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Infinity and Me

Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on watt pad , and I have a cover for it on there (made by my friend).  « Hide author's note
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why Ahmed? Why?!

Another few days later in gym, my all boys except for me football team and other boys football teams ventured out into the frigid 40 degree weather (most only in gym shorts and short sleeved shirts) and headed for fields three and four.

“Goddammit, it’s freezing outside!” Tilly muttered to me as we walked to the fields. She was on another all boys team, since us two were the only girls that had bravely volunteered to be on one of the four boys team for flag football. For the first time ever, Ahmed wasn’t on my team for football. He was on team three, the team we’d be versing today.

“ What are you talking about? It’s such a beautiful day outside! I can’t wait to cream Ahmed’s team.” I skipped joyously. For some reason, I was always extremely optimistic and ecstatic about football and rugby in gym class.

Tilly gave me an odd look before parting ways to get to her football field, giving me a thumbs up and yelling, “Good luck!” to me.

“Good luck to you too!” I yelled back, and scampered back to my team, which was already situated on field three and four, waiting patiently for the other teams members to arrive. I couldn’t wait to play against the Ahmed. I could already imagine me kicking his Albanian butt in football...

Once everyone arrived, Ahmed and I met each others eyes and I gave him a cocky grin. He returned my smile, grabbed the football, and amazed me as always as he kicked the ball in a perfect arc that landed in my teammate’s outstretched hands. He ran with the ball, and I ran a few feet away from him, avoiding all the other players on the opposite team who tried to catch up with me to block me, so he could pass the ball to me if he was about to get his flag pulled. He didn’t take the chance of throwing it to me and therefore, got his flag pulled midfield, which signaled the start of the first down.

The first four downs progressed quickly and inefficiently, our team getting no touchdowns yet. We started the fifth down as always, the hiker passing the ball backwards towards the quarterback.

The quarterback caught the easy catch, and, since I was open, finally decided to include me in the game and threw the football to me. I caught the football, and ran as fast as I could, but I thought I felt my flag getting caught, and slowed down to check if my suspicions were correct. I was not correct, it had been that someone from the opposing team had lost one of their own flags.

Since I had slowed down and didn’t have enough time to restart my speed to get to the goal. Someone already had caught up to me and deftly pulled my lemon yellow flag for real. I sadly tossed the ball to the player who had intercepted me, but all the guys on my team and the other team didn’t care that I’d been intercepted. Compliments sprang up all around me, like “Great job Pasqua!” or “It’s ok! Try again next time!” The boys were so genuinely kind to me since I was the only girl on the field and I was trying to help them win. It made me feel so good inside that they were trying to not put me down and focusing on my positive skills for once!

About ten minutes later, the game ended, 0-6 (touchdowns are worth 6 points) and we’d lost because Ahmed (who else?) Had made the touchdown. We started walking back into the gym, but I hung around in the field a bit, because I’d seen Ahmed walking by himself behind me. I took this as the perfect opportunity and was walking towards him when he suddenly started running towards the school and didn’t wait for me to catch up.

What? What was that about? I thought angrily and trudged angrily into school. Maybe he’d seen someone he’d wanted to talk to or he was avoiding me.

Avoiding me.

That thought angrily sprang off but I tried to shake it off. Why’d he want to avoid me...?

Then, I remembered yesterday’s football game.


It’d been a chilly day and it was third down for Ahmed’s team. The hiker snapped the ball to the quarterback, and the quarterback threw it to the all star of the team. I’d chased after him and tried to get him flag, but apparently, I’d touched something else.

His front side.

Ahmed had given me a strange look and had sprinted away from me, probably thinking that I’d intentionally done it.

Not true!

(End of flashback)

If this was why Ahmed had just avoided me, then it was not good. I had to apologize to him about yesterday. It was just a matter of when, where, and if he’d accept it.

But if he was avoiding me, then why’d he smile back at me when we started the game?

This relationship between us was just confusing.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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