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Alex in the Blue

Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.
Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.  « Hide author's note
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Crystal Clear

Three things tend to make change in our lives very quickly; first, is when you receive a certain kind of surprise, like a return of an ex-girlfriend. Second, is when you receive dazzling news that changes your life, as if your parents are finally divorced, and the third, is when you receive surrender from your perfect rival.
The truth is that all these things are actually happening to me, some in past, some in present and some in future but the whole point is that how am I working on things to get the life straight.
I am glad that I told Sarah that I liked her but that was the old story, now Maxine is my new girlfriend, and the way I see it, I think it is a good thing that many things are finally in shape. It was not too late or early for Andrew to bind me to leave the basketball team, but I knew that he could not do it because I was just better.
We were in the school gym, and the whole basketball team was sitting at the benches, the cheerleading squad was cheering for Andrew, at their spot. Even though it was such an unofficial game, but I had never felt more noticed than this time, but with all the nervousness one thing was very clear to me, the look of my girlfriend who wanted me to win.
The game went good when I made the first shot and Andrew could not, and right after that first, I went for the second and third scoring 2 points every time, The dunk was not the big deal but the flow of energy within me had scrutinized me to win. Each time after me, Andrew threw a shot for points; it went swift afterwards when I was totally in the game, until when it came to the final shot, we were on the score of 11-12, Andrew could have won, I was determined that if I let this go, it will get harder. A thought quickly shook my mind with its immensity that I never had to play basketball with team to get famous, many people know me anyway, and I do not care much, but I wanted to accept this so badly that it felt like the world is turning apart. I stood behind the three-point line with Andrew right in front me waggling to get the ball. I dribbled the ball right in to the two-point, at all steps with Andrew blocking me, I went back two steps quickly and then to the left for the basket and made the last goal to my advancement. The goal made me the newest member on the team, with high skills.
Just as the game ended Maxine and other few of my friends including Ashley, Vince, Dillon and some other, came running towards me, my I shook my head up towards the basket and then towards Andrew who had his head down with continuously stepping backwards, and then confronted the crowd, when Maxine hugged me hardly.
“It’s okay, I don’t hate you for losing”, Sarah came walking towards Andrew with a faint smile.
“No, it’s not okay, he made it to the damn team now, and it’s not what I want”, Andrew replied with directing his hand towards Alex.
“Why are you here anyway? Last time I checked we were never really dating”, he continued impolitely.
“I just want you to know that if you want to talk or something, I’m here for you and if nothing else, then at least I’d want us to be friends,” Sarah said and turned around.
“Well, I don’t think so I can do that,” Andrew replied.
I went towards Andrew and stopped when I saw Sarah; she looked at me and instantly turned and walked away, I walked closer to him.
“You won, that’s your luck, I don’t need your courtesy,” he said just as he saw me.
“Look, you don’t have to be such a jackass to me; I won; now we’re square, okay?” I replied manly.
“What do you say? Friends, besides I’m on the team now, if we’re not friends I don’t think we’re going to win that easy anymore games,” I put forward my hand towards him, in hopes that he would be fine with me but he was stubborn to handshake and walked away.
A few seconds later, Vince confronted Ashley just outside the gym regarding the comment he made the last time they met.
“Are you ever going to talk to me? You’re the whole reason I am still in Blue Ridge,” Vince said to Ashley from behind while going near her.
Ashley turned around quickly and said, “What do you mean I am the whole reason you’re still here?”
“Well, you know I was on tour when I came here, and ever since I saw you I just liked you so much that I fell in love with you,” he answered with an emotional smile, “And I love you.”
Ashley walked two steps back with her head down facing the ground, and suddenly moved forward and inclined to kiss Vince’s lips and said, “I love you too.”
Maxine and I walked to the parking lot, until we went near her car and stopped. “Come on; let me give you a ride,” Maxine said.
“Haven’t you heard guys don’t really like taking rides from their girlfriends, they prefer having their own cars,” I commented freely.
“Thanks for the guy check, but in case you forgot, you don’t own a car,” she reminded me.
“Never mind, how about a movie tonight?” I offered clearly, which changed her expressions totally.
“I was asking myself that it’s been two days and when would you ask me out?” she wondered, “but I’m busy,” she walked to the driver’s seat.
“Who’s more important” I wondered with lifting a brow.
She turned back towards me, coming near, “with you on a dinner date, because I don’t do movies so often,” her comment satisfied me as she grabbed my polo shirt from the lower collar, tending to kiss me but instantly backed down and pulled me to the driver’s seat.
“Here, go on! You’re driving and I’m watching you drive,” she said.
Sarah soon left without having a word with me, I just so hated this fact in my life besides the other facts. Sarah drove to her house and slammed the door. She went to the room, crashed on the bed, and started sobbing which led her to crying. A few minutes later, she picked up her car keys and went out. She took out the car started it and went straight outside the neighborhood on probably a long drive.
Andrew had a very cold defeat today, since he had never been defeated like that, the only thing running through his mind was the anger of crush.
It was very weird that Maxine was so excited to be my girlfriend that she could not even let me pick her up from her house, but instead she just came running in her car to my house’s front yard and gave me a miss call. I quickly grabbed my black jacket and left through the door without a slightest glance around the inside of the house. I went outside the door where she was standing by the door; she gave me the keys to her car and went inside next to driver’s seat.
On the way to the restaurant I peeked at Andrew who was going inside a bar, I could not have cared for that guy anymore than now, but for that it was my first date with Maxine, I just couldn’t change the plans and I passed by.
I parked the car and went to the restaurant which by the way a “Pizza Parlor” because I could not match with her standards of high living but she was not very concerned about any of it. The usher found us a seat, which I was very concerned about since it was the famous place and the weekend. We ordered a pizza, as it seemed the right thing for the celebration; however, the idea of the drinks did not felt avoiding but I guess I just did not wanted to use the fake id she was having. The server brought us the Pizza in like ten minutes but it was not a problem either.
“So I’m really glad that you chose me over Sarah, I remember how you use to talk about her,” Maxine said, but the point she mentioned was actually very hurting to me since I asked her first.
I tried to avoid the fact and took a slice of the Pizza and started eating it, I thought the first date would be somewhat romantic but it felt a little awkward.
“I’m glad I am with you too, I think I just want to get rid of the dramas in a relationship, which is quite evident seeing my parents now,” I replied.
She took a slice in her plate and started eating it, while I stared at her for a moment. We went through the date and finally set foot outside the restaurant, the wind felt a little cold so I took off my Jacket and put on Maxine’s shoulders as she looked at me with the hopeful eyes that I have never seen before.
I drove the car and went pass by the bar that Andrew went in to, I actually thought that he might have already left but I guess I forgot how his temper was. I asked Maxine if we could stop for Andrew just as I saw the horrible appearance he was having, that included his one of the sleeves being fold and other one left out normal and his messed up hair.
I stopped the car by the side and went out to run towards Andrew who was standing in the middle of the road, as I got beside him, I grabbed his arm tried to drag him across the street to which he resisted by pulling off the grip. Suddenly I saw the light from the front where a car was speedily coming towards us, as the car came near; I grabbed his arm again and moved him across the road.
“What are you gone nuts? What were trying to pull? That car could have run over you if I hadn’t dragged you.” I shouted at him.
“Then maybe you shouldn’t have!” Andrew replied.
“What the hell’s your problem, man? I gave you the offer to be friends, why can’t you just let it go?” I asked.
I decided to let go off the shouts and took him inside the car’s backseat, and went o the driver’s seat again and drove the car to Andrew’s house.
“Hey, I don’t know if it’s exactly the kind of goodbye you should get but he’s too much drunk so I should take care of him,” I apologized to Maxine.
“You’re just too good!” She replied and kissed me on the lips.
I took Andrew inside his house to his room, although he was very heavy to pull but I managed.
“Oh! I’m going to puke!” he quickly said and went to the bathroom, a few minutes later he came out being very drowsy, I led him to the bed and let him sleep.
Next morning I came to check out on him, I pressed the bell, and a voice came from the other side of the door,
“Come in, the door’s open.”
I went inside to see that he was in the kitchen so I went towards him, and walked into the kitchen where he was having a breakfast.
“You want to join to me on the cereal?” Andrew asked politely.
“No thanks! You seem pretty better than last night; I just came to check up on you.” I answered and turned around to go back.
“Alex! I’m sorry for last night, I remember you helped me across the road, it made me realize a little thing, so is the friends offer still at large?” He asked.
“Yeah, I’m glad you finally came to your senses. But seriously you thought to drink over a little defeat, that’s very screwed up.” I said.
“Well, I’m so screwed up that you don’t even know about me, I guess I’m going to change now. You can live with me with since you’re not living with your parents anymore.” He said.
“Thanks.” I replied with a smile.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5

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