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The Land Of Everlasting Night

By , London, United Kingdom
Author's note: I wrote this when I was in class and a cloud came over the sun. It really made me unhappy, and I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this when I was in class and a cloud came over the sun. It really made me unhappy, and I wondered what it would be like if the sun went out for good.  « Hide author's note
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Brides are not supposed to cry

"Brides are not supposed to cry!" My mother snaps at me as she paints my face with makeup.

"You're going to smudge your make up, pull yourself together girl!" My aunt sneers. She has a face like a sheep's and a voice like a cartoon's. I continue to cry and try to stand up.

"Sit down!" My mother pushes me back into my seat. I cry uncontrollably and shake all over. My mother furiously rubs the tears out of my eyes, hurting the delicate skin under my eyes with her rough movements. I eventually have no more tears to cry, so instead sit there, gasping for breath like a fish out of water. My mother's eyes flash at me in anger, as do my aunt's. It strikes me how ugly they both are, with their eyes painted blue an violet, their fake eyelashes fluttering. They have rubbed their ugliness on me, as they've painted my face whiter and my lips red.
When they are done painting my face they allow me to stand. I run to the door and pound on it with my hands.

"Steven! Steven!" I scream. My mother begins to drag me away from the door. "Steven! Steven where are you?" My voice is hysterical now. I fight against my mother as she drags me. She throws me back into the chair and slaps me. My cheek burns.

"Don't you ever say that name! Don't you ever!" She slaps me again. I won't take this any more. I kick her, hard, in the knee and she buckles. I rise and say.

"Don't you slap me! You mutton dressed as lamb you!" I sneer down at her.

"I feel for the man marring you, girl, I feel for him!" She shouts back.

"I feel for you, mother dearest, I feel for you. Your youth has gone! Now you are just a bitter old woman. You are cruel and stupid. How I would hate to be you." I walk away and lean against the door. I am terrified. I can handle my mother, she is weak and stupid. However ,my groom will be another story. My mother and my aunt watch me, as though expecting me to blow up or something.

"Get your eyes of me you old hags!" I snap at them. They both look away and shift nervously. I try to breath evenly. I try the door again, it's locked. I grab a chair and hit the door with it. Not even a scratch appears on the door. My anger wells. I throw the chair against the floor. I then grab a near by vase and throw it, smashing one of the mirrors. I glare into my shattered, painted image. I bite my lip.

"Steven!" I scream again. Although it is hopeless. He has been killed. I know that now. There is some kind of freedom in shouting his name. For some reason, shouting his name makes it all seem less hopeless. My mother suddenly pounces on me with a syringe. She drives it into my arm.

"It's just sedation." My aunt says from behind my mother. "So you don't run away." I scream in anger and step on my mother's toe as hard as I can. She screams also and staggers back. Now she regrets dressing me in heels. I pull the syringe from my arm and smash it against the wall.

"How I would love to see you suffer!" I tell my mother. She takes a few steps backwards. "Some day, mother, I will make you suffer for what you have done to me, just you wait. You may forget this, mother, but I never will, not ever! You have treated me terribly and I will never forgive you, Never! Just you wait, mother, just you wait!" The drugs are already taking effect, they must have been quite strong. My vision is blurring and my mind is swimming.

"You will not be so wayward and violent now, girl." My aunt sneers. I throw a bottle of perfume at her, it hits her in the chest and breaks, spilling perfume all over her. The stink of it fills my lungs and revives me slightly.

"Shut up!" I snap. The floor looms up towards me,They catch my arms and the door opens. They support me as we head for the marriage hall. My feet stumble beneath me.I use the last of my strength to fight against them.

"Steven!" I manage to say. the veil is lowered over my eyes, making the whole world a light color. I am so dizzy. Ahead of me the isle is long and wide. The wedding march pounds in my ears. i feel like throwing up. The hands of my aunt and mother pinch at my arms, stopping me from passing out completely. They must have planned this out.
I cannot make out the groom's face, my vision is too blurry. There is a voice droning on somewhere, I can't make out their words. Then there is a long pause. Another voice says two words. Then the other voice drones. Then another long pause. my mother pinches my arm very hard. I sway.

"I do." My voice is very high and childlike. I'm guessing that's what I was meant to say. The vail is lifted and lips pressed against mine. It's all over now. There is no way out is death now.
I begin to cry again. Then I fall over and continue to cry into the carpet. Hands lift me up, I stare up into the ceiling, a light blinds me.

"Amora, speak to me!" A voice says. The hands shake me. I let out a small whimpering sound. This must be the groom. I scream and struggle. The hands let go and I stumble away. There must be some place to hide. I kick of my shoes and stumble forwards. The world sways and swings before me.I suddenly smash into a wall. I run my hands along the walls until i found a door.

"Amora, what are you doing?" A voice asks me.

"Go away!" I shout. My voice is high and croaky. "Leave me alone, please, please!" I suddenly find myself on the floor. I crawl forward. If I crawl I don't have very far to fall. I run one hand against the wall, I then find a door and crawl into a wardrobe and lock the door from the inside.
Maybe I will be safe here. I curl up in a corner and cover my swimming head with my arms. I hear the door being ripped open. He's strong. I scream. He kneels beside me and pulls my arms away from my head.

"Amora, look at me." He says. I burry my face in my knees. "Amora look at me." He repeats. Then he lifts my head back by my hair and looks down into my eyes. "You're high. What they give you?" He says dismissively . I struggle. "Who do you think I am? Tell me that. Am I satan? Who am I?"

"Leave me alone! Please! Leave me alone!" I croak. He lets ago of my hair and smacks my thigh as an old friend might.

"You hated me that much huh? They had to drug you to get you down the isle. That mother of yours is a piece of work huh?" He says. I press my face back into my knees. That's when I pass out.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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musicismyheart247 said...
Mar. 1, 2012 at 9:52 am
wow great story its very nice i loved it!!

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