had all these tiny hearts crisscrossing all over it, the twin to my leaf.

“Hey, Ahmed!” I went up to him and handed him the leaf,” I have that same leaf. When did you find it?” I pulled out my copy of the leaf to prove we had the same leaf.

“The day I transferred to fourth period gym, right before I came to school, when’d you get yours?” He asked curiously. I opened my mouth and whispered,

“That same day.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 7 8 9

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