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Infinity and Me

Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on watt pad , and I have a cover for it on there (made by my friend).  « Hide author's note
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Rugby: The Love Sport

stepped out onto the gym, and assuming no one was there, shaked out my hair and ran my hands through it so the curls I put into it would look sexier than normal, because, you know: doesn’t it look so hot to have amazing thick curly hair blowing behind you as you run and block people? It feels great, too. I smiled happily also and skipped to the end of squad three and sat down. I sang a little song in my head about how much I absolutely love love LOVED gym class: Oh, I’m in gym Pasqua’s a very very happy person! Time to play some rugby!

As I sang my little song in my head, I noticed a sign of movement and turned to see someone I hadn’t expected to be there.

I started freaking out.Oh my god that hot new guy just saw me do stupid things and shake out my hair! Is he going to think I’m strange, weird, stupid, or worse yet... Cheerleader like? Oh god, please no.

I continued my freaking out all throughout exercises and freaked out even more when he got put into our rugby team. He sat down next to some guy I knew and they started talking, but Mr.Perfect occasionally glanced my way. I thought I was going to vomit. I didn’t like it when people thought bad of me!

After my gym teacher assigned us the flag color, field, and team we were going to play against, I grabbed a red belt and ran outside, noticing the whole time that the new guys gaze never lingered away from me. Creepy!

We got to our field and Mr.Perfect kicked off, the ball sailing in a perfect arch and landing in the opponents hands, exactly how it was supposed to. Wow. That took some skill, and he had what I loved in a guy: athletic abilities. I couldn’t help but stare at him, dumbstruck by his skills. I don’t think he noticed though, because his gaze never left the rugby ball, and was planning what to do next.

The opposite team started running with the ball, and I deftly intercepted them. Guess who complimented me? Oh wait, you would already know.

The game kept going, and I kept effortlessly intercepting most of the players, the others the new guy would take down. Mr.Perfect complimented me more than once, something that guys never do. He also got two goals for us, without getting intercepted at all! No one had ever gotten a goal without going down from any of the teams we played against!

Finally, the game ended, us winning two to nothing. I shyly went up to Ahmed (that was his name) and said, “Great job Ahmed,” and got a feel of his hand as I gave him a high five. He was so nice, too, saying “Thank you” and “you too”. I felt like I had done something super spectacular, even though it was really nothing amazing. When we got back into the gym, I ran as fast as I could to the locker room and started telling my friends Tilly, Kyleigh and Ryna everything that had happened. Even though they were really happy for me because they knew about how no guys were after super kind to me, they warned me against Ahmed’s actions.

“Pasqua, just to warn you so your heart doesn’t get broken, it doesn’t mean Ahmed likes you. Maybe it means he wants to be friends,” Kyliegh told me.

I knew that, and I relieved her by telling her that I wouldn’t set too high of hopes for me and Ahmed being together.

Boy was I wrong about the high hopes statement that I made, which I broke the next day.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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