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Writing for Jamie

Author's note: Based off the Disney Channel Series Ally and Austin. But honestly, it's really nothing like it....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Based off the Disney Channel Series Ally and Austin. But honestly, it's really nothing like it. Just read it to find out. I plan on it being very romantic.  « Hide author's note

Actually Chapter 2 (:

“Look, I’ll even pay you to write my songs. Come on, Kaitlyn. I wouldn’t be asking you if I didn’t think you were good.” Jamie said.
“I- I just don’t know. I’v never showed anyone my music, let alone wrote songs for someone to play publicly.” She said, looking at her feet.
“Let’s just give it a try. That song you were playing yesterday. Let me play that one at my next gig. And if it goes well, if people seem to love it, which I’m sure they will, then we continue.
This is so far chapter 2. I need to add chapter one as soon as I can. At the moment Im on a role. I'm weird. I start in the middle. And add a beginning and end after I finish. As you can see I havn't finished any of the stories I'v posted so far. So I might (will) need your encouragement to finish this one !
If they- well if they hate it, then we can stop. But honestly, I’m more then positive that that is NOT going to happen.” Jamie finished, and Kaitlyn just stared at him.
“What?” He asked, his amazing accent oozing.
“You accent. It’s like impossible to say no to.” She said, turning away from him so he couldn’t see her rosy blush. Jamie chuckled. And stepped closer.
“Pretty please, Madame. May I use your amazing, beautiful song?” Jamie said, with a smirk on his face.
“Your doing it on purpose now...” Kaitlyn said, rolling her eyes. He just looked at her pleadingly. She sighed.
“Fine. Just one song. For now. And if- If it’s as amazing as you say it is. If people actually like it, then I’ll continue.” She said. Jamie let out a whoop and stepped forward scooping Kaitlyn in his arms, and spun her around in a giant hug.
“Yes!” He shouted, Kaitlyn let out a squeal, demanding him to put her down.
“Just no- Don't do that again. Ever.” She warned, breathless. Jamie just chuckled and waved to her as he walked out of the room. Jen, Kaitlyn’s best friend rushed over.
“Omigosh. Did I really just see that. We’re you just flirting with Jamie Morris? Omigosh, omigosh.”
“No! I was not flirting with him. He just asked me to write him a song. That’s all.”
“And?!” Jen said, eyes wide.
“And what?” Kaitlyn asked.
“Are you going to write him a song?!” She said exasperated.
“Um. Well. I said yes. But only one. And I already wrote it. He heard me playing it in the music room yesterday. And he hasn’t left me alone about it since.
“Really? Why havn’t I ever heard your songs? I’m like your bestfriend! I have to hear one. I mean if Jamie Morris thinks there good, they must be good! Can I hear one, please, I’m b-,”
“JEN! I don’t know. I don’t like showing others my songs.”
“Aw. Why not? Obviously it’s not bad. You HAVE to show me!”
“Jen...” Kaitlyn trailed off as Kelly walked up to them.
“Watchya talkin’ about?” Kelly asked shoving a bunch of books into her locker, located right beside Kaitlyn’s.
“Jen and Jamie-,”
“Nothing! We are nothing! I’m just writing a song for him! That’s it!” Kaitlyn shot a warning glance at Jen, daring her to say more. Pleading her to be quiet. Kaitlyn made a show of looking at the time on her phone.
“Oh, look, I’m going to be late for English. I have to go. Text me about plans after school, Jen. Bye Kelly!” With a wave of her hand and a flick of her wrist she spun around and walked as quickly as possible away for her friends.
Kaitlyn was in her room on her bed pulling out her homework when her cell phone buzzed. She looked down at it. It read as an “Unknown”. She picked up her phone and opened the message.
“Hey, Kaitlyn, it’s Jamie. Don’t want to rush you or anything but we should probably get together sometime soon to go over the details of the gig. I play next Saturday. Maybe you can call or text me back to set something up. Btw- In case your wondering, I got your nmbr from Jen.”
Jen. Of course he got it from Jen. She probably handed it to him before he could even ask for it. Kaitlyn sighed. She had so much to do at the time as it was. Projects and papers due, work, and now she had to finish writing a song for Jamie. She clicked “Reply” and stared at her phone.
“What time would work best for you?” She texted him back. Putting down her phone she walked over to her keyboard and picked up her sheet music.
“Faster.” She thought to herself. She sat down and put the music in it’s stand, put her fingers to the keys and began playing. She picked up the tempo just a bit, made it sound more cheery. She had to admit that it didn’t sound that bad. She cursed herself for over-reacting when Jamie had suggested it to be faster. It wasn’t a half bad idea. She took a pencil and changed the time signiture. Then wrote at the top, “Jamie’s Song”. And played it through again, changing a couple notes, and adding a couple more every now and then. She was so engrossed in playing that she almost didn’t hear her phone buz on her bed. Pulling herself away from her music, she reached for her phone. Jamie.
“Well. I’m actually just leaving the school now, and have the night off from work. And no practice. So now would be great. That’s if ur not busy or anything? Do u have like a piano at ur house we could use? I have a cheap one at mine.” Kaitlyn quickly glanced around her room after reading the message. It wasn’t trashed. Not that it was very often. But she hasn’t had a boy, other then her father, in her room. It was nerve racking. Especially if that boy was Jamie. Practice? She thought. Then she remembered that he was captain of the foot ball team. Right. Popular and a sport star. And apparently a singer. Great. She could feel the pressure bearing on her now. Without a doubt.
“Ya. I have a keyboard. I guess you can stop by for a while...” She finished the text by adding her address and the directions, just in case. Her head swirling with thoughts. She threw some scattered close into her hamper. Shut her closet and drawers. And cleaned off her piano stool for a seat. She opened her window. Running down stairs she found her mom sitting at the table with paper work scattered everywhere, as usual.
“Uhm. So I have a friend coming over for a while. We are- uh- working on a project together. He’ll be here soon we are just going to go to my room.” Her mom stared at her, a baffled look on her face.
 “A boy?” Her mom asked.
“Yes, Mom, a boy. Just a friend.” Kaitlyn said rolling her eyes.
“It’s not a big deal. Really.” As she finished the bell rang.
“That must be him, just act cool, Mom, and remember he’s just a friend!” Kaitlyn spun on her heal and walked quickly to the door, not wanting to keep him waiting. Her heart was beating crazily inside her chest. She took a deep breath and opened the door.
“Hey.” Jamie said smoothly. In one hand he held a grocery bag with what looked like candy bars. In the other he had a giant guitar case with stickers of different bands plastered all over it.
“Brought some snacks. Felt weird kinda just inviting myself over here.” He said looking down. Kaitlyn studied his face for a minute. Was he embaressed? Was he really embarrassed just because of Kaitlyn. Wow, she thought.
“It’s fine. I asked. She moved to the side to let him in. He stepped in and kicked off his shoes. Kaitlyn was about to tell him he didn’t have to worry about it, but stopped herself. The less she said, the less idiotic she would sound she figured. Kaitlyn lead him to the kitchen. Glaring at her mother, daring her to say something embassing. Of course her mother ignored her.
“Play safe, and keep the door open.” Kaitlyn shut her eyes in horrification. Her mom never fails at saying the most awkward things.
“Mom...” She just trailed off, not knowing how to save herself after something like that. Jamie just stared at her. Amusement shining in his blue eyes. Kaitlyn stared at her feet,
“This way,” She muttered, leading Jamie up the stairs. Stepping through the door way to her room she walked over to the piano and picked up the sheet music.
“I haven't wrote down the guitar keys yet. I wasn’t even thinking about that.” She said eyeing his guitar case. He took the music from her and studied it thoughtfully.
“It’s fine. Wasn’t expecting it to be done yet anyway... You changed the key... And the title...” He said smiling at her.
“Yeah, well. Sorry for reacting the way I did. I was just shocked that you heard me and that you were criticizing my work... I’v never had someone do either of those things. Anyway, you were right. It sounded better sped up. I also changed some notes.” Kaitlyn said, taking the sheet music back from him and placing it in front of her on the piano. She began playing at the new tempo to show him what she meant. She didn’t sing this time though, and Jamie noticed.
“Why aren't you singing?” He interrupted, curious. Kaitlyn stopped playing.
“Um. I- I thought you just need the music. And the words.” She said, bashfully. Truth was that she really didn’t want to sing in front of him. Even if he had heard her sing before. She still wan’t used to people hearing her. And she hardly knew him. Even if they had been best friends when they were younger. Before he became “cool”. Or a “jock”. He’d changed so much. And she was having a hard time getting used to the new him. Jamie put down his case and walked over to the bench, sitting next to her.
“Alright. Fine. Just play. I’ll try to figure it out on my own.” He said, staring at the music. Kaitlyn nodded and started playing from the beginning. She motioned for him to start singing. At first she could barely hear him, but as he got used to the melody and the tempo he grew louder. Stumbling here and there, other then that he was pretty good at sight reading. She sighed when he was done.
“What? I wasn’t that bad was I?” He asked, putting his hand to his chest in mock hurt. Kaitlyn rolled her eyes.
“It’s just your really singing it how I imagined it. It’s great, but-, I don’t know. Here. Let me sing it I guess.” Kaitlyn took a deep breath, and before he could say anything she began singing. Closing her eyes, her heart pounding.
“I have a crush on you, I know it is for real. Not like any other crushes I used to have, this one I can feel. When you walk by me, my heart start to race. When I stare at you, I feel your warm embrace. We rarely talk at all, not even a ‘hi’ down the hall.
Then how did I fall for you? How did I know this crush is true? Maybe it's your smile, And your other that and this. Maybe it's your eyes, that I just can't resist. You overflow my head, With your words that I would overheard. I even dream about you, which I think is just absurd! I know you know, That I have a crush on you.I hope you feel the same, But that's just too untrue. I finally decided, To tell you how I feel. I just need to know what you’ll say, what you will reveal. Then how did I fall for you? How did I know this crush is true? Maybe it's your smile, And your other that and this. Maybe it's your eyes, that I just can't resist. You overflow my head, With your words that I would overheard. I even dream about you, which I think is just absurd! I know you know, That I have a crush on you. I hope you feel the same, But that's just too untrue. You may say ‘I'm sorry’, ‘I don't like you at all’. Or a simple ‘yes’, You’re the girl I'm waiting for? How did I fall for you? How did I know this crush is true? Maybe it's your smile, And your other that and this. Maybe it's your eyes, that I just can't resist. You overflow my head, With your words that I would overheard. I even dream about you, which I think is just absurd! I know you know, That I have a crush on you. I hope you feel the same, But that's just too untrue. It is worth the try , and as they always say, any one can be your friend,
But only one, can be your soul mate. How do I know this crush is true?” Kaitlyn finished. Breathless. She didn’t look at Jamie. She just stared at her fingers, laying gracefully on the piano keys.
“Wow. I really don’t understand how your not like famous or something.” Jamie finally spoke. Kaitlyn blushed. And stood up. Opening the guitar case she pulled out his guitar.
“Alright. Now that you’ve heard it, tried to sing it, or talked me into singing it, we, or more you, have to figure out the chords.” She handed him the guitar.
“Alright. Play again. Sing?”
“Yeah, no. Not again. All you need is the notes. She handed him the music. And took a seat beside him on the bench. He strummed the guitar a couple times, then they got started.
* * * * * *

Kaitlyn woke up early the next morning to the sound of her phone buzzing. Rubbing her eyes she reached beside her. It was Jamie.
“Hello?” She asked, scratchy voice cracking.
“Hey, I’m- Wait are you still in bed?” Jamie’s voice sounded far away. She heard someone laughing in the background. A girl. Rebecca.
“Um. Yeah. My alarm didn’t go off. I don’t need a ride anyway. I’ll just drive.” She told him. She wan’t even sure why she agreed to let him give her a ride anyway.
“Your sure? Alright. Well. Maybe some other time.

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Ultim@te said...
Dec. 28, 2011 at 10:52 pm
Yes, finish it.
Jessah said...
Dec. 26, 2011 at 8:00 pm
Kinda drifted away from this. Stuck. What do you guys think... Should i finish it?
Kayla A. replied...
Jan. 15, 2013 at 4:16 pm
yes you should i love it. i have a clear image in my head of jamie and kaitlyn together. its so cute.lol please finsh it
WOWriting replied...
Apr. 22, 2014 at 9:38 am
I agree, you need to finish it! Other than grammar mistakes, it's really great. I want to find out what happens!

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