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When Hearts Turn

Author's note: I just thought it would be cool to write about something like this. I find hypocrisy hilarious...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I just thought it would be cool to write about something like this. I find hypocrisy hilarious (in most cases), and writing about it is tons of fun! I hope you like it! :)  « Hide author's note
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The Nightmare Begins...

“That sneaky little horn-dog –”

“Words, Skylar…”

“Right,” I said, “sorry. That jerk – is that okay? – wisped her away before I could even blink! And then she was wearing his basketball jacket for the rest of the day!”

Ben blinked. “Isn’t that the nice thing to do? Wouldn’t you be happy if I helped you out like that?”

I threw my hands up, exasperated. “No! Well…yes, but that’s you. I’m talking about Landon here!”

Ben sighed and returned his attention back to the TV in my room and sunk his head into my head pillows. “Landon’s not that bad. His rep holds up false things about him.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course a guy would stick up for his fellow guy, but Ben wasn’t being reasonable. He was too distracted with Criminal Minds playing on my TV in the comfort of my bed. He didn’t consider that it was Anna, our best friend that I was talking about – if she got hurt…

“The guy’s cool,” Ben said. “Give him a chance.”

“Yeah, and when I do, he’ll just be up my shirt…” I muttered, thinking of my friend Kelsey, who had been tricked by his charm.

Ben heard me though, and rose and eyebrow.

“Strictly sarcasm,” I said quickly, resting my head on his shoulder.

Ben smiled and put his arm around me. “That better be.” He kissed my head lightly. “Anna can take care of herself.” Then he grinned at me. “And anyway, it’s better her than you – Landon won’t have someone to punch him out if he tries anything on Anna…”

I scowled. “You’re no help.” I hit him with a pillow before bouncing off my bed.

"You’re welcome…" he mumbled, eyes glued to the blond FBI agent running into the house with the gun.

I guess I was on my own with this one. I’d have to either convince Anna to stay away from Landon, or set the jerk straight myself – the first option was definitely the more reasonable, but it would be simple.

I sighed heavily. It wasn’t even the love-y, happy one that I loved so much from Anna – it was just weak and tired.

I had a lot of work to do.
“Landon is a sweetheart!” Anna gushed when I brought him up casually during our spare the next day. “He’s always thinking of me and he always meets me at the end of class…”

“Uh-huh…” My mind wandered in and out – this was not where I wanted the subject to go.

“Anna, you just started talking to him two days ago,” I reminded her. “What about Sabrina? Remember how he brutally broke up with her?”

Anna paused and a look of slight trickiness came about. She had to have remembered how crushed our friend was after Landon had agreed to go with her to her senior prom when he was a freshman – a FRESHMAN. He was already an irresistible stud back then to girls three years older than him. Anyway, he had totally agreed and made a big deal out of making it the best night ever. They went out for about two weeks before the prom, and he was the ‘perfect’ boyfriend, doing all the things he did for Anna… Then the prom came, he had her pick him up and when they got to the prom, he stowed away to the vacated girls’ change room with Sabrina’s best friend, Lisa to fool around nearly the whole night. It was only until the last dance did they come out, and when they did, Landon publicly ditched Sabrina, and danced with Lisa right in front of her. What kind of jerk can tear best friends apart? Only Landon, I can assure you!

Anna tucked her hair behind her ear. “He’s so sweet to me…”

“He was so sweet to Lisa in the change room too…” I muttered under my breath as I switched on the TV, looking for a soap opera that could take my mind off my reality drama.

Too bad Anna heard me.

“Why can’t you just be happy for me, Skylar?” Anna asked me, looking upset.

I was alert now. How could Anna think that I wasn’t happy for her? Okay, well, I wasn’t, but how could she think that as if it were a common thing?

“Anna, you know that in any other circumstances, I’d be psyched for you, but it’s Landon!” I exclaimed. “How can you fall for his act?”

Anna produced a tiny pout as she folded her arms across her chest. “Maybe it’s not an act!”

I believed that as much as I would believe that Anna was a cynical girl who only cared about getting out of school. “What would make you think that?”

“Well…” Anna twisted her hair around her finger as a glowing smile took over her face. “He told me he hadn’t a girlfriend in awhile because he was looking for the right girl, and he broke up with so many because he was wrong about them. See? He has a heart?”

I rolled my eyes discreetly. “Anna, what makes you think that you’re the right girl? What if it turned out that he made a mistake about you like the other girls? Then what?”

Anna didn’t even bother to process the thought. There was just pure offence on her face when she looked at me. She clasped her hands together and her mouth went into a tight line. “I should be going now.”

“Going where? We’re on spare!”

Anna glared at me. “Anywhere but here! I'd rather not spend my last 15 minutes with an envious downer. Good day, Skylar.”

She packed up her binders and walked out of the study hall room in a huff. I watched her petite little body scurry out in frustration, confusion, and embarrassment. An envious downer? Me? I was not a downer and i definately was no envious! The fact that Anna said those things was even worse! Anna only spoke badly about people when they wronged her horribly. I sighed deeply. What had I done?

“Cheer up, cutie; you look much better when you smile.”

I glared up at Landon as he strode into the study hall room with a single notebook and pencil in hand. He smiled at me as he lowered himself into the seat that had been previously occupied by Anna.

“Anna is looking for you,” I said, looking down at my calculus work.

“She never said that.”


“When you two were just talking about me seconds ago."

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Eavesdropper.”

Landon answered me with a dimply smile.

I hated that he had a perfect dimply smile that just happened to look amazing. To me, nothing could beat a guy with dimples, and unfortunately, Ben had grown out of his somehow in the middle of our relationships. I missed those dimples, but I wouldn’t let Landon’s become a replacement. I would never.

“So, you heard what I said,” I said, picking up my pencil and tapping it on my chin. “I don’t want you around Anna so leave –”

Landon feigned offence. “What, I’m not good enough?”

“You and I both know that you think you’re more than good enough, so cut the crap.”

Landon laughed and took my pencil away from me. He twisted it in his fingers. “You’re funny. So, what – you want me to end it with Anna?”


Landon looked like an owl with his eyes widening. “My, oh my. What a friend! You’re telling me to dump your best friend? Anna gives you too much credit when she talks about you…”

I glared at Landon who had led me into his trap. I hated him so much. Why did Anna have to like him of all people?

I pushed my papers back into my binder and zipped it up quickly with fury. “I’ve got my eye on you!” I grabbed my pencil away from him and stuck it in between my hair tie. I was out the door quickly, but not fast enough to miss his fast comeback, “And you like what you see…”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, I’m not going to lie. I had a diary. I didn’t journal every day about every single thing, but when important time periods in life passed, I had to rite it down to have it in print, to have that memory saved forever. Today was one of those days. A fight with Anna was big!


I can’t believe Landon Brown! He thinks he’s some hot god! Because of him, Anna is mad at me, and because of him, I’m mad at Anna. How could she be so thoughtless and agree to go out with him? How could she think I was being unsupportive? Okay, I was, but it’s for her own good! Landon is bad news and deep, deep, DEEP down, Anna knows it – it’s my job to dig that far until she reaches her senses and dumps Landon before he breaks her heart. I just want Anna to be happy like how I am with Ben, but not with this guy – this PIG. Why can’t she see the errors of her ways? Why can she only see this ugly side of me – this PROTECTIVE side of me?
When will this nightmare end…?
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Cgundrop4 said...
Mar. 22, 2014 at 8:29 pm
Incredible plot and story line that made my eyes never leave the page! I love the names you chose, and I love Landon, he's SOOOO sexy. I usually don't like the over-doing enternal thinking but hunny you have proved me wrong! Thanks for writing a piece that me, as a writer, can be insipredfrom. Keep on writing:) 
105268 said...
Apr. 26, 2013 at 2:31 pm
Wow! Good job!
LuvLife said...
Feb. 19, 2013 at 9:56 pm
O.M.G., WOW! I have never seen such and amazing romance piece of writing since what..2 years? Anyways, keep up the AMAZING work ok? Please write the next chapters to this! If its not so much to ask? I know it's hard with schoolwork and stuff, but Im begging for you to write more! :)
Bookworm1998 replied...
Feb. 20, 2013 at 10:22 pm
hey thanks! that means a lot! sorry, but this is the end of Landon and Skylar's story. I meant to finish it here, but I may submit a short little anecdote of them  under a different name if I come up with anything else :)
LuvLife replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 12:42 pm
It's ok! Now that I noticed, I let myself get ahead of me:P but it's a perfect ending! Don't worry, it would be AWESOME if you could write another book or soo?
LuvLife replied...
Feb. 21, 2013 at 12:50 pm
Oh! It's alright! Sorry, sometimes I get ahead of myself and I don't think straight! :) But that would be perfect! Your such an amazing writer! I can't wait to read other books you might create/ have created! :P keep up the ASTOUNDING work:D
jetta.bliss This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 6, 2013 at 3:01 pm
Lots of voice... I love it! great job@!!!
talliecaity said...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 7:37 am
Bookworm1998 replied...
Jan. 6, 2012 at 11:03 am
thanks! i'll try to submit the rest up of the book in one submission next week
MusicBabyDoll13 said...
Dec. 22, 2011 at 5:07 pm
ohmygoodness!! this. is. AMAZING!!
Bookworm1998 replied...
Dec. 22, 2011 at 6:47 pm
thanks so much!
Bookworm1998 said...
Dec. 20, 2011 at 6:20 pm
thanks! i really appreciate it comments!
C.L.Erins said...
Dec. 20, 2011 at 11:51 am
amazing!!! keep going please!! :)
Bookworm1998 replied...
Dec. 20, 2011 at 6:24 pm
oops didn't reply properly :P ^^^ this comment made 4 u C.L.Erins

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