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Author's note: This book was first set for my English homework. We were doing creative writing and was told to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This book was first set for my English homework. We were doing creative writing and was told to write a short story. Who knew I got a bit carried away and did a lot more pages than he asked for! In the end, i got shouted at for doing more than asked for. I was very proud of my work, i always start writing stories and never really get to finish them. I sent my story off to a author, Samantha Young who as inspired me so much, she also gave me hope when she sent back a email on my work! I really do hope you like this book :)  « Hide author's note
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Too Mysterious For My Liking

The soft breeze murmured past me as the dark, metal gates of Bow and Arrow School of Redemption opened to me. I glimpsed back at the world behind me as I took sluggish steps towards the school. It felt like it was going to be the last time I would ever experience freedom again.
You see, I wasn’t meant to be here….well, that’s what I thought until a pitch black car came to my doorstep and practically dragged me out of my house, right after the police agreed that they would stop looking for my parents and my older brother, Peter May, because they hadn’t found any evidence or trace to my parents or my brother. However, I don’t believe them. I know my family is somewhere out there and I won’t stop at anything to find them, even if it means breaking out of this ‘jail-like’ school. First, I must find an opening, a plan to where I’m going to start searching and how I will survive until I find my family.
The Bow and Arrow School of Redemption was an enormous, eerie and dark mansion. From afar it could have passed for a villain’s great castle . It was as dark as midnight painted across the canvas with black ink. I’ve heard many rumours about this mysterious school, but I’ve never thought about what it’d be like to attend there. The school looked so miserable and bleak, I knew that my parents wouldn’t even think about bringing me to this terrifying school. They would’ve wanted me to go to a school of my choice, so that I could pursue my dreams. Though, all of that’s flew out of the window now that my parents are gone. So here I am now, Bonnie May, 14, was once ‘Queen B’ of my old school and now officially an orphan.
I didn’t even realise that I was daydreaming until I nearly walked into a perfectly polished, wooden door with an elegant gold tag nailed at the front saying, #3721. Even the door knob was flawlessly polished. I nearly burst out laughing when I thought about how different the school looks from the outside. Then the reason why I was here hit back at me and I remembered that I wasn’t here to be happy, I was here to find my family and uncover the real reason to why they disappeared. The school looked like a haunted, old mansion from afar but, on the inside, it looked like a queen’s palace, but still having an ancient aura around it. Everything inside it looked so new, the gleaming, crystal chandeliers, the polished, wooden floor and everything else. Though, it still felt odd and smelt like what an deserted, old castle smelt like.
“Dinner is at 7:00pm. If you’re more than 30 minutes late then, you don’t get any,” my tour guide told me. He gave me a chill down my spine when he bowed down to me. I thought this was 2011, a year where everyone no longer bowed down to everyone they met. Clearly, I was wrong.
I heard a high-pitched, melodious laugh from the other side of the door. Great, that meant that I had a roommate. That is just what I didn’t need. I’d already had enough of people giving me their sympathetic looks that made me feel like a lost puppy.
My hand began to quiver nervously as I gripped onto the shiny door knob. I don’t know why I was nervous. It wasn’t like I would become really close friends to whoever my roommate was. I took a steady breath as I slowly opened the door.
“Hello, my new roommate! You took your time to get here. Don’t tell me you were too scared to open that door!” A girl sitting on the window sill said to me as she jumped off and practically ran towards me. The girl had gorgeous, ginger hair that reminded me the colour of a captivating sunset. Her stunning blue eyes suited her perfectly well. She seemed like the type of girl that every other girl dreams to be like. “Oh, I’m sorry if I’ve frightened you! I get like that sometimes when I’m excited!” She sheepishly told me with a grin when she saw my shocked look. “Okay, let me start again. Hello and nice to meet you! I’m Riley Primrose, your new roommate! I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you!!!” Her hands stretched out and folded me into a tight, but friendly hug.
“It’s nice to meet you too. I’m Bonnie May. You have such a beautiful surname.” I said politely as I gently returned her hug.
“Ergh, I hate my surname. My mum clearly didn’t have any taste in surnames back in her days” She said with a disgusted look on her face. I heard a deep laugh and peered behind her shoulder. Behind her, sitting on the floor, were the two most handsome boys I’d ever seen. One of them had shaggy brown hair that just about touched his shoulders, and he had the sweetest chocolate brown eyes. The other boy, who was also sitting on the floor, had attractive and shaggy blonde hair that almost made him look angelic. He had blue eyes the colour of a clear sky with not even a hint of darkness trying to take over it. He was the most handsome and charming boy I’d ever seen.
Then, I was brought back to reality when I finally realised that it was slightly more than weird that there were boys in the girl’s dormitories. “Oh, I thought this was the girl’s dormitory. Did they change it to mixed?” I asked with awe and a confused face. Riley and both of the two boys burst out laughing when I said that and I felt my cheeks go warm.
Both of the boys jumped up and walked up to me. They laughed for a few more seconds and I could swear I saw tears in their eyes, they were laughing that hard. Once they finally got their act together, the one with the shaggy brown hair came and gave me a hug. “Hey, welcome to Bow & Arrow School of Redemption! The answer to your question is, no, the dormitories rules have not changed. We’re only here because Riley doesn’t want to be a loner!!!” He had to stop speaking because Riley punched him on the arm. Ouch, it looked like it hurt but, it didn’t look like it did any real harm to him. “Okay, Okay, I was just joking!!” He carried on, “Anyway, nice to meet you Bonnie, I’m Sebastien Web but, call me Seb for short. I mean it, call me!” He waggled his eyebrows as he made a phone gesture next to his ear with his hand. Riley punched him again on his arm but this time, with more force. This one must’ve hurt because he actually winced. “Hey! Will you stop that? I was joking again!” He yelled at Riley and she blew raspberries at him. They started to argue as a gorgeous blonde boy came in and casually pushed both of them at a reasonable arm length from each other.
“Children, calm down!” He said to both of them with a mock glare. Riley and Seb both stopped arguing, but continued to stand there, glaring at each other. The handsome guy with the blond hair turned back to me. “Sorry about them,” he said with an adorable smile, “I’m Blake Willows by the way, hope you have a great time here at Bow & Arrow School of Redemption!” He too, also folded me into a hug. I don’t know why but, I felt my whole face going bright red. However, when he let go, darkness took over me.


“Run Bonnie!!” I heard someone say as I saw myself run. My brother, Peter, was right behind, urging me to go faster. What am I doing there running? How come I’m not in my own body?
Even more confusion took over me as the other ‘me’ and my brother, pulled to a stop behind a big recycling bin. “Listen to me Bonnie, when you wake up you will not remember any of this. Please remember that I did this for your own good and that Mum, Dad and Me will ALWAYS love you, forever. Now, I want you to run away as fast as you can, screaming for help.” My brother quickly told me as he held on to my other me’s face. Sweat was trickling down his face and he looked like he was finding it hard to breathe.
“Where’s Mummy and Daddy?” I heard my other me say in a panicked voice.
“They’re gone,.” Said an eerie voice from behind Peter. It was followed by a dark shadow that tried to lunge at me.
“NO!” Peter shrieked as he grabbed the shadow away from me, “RUN BONNIE!” He screamed as both he and the shadow disappeared into the darkness.
I saw my other me, start to cry and then I was pulled back into light.
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LouiseFallsEasy said...
Jan. 3, 2012 at 1:20 am
This story is a great story. I think that if you kepp up with your writings and everything, you can become a fabulous author. (:

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