Anyone But You

November 11, 2011
By ML.Sammy BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
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ML.Sammy BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
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Author's note: Just entertainment.

I sat on the last step of the stairs going up to my front porch. A summer breeze brushed my rosy cheeks. In the air was the sweet aroma of fresh cut roses and grass.Many things raced through my mind as I embraced my last day in North Carolina. Since my parents,who never cared about me, thought New York would give me a better life, as well as a better career, they decided to ruin my life and move there to start a new life. But my life was perfect here. I was the good, shy, teacher's pet, kind of least that's what everyone thought. I was a good actress, as a matter of fact, I thought a while back about becoming an actress. I guess that's why my parents wanted to move to New York, you know that's where most actors and actresses are born or either gets the job offer. But me, nah, that wasn't my kind of thing. To most people my kind of thing was being a teacher, or a librarian, but that wasn't my kind of career either. What I wanted to be was a, cook. Most people often discouraged me from taking up culinary arts, but I never listened to them. That's why this new year, in my new school, in my new life, I will become a cook. Most seventeen year old teenage girls, wouldn't dream about being a cook, instead they'd dream about being a model, or an actress, or even a fashionista. I guess that's what made me so different from teenage girls, aside from looks. I wouldn't say I was the prettiest girl, but I wouldn't say I was the ugliest. To me, I was natural, since I never wore make-up or anything like that. I have light brown eyes, and a dark brownish hair color, sort of common. I wasn't the kind of girl that would want to be swept away by a knight and get married in a fancy church. No, I want a regular man, to fall in love with me and then get married near a place with lots of scenery, not in a church. I'm sorta a nature person, but I hate camping, never understood that. But back with the marriage thing, I want him to have sea-green eyes, black hair, and a cute smile. The kind of smile that would make you want to smile too. But here's how my boring life started.

I was born to Iryna and Eric Huntsberg, not the perfect set of people, but they did try their best to care for me. There was a whole argument over my whole family, not only immediate, but the other part of my family as well with what my name should be. You see, my mom, was the kind of girl that had to have everything perfect. And my dad, was someone who didn't care about anything, except her. As a matter of fact he did, nope never mind, he never cared for me. So, my mom's parents wanted me to be named, Juby. What the heck kind of name was that anyway? Juby? Anyway, on my dad's side, they wanted me to be named, Sunset. Where did they come up with these names? Not even god would know, and he supposedly knows everything, right? Well, some how they came up with my name as Dawn. It was better than Juby and Sunset. " Dawn Huntsberg" they said as they held me up to the ceiling of the hospital like Simba from The Lion King. But I was born way before Lion King was made, I was born in the year of 1977. In the 70's would you believe that? Now that period had some bad fashion, even though the fashion now is pretty lame, the 70's was still bad. Thank goodness I wasn't born during the 60's, I would've had to live through the 70's. It is now the year of, hold on, let me check my calendar. Ah, 1994, the worst year of my life, but I don't really know that right yet. Since I've told you a little, no maybe alot, about myself, why don't you inform about yourself? No? Okay then, lets move onto my life. By the way, I forgot to mention, that I'm writing this all in my diary, so when I die of boredom, people will see what an amazing person I was to have to go through all that pain. Maybe " Boredom" will become an official disease one day, you never know. Like how I never knew I was going to move to New York in a shop that sold food. Now, there was another family that was going to live with us. Practically all that separated us was a white line. Seriously! I wonder what kind of people they are...sad, energetic, show offs, kind, talkative, or just simple. This year is going to be one that I definitely have to record in my pink, by the way I absolutely hate that color, locked private diary. So I know I said this before but I will now explain to you what's happening in my life of 1994, my junior year of high school. And no, it will not be in diary form, with " August 1st ", no, I hate that crap.

Well it was about three days or more that took us to reach the exciting city of New York. Notice my sarcastic tone. There was lots of lights, sure its amazing to some people, but it actually hurts your eyes after a while. You mainly see lights everyday, in your house, in the store, even on Christmas, on the tree. The ones that are supposed to be colorful. I wouldn't know because I never had a Christmas, well not a real one. The best Christmas I ever had was when they got a bunch of weeds and put a firefly on it and said " Merry Christmas!" Did I get a present? Nope, not a single one. And I say Christmas is bad, but birthdays are worse! For my birthdays, I get a candy from my parents. No cake, or party, just a plain old candy. Mainly chocolate. And I have a dislike towards chocolate, but I'd eat if anyone gave me one. I know I sound picky because there are lots of people out in the world who don't even remember their birthday because they live on the streets, but that's just the way I am. But not in school, I'm a totally different person. Like I'll be a rebel at home, but a school I'm an angel. Its like one minute you're red and the next minute you're blue. Speaking of school, I could already tell by the way the school looked, I was not going to fit in. Every girl was wearing make-up and had their hair wild and straight, mainly they were perfect. The boys were dressed, I guess, properly. I didn't care because I wasn't a boy. The school was huge and it looked actually kind of neat. But what I'm trying to say is that everyone that goes to that school is pretty and rich, but I was the exact opposite. I wasn't that pretty and I wasn't that rich. But what I just though was my quick thought as we drove passed the school, but my real concern was living in the store or restaurant or whatever the heck it was. My parents pulled up and said, " This is it!" I ignored them and got out of the car. I slammed the car door trying to break it, like how they probably tried to break me more than once. I walked inside, the chime the door made, made me jump a little bit. Now this is going to take some serious time to get use to. The white line that separated us was not equal. So I erased the line when I thought no one was looking and drew a new one. But someone was looking, it looked like a boy but it could've been a girl, I couldn't really make it good. Notice I said "it". The person that was watching me slowly walked out from behind the dark area and said, " What are you doing?" It was a girl like I said, no I'm just kidding, it was a boy that looked around the same age as me. He had black slicked back hair, sea green eyes, and well, I didn't see his smile yet. Could he be the one for me? No, he looked like he was an annoying kid. I got up fixed my hair, and said," What does it look like I'm doing?"

He stood there for a minute trying to figure out a comeback and finally replied, " Are you trying to give yourself more space. Well with erasing the line and all."

" Not more space. Equal space, you guys take up all the room. All we have is from the bathroom to the wall, which is right next to each other."

" Well if you guys weren't so fat, maybe you'd all fit!" he snapped.

" Here," I said I threw him the chalk, " fix the line then."

He bent down, and drew the line back. But we still ended up getting more space, because he drew it slanted.

" Maybe you should practice on drawing a straight line," I teased as I walked away.

He looked at me and folded his arms and then went back to the dark area.

After that I helped mom and dad unload all their things from the moving van. All I had was clothes so it wasn't that important. But mom and dad always carried loads of things. Like a bucket. What do you need that for now? To catch falling water when it rains if there is a hole in the ceiling? But there's none here, so what's it for? And they would bring their refrigerator with them. Who in their right minds would bring that with them? Why would they bring it here out of all the places. There was already one. And the person that had to lift the refrigerator up and carry inside would obviously be me. Because supposedly I'm the youngest out of all of them and I have energy. That's actually true. Back in the 70's my dad was a dancer and so was my mom. They were a good looking couple, gee, I wonder what happened to them now. My mom has like three rotten teeth, and her smile is all crooked and my dad's stomach looks like its just about to explode one day. I'm actually surprised they don't have gray hair right now. By the way my dad is forty and my mom is thirty-four. That's a six year difference, and both of them look the same. Either my dad looks young or my mom looks old, never really figured that one out. After we unloaded everything and unpacked, my dad wanted me to go meet with the other family, their last name was, Moore, it wasn't a bad last name at all, though it was sort of common. " The Moore Family" I said at least five times in my head before I crossed over the line. " Hello?"

" That girl I met is here," the boy said as he looked at me then whispered to his father.

" Hello...

" Dawn," I replied cutting him off, " Dawn Huntsberg."

I felt sort of silly saying my name because their name was all cool, like " Moore" and mine was all like " Huntsberg."

" Yes, I know your name was Huntsberg, your father and mother already talked with me," the boy's father stated.

" Oh really, hmm, would you look at that," I mumbled, " Those little critters are gonna get a piece of my..

But before I could finish the boy said, " Oh yes, dad, she was, never mind."

When he said never mind, I guess a thought of kindness flew threw his mind. I smiled at him big because he didn't rat me out and then I said, " Do you guys need help with anything? I mean I'm always free if you need a hand."

" No thanks," the father said, " Where is my manners, I forgot to introduce us."

" It's not a problem," I slightly laughed.

" My name is Samuel Moore, my wife here is Amanda Moore, and my son here is..."

" Johnny," the boy cut in.

" Well I have to get back, it was a pleasure meeting you all!" I exclaimed.

I hurried over the line and went into the kitchen. Foods of all kinds laid everywhere. On the floor, on the ceiling, would you believe that, on the ceiling? A mischievous grin passed my face, I looked at the food then I looked at the sink, and then I looked at the garbage for some reason. Just in the way I guess. But then my light brown eyes stared at the stove. But something cut my focus. Right in the middle of the kitchen, you could see the Moore's kitchen, it's like they're everywhere watching you. So I skipped out on making the food and grabbed a chair. Right next to the white line was a window with perfect light. I placed my chair there, took my homework out and started working on it. By the way, this was homework from North Carolina, that was how bored I was. So, I sharpened my pencil and got right to it. " Lets see, what is the cause of World War 1?" I said aloud as I was reading the questions, " that's easy." I smirked then I wrote the answer down. Not knowing that the boy was watching me, I kept talking to myself.

" Do you have a disorder or something?" he questioned.

" Nope," I replied tapping the pencil against the desk and ignoring him.

" Then why the heck are you talking to yourself?"

" Because I feel like it," I said not caring.

" Okay," he replied walking away, " you're weird."

"Mhm" I murmured not even paying attention.

I took a break from my homework and I peeked outside. It was getting dark and the moon was slowly rising up in the black blanketed sky. I could see myself in the window and I noticed for once that I wasn't that ugly, I actually thought I looked decent tonight. My hair was in a ribbon, my bangs were out, and I had jeans and a t-shirt on like always. A white one on to be precise. That's all girls like me really wear in the 90's. I sighed and then went back to my homework. Before I knew it, my first day in New York City was gone in the blink of an eye.

I awoke to a sound that seemed foreign, it was like a buzz and a bleep. It sounded almost like a bee, but guess who it was? My mom. She was screaming, " WAKE UP!" in my ear, but I guess after seventeen years of hearing that you sorta get used to it. I finally opened my right eye, and then my left. My head was in my arms on the chair I had been working on. It was an uncomfortable sleep, but I slept, didn't I? I groaned," What."

" Dawn," my mom firmly said, " you have to get ready for school. It starts in ten minutes." With that said, I jumped up from the chair, ran to my suitcase, and then limped into the bathroom. My legs were hurting bad after that nap. I took off my clothes, and put on new ones. I then took the ribbon out of my hair, and combed it out. I let my brown hair out as well as my bangs. I actually looked pretty today. I got my toothbrush and quickly scrubbed my teeth. Nothing was really wrong with my teeth, so I didn't think it was essential to brush my teeth, but then again if you wanted your breath to smell clean, it was the least you could do. I smelled myself and whispered, " Hmm, I don't smile that bad." I was about to walk out the door when my screamed, " Where's my kiss!"

" Kiss?" I asked. " Mom, I'm running late, and I'm seventeen, why do I still have to give you kiss?"

" Because I take care of you and it's the least you could do to show me you love me." My mom was right, even though I didn't really love her, she did try her best to take care of me, she took more care of my than my dad did. All my dad did was work for the money to take care of me, he was never actually there for me. I guess I did sort of love my mother.

I sighed, " Okay fine." I walked up to hear and gave her a peck on the cheeks. " Happy now?"

" Yes. Have a good school day," my mother said as she walked into the kitchen. The thought of the kitchen made my stomach growl. I never usually ate breakfast which caused me to put on weight but I was already thin so I didn't care. But I'll tell you something, I was starving this morning! I had only five minutes before the late bell rang, so I couldn't possibly eat breakfast. So I walked out of the door and started walking to my school. If my mother really wanted me to love her, she could've at least tried to fix me up something to eat this morning. But no, she was fixated on dad, and what he wanted to eat. " OW!" I yelped. It was Johnny, again. I think he was trying to kill me or something because he pushed me on a nail that had been sticking out from the door. And if he wasn't trying to kill me, then I don't know what he was trying to do.

" Maybe if you watched where you were going then you wouldn't get hurt, clumsy," he smirked.

" Whatever," I replied as I walked away from him. But he wouldn't leave me alone. He was walking behind me stepping on my white brand new shoes. " Cut it out!"

" Why?" he answered back, " You're going to be something new everyone can pick on in school."

" I don't really care."

" Of course you do," he smiled. He was constantly looking at something in the distance as if he knew what it was.

" WHOOOOOOOOOOOP!" a bunch of guys and girls in a red car screamed. Their hands were up in the air and they held eggs in them. They were mainly pelting people with eggs. The car came passed us and pulled up right next to Johny. " Hey guys," Johnny said doing a special handshake with one of the other boys.

" Wanna ride?" one of the girls questioned as she was twirling her blonde hair.

" Or are you walking with your girlfriend?" another boy added.

" Girlfriend? No that girl's new to the school. She's hideous and she wears these big glasses." Johnny replied as he was hopping in to the car.

I kept walking though I could hear everything he said about me. I wanted to make the impression to everyone that I was kind and polite, so I didn't say anything to him. The bell rang and I quickly ran through the doors and went to the Principal's office. She was an old lady with short grayish hair but a cheerful smile. " Umm. Excuse me?" I said softly. " I don't really know where any of my classes are since I'm new here."

" Oh, I am so sorry, I didn't see you there," the principal replied.

" It's alright," I smiled, " My name is Dawn Huntsberg. I'm from North Carolina."

" Ah, right, the new student," she smiled back, " My name is Principal Waters, but you can just call me, Mrs. W if you'd like." She walked to her desk and opened her metal drawer. She pulled a sheet of paper out and handed it to me." Here are your classes, honey. I hope you enjoy the rest of the school year here!"

" Thank you," I spoke softly. The halls were huge and the rooms were far apart. Which meant alot of walking. I finally reached my first class. When I walked in I felt weird because everyone was just staring at me. As if they'd never seen anything like me before. But then something I saw ruined my day. It was Johnny looking and laughing at me along with this group of friends. Well this is only the beginning of the first day of school.

Johnny and his friends couldn't stop laughing at me for some reason. Their faces looked like a cherry. But I did notice something, Johnny was holding hands with this girl. She had black curly hair and really blue eyes. She had a fair complexion which made her look sort of like Snow White. An idea then popped into my head, I was going to get Johnny back in all the worst ways I could possibly think of, and I was actually smart, unlike him. " Ah, here is the new student," the teacher said, " Dawn Huntsberg?"

" Yes,' I smiled, " I just came from North Carolina."

" How interesting, I have a sister there," the teacher replied, " You can take a seat right next to that young fella right there."

" Thank you," I said. Guess who he seated me by? Johnny! That was the worst spot ever. Why couldn't he have put me in the front with all the nicer people? I slowly walked over to my desk, sat in the metal chair, and rested my bag besides me. Johnny kept kicking my bag and smiling. I was about to punch him, with all the anger than built up in me, but I didn't. Instead I turned around and read the chalkboard, " Mr. Farno," I mouthed. As I was taking a pen out from my bag, Mr. Farno handed me a sheet of paper. It was a test to see what level math I was in. The questions were actually very easy. When I finished, I got up and handed the paper to him. He looked it over and a smile slowly appeared on his face. He rested the paper on his desk and pulled me outside the classroom. " You did phenomenal!" he said smiling, " No one has ever did that well on one of my tests before. But I can't raise your math level yet, because you're new."

" Oh, it's alright," I replied blushing, " math is my best subject."

" Well, I am glad to hear that Miss Huntsberg," he said opening the classroom door to let me in. Now from everyone's expressions, I guess they thought I got in trouble. So I decided to play it out.

" Yo," Johnny whispered," Did you get in trouble?"

" Maybe," I teased, " You would probably know if I got in trouble since you've probably gotten in trouble a million times."

" Yeah I would," he said raising his jacket collar, " that's because I'm cool."

" Sure, in what life?" I turned to face him, " You only act cool because you think girls like that."

" Looks like you've just gotten told," one of his friends said.

" No," he said thinking of a comeback, " I happen to be just..

I cut him off, " Not cool. It's alright I said patting him on his shoulders. Not everyone's cool."

" So," his girlfriend said, " You're not a football player, and you're not cool?"

" Well," he quickly said grabbing her hand as she was walking away.

" Sorry Johnny, but it's over," she said as she pushed him.

" Dude, you didn't have to act cool to be friends with us. You were already popular. Sorry but this friendship is done," his friend said as he motioned the group to walk away.

I smiled then turned back to him, " See what I can do when you call me hideous and say I have big glasses."

He stuck his middle finger up at me and then pounded his desk. He kicked my bag and walked up to Mr. Farno, only because Mr. Farno saw when he stuck his middle finger up to me. He looked at me and mouthed something, but I didn't understand what he said. I smiled and then got back to work on my math paper. " Is that anyway to treat a lady?" Mr. Farno asked firmly, " Go to detention now!" He slammed the door as he left for detention. " Ms. Huntsberg, if he is bothering you I can mover your seat."

" Umm, no thank you, but I'm fine right here."

" Very well," he said as he sat in his chair. A girl suddenly walked up to me and took Johnny's seat.

" Did you just get Johnny Moore in trouble?" she asked. She looked sort of surprised.

" Yeah," I replied looking at her, " is he like popular or something?'

" Not only is he popular," the girl continued, " but he is every girl's dream man." She touched her heart and closed her eyes.

I looked at her weird and said, " Well his girlfriend just ditched him and so did his friends."

" That's too bad, because Johnny's actually a nice guy once you get to know him better, " the girl smiled.

" Sure," I said, " that's why he was only making fun of me and then stuck his middle finger up to me."

" Well, that doesn't sound like the Johnny I know, maybe he likes ya," she smiled again.

" whatever, I doubt it." I replied looking at the floor.

" Why wouldn't he, you're so pretty and kind," she said, " he'd fall for a girl like you."

" How would you know?"

" Because I'm his friend, we talk all the time, I'm sort of like his sister. But secretly I gotta crush on him." she winked at me.

" Okay," I smiled at her, " you wanna hang later?"

" Sure!" she said happily, " When?"

" Never mind, my life's boring, you wouldn't wanna hang with a girl like me."

" Well how about we eat lunch together, I'll sit at your table."

" Deal!" I smiled.

The bell finally rang for lunch and I quickly walked to my locker. I could see the detention room from where my locker was and I saw Johnny. He looked sad and confused, I sort of felt sorry for him. I felt guilty for everything I did to him, and usually I never felt that way before. I walked to the detention room and opened the door.

I slowly walked to the teachers desk, and gulped. It was a very dark room with three fans blowing in different directions. Johnny looked at me and squinted his eyes. I could tell he was raging with anger. I made his girlfriend break up with him and I made his friends ditch him. I felt.....mean. " Um, excuse me?" I questioned.

" Yes," the teacher said with a southern accent, " are you here for detention. Well of course you are. Have seat, and I'll be right with you."

" I'm not," I tried to say, " I came here to talk to you."

" Do you know how many kids say that to me, she replied, " now have a seat, miss!"

I rolled my eyes and took a seat in the back of the room. I put my head on my desk and threw my lunch on the floor. I had lunch plans with that girl, Sandy, but I guess it was canceled. I guess I sort of lost my appetite. I then creeped slowly next to Johnny's desk. He looked at me then turned his head. " Look," I spoke, " sorry for what I did to you. I can get your girlfriend and your friends back."

" Nah it's alright, " he sighed, " sorry for making' fun of you."

" It's fine. I didn't really care anyway."

" If my friends really cared about me they wouldn't have ditched me. And my girlfriend, she only cared if I was cool."

" I'll make a deal with you," I said, " you get me out of here and I'll get you popular again."

" Deal," he replied fixing his hair, " Yo, Miss Baxter!"

" Yes Johnny?" she replied.

" Um, Dawn here, she's not supposed to be in detention. She's not a bad person." Johnny said back.

" Well, Johnny," she replied, " I have never heard you compliment a person like that before."

" Yeah well she's a good student. And she doesn't deserve to be here."

" Okay, Dawn, you may leave now." Miss Baxter said.

" Thanks," I whispered.

" No problem," he whispered back, " Wait Dawn!"

" Yeah?" I asked.

" Let's start over, you wanna be friends?" he questioned.

I smiled, " I would love that."

I walked away from my desk and headed out of the door. I looked back at Johnny and he smiled at me. His smile was actually very....cute. I thought to myself that this friendship couldn't be that bad. He ended up being a good guy and all. He actually apologized to me! The late bell rang and I ran to my other class. But before I knew it, school was over. As I was leaving the school grounds, Johnny came running next to me. " hey," he said.

" Hi!" I replied, " What's up?"

" I just thought I'd walk with you since we were going to the same place," he scratched his head.

" Oh that's fine," I said back.

" Have you thought who you were going to the upcoming dance with?" he asked.

" Dance?" I asked.

" Yeah, the dance."

" No, I'm sort of new to this school, remember. So I don't know anyone except you and your friend, Sandy."

" Ah, Sandy!" he replied, " she's a pain. So annoying!"

I laughed, " You should go with her!"

" Maybe, I don't know yet."

" Maybe you two should go together!" Sandy came out of no where.

" Sandy!" Johnny said hugging her, " how's my best friend doing?"

" I'm doing fine!" she smiled, " hey, Dawn, what happened to our lunch date?"

" Oh, yeah, sorry about that," I spoke, " something came up."

" Yeah, she sorta got put into detention."

" Detention?" she asked with a surprised expression.

" Yeah, long story," I replied.

" Okay well see you guys later!" Sandy exclaimed walking away.

" Well," Johnny said, " I guess we reached our house!'

" Yup," I said opening the door and going in.

" Well, I'll see you later," Johnny said walking away.

I walked to the bathroom, took my hair out and slipped on a dress. Now I hated dresses but I only wore one because my parents and I were going to a restaurant. Was I excited? No, not really, but after eating grilled cheese sandwiches everyday, you sort of want a change in food. But back to my dress. It was a boring white laced dress with a pink flowered belt growing across the hips. I combed my long hair out and dabbed a little bit of pink lipstick on my lips. I looked actually beautiful! I walked out of the bathroom and saw my mom and dad dressed up looking actually decent. I looked across the line and saw Johnny looking at me. He gave me a motion letting me know that I looked good. I smiled at him. After that we walked outside and hopped into the car, and we were on our way to Bistro 33. French and Japanese cuisine combined, couldn't be that bad, I guess.

The car pulled up near a restaurant that was neat, clean, and fancy. From the outside window you could see chandeliers above every table. It was absolutely beautiful! When we reached inside, we got a table and sat down. Now I don't usually get excited about eating out, but today I was, for some odd reason. Maybe because it was different. I looked outside the big glass window and saw Johnny and his friends. I guess they got back together, I thought to myself. Of course, they were pelting eggs at people, and giving cars flat tires. But that was just the way they were, rebels. I turned to my parents and looked at them. They were laughing and having conversations, and well me, I was lonely. Just staring off into the distance. " Mom?" I asked abruptly, " Can I take a walk outside?"

" Sure, honey!" mom replied without caring.

I got up from the table and quickly walked outside the door. The cool summer air felt good on my skin. The wind walked right through my hair and the moon glared at me. I sat on the car and just looked off into the distance again thinking. I couldn't stop thinking about my screwed up life and how it got. When I was a little girl, my mom actually loved me, but now I don't even know. What parent would let their child, take a walk in the middle of the night? Of course my non-caring mother would, she just didn't care about me. No one did! My whole life was mainly just an act. That's why I would've been a good actress. In school I was cheerful, kind, and optimistic. But at home I was sad, mad, and most of all, depressed. No one could possibly pull me out of this shell I was in. I was like a scared turtle, who always stayed in its shell. I was sick and tired off my life! I finally rested my back on the car. I stared at the twinkling diamonds in the night sky. I closed my brown eyes and relaxed. But then I noticed that something was wrong. Though my eyes were closed I felt a presence near me. " Hey," Johnny said resting his hands on the car.

" Hi," I spoke softly.

" Is something wrong?" he asked.

" I don't really know."

" You know," he went on, " I'm your friend know and you can tell me things, like what's bothering you."

" You wanna know whats bothering me!" I snapped, " my whole damn life!"

" I....."

I cut him off and kept speaking, " All my life I've been nothing. No one's every loved me or even cared about me. I know I may sound like I'm only complaining, but if you were never loved, then how would you feel? When I now came here, I thought my life was going to be hell. Especially when I met you, I thought you were gonna bother me everyday, but I was wrong. Maybe my life will get better here, I don't know." Tears danced down from my brown eyes. I sat up and looked at him, " Look I'm sorry for snapping at you." I got up from the car and was about to walk inside when Johnny grabbed me by the hand and hugged me.

" I'm sorry for making fun of you when you came here. You were just so unique."

" It's alright," I said looking at him, " I'm gonna go inside now."

" Yeah," he replied, " okay."

I walked to the door, opened it and looked back at Johnny and smiled. He smiled back, combed his fingers through his hair and started walking. I laughed when he combed his fingers through his hair. My mom and my dad were getting up from the table when arrived inside and looked at me. " We're all done eating sweety," my mom said, " I can get you something to eat on the go, if you'd like."

" Nah, it's alright," I replied.

" Okay then!" my dad said as he walked passed me with my mother. " Come on honey," my said to me.

" Can I walk home?" I asked.

" Sure," my mom answered back.

I headed out of the door and started walking. I saw Johnny sitting on a curb looking at everyone passing by. But when I was about to walk up to him, he got up and started walking down the street. He looked at me and waved, I waved back of course and smiled. He smiled and yelled, " WHAT"S UP?"

I laughed, " Just walking home!"

He ran up to me, and panting he said " Would you like to go to the dance with me?"

" I would love to, " I smiled.

For the first time in my life I felt actually, kind of good. I stared at the stars and smiled. I knew from today that my life was going to get better.

The night was calm and the sound of crickets made it a beautiful night. Johnny and I walked back to the restaurant together, and when we were just about there I suddenly asked, " Out of all people, why would you ask me to the dance?"

He smiled and looked at the ground, " Sandy wanted me to go with you, so she asked some other guy."

" Oh," I spoke softly, " well I guess I'll see you in school tomorrow?"

" I'm not going' to school tomorrow, I gotta help my dad with his part of the shop."

" Do you like to cook?" I asked.

" Yeah, it's fun sometimes. Only when you know what you're doing, " he laughed, " but my dad owns a bakery."

" Interesting, I thought you guys owned a restaurant," I replied, " like us."

" We used to, but then my dad decided to change things up a bit."

" Oh, okay," I said, " well I guess you got a big day tomorrow."

" Yeah," he smiled.

" Good night," I said walking inside."

" Good night," he answered back walking inside his part of the restaurant.

I took a quick shower, put on my night gown, and walked slowly to my bed. I took of my light and slipped into the soft cotton blankets. The moonlight shone on my face, making it hard for me to fall asleep. So I kept turning and turning and turning, but before I knew it, morning had came. My eyes slowly opened, I didn't want to see the time because I was afraid I was goingg to be late for school. So I opened one eye and then the other. I slowly reached my hand for the alarm clock, but before I looked at it, it started to ring and shake. It frightened me so I dropped it and sat there for a while. I finally laughed at myself and got up to brush my teeth. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was just rising and the air smelled of...summer. It had that feeling that would just make you want to lie down in the green freshly cut grass and close your eyes. While a sweet summer breeze just brushed through your hair. I was happy this morning, not because Johnny had asked me to the dance, but because I had one real friend I could depend on and express my feelings to. Last night when I told him how I felt, I felt like all my stress had been let out and I could now relax. I looked at my wardrobe and tried to choose something to wear. I picked out a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt that was cut on the shoulder, showing a pink strap. I tied my hair up in a pink ribbon, but left my bangs out. I dabbed a little bit of lip gloss on my lips and smiled at myself in the mirror. I quickly walked out of the restaurant and started walking to school. But when I was walking away from the restaurant my dad called me. " Dawn!"

I rushed back inside to see what it was and my mom and dad were sitting at the table with concerned faces. I looked at them and sat down. " What is it?" I asked perturbedly.

" Well your mother and I have come to the understanding that we can no longer pay off the bills here." my dad said.

" So, we have decided to move again," my mother added.

My happy day just went back to sad. Tears formed in my eyes and thoughts raced through my head. " We're moving next month." my dad stated.

" Which will buy us lots of time to pick a nice house for us to live in, and a nice school for you to go to," my mother included.

" Are you alright, Dawn?" my father asked.

I looked at them and then ran outside. I decided to skip school today and just wonder the streets. Just when I was getting used to this life they ruined it and told me that we had to move one more. Maybe it's not even the last time that we move. They don't understand that I want a life too, they already lived their one. They got married and had me. Now it was my turn to find someone, and get married. Or even just find a job or do something I like. I looked at the sky and started to cry. I used to see in magazines that teens go through hard times during their lives. Well I just proved that statement, a fact. As I was sitting on the sidewalk something blocked the sun from hitting me. I looked up and saw Sandy smiling. I smiled back quickly and then looked back at the road. " What's the matter, Dawn?"

" It's nothingg," I spoke softly.

" Of course its something," she replied sitting next to me.

" Don't you have school today?" I asked.

" Yeah, but I skipped it like you did," she replied.

" My parents want to move again," I said, " but I don't wanna go."

" I know how you feel."

" No you don't!" I snapped, " it's alwas people like you that bug me. They always know how you feel, but they actually don't."

" I do know how you feel. With your parents not caring for you and all." she replied, " my parents abandoned me when I was three."

" Oh, I'm sorry, " I answered back, " I didn't mean to..

" It's alright," she smiled.

I smiled back and said, " How come you didn't accept Johnny's invitation to the dance?"

" What invitation?"

" He said you wanted me and him to go together, so you asked some other kid."

" No," she laughed, " he likes you. He never asked me, but if he did, I'd probably refuse."

" Why?" I asked.

" He'd never ask me because he likes me, he'd only ask me because he needs someone to go the dance with him."

I laughed, " You know, you're a great person!"

" Thanks, so are you."

" Are you sure Johnny like likes me?" I asked.

" Sure he does, " she replied, " Every day I hear, 'Dawn looked so pretty today, or Dawn is gonna be the one I ask to the dance,' yeah I'm pretty sure he likes you."

I giggled, " Okay whatever."

" Why do you like him," she smiled mischievously.

" Maybe," I teased.

" Seriously!" she yelled, " Dawn Huntsberg likes Johnny Moore, Dawn Huntsberg likes Johnny Moore!"

" Shut up!" I laughed.

" You like him!" she stated.

" I do not!"

" Hey guys!" Johnny said coming out of now where. It was weird because Johnny and Sandy would always appear out of thin air. " What's up?"

" Nothin' we both just skipped school!" Sandy smiled as she put her arm around Johnny's shoulders.

" Yeah, nothing special," I added.

" Oh yeah," Sandy included, " Dawn's....

I gave her the look and then she said, " Dawn's excited about the dance!"

" Me too," he smiled, " It would be something if something went wrong."

I gulped, " Why would anything go wrong?"

" Just sayin', stuff never goes right when you're with me," he replied.

" Oh," I mumbled.

" Oh yeah, " he said smiling again, " I was walking and I saw these to pretty flowers."

" Yeah," Sandy said looking at him, " what's so special about them.

He laughed and said, " Well the rose is for Dawn, and the daisy is for you."

He handed me the rose and smiled, and then he handed the daisy to Sandy laughed. " Oh my god!" Sandy screamed as she dropped the flower. " Did you see how huge that bug was!'

" Sandy," I laughed, " it was just an ant."

" So what! I'm terrified of bugs!" she exclaimed.

Johnny laughed and started to walk away when he yelled, " Later!"

" Do you know what the rose usually means?" Sandy asked.

" No," I said with a tint of confusion.

" Love!" she teased.

" Oh, shut up!"

" Well, I gotta go!" Sandy yelled as she pat me on my shoulder.

" See ya!'

I thought about what Sandy said and thought to my self, maybe he does like me. But things like this had never happened in my life before. Even though I was moving, I was still happy that I get to go to the dance with Johnny.

There was just one more day until the dance came. Excitement rushed up and down my body, I stared up at the ceiling in my room thinking, just thinking. The reason why I am on my bed today is because we had a day off,due to the heat. What I was thinking about, had to do with " the move." I was just thinking that I was finally getting settled in my life and then my parents had to come and ruin everything. I finally made friends, and I actually enjoyed here. I enjoyed the long conversations with Sandy and Johnny, as well as the walks home. I had more friends at school, but those two were my best friends. I didn't want to lose them. Sweat filled up on my back and hot air brushed my face. I got up from my bed and walked outside of my room. Mom and dad were putting up a wall to get more privacy. Though we lacked space, I thought it was very cool they were putting up a wall. I looked at them, they looked at me, and then I walked outside. A wave of heat crashed on my like a wave crashing on a surfer. I spotted a big tree near my house and I walked over to sit under it. I gently sat under the tree and closed my eyes. " Is something wrong?" Johnny asked.

" Johnny?" I questioned, " where did you come from?"

" That doesn't matter," he replied, " if something's wrong, you know you can tell me."

" I know," I sighed, " it's just that.."

" It's just that, what?" he asked with great interest.

" It's just that, I'm moving," I spoke softly.

" You're moving?" he questioned, " when?"

" Next week," I said, " it seems like a long time, but it really isn't."

" Don't move," he shook his head, " when I met you, you changed me. After I met you, I became...more happy.

Tears filled in my brown eyes, " I have to, it's not like I want to."

He frowned, " Do you know why I asked you to the dance?"

" No."

" Because I...I like you, alot. No I actually love you," he continued. " when I first met you, I actually liked you, but I didn't show it."

I looked at him, his eyes filled with sorrow, " Even when I move, we can still keep in touch."

" Maybe," he said, " well I'll see you at the dance tomorrow." He touched my hand and then walked away.

" Okay," I replied.

I thought about everything he said to me...' I like you alot' echoed in my head. And for the first time, I think I was actually in love. After that day, all I thought about was Johnny. His cute smile, his green eyes, his sweet voice. He haunted me, and I felt guilty because I was moving and we wouldn't be able to see each other. Today was the dance, and I had trouble picking something out to wear. I had a plain white dress, which is the one I wore to dinner, and I had another light green dress that had a darker green belt around the waist. I decided to go with the light green dress, it was fancy but it was casual and that was my style. I slipped it on and put on light pink lipstick. I dabbed a little bit of light green eyeshadow on my eyelids, and left my hair out. In my eyes, I looked the same as usual..plain. But in others I probably looked, pretty. I walked out of the room and my mom stared at me. She looked at me as if she didn't know me. She smile, " Dawn, you look beautiful!'

" Thank you, mom," I replied, " I'm gonna go now."

" Okay, honey," she said, " do you have a date or anything?"

" Nope," I answered back, " I'm going solo."

I walked out of the door to meet Johnny looking handsome than ever. His hair was messy, which in my opinion he looked better when it was like that and his outfit was cute. He wore a nice white shirt and a black pants. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He said, " You look beautiful."

" Thank you," I replied, " you look handsome."

He laughed, looked at the ground, and put his hands in his pockets, " Are you ready?"

" Yeah," I answered.

We walked over to Johnny's car, it was a red muscle car. He opened the door for me to go in. And I happily went in, he hopped over his door, and started up the car. He took off in a speed and before we knew it we were at the dance. I walked out of the car and looked at the school. I sighed and waited for Johnny to take my hand. I slipped my left arm into his right arm and walked into the school. It was decorated with all kinds of lights, flowers, and foods of all kinds into the on the long tables. Johnny walked in front of me, put his hand out, and asked, " Can I have the pleasure of dancing with you?"

A soft sounding music played while me and Johnny danced. He held me close to him and I rested my head on his broad shoulders. I was in Heaven, me and Johnny, nothing could've been better than spending an afternoon with him. I looked at him, his green eyes sparkling under the lights, and his messy hair complimenting his eyes, looked so peaceful. " Johnny," I spoke softly, " I'm having a great time. You make me forget about all my worries when I'm with you."

" That's wonderful," Johnny replied looking me in my brown eyes, " Dawn I..I.."

" Hey Dawn!" Sandy screamed, " Hey Johnny!"

" Hey!" I yelled back smiling.

" Hi, Sandy," Johnny said letting go of me.

" How are you guys?" Sandy asked, " If this was the prom, I would nominate you guys for prom king and queen."

" That's nice," Johnny said with a lack of interest, " Where's your date."

" Oh, Alex, he's flirting with some girl," Sandy answered back, " I just needed someone to go with, since Dawn stole my date!"

I laughed, " Well, that's what I do, steal people's dates!"

" Hey pretty lady," a man said to me.

I looked at him disgustingly and then looked at Johnny. The man put his arm around my shoulders, and tried to kiss me. " Ew get off of me you jerk!"

" Hey asshole," Johnny yelled throwing a punch at him, " Get the hell of her!"

The man fell to the floor and Johnny walked away. He walked slowly to the punch with his hands in his pockets, he looked sad, which wasn't normal. I crept slowly towards him, I touched his right shoulder and said with concern, " What's wrong?"

" Nothing!" Johnny yelled, " It's just that you're moving, and I...I...I love you Dawn.. I love you."

His words took me by surprise, therefore, I was in shock. Tears formed in my brown eyes, and my mouth didn't move. " Joh.."

He walked away before I could've said anything back. He walked outside the school, and I could feel that there was a cool chill outside. I ran after him, but the only thing was that it started to drizzle. Then worst of all it started to rain. Johnny was in the alleyway near a dumpster, the stench took me by surprise, but it didn't seem to affect Johnny. I ran up to him and looked him in his eyes, he looked back at me. He got up, ran to me, and kissed me. The rain pouring down on us and the kiss made it seem like some kind of classic romance movie, but my life wasn't. We finally pulled away after a long kiss, I looked at him, and touched his hair, and his face. My skinny fingers danced down his cheek. I finally said, " Johnny, I love you too." He smiled, and lifted me up. Although my dress and my makeup was all messed up, I enjoyed this romantic moment, for it was the probably the last one I would have with him. He put me down gently, ran his fingers through my hair and said, " Why do you have to move. Couldn't you stay just one more week?"

" Johnny, " I spoke, " I'm trying all I can to stop them from moving, but they won't listen to any of my reasons."

Johnny nodded his head and said, " I've never felt this way about anyone before, and now you have to leave me."

" You're not the only feeling this way," I replied, " I've never loved anyone like this."

Johnny touched my soft small hands, " Tonight was the best time of my life. Though, I was the popular boy in school, and I had everything. Including girls, respect, and friends, I never enjoyed any of that as much as I enjoy being with you. You're the one I wanna be with for the rest of my life."

I blushed and then smiled, " I would do anything to stay here."

" Dawn!" my mother yelled coming out of nowhere. Why the heck was everyone coming out of nowhere? " you're going to get sick. It's time to go home now, your father is waiting in the car for you."

I slowly let go of Johnny's rough hands, and smiled at him. When he smiled back, I started to walk to my mother. She looked at me and then shook her head. " Who was that boy with you?"

" What boy?" I questioned.

" That boy that was next to you."

" Mom, I had a headache, so I decided to come outside for some fresh air. There was no boy with me."

" Oh," My mom said confused.

" Dawn we need to have a serious talk about the move when we reach home, it's going to be tomorrow."

Those words that left my father's mouth pierced me like a knife stabbing through my sensitive skin. A tear slowly crept down my small face. I looked outside of the car window, and saw Johnny watching the car. But by the time I was going to wave goodbye, the car was too far. And this is what happens all the time, I end up having a good time, but then it turns out depressing. It really is true, the saying, after joy comes sorrow. Because mainly, that was my whole life. A little bit of joy, but then a huge amount of sorrow.

When I got home, the whole place was empty. All the lights were off and there was not one bit of sound. I walked slowly to my room and sat on my bed. I ran my hand through the covers, and then looked at myself in my mirror. Thoughts raced through my head. I soon figured that if I was depressed and lonely my whole, that wouldn't get me anywhere, so I soon decided to cheer up and act normal. I jogged outside to see what was up with my mom and dad but they were talking to Johnny's parents. I stood behind a wall listening, and peeking every now and then. Believe it or not my mom actually hugged Johnny's mom! Something she never did to me. After two minutes of watching them chat, I saw johnny holding his jacket behind his back. He looked at the ground then into the distance. He took slow steps then finally reached his parents. He put on a fake smile and started talking to my parents, a real smile slowly crept over his face. Why is he smiling? As I was passing by the kitchen a spoon fell and all five of them looked my way. I looked at them then headed into the kitchen. I looked back to see if Johnny was still there but he wasn't. I crept outside of the kitchen, but when I was walking, a cold hand grabbed me. I quickly turned around to see Johnny's sea-green eyes glaring at me. He pulled me close to him and said, " Before you left, I just wanted to tell you, that I hope you'll always know that I love you."

I smiled then replied, " Johnny, you don't have to stress that. I know, but the question I love you?"

" Of course you do."

" Don't be so sure about that, I think you'll be glad to hear that I have moved on," I said standing up straight, " Johnny, I guess we were just never met to be."

As soon as I finished that sentence I walked away, but before entering my room, I looked behind me and smiled at him. I guess he was sort of befuddled. One minute I love him, then one minute I don't. What can I say I'm bipolar. But the fact is I really do love him.

The next morning I awoke with back pains. I came out of my bed like a zombie, then walked outside to get some fresh air. The vans were already outside, and my mom and dad were already closing up. " Honey, get dressed we're moving today." dad yelled.

" Where's the Moores?" I asked

" They went out shopping," My mother replied, " don't worry if you don't get to see them."

I looked at her disgustingly then went to the bathroom, took a shower, came out changed my clothes, ate an orange, then brushed my teeth. I was all set for the move. I walked outside, a cold fall breeze brushed through my brown locks, I looked once more at my old house and sighed. " Well this is it."

The ride back to North Carolina seemed forever. My parents and I unloaded our stuff and unlocked our old house. You would've guessed that someone would've bought it already, but no one did. The house was the same as always, dirty and dusty. I sigh and sit on the ripped sofa. I take my sweater off and put my hand in one of the pockets. I feel something weird in there, but I can't get it. It sort of feels like a piece of folded paper. Finally I get ahold of it and open it curiously. In blue fine print writing it says, Chimney Rock Park. September 15, 1998. I look at it as if it is alien of something unknown. I go to my room and pack my stuff away, then I decide to lie down on my bed. Birds chirping and crickets making music disrupt my thoughts. I take out a pink journal from my drawer which I hardly ever used, and write down something about, Johnny. I can only imagine how sad he is right now, knowing he didn't want me to leave. A tear crawls down my eye like a spider crawling down a wall. With the light beaming down on me and making me feel warm, I decide to take a nap. I awoke after an hour and go down stairs to see what my parents were doing, but they were just lying down on the sofa asleep with a bag of chips scattered all around them. I shake my head in disgust and clean them up. After I was done, I decided to go sit on the front stairs. This was my, "Thinking Spot," as I used to call it. It had a nice view. There was a river running through my backyard and sometimes I would just go there, put my feet in it, and lie down on the fresh cut grass, listening to the birds' songs. That was my, " Relaxing Spot." I smile slowly appeared on my face as I thought about my younger days. There was just something different in the air that just wanted to make you smile all the time. It was a sweet summer smell. It's summer now, and it just doesn't feel the same. School is out and I don't really remember anyone here. " Hey," a young girl said walking up to me, " I'm Joanna."

" Hi, " I smiled, " I'm Dawn."

" Did you just move back?" she asks.

" Yeah," I reply, " why?"

" Just asking. A while back, I would see you sitting on the steps. But then suddenly you disappeared."

I laughed. The girl was probably only eight and there was just something cute about her. Her mother calls her and she skips all the way to her house. Flowers surround their house. I smile and say to myself," Maybe this isn't going to be so bad at all.

It is now, September 15, 1998. I decide to visit Chimney Rock Park. I have always loved sitting under trees, therefore, I sit under the shaded area. I sit there for about an hour, and just as I was about to get up, I see a blue mustang pull up right next to me. I watch closely as the figure opens the car door and get out. For some reason they're hiding their face. I couldn't wait any longer so I drive back home in my black Nissan car. I sit on my front porch stairs and rest my head in my two hands. A ladybug from a tulip flies up in the sky and goes onto my shirt. It flies north and as I was looking down at the road, the sun was suddenly blocked. I look up and I see....Johnny holding a rose out to me. My heart races with excitement, and I could hardly breathe. " Johnny?" I ask.

" What're you doing here?" I ask confused.

" I've been waiting for this day for a really long time," he smiles.

" Wait!" I exclaim, " that note was from you?"

" Yeah, I guess you never opened it."

" I did," I say, " I just didn't know who it was from."

" Yeah, you did know who it was from, that's why you sat under that tree in Chimney Rock Park."

" What?"

" Did you not realize, that's where I told you I loved you."

" Oh my goodness!" I get up hugging him, " you're right. I guess I didn't notice."

" Come on Dawn," he laughs, " don't tell me you forgot me already!"

" No... I didn't."

" Well," he replies hold my hand, " I have never forgotten about you."

" Oh Johnny!" I laugh.

Johnny kneels on his right knee, and takes my hand, " Dawn....will you marry me?"

My heart begins to race so fast, it feels as if it's about to pop right out of my chest. Tears fill my eyes and I answer," Yes, Johnny! Yes!"

He lifts me up and kisses me. It's been four years since he's kissed me and it feels as if he hasn't had anotherr girlfriend ever since. He rests me gently on the sidewalk and takes something out of his bag. "When were at the dance, four years ago, Sandy took these pictures of us. I wanted you to have them."

I take the pictures and look at them for a few good minutes. It showed me and Johnny slow dancing. Then he handed the other one, and it showed me and Johnny kissing each otherr in the rain."

I laugh, " I remember when I thought that moment was like a movie!'

He smiles, " Dawn, I love you."

" I love you too," I reply, " I've fallen in love with you, but I always thought it would've been....anyone but you."

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This is one of the best novels for a teenager. I don't know how old you are, but this is definitely above your reading level. You have a good writing sense, and this is good. It could have a little work on it and add more in between characters, but it's really good. Good Job.:)

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