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Author's note: I wrote this novel to show everyone that they are not alone in this world and you can make the...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this novel to show everyone that they are not alone in this world and you can make the best of everything even if its very hard.  « Hide author's note
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The First Day Of School

“Hey Ginger.” my friend Beth said as she got out the car.
“Hey, how’s it going?”
“Stressed, Oh my goodness, we have a test today. On the first day of school can you believe that? I’m going to fail.” She said with a sad face.
“No, you won’t. You’re the smartest girl I know.” I said truthfully and added a smile. It was true. Beth was one of the prettiest girls in our school, and she was really smart. Cliché? I think not. Beth and I have been friends since
Tell me how you feel and what you suggest should some next and if I can add anything to the chapters to make them better.
second grade when some jerk was taking her cookies. I decided to give her mine. Just normal kid stuff, but we became best friends after that. We don’t talk much anymore though. People change.
“Awe, thanks a lot Ging. Good luck on your first day. See you later.” She said while giving a nonchalant hug and walked away. She always gave suckish hugs, but I never said anything.
I’ve always been a goody goody. I got good grades, did everything my parents wanted, and I never did wrong. At least that’s what I think. Sometimes I wish my life would have a little edge to it. It gets boring being good. I was the girl every mother and father wanted to have. I had long dark brown hair, slim body, and had golden eyes. I wouldn’t say I was pretty, but people always said I was.
Today was the first day of 11th grade at Maxwell High School. Every student was wishing for good teachers this year. I decided to follow the students to Guidance to get my schedule.
“Name?” asked a guidance counselor. She had a blue and gray fancy looking shirt with gray gauchos.
“Umm, Ginger Hale.”
“Grade?” She asked.
“Eleventh grade.” I said with a smile.
She was looking through a stack of papers till she stopped and checked mine for any sight of problems.
“Ahh, here we go Ms. Hale.” She sounded like a person that was giving out papers at court. She handed me the paper and I thanked her. Lets see what I have this year.

1st period World Geography Mr. Zane 8:00am-10:30am
2nd period Geometry Mrs. Leonard 10:35am- 12:05pm
Lunch 12:05pm-12:55pm
3rd period Science Mrs. Bengo 1:00pm- 3:00pm

Not bad for this semester. They seem like simple classes. The bell rung so I guess its time to go to first period.
“Hello class. Please take a seat while I introduce myself. I am Mr. Zane and I am your Geography teacher for the semester.” He was saying as he started passing out work books. “These are your work books, pass them around. Make sure everyone gets one.”
I wasn’t a social person. People I’ve been going to school with for years I didn’t know. Personally anyways. I knew their names. James Conway, a jock, with his herd of so called friends around him. I recognized Lensay Matherine, George Savort, Derek Vamures, and June Dell. James wasn’t that good looking; I don’t know why they liked him so much. Maybe for his money.
“I expect you to do 3 pages starting from page 3 every night for homework till I tell you not too.” Mr. Zane said interrupting my thoughts.
Awes came from the students. They were disappointed to have homework on the first day of school. This should be an easy class, I thought. I was always good in Geography. What’s so hard about remembering history about countries, their capitals, and where they are located?
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