Dark Dimensions

November 16, 2011
By C.L.Erins BRONZE, Nunn, Colorado
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C.L.Erins BRONZE, Nunn, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
The past is like a pen. You can always cross it out, but you can never erase it. ( unless you have one of those special erasable pens and in that case... well you are lucky)

Chapter 1- the dream

His lip against her’s sent a river of ice down her spine and a hot mist in her head. His hand moved from her cheek and ran down her arm to her waist. His other hand followed and pressed her more firmly against him. Skyler reached her hands around his head and entwined her fingers in his thick brown hair. The kiss deepened for a split second but just as he did every time they kissed, Shane pulled away too quickly. He stepped away from her, the smile that had lit his face not but five minutes ago, was completely gone.
“Why do you always do that?” Skyler asked looking at his face that was now turned away.
“You know why,” Shane retorted.
“If I knew why I wouldn’t have asked the question,”
“You have to leave.”
“Where am I suppose to go?”
”Just go Skyler.”
“No you’re not doing this to me again.”
Shane stayed silent.
“Why are you ignoring me?”
“Go Skyler!”
“You have to leave or we can never be together, you know that.”
“How do I know you’re not just trying to get rid of me?” Skyler asked, her voice shaking.
Shane whipped his head around, anger deep in his eyes.
“I have never lied to you!” He practically yelled at her. ”I never have and I never will I.”
Her eyes filled with tears as she stared into Shane’s eyes that seemed could never decide weather they wanted to be green or blue.
“Skyler go, or a lot of people are gonna die.”
“Well what am I suppose to do Shane!?” Skyler yelled.
He closed the distance between them and took her face into his hands.
“You’ll have to figure that out on your own,” Shane said staring into her eyes. ”I love you I, don’t ever forget that.”
“I love you too, and I don’t want to leave you.” She whispered to him.
“You have to or everything will be lost,” Shane bent and kissed her gently then disappeared against her lips.
Skyler looked around the endless darkness frantically.
“Shane!” She cries out.
She thought she heard a voice in response but it was only and echo of her own.

Chapter 2- the beginning

“This time I wonder what it feels like. To find the one in this life. The one we all dream of but dreams just aren’t enough so I’ll be waiting for the real thing. I’ll know it by the feeling, the moment when we’re meeting, will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen. So I’ll be holding my breath right up to the end in tell that moment when I find the one I’ll spend forever with. Cause nobody wants to be the last one there. Everybody-“

Skyler pressed the off bottom on her alarm clock before the song could continue into the chorus that always seemed to make her cry.
“Stupid subconscious,” She muttered pushing away the covers on her bed.
Third time this week I’ve had that dream, Skyler thought groggily walking to her bathroom.
“That’s it no more orange juice before bed.” She scolded herself and climbed into the shower.

“Time to start another day at hell high,” Estar said climbing out of bed and stumbled over to her closet and walked in. She pressed her ear against the far wall to here the shower running in the bathroom she shared with Skyler.
“Damn she beet me again,” She muttered and walked back out of her closet and slumped over to her dresser.
She pulled out a blue tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans and tossed them on her bed. Just then she heard pounding on her closet wall.
“Hop in Star!” She heard her twin call
“Thanks Sky.!” She shouted back.

The twins met at the long banister that outlined the outside of the curved staircase that lead into the dinning room. They both slid down and trotted into the kitchen where their Uncle Tom was waiting.
“Morning girls,” He said pulling out a gallon of milk from the huge fridge.
“Morning Uncle T,” The girls said together sitting down at the little island in the middle of the kitchen.
Their uncle put a box of lucky charms in front of Estar and a box of coco puffs in front of Skyler. He turned back to the cumbered above his head and pulled out two bowls. He put them in front of the girls. They both poured their cereal and their uncle poured milk in the bowls and handed them spoons. This is how it was every morning.
The twins dug into their cereal. Skyler practically had her head in the bowl.
“What’s wrong Sky?” Estar asked looking at her sister questioningly.
“Oh, um nothing,” She stammered.
“Did you have that stupid dream again?” Estar Asked clearly irritated.
“What dream?” Their Uncle Tom asked.
“I had this weird dream about this guy and we started kissing but then he said I had to leave or we could never be together and a lot of people are going to die and I don’t remember really anything else after that.” Sky explained groggily.
“Huh, well it’s probably just a coincidence,”
“I don’t think so considering it the third time this week you’ve had the dream,” Star put in.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever.” Sky said getting up from her stool and walked to the sink, her sapphire blue eyes clouded.
Just then there was a honk form the front of the house.
“Saddie driving today?” Their uncle asked.
“Yupp,” Estar said,” Sense my car’s in the shop and-“
“And they don’t like my driving.” Skyler added and walked off into the dinning room.
Estar grabbed her book bag and followed her sister out of the kitchen. When she walked in to the dinning room she turned to the door to see Skyler standing up against it.
“Uh, Estar are you forgetting something?” Skyler said as Estar approached her.
“No,” She said looking at her twin questioningly.
“Yes you are, dork.” Sky said and picked up the red sunstone hanging from her neck.
“Oh crap!” Star said and bounded up the stairs.
You see the twins are vampires. They belong to a secret organization called the immortal world that is made of vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies, dragons and witches or wizards. They all live amongst humans in secret. The only rule is that no human can know. If a human does find out the penalty is death for both the member and the human.
The twins have to ware the sunstones so the sun doesn’t hurt and or kill them. When the sun has direct contact with vampire skin it burns them and if they spend too much time in it then it can easily kill them if they’re not warring a sunstone. And a week ago Skyler had an incident with it. It was overcast, she didn’t have her stone and later in the day she got her arm burned and when a vampire gets burned by the sun, it’s bad. There really isn’t anything anyone can do to help with it. Plus it takes a long time to fully heal, well depending on how bad the burn is.
“Kay got it.” Star said coming back down the stairs holding her blue sparkling crystal in her left hand.
“Then lets go,” Sky said and opened the front door.
The twins walked out into the Maine morning sun. (Even though the trees block most of it.)They both covered their eyes against it and walked to the beet up orange van parked in the driveway.
“Hey Saddie!” Star called to the driver.
“Hey vamps!” Saddie called pushing open the passenger side door.
Star climbed in front and Sky climbed in through the back through the sliding door.
“Are you kidding me!” Sky almost yelled.
“What?” Saddie and Star said looking back at her
“You still haven’t gotten a seat back here?”
“Jeese Sky, I told you before I can’t afford one yet.”
“Fine but do your little cloaking thing so we don’t get pulled over again, riding in the back of that police car was not fun. Plus people are still nagging all three of us about it.”
“Okay, okay, okay.” Saddie grumbled. She lifter her hand and flicked her right index finger at Skyler. “There can we go now cause we’re probably gonna be late already.”
“Yeah lets go.” Estar said.
Saddie is a fairy. And she has to cloak her wings but she practices a lot so she can cloak pretty much anything.
“Okay what’s with you Star, you seem really happy this morning,” Saddie said as she pulled onto the long dirt road that leads to the highway
“Nothing I’m just in a good mood,” Star said smiling and turning to the window.
“Okay sure, now spill,” Saddie said not buying one word of that sentence.
“Okay fine I guess I’m just excited about this dream I had.”
“Oh well at least yours was happy!” Skyler said from the back.
“Are you kidding me? You had that stupid dream again?” Saddie said glancing back at her.
The way cloaking works is that only Immortals that have a blood bond can see things that are cloaked and when the three girls were little they made a blood bond so they would always be connected.
“Yes now back to Star, what was this dream?” Sky said leaning forward.
“Nothing just the guy,” Star said avoiding her sisters gaze.
“Him again?!” Both Saddie and Sky almost yelled.
“Yeah.” Estar admitted shyly.
“I don’t want to know any more,” Skyler said sinking back into the van.
They all stayed silent the rest of the 30 mile ride to school. The girls live in the middle of a forest so it takes them about 45 minutes to get to school… when Saddie’s driving. When Estar’s driving it’s more like 60 minutes and when Skyler’s driving it takes about 30 minutes.
“Okay that’s it we’re taking the truck tomorrow whether you two like it or not.” Sky said angrily.
Saddie and Star looked at each other. ”Fine.” They said together, defeated.
Saddie pulled into one of the last open spots in the student parking lot. ”Here we are, Black hill High,” She said miserably.
“Or as I like to call it…” Estar trailed off.
“Black HELL high,” the three of them said together and burst into laughter right before the bell rang.

Chapter 3- confrontation

“Crap!” All three of them shouted and jumped out of the van.
“Saddie!” Sky whispered frantically gesturing at herself. Saddie flicked her finder and the shimmering gold veil that was around Skyler disappeared.
“Okay lets go I don’t know about you two but I don’t want to get detention… again!” Star shouted and all three of them bolted to the front door of the school.
The girls made it to the door to their history class with seconds to spare. Star yanked it open and they stumbled in.
“Running late again girls?” Mr. Kelpnak asked after the bell rang.
“Hey we got in here before the bell rang,” Saddie pointed out with out a hint of breathlessness.
“Alright your off the hook just go take your seats.” He said waving his hand in dismissal.
A huge upside to being immortal, Saddie thought to the twins (immortals with blood bonds can read each others minds) we don’t even need air!
Oh yeah, Estar said smiling but it quickly faded when she looked at Skyler. What’s with you?
Huh, oh, uh nothing, Sky stammered mentally.

Oh sure now what’s up? Saddie asked when they took their seats at the round table in the back corner of the room
I don’t want to talk about it Skyler said bitterly.

Grouchy much? Saddie added.

I have a right to be grouchy Sky muttered.

Stop letting that guy get to you, he isn’t real it was just a dream, Her sister assured her.

Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever

Just then Mr.Kelpnak began to speak,” Okay students it seems we have a new student to welcome to Black Hill High.”

Oh wonderful, all three girls thought and looked up. There was a tall-ish boy with jet-black hair standing next to the teacher. He had light brown eyes that shown proud and unafraid of the critical eyes watching from all around the room. They continued to travel around to every set of eyes and when he got to their table his eyes widened as they met Saddie’s.

There was a sparkle in her aqua blue eyes that slightly frightened the twins.

“Uh, Saddie?” Sky said looking at her questioningly.

“Hello, earth to Saddie,” Estar added and waved her hand in front of Saddie’s face.

She still wouldn’t budge and was still keeping eye contact with the boy at the front of the room.

The teacher’s voice broke their eye contact and Saddie ducked her head under her arm in embarrassment. ”Okay students I expect every one of you to welcome Noah to our school with open arms.” Mr.Kelpnak said happily. “Okay which table would be willing to let Noah join?” he asked and every single person’s hand in the room flew up, except the twins.

Estar looked around the room smirking, then looked at Saddie and her jaw dropped, as did Skyler’s.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” They both whispered angrily.

“Okay Noah I’ll just let you choose where you want to sit,” the teacher said looking around the room nervously.

“Back there,” the new kid said proudly pointing to where Saddie was smiling happily at him, Estar glaring at her, and Skyler glaring hatefully at him were.

“Ah, the Abal Twins.” Mr.Kelpnak said avoiding their gazes.

“It’s Ambal!” the twins yelled at him.

Noah walked with his head held high to the back table. At first he tried to sit next to Skyler, not a good Idea.

“No,” Sky said still glaring at him.

“Okay,” He mutters and went around the table to sit next to Saddie.

“Hi,” She said shyly, ”I’m Saddie.” She added with a smile.(Estar continued to glare at her.)

“Hi, I’m Noah.” He said holding out his right hand towards her. Saddie grasped it and they slowly shuck hands, still looking into each other’s eyes.

Estar scoffed and Skyler rolled her eyes at them.

Saddie pulled her hand away from Noah’s and looked at the twins. ”This is Estar and Skyler, Star and Sky for short.”

He nodded at them and smiled as the twins glared and smiled at him emotionlessly.

Be nice, Saddie said to them mentally.

No! They replied.

Noah and Saddie talked through the whole class period, the twins stayed silent constantly glaring at both of them until the bell rang for second period and the twins bolted up from their seats and to the class room door.

“Are they always so…”Noah asked Saddie searching for the right word as he looked after Sky and Star.


“Yeah that would be a word for it,” he chuckled.

“Not usually they get along with most people but they don’t like to get attached to anyone or anything,” Saddie said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“How come?”

“Well they don’t like talking about it but they’ve moved around a lot, course so have I, considering we’ve been together scene birth.”

Noah raised an eyebrow at her.

“Their dad ran out on them when they were two and their mom died in a car crash a few months later so they’ve been living with their uncle scene then, and my dad died in a plane crash the same year and our families are really close so we’ve just stuck together the whole time.” She shrugged.


“Yeah well I have to get to art see you around?” She said with a flirty smile.

“Diffidently,” He said and winked at her before turning away.

“Skyler, why don’t you come up here and show us how to solve this one,” Mrs. Allen, the A.P calculus teacher said from the front of the room.

Sky is the only Junior in calculus, much less advanced placement calc and everybody in the class made fun of her cause they are all seniors.

“Okay.” Sky said nonchalantly and walks up to the whiteboard.

Any other student would have brought their notebook and took like twenty minutes to finish the problem; it takes Sky like 20 seconds.

“Stupid Junior,” one of the other students mutters as she walked by. She stopped and backed up to him.

“Yeah, a junior who’s ten times smarter than you,” she smirked and walked proudly back to her desk.

“I hate this class, I hate this class, I hate this class,” Estar muttered continuously Saddie as she pulled at her hair during third period.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up,” Saddie whispered as the teacher droned on and on about scholarships.
Skyler had her head rested in the crook of her left arm on the top of her desk. The slow rise and fall of her chest and the soft rhythm of her snoring signaled that she’d fallen asleep, again.
“Skyler!” Saddie whispered in her direction and pushed at her head.
Skyler’s forehead fell to the hard wood with a loud thump sending her jerking upward.
“So not cool!” Sky said glaring at Saddie. Skyler paused and looked at the ceiling briefly. “2,1,” and the bell rang.
Skyler grinned and Estar rolled her eyes at her twin.
“Last class before lunch,” Estar said with a sigh as the three girls walked out of their College Prep class.
Outside the classroom they ran into Noah, Saddie was very happy, the twins… not so much.
“Hey girls,” he said with a smile.
“Hi Noah,” Saddie replied excitedly.
“Yeah hi,” Estar said uninterested.
“Do you guys know where I can find the woodshop class?” Noah asked looking down at his schedule.
“Yeah, we have that next we can show you,” Saddie said as the twins quietly sneaked away.
“Sweet,” Noah exclaimed.
“He’s just gotta ruin everything, don’t he,” Skyler growled.

After fourth period the girls began to make their way to the front parking lot to get their ‘lunch’ from Saddie’s van. Saddie opened one of the side doors and climbed into the darkness. She reemerged with a small blue cooler.
“Food!” Skyler exclaimed and practically tackled Saddie.
“Geese!” Saddie breathed and flopped down on the floor of the van.
The twins sat side by side on the edge of the interior with their legs hanging out of the vehicle. Skyler slipped open the lid on the cooler and pulled out two paper wrapped packages and handed one to Estar. She reached in and handed a plastic Tupperware container to Saddie.
“Salad, Yum!” Saddie said popping off the lid to the container.
“Yuck!” The twins said wrinkling their noses and ripping into they’re paper wrappers revealing two identical cheeseburgers, uber-rare.
Saddie stuck her tong out at them. Fairies are vegetarians, some eat fish, some won’t even eat dairy products, and some are like Saddie-they’ll eat dairy products but won’t even touch eggs.
“Fairies!” Skyler said rolling her eyes in exasperation as Saddie dug into her bright green salad.
“Keep you voice down!” Ester scolded her twin.
Sky narrowed her eyes half heartedly as she chewed a big bite of cheeseburger. Just then a freshman girl walked by them, she was covered in pink from head to toe. Sky and Star looked up at the girl with a hungry look in their eyes.
Saddie didn’t miss it.
“Uh, guys?”
The twins shook their heads and looked over at their friend.
“When was the last time you two hunted?” Saddie narrowed her eyes at them.
“About two weeks ago.” Ester muttered under her breath.
“WHAT!?” Saddie yelled and Skyler winced. ”You’re suppose to do it every weekend!”
“Uncle Tom had a date over for dinner and he wanted us there.” Ester said defensively.
“And we didn’t have he heart to tell him that we hadn’t hunted yet.” Skyler finished.
Saddie just groaned.
“Hello ladies.” A deep voice said from in front of them.
All of them looked up; ready to send whoever it was that was standing there away, but as soon as they saw who it was all of their tense muscled relaxed.
The boy had dark brown hair, almost black with soft hazel eyes. He had a big grin stretched across his face, showing off a set of perfectly pearly white teeth. He had a tight sky blue t-shirt stretched across his muscular torso. He also had the same dark brown leather armband wrapped around his left forearm that he always wore.
“Hey Miles.” The girls said in unison, matching his enthusiastic grin.
Miles’ gaze shifted to Estar and his eyes sparkled.
“Hey cutie.” He said to her.
Star jumped up from her seat in the van and threw her arms around Miles’ neck. He chuckled, wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips to her forehead. If you didn’t catch this, Miles and Estar are dating.
“Oh, get a room you two.” Skyler joked, and Saddie giggled.
Estar glared at Skyler after her and Miles pulled apart. Miles just chuckled.
“Saddie!” Another voice called from across the parking lot.
Skyler stiffened and her head snapped toward the voice. Just then Noah came striding foreword. Estar clenched her jaw. Saddie and Miles just smiled.
“Hey Noah,” Miles said nodding his head at the other boy.
“’Sup Miles,” Noah said smiling and then turned his attention back to Saddie.
“Hi!” Saddie grinned at Noah.
As he got closer to the van, Skyler stood up and grabbed her things and began to walk away.
“Where are you going?” Saddie called after Sky.
Skyler turned back toward then, and suddenly a smirk spread across her face.
“Phone call.” She said and with that she walked away.
Noah looked after her suspiciously.
“Don’t ask,” Saddie, Estar and Miles said at the same time.
“Okay,” Noah said.
Saddie shrugged and smiled at him.
The bell rang seconds later.
“See you after school, Star.” Miles said and planted a strong but soft kiss on Estar’s lips.
“See yah.” Estar replied, her cheeks flushing pink and she ran off the way Skyler had gone.
Miles stared after her with a loving look on his face. Then he seemed to remember that there were other people there and looked back at them.
“Well I better get to class.” Miles said awkwardly and walked off toward the west wing of the school.
“Yeah I better get going too.” Noah sighed and looked apologetically at Saddie.
Saddie shrugged and began putting the remains of the girl’s lunch back into the cooler. While she was bending over into the dark interior the sparkly yellow leggings she had on under her matching yellow and orange short skirt, began to ride up her calf to reveal what looked to be a simple tattoo of butterfly wings, but was actually the mark of the fairy.
Noah narrowed his eyes at the mark.
“Nice tattoo,” he commented.
Saddie’s head snapped up and turned at his statement. She looked down at her leg and a look of panic crossed her face but she quickly changed it.
“Thanks,” she muttered and pulled down the soft fabric down back over the mark.
“Well see yah.” Noah said and walked away.
Saddie squeezed her eyes shut, fighting against tears.
She had just broken the most important rule in the Immortal world. Never, ever, let a mortal see your mark. Little did she know that she hadn’t shown it to a mortal at all.

The author's comments:
i added onto this part for any readers who've already gotten to chapter 4!!! thanks for reading hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 4- revelations

Skyler’s phone began to vibrate just moments after she left the other’s by the van.

“Hey uncle T,” She said into the mouthpiece after answering. “What’s up?”

“I have something for you and Estar.” That was Tom, always to the point.

“What is it?” Sky asked instantly intrigued.

Their uncle’s contraptions were always amazing.

“It’s a electronic device that identifies other immortals purely by their auras. There’s only one glitch.”

“What’s the glitch?” Skyler asked.

“It doesn’t work on Dragons.” He admitted reluctantly.

“Which of your devices actually works on Dragons?”

“Oh zip it.” It would have been harsh had she not been able to here the smile in his voice. “I’m going to use the transporter to send them to you and make sure that Star gets one please.

“Okay will do uncle T.” Sky replied.

“Alright love you sweet heart.”

“Love you too.” She smiled sadly at herself.

Skyler hung up and took out the flat circle metal dist from her back pocket and placed on the soft grass. She made sure no one was around before activating it by pressing the small clear gem in the middle of the disk. She stepped back as the metal surface began to glow. A column of light shot up into the sky and Skyler basked in the glow of it, relishing immortality.

When the light finally faded, sitting on top of the transport disk was a square brown, cardboard box. Skyler picked it up and carefully lifted the top off to reveal two nearly identical rectangles.

“These look exactly like I-phones,” Skyler said picking one up. Then she burst out laughing. “Finally going modern, nicely done uncle T.”

The only difference between the two electronics was that one had a red case on the back, and one had a blue case.

Skyler stuffed the red one into her pocket and grabbed onto the blue one. Without caring she stuffed the box into her backpack and started towards the south wing of the school, completely ignoring the feeling she was having of being watched.

Noah sprinted back to his baby blue Ferrari in the opposite corner of the parking lot as Saddie’s van. He whipped his keys out of his back pocket and quickly unlocked the driver’s side door and jumped into the warm black interior. Noah pulled at the middle console and pulled a small cell phone out of its depths. He pressed speed dial one and waited impatiently while it rang.

“What?” Snapped a voice from the other end.

“Why are you so grouchy?” Noah asked as he stepped out of the car and locked it.

“You woke me up from a very good dream.” The other voice said after yawning.

“What was it about?” Noah asked walking the way the twins had gone.

“The war was over and I didn’t have to hide away like a rat!”

“Well,” Noah laughed,” I can fulfill the second half of that dream.”

“What do you mean?” The voice asked skeptically.

“I found some other immortals, and I think they can help.”

“And what makes you think that?”

“They may be bitches, but I can tell they care what happens.”

“Wait a second, bitches? Their girls?”

“Yeah and I think there’s a guy too but I’m not positive about him.”

“Tell me about the girls.” The voice said, completely engrossed in the information.

“Well I know for a fact that one of them is a fairy-“

“Nothing knew.” The voice broke in

Just then Noah rounded a corner into a grassy clearing and saw Skyler crouched in the grass. As she straightened back up, Noah jumped behind the brick wall that he’d just past. A bolt of light shot up into the sky.

“Noah?” The voice asked from the other end of the phone.

“And the other two…” Noah trailed off as Skyler picked up a cardboard box off the ground. “I think their witches, but I haven’t seen any marks on them yet.”

“What about the guy?”

“Might be a wolf or shifter. Not entirely sure, but he’s definitely no wizard or leech, too friendly.”

“Okay so what are you gonna do?”

“What do you mean me?” Noah asked as Skyler began to walk away. ” You are getting your butt down here and then we are gonna find out just how the hell these ones stayed off the radar.”


“You said you wanted to stop hiding. So just get down here and help me, Shane.”

Then the line went dead.

“Hey Saddie,” Noah called across the parking lot after checking to make sure she was still by her van.
Her blond head popped up above the roof of the battered orange vehicle. With his advanced sight he saw her eyes widen when they landed on his Ferrari and smirked. He waved a hand at her, silently telling her to come over. Her head ducked back down and there was a muffled cluck of the van door being slid shut.
She jogged over to him pulling a small leather jacket onto her shoulders, if you could call it a jacket; it only went down to the middle of her rib cage.
“Don’t you have a class you should be getting to?” Noah teased when she got close.
“Don’t you?” She snapped back.
He frowned at her; she wasn’t acting like that ten minutes ago.
“No, I have an open period.”
“Well so do I,” she muttered and crossed her arms over her chest.
They stood in an awkward silence for what seemed like eternity.
“You wanna go for a walk?” Noah asked abruptly motioning towards the empty stretch of freshly mowed grass before the football field.
“Uh…yeah…sure.” Saddie stammered, looking taken aback.
They walked slowly into the grass, towards the edge of the forest that started at the end of the field.
“Look,” Noah began with a sigh,” We need to talk.”
“About what?” Saddie asked suspiciously.
They crossed into the line of trees then and Noah grinned.
“Come here I want to show you something,” He whispered and grabbed Saddie’s hand.
He led her deeper and deeper into the forest until the foliage was so thick it looked like twilight instead of noon.
“What do you need to show me, Noah?” Saddie demanded.
With that he pulled up the bottom of his shirt until it showed the large wolf head imprinted on his abdomen.
Saddie’s eye practically bulged out of her skull when she saw it. A relieved smiled spread across her face.
“That’s not a tattoo is it?” She asked knowingly.
Noah smirked and shook his head.
“Well,” Saddie huffed and put her hands on her hips, “That would explain why the twins hate you so much.”
His eyebrows pulled together and he began to pull his shirt back down.
“Wait,” Saddie said.
He raised an eyebrow at her as she approached him. When she was only inches away from him she reached out and trailed her fingers down the mark on his skin.
Noah shivered under her touch but kept his eyes locked on hers.
Power surged under her fingers, coursing through the Mark, pushing itself through his veins. She pressed her palm to it and used her powers as a fairy to push her own magic through the center of power. Noah gasped and stepped closer to her.
She was a little out of practice with empathy links because she’d only ever done it with Sky and Star but she kept pushing her power into him.
“You didn’t ask permission,” Noah said breathlessly.
“Sorry,” Saddie whispered back and began to pull back.
“I didn’t say it wasn’t welcome.”
She smiled and kept pushing farther and farther towards his brain.
“I’m really sorry if I do something wrong here, I’ve never done it with a guy…” she trailed off,” or a werewolf for that matter.”
He smiled down at her and lifted his hand to her face, trailing a finger down her cheek. Saddie’s cheeks flushed a deep pink and she looked down ather now glowing hand pressed against his skin.
His finger went under her chin and he pushed it up so that she was forced to look him in the eye. And before she could create a thought, Noah kissed her.
Her power flared forward faster and faster until it filled his whole body, she let it settle as he pulled back, letting the connection grow stronger and stronger.
“You didn’t ask for permission,” She said after taking a breath.
He grinned devilishly, making her smile back.
“Then I guess we’re even.” He whispered.
His breath washed over Saddie’s face, making her shiver. She couldn’t help but look down at his full pail lips. She chewed on her bottom lip.
“If you want me to kiss you again, I’d be happy to,” Noah said noticing her gaze,” All you have to do is ask.”
He whispered the last part.
She removed her hand from his Mark and let his plain white t-shirt fall back into place and then draped her arms around his neck. The grin stayed firmly planted on Noah’s face as he placed his hands on her waist
“Kiss me?”
The words barely left her lips before Noah pressed his to them.

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thank you for reading it!!! it's a work in progress i'll put more up as soon as i can :)

on Dec. 29 2011 at 1:49 am
writerchik_123 BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
2 articles 0 photos 32 comments

Favorite Quote:
When you can live forever what do you live for?

-Edward Cullen

More!!!!!! Please?? I love it. Please write more!!

on Nov. 23 2011 at 4:36 pm
C.L.Erins BRONZE, Nunn, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
The past is like a pen. You can always cross it out, but you can never erase it. ( unless you have one of those special erasable pens and in that case... well you are lucky)

thank you :)

megglez96 said...
on Nov. 20 2011 at 10:16 pm
bro ,  i want the rest of the story :) kindr like it haha


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