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Infinity and Me

Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Well, the beginning is mostly true, but it's just my perfect happily ever after! I have it on watt pad , and I have a cover for it on there (made by my friend).  « Hide author's note
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Leaves and Love

The leaves twirled and danced as I took a huge breath and focused. Time slowed as I took a few giant steps back and started to run. This was it. What I’d been waiting to do for 12 months. I breathed a few quick yoga fire breaths and charged. I felt like I was a professional baseball player, so much pressure was on me. I sprinted as fast as I could and jumped, hearing the shouts of encouragement coming my way. I fell free through the air and....

“Yes!” I exclaimed as I jumped into the huge leaf pile, splattering leaves all around me. My 3rd grade neighbor Shellie and my sisters Rose and Nicky jumped into the leaf pile as well, shrieking with delight as tons of diverse leaves fell onto their clothes, hair and face. We laughed and laughed, throwing leaves at each other so our target looked like a leaf monster.

After fooling around for a bit, I reluctantly got out of the leaf pile to grab my backpack and watched as Shellie caught a beautiful scarlet and pumpkin colored leaf drifting through the air. She inspected it for a bit and then presented it to me.

“You can have it,” she smiled as she handed the gorgeous leaf to me.

I took the leaf from her and gasped when I saw it. Its colors were astonishing, bright and unusual, but going together perfectly, like yin and yang. But what surprised me most was the fact that if you looked close enough, it seemed like little hearts were crisscrossing across the whole entire leaf. If cupid had thrown leaves instead of arrows, this would have been one of the leaves he used to make people fall in love. I pocketed the leaf and smiled at Shellie. She more than likely hadn’t seen the heart pattern on the leaf, or else she would have kept it for herself.

“Thank you Shellie. It’s such a pretty leaf,” I complimented her, for I loved to keep her ecstatic and she wouldn’t like it for some reason if I didn’t like the leaf. Shellie can get pretty angry when people don’t like what she gives them.

“You’re welcome!” She skipped to the leaf pile and jumped back in, spraying more leaves all over the once clean lawn.

I had a sudden urge to check the time and gasped. Uh oh. The bus was supposed to be here in a minute! “Crap!”

I grabbed my backpack and gave Shellie and my Nicky a hug. “Bye! See you after school!” I hollered and ran to the bus stop.

I made it just in time. The bus came around the corner and stopped in front of me. I quickly got in line behind the neighborhood sluts Emily and Riley and hopped onto the bus.

“Good morning Pasqua,” My bus driver greeted me as I set foot onto the bus.

“Good morning to you too!” I smiled and sat in the seat I normally sat in. I grabbed my iPhone and checked my email. There was just some mail from my favorite discussion on Wattpad and nothing else. I deleted the messages and slid my phone back into my backpack. I wasn’t supposed to have my phone out in the bus anyway, and I always feared getting my poor iPhone taken away. I can’t live a day without knowing what emails I had on that baby (having no texting and calling sucks).

I jumped up and down in my seat excitedly, hoping my friend, Katie’s, bus stop would come soon. I had so much to tell her about yesterday!

Yesterday, two new guys transferred to our school from Albania. One’s name was Blear , I remember. The other’s name I didn’t know. After third period, I started hearing rumors about Blear's super hot brother who was in eighth grade too. All the girls were swooning and gossiping about how hot his brother was, and how is accent was so adorable. When I heard the rumors, I was like if those cheerleaders think some guy is hot, it’s probably some guy who’s blond and looks like a football player or something.

Except, I was way wrong about what Blear’s brother looked like. When I was at lunch that day, I saw him, and I was speechless. He had dark brown spiky hair, a calm handsome face, and wore a blue shirt perfectly popped at the collar, skinny jeans, and a pair of those popular blue gym shoes. We stared at each other for a few seconds, and then we both looked away. There was only one word to describe him. He was something more than hot,a mix of sexy, but not jock. He was: PERFECT.

I wanted to tell Katie so badly about yesterday. I wanted to hear her reaction and tell me what she knew about him, so when she got on the bus, I started jumping up and down in my seat and yell, “Katie! Katie! I got something to tell you and ask you!”

She laughed at my super hyper behavior and plopped down in the seat across from me. “What?” She asked surprised.

I told Katie about yesterday’s events, my voice almost at a scream. After I told her about the new boy, I added in quickly, “But I know he doesn’t like me just because he looked at me, and I don’t have any classes with him. What do you know about him?” I smiled like a dork and kept jumping up and down.

Katie raised an eyebrow at me and said,” That’s really great Pasqua, but you’re right about him not liking you. I heard he has a girlfriend back in Albania, and either that, or he has a crush on this girl.” She told me who he supposedly has a crush on and I looked at her surprised. By now I had stopped jumping and was feeling stupid for blabbing about yesterday to her.

“I can’t believe he likes her, though,” I looked at Katie surprised. No way did he like that girl. No guys crushed on her even though she was kinda popular.

Katie nodded and added, “I know right? I was like what? When I heard that. I saw him yesterday in the halls and I couldn’t believe it. He’s way too hot for his own good.”

I nodded in disbelief and started talking instead about something else pertaining to school. The bus pulled into the parking lot of my middle school and I got off, saying bye to Katie and heading to my locker to get my geometry stuff. I grabbed my math book and binder and continued to my math class, dropping off my viola in the orchestra storage room along the way. I entered the class and sat down next to the group of my friends. I got to work on my finals review stuff and waited for geometry to be over so I could go to gym in 2 hours and 30 minutes.


After an unusually long 2 and half hours, I got to the girls locker room and started chatting with my friend Kyliegh while changing for gym. Yes! My favorite class has finally come. I loved playing rugby in gym and having the feel of the wind through my hair as I charged after the player on the other team who was running with the football thing.

I finished changing and stepped out into the gym and sat down in squad three. I had no idea what exactly I was looking forward to in gym class today. But boy was I about to find out.
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