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The Land Of Everlasting Night

By , London, United Kingdom
Author's note: I wrote this when I was in class and a cloud came over the sun. It really made me unhappy, and I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this when I was in class and a cloud came over the sun. It really made me unhappy, and I wondered what it would be like if the sun went out for good.  « Hide author's note
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Olive Oil

I sit across from my husband at the dinner table. I can just nearly eat. In five minutes I will excuse myself from the table and hopefully excuse myself from him completely. I drink a little water and avoid eye contact. I have to seem normal, or at least not abnormal. He does not know me, so he does not know I don't usually eat lunch.
He 'fell in love' with me one time he saw me at a party. What a fool! I don't see how you can love a person just from seeing them at the party. He 'loves' me for my looks and not for me. I hate him in return. I hate how he's imprisoned me with his name. I must escape him. He is one of those believers in the old saying 'for a woman love comes after marriage' he is wrong, I could never love him. I would rather swallow razors then be with him. He disgusts me, every aspect of him makes me sick!
He is talking about himself. As though I care. I do so hate men who talk about themselves. They seem to think it is a grace upon you to hear of all the wonderful things they've done. That's why men get married, so they have someone to talk to about themselves. Someone who won't be able to escape. He chose the wrong girl when he chose me, I will escape from him. He looks across from me and smiles widely. I smile slightly back in hope he'll stop staring at me. He doesn't. He just sits there, smiling like an idiot. Maybe someone told him girls like being smiled at, or stared at. There seem to be lots of lies boys tell themselves about girls, I think of if there are any lies I know about boys. I can't think of any. I was never interested in boys, or girls, or anyone. I always wanted to be far away from people. Of all the ugliest creatures on this this cold and dead planet: humans are the most ugly.
One night I dreamed I was a bird. I flew above forests, spreading out my wings and feeling the wind. I like to think, that inside I am a bird. I don't like to think I'm human, because humans are cruel and ugly creatures. I like to picture that my soul is a bird. My beating heart is the bird flapping it's wings and trying to escape from me. When my heart finally stops, it will mean the bird is finally free.

"Would you excuse me?" I say. He looks surprised but nods. My long skirt swishes around my legs. When I was younger I got to wear shorter skirts. I used to run around with Steven. It is quite difficult for me to run now. My skirt is long and heavy. My dress has no back, I really hate that. It means my back is very cold and my legs are too warm. I slip into the kitchens and steal a large bottle of olive oil. I hide the olive oil beneath my skirts. I walk quickly towards my mother's apartments. I will get my revenge on her.
She has treated me terribly, all my life. She is a fool if she thinks I don't know it. I will be avenged, before I leave. I will take my revenge on all who have harmed Steven and me.
They thought we would become nothing, we were just rebellious children. Who grew into rebellious young adults. Forever disappointments, forever isolated and strange. I am not a defenseless little girl anymore. I will fight my own battles and find my own justice. I reach my mother's apartments. They are empty of her, the stench of her perfume remains.
She had the floors paved with marble. I stand by the door and unscrew the lid on the olive oil. I spread olive oil across the floor. I pour and pour until all the bottle is emptied. The floor has imbedded gold patterns all across it. The olive oil doesn't show up. Perfect. I close the door to the apartments and conceal myself behind a stone statue of a giant angel. It's so ironic that the angel would cover a creature such as me. My mother rounds the corner ahead of me. She walks like her feet hurt, they should, considering the heels she's wearing. Those heels will be the death of her, literally. I reach her disappear into her apartments. I wait for a while, then hear a scream and and the sound of a body hitting marble. I smile and walk away. Now I will meet Steven.
He waits for me in the dark of a corridor. His eyes glint sightly, he is tall and strong. His face seems as though it is carved out of stone. Most are afraid of him, he has very deep green eyes with gold flecks. The burn out of his face like embers in a fire. He smiles at me when he sees me. He does not have a beautiful smile, in fact, his smile is singly strange. He has an invisible scar on the side of his face, so his smile is very lopsided. He got that scar when my brother hit him, many years ago. The doctors stitched it up so it didn't look like any harm and been done. You can only see the scar when he smiles.
He takes my hand and leads me down the corridor. There is a dark door at the end of the corridor. Steven kicks it down. The smell of the night stops me in my tracks. It's a strange, smell you can't quite describe. He pulls me again, and I follow him into the black of the night. My shoes of paper crumple against the floor. I feel the soil beneath my toes. A branch rips away the skirt I wear. Without the loss of the weight of my skirt makes me feel light. The night air feels nice against my legs and my back.
The wind hits me then. It flutters the remainders of my skirt and plays with my hair. It's cold but sweet to feel. Above us the sky fills up with light.

"Stop where you are!" A voice booms from above. A scream could not describe my terror. My feet pound the floor beneath me. i no longer feel pain there. Adrenaline has blinded me. A sudden blistering pain rushes though me, it starts on the right side of my waist and runs all over my body. We chase the shadows, pounding into the darkness to hide. Once in the darkness Steven dives into some kind of ditch. I lie on my back and look up at the sky.

"You alright?" He asks.

"Not exactly." My voice is hoarse and squeaky. "It was worth it."

"Amora, what?" His voice is hoarse too. "What happened?"

"I was shot." I breath. I look up at the sky, the wind begins to dry my blood. Tears pour from my eyes like water down a stream. "I die free, Steven, free like a bird."

"Don't say that you'll be alright. I won't let you die!" He shouts.

"You have no choice, Steven. Look up at the stars, they're the same ones our ancestors saw. I like to die looking at those stars. They say something has to end for something to begin, I wonder what will become, now that I de. Promise me, Steven, just one thing. Don't kill yourself, don't let yourself die."

"No! Amora!"

"Promise me."

"Alright, I promise. Cross my heart."

"I love you steven, I always loved you." I take a stinging breath of air into my lungs, and feel a drop of rain against my face "Steven, I can't see the world, but I can feel it. It's beautiful Steven! The only things ugly are the creatures that walk on it. Steven I'm finally free! Death is heaven."
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musicismyheart247 said...
Mar. 1, 2012 at 9:52 am
wow great story its very nice i loved it!!

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