Cracked Mirror

November 30, 2011
By Meeegan PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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Meeegan PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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“Aaaaaah,” a woman screams.

She is in labor. By her side are her best friend and a midwife. She has sweat dripping down her face and her hair is in a tangle.

“Why don’t you help her?” the best friend asks the midwife.

“There is nothing I can do,” announces the midwife simply.

Screaming again, the woman turns to her friend, “Promise me something.”


“Take care of my family and help the people.”

“Of course,” responds the friend with tears in her eyes

“I love you, Greselda,” says the woman weakly.

Then they hear the crying of a baby and the midwife announces it to be a girl. With a smile on her face, the woman dies.

Once upon a time there was a country named Bona. Bona was small compared to its neighboring country Amadora. Bona has a beautiful princess who lives with her jealous stepmother. The princess has hair as black as a raven and eyes as blue as the sea. With skin so fair and lovely, she could have no name other than Snow White.

Snow White’s stepmother’s personality is wicked. Every day, Stepmother goes to her magic mirror. The mirror is all knowing, but its appearance is not what most would expect of a magic mirror. It is a plain mirror like any other. It has a frame made of wood and its glass is dull and chipped.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Stepmother chants.

Before, the reply had always been, “You, my queen.” However, this time was different.

“Snow White, with skin so soft and a heart so fair, she is the fairest of them all,” drowns the mirror.

Furious, Stepmother smashes the mirror with a shoe.

“How can this be?” she shrieks, “When will I finally be rid of this monster!”

Then, in the middle of her temper tantrum, she stops and blinks. Rid of her. An evil smile comes to her beautiful face causing it to morph into that of a monster.
“What a simple solution to all my problems,” she smirks. “Ralph, Get in here!” she yells. “Yes, my queen,” replies Ralph with his head bowed.

Ralph is simple looking. His long brown hair covers his eyes. He wears old rusty armor and he shakes a little in the presence of the queen.

“I need you to dispose of one of my problems.”

“Anything, my queen.”

“Kill Snow White.”

Shocked by what Stepmother is commanding, he stares at her. How could he kill the princess? Yet, how could he disobey the queen? Unsure of what he should do, Ralph goes out to fulfill the queen’s request.

“Ralph, how are you today?” sings Snow White.

She is out in the Royal Garden surrounded by birds of all colors and squirrels that scurry up trees at the sight of Ralph. Even animals couldn’t resist the pull of Snow White.

“I am well princess, but I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

“Anything, Ralph, whatever you need.”

Ralph leads Snow White into the forest where his plan of killing Snow White will never be found out by anyone. You see, the people love Snow White and he knew if they found out he had committed the heinous act of killing her, they would surely kill him. The queen would just stand by and let them; she would never let anything tarnish her impeccable reputation. Because of this, no one could ever know what he was about to do.

The deeper Snow White and Ralph travel into the forest, the more nervous Snow White gets. Snow White understands her stepmother hates her and that Ralph would do whatever
Stepmother asked. She had to think quickly or else he very well might kill her.

Noticing a rock by her foot, Snow White picks it up. One nice hit and she could be free and never have to return to that terrible place she once called home.

“Princess,” sighs Ralph.


“You must run from here.”

“What?” Snow White gasps. He was letting her go?

“I won’t kill you, but you can’t come back to the kingdom.”

Nodding her head, Snow White continues to walk without Ralph. Well, it could be worse. She might actually have to hit Ralph with the stone.

As the day goes on, Snow White gets deeper and deeper into the forest. It is now dark and all the sounds of the forest heave turned into a horror movie theme song. There are small red eyes looking at Snow White through the bushes as she walks. Every little snap or hoot makes her jump. It won’t be much longer until she has herself so freaked out, she won’t be able to continue.

Running through the forest, Snow White is now panting hard. She is scared, tired, and hungry. Finally, she makes it to a small clearing and stops dead. Why is there a small cottage in the middle of the forest? Well it’s no stranger then Stepmother talking to a mirror everyday.

Knocking on the door, Snow White waits for a reply. None came. Looking around she notices how disgusting the cottage is. The windows have so much dust on them you couldn’t see through them. There are tools everywhere. The tools are all muddy and rusty. It is scary to think what the inside might look like. Shivering, Snow White tries the door. It is locked. Hmmm. Snow White picks up a rock and smashes the window next to the door. Reaching her hand through the window she unlocks the door.

“Ooooh, I made a mess,” says Snow White looking at the glass shattered across the floor.

Feeling guilty, Snow White picks up a broom and starts sweeping the floor. Seeing how big of a difference the sweeping made, she continues to clean.

It is three hours later and the sun is setting. Snow White has finished cleaning and decides to cook something to eat. Hopefully the owner of the cottage will not be so angry with a full stomach. As she cooks, eight men start walking toward the house.

“Hmmm, what is that smell?” asks one of the men.

“Someone is in the house!” exclaims another seeing the light on in the cottage.

Running toward the cottage, they are furious and a little curious. Who is in the middle of the forest? What was the chance this person found their cottage? Why on earth were they cooking? These thoughts race through the men’s heads as they reach the cottage. The cottage is clean! Well that is defiantly new. They walk in, curious and find a beautiful woman.

Startled, Snow White twists around to find eight hot men.

“Who are you?” Snow White gasps

“That should be our question!” the men yell.

“I am Snow White,” she says.

Looking at one another, the men give their names.

“I’m Dopey,” says one who looks like a blond surfer. He has shaggy, sand blond hair, and a dark tan.

“Hello, I’m Happy,” says another with brown hair and a basketball in his hands. Happy has a goofy smile on his face that lights up the room.

“Acho, Acho, hey I’m Sneezy.” Sneezy is small with big blue eyes that take up half his face. His blond hair makes him looks like a child.

“Waz up, I’m Sleepy,” drowns another. His brown hair is messed up making him look as if he just woke up.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Snow White. My name is Doc.” Doc has glasses and brown curly hair. He looks like the brains.

“This is Bashful,” says Sneezy pushing forward another. He had rosy pink cheeks and his gray eyes are looking at the floor.

“And this is Grumpy,” smiles Dopey. Grumpy has a scowl on his face that made him look like a little boy who just had his favorite toy taken away. His red hair did nothing to help make him look older.

One thing all seven men had in common way they were all gorgeous. Each was prefect in their own category.

“Who is that,” Snow White asks, pointing towards the back of the group.

There stood one of the most gorgeous men she has ever seen. He has black hair and green eyes. He is wearing an all black outfit that made him look mysterious.

“That’s Jessie Mellark. We found him wondering in the forest and brought him with us. Now he is part of our family,” explains Happy.

“Why are you all here?” inquires Snow White.

“Well,” explains Happy, “We all just wanted a quiet peaceful life. All of us had the same idea of moving into the quiet forest. Not long after we all met up and decided to work together. Jessie is the newest member.”

“That is exactly what I want,” says Snow White determined. “I want a quiet easy life away from the castle!”

“Then stay here with us,” exclaims Goofy.

Snow White looks at all eight men. It is very dangerous to stay with someone you don’t know, but how else will Snow White survive in the forest? Smiling, Snow White nods. Here is a place to start over and live a normal life.

Days pass and life was peaceful. The nine of them would fish, grow food, and talk together. Mostly Snow White cleaned and cooked, but occasionally she would help the men out with their chores. Still, Snow White has yet to hear from her stepmother.

Back at the castle things were not so happy. The king, Snow White’s father, was extremely worried. He loves his daughter more then anything. Not only that, but Snow White had an arranged marriage to Blaine Wilson, prince of Amadora. This marriage was to bring an end to all the troubles the countries have with one another. Now, with Snow White gone, this was going to be harder to accomplish.

Stepmother, seeing how distraught the king is, became even angrier. Why couldn’t he forget about that spoiled good-for-nothing princess? He refused to believe Snow White was dead and has search parties looking for her. The only way to move on was to prove her dead. Stepmother, deciding this is what she had to do, set off into the forest.

Stepmother, using her magic, finds Snow White’s tracks. Following the tracks, she finds the cottage.

“Odd,” thought Stepmother. “Why is there a cottage in the forest?”

Getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, Stepmother walks over to the window and peers in. Inside she sees Snow White cooking. The girl is alive! Why that stupid useless Ralph couldn’t kill a little girl. Furious, Stepmother starts scheming.

“How to get rid of Snow White without anyone finding out that I am the one who killed her?”

Poison. That is how she is going to kill her. It isn’t messy and there is no way to trace it back to who did it.

An evil smile comes over Stepmothers face. This is what she should have done in the first place. Now, she just has to decide how to get the poison to Snow White.

Looking around, Stepmother spots an apple tree near by. She takes one off the tree and looks at it. This will work. Now to put the poison into it. Stepmother goes into her small bag. She always keeps some potions with her. Pulling out a small vile she drips the light purple liquid onto the apple turning the apple a bright red.

“This will have to do,” announces Stepmother.

It wasn’t what she wanted. This wouldn’t kill Snow White, only put her to sleep. Unfortunately, this is the best stepmother has.

Heaving a sigh, Stepmother transforms herself into an old hag. She steps up to the door and knocks.

Startled, Snow White gasps. Who could be at the door? Walking over, she opens the door and peers out. Standing there hunched over is an old woman. She has long grey hair and a lazy eye. She has long black coat on that drags on the floor.

“An apple for the pretty lady?” cracks the old woman.

“Oh, I’m afraid I don’t have any money,” explains Snow White.

“It is a gift.”

The old woman pushes the apple into Snow White’s hands.

“Take a bight. It is good.”

Suspicious, Snow White looks the apple over. What harm could an apple have?

“Don’t eat that apple!”

“Whaaaa,” exclaims a confused Snow White.

Out of the shadows comes Jessie. He is dressed, once again, in all black. His dark hair is like a veil over his striking green eyes. He looks dangerous.

“That apple is poisoned,” says Jessie.

“How could you say that? This nice old woman was just here in the middle of the forest….,” Snow White stops stunned.

Why was there and old woman in the middle of the forest and why would she give her a gift? Realizing what is happening, Snow White lets out a squeal. This has to be Stepmother using her magic! Why is she here?

Back at the castle, the king is sitting in his throne room, when a squire comes in. He is dressed in a silly outfit with bells on it.

“Sir, Prince Blaine is here to see you,” announces the squire.

“Let him in.”

Through the grand doors comes the prince. He is tall and handsome. His blond hair looks like gold and his blue eyes are drowning in black lashes. He has wire frame glasses that give him a look of intelligence.

“Your highness,” says Blaine giving a small bow. “I am here to meet Snow White.”

“I am so sorry you traveled all this way for nothing, but I have some grave news. Snow White has disappeared and no one knows what has become of her. I was also informed earlier that my wife is missing as well,” explains the king with tears in his eyes.

Shocked, Blaine stares at the king. Snow White is gone. He has been waiting for years to marry her. He is in love with Snow White! The first time Blaine saw her was as a child. She had been in the garden at her castle. His father had been talking to her father and he, as a young lad, wandered off.

As Blaine wandered through the castle he heard an angel. A voice so sweet it almost brought him to tears. Finally, he had found the voice in the gardens. Sitting amidst a bundle of flowers, sat the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. That was Blaine’s first look at Snow White.

Over the years he had seen her a couple of times at ball or meetings, but he never spoke to her. It has always been a one sided love.

“How can she be gone?” inquired Blaine.

“I don’t know. My attendant told me she ran away.”

“May I speak to this attendant?”

Nodding, the king called in Ralph. When Ralph walked in and saw Blaine looking ready to kill, he attempted to run.

“My, my, what do we have here? My good sir, I think we need to have a chat,” said Blaine sweetly.

An hour later, after much screaming, Blaine finally has his answer. Snow White had been abandoned in the forest. Alive. Relief settled over him. But wait, the king had said the queen is also missing. Disturbed by this face, Blaine calls in his men and started into the forest.

“Stepmother, what a nice surprise. Why are you trying to poison me? I would have thought my being gone would have been enough for you,” says Snow White sweetly.

“Why can’t he forget you? I am so much more then you,” screeches the queen.

Angry, Stepmother morphs back into her normal body. However, now her hair is unruly, her clothes are torn, and her make-up is running down her face.

“You are nothing like her! You can try but you can never be as good or as beautiful as her,” cries Stepmother.

“As who?” questions Snow White.

Stepmother is now crying. Her tears making her skin blotchy. She looks old and worn out. No longer evil, but lonely.

“Why her? Why couldn’t it be you? It is all your fault. If you had never been born then this would never have happened.”

“What happened?” asks Snow White quietly. “Who is this woman you are referring to?”

Taking a minute to think it over, she realizes what Stepmother meant.

“Mom giving birth to me. You loved my mom didn’t you?” Snow White asks.

“We were best friends,” answered Stepmother. “If you hadn’t been born she would still be here! My best friend is dead and now I have tried to kill her daughter. The one thing she had always looked forward to.”

“It’s alright, mother will forgive you, but you have to stop all of this! Let’s go home and help one another. There is no reason to fight.”

“No it’s too late. If I return, I will be executed. No. I have to finish this now. Once you are gone everything will go back to what it was before. Yes, that’s it,” Stepmother says with a crazy glint in her eye.

Now it is obvious. Stepmother is not evil, she is just crazy. The loss of her best friend drove her over the edge. Nothing can bring her back now.

Truly scared, Snow White starts to back up. Looking around she sees that not only is Jessie next to her, but the other seven as well. What where they going to do? She has her magic while they are defenseless.

Taking a deep breath, Snow White says calmly, “Stepmother, what brought this on? Why did you decide to kill me?”

“I am the fairest of them all! I have worked so hard to be the perfect queen to this pitiful country. You are not taking my place!” screeches Stepmother.

“But it was never truly your place,” says a calm voice behind Stepmother.

Whirling around, Stepmother finds the owner of the voice. It is Prince Blaine. He is on a grey horse and he’s wearing beau up and stained armor. He looks like a warrior.

“If the king dies then Snow White would become queen and rule. If Snow White was to die as well, then the crow goes to the duke. You would never rule,” explained Blaine.

Looking crazy and a little frightened, Stepmother says, “Lies. All lies! I shall rule! I was born to be queen!”

Then Stepmother starts laughing hysterically. She has never looked more pathetic or broken to Snow White. Turning to Snow White, Stepmother takes out a knife and rushes towards her. Before Snow White can take a step back, an arrow pierces through Stepmothers heart.

Gasping, Snow White turns to where the arrow had flown from. Out of the forest, steps her father. He walks over to the body and kneels down next to it.

“Greselda,” he says, “What have you become?”

Over the next couple of days, things settle into a new routine. The servants are happy, the king is eerily quiet, and Jessie has disappeared. Even with all that happening, Blaine was still able to confess his feelings for Snow White.

“Snow White,” he says, going down on one knee. “I have watched you grow into a beautiful woman. Luckily for me, you heart is even more beautiful. Snow White with skin so soft and a heart so fair, will you marry me?”

Squealing, Snow White throws her arms around Blaine and says, “Yes, Blaine I would love to.”

Sweeping her off her feet, Blaine hugs her and says, “The let us have our happily ever after.”

The End

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on Feb. 27 2012 at 9:41 am
Mermaidmissy SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Ok you so have to keep on writing some more pages soon. I so love your book it was totally awesome!! Can you take a look at some of my poems and book please thank you. :)


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