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Infinity and Me

Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on watt pad , and I have a cover for it on there (made by my friend).  « Hide author's note
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chatting and football games

I observed the minute hand ever so gradually move on its path to the 12 on the analog clock. Finally, it was the periphery of the week, and I urgently needed to yak about Ahmed with my best friend Gisele. I kept glaring at the clock in discontentment and attempted to amuse myself with my neon pink bejeweled iPhone first generation. After I scrutinized my wattpad profile to see how my stories Frosty Love and In The Hall Of The Mountain King were going in the watty awards. My goal was to snare a watty award oh so desperately! It would be the initial step to becoming an author when I grew up....

I had been so warped up in the scarce precious minutes of checking my wattpad profile that I hadn’t been paying attention to the torturous minute hand, so when I did look up, I gave a yip of bewilderment and flew to the front door. I seized my blue Cubs sweater and yanked it over my head while kicking on my booties. I yanked open the front door and sprinted out of my house, yelling,” Mom! I’m going to Gisele’s house!”

I accelerated to Gisele’s front door and leaped onto the front step, and raised my arm to knock on the front door. The bewitching notes of Hedwig’s theme seeped from my hand as I joyfully knocked, and Gisele automatically opened up.

“Passy Poopy!” Gisele squealed, “Get your butt in here! You have to tell me about what happened with Ahmed today!”

Cheerfully hopping into her house and shaking off my black sketchers boots, I breathed in the scent of her familiar house. The smell of rich exotic spices lingered in the air, a smell I deeply enjoyed and loved to eat with the rice and potatoes her mom cooked up at their Indian parties that they hosted.

I plopped onto her soft ebony couch and informed her of today’s story, involving Ahmed and football.

“So,” I started,” We were playing football outside for gym, and it was as it usually was on our team: girls paid no attention to, guys yell at us for not catching the ball, blah blah blah. Then, after Ahmed had gotten five touchdowns for our team and the other team had five too, it was fourth down for our team. Our hitcher called Hike! And passed the ball to our quarterback, my little inamorato. OK, maybe not so little, but still. He was throwing the ball to another guy on our team, since the guys on my team are oh so sexist, when the ball veered out of his hands, and I miraculously caught it, which every could not believe since they thought I would run away from the football as I usually did. I heard the shouts of admiration as I scampered up the field and scored a brisk and fairly effortless touchdown for our team. My gym teacher blew the whistle right then, and everyone crowded around me, shouting their thank yous and statements of awe. Ahmed’s sentence had stood out of everyones: ‘Wow, I was throwing it to John, but you caught and got a touchdown for us! I hadn’t thought you’d catch it, but thank you! You’re our miracle’ It had been the most preeminent experience ever!”

Gisele gave a low whistle and smiled at me.

“Yes, great job Pas! Except, you need to talk to him more. We gotta think up a list of subjects to talk about with him, so then you can get enough courage to ask him to hang out sometime! I can’t believe you’re so lucky!”

I blushed a bit and returned her smile.” OK! Except I’m too nervous to talk to him since I don’t talk to guys a lot, and he won’t really make a move on me, so...”

Gisele snickered at me.” Won’t make a move? Oh please Pas! Even though I wasn’t there when he complimented you, undid your belt for you, or peered over Ryna’s shoulder to look at your school picture, I know he’s trying to get you to notice him, and you have to act up now! If you don’t, he’ll move onto another girl because you won’t talk to him!”

Now that really pissed me off.

“OK Gisele, I’ll try to talk to him. Let’s start thinking about what I could discuss with him!”

I grabbed my iPhone, and opened up to a new note in notes. We started discussing exactly what I would talk to him about that wouldn’t make me sound to desperate to get to know him better. By the end of twenty minutes of debating, acting, and discussing, this was my super long list of subjects to discuss:

How it was like in Albania Does he miss his friends Does he play sports because he’s really good If he wants to go bike riding or hang out at my house sometime

And Gisele’s favorite:

Do you like the Harry Potter series?

It was such a great list, and even if I didn’t have a problem with memorizing the topics to discuss with him, I needed to despairingly build up my courage to talk to him and ask him to go biking with me sometime.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 9 Next »

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