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Alex in the Blue

Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.
Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.  « Hide author's note
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The people we love the most may not help us in several ways sometimes but the truth is we are always there to help them. The point is that whether it’s our parents, relatives, friends or lovers we always tend to be there for them maybe for not their sake but for ours because even if they have hurt us all the time we do not want to lose them.
I love my parents a lot but just because I stay a little away from them do not mean that I do not love them, this is the same thing been with Scott. No matter how much their fight crumble me in a shadow of hate and not being able to do anything, but they are still my parents I cannot afford to lose them, the problem is that more I try to avoid this fact it comes running to me to destroy my patience.
Every day I wake up to the typical home condition, I see my parent’s faces and realize soon enough that they are not happy anymore but there is something still keeping them together but this morning they just shove off the whole thing and said the most astonishing thing I could not imagine at once.
“Alex, you know we love you and we both know how our fights have been affected over you but we need you to understand the decision that we’ve made”, my mother said in total eye contact with me. I could not have understood what she meant but I knew that this was different.
“We have decided to go for a divorce, and all that left now is for you to choose between me and dad”, she said slowly knowing that I would get to my peak temper.
“Mom, dad, you know what? This is getting old, making decisions and then making me to follow them, this needs time, ok! You both can’t ask me to choose one of you” I replied in a voice louder than my mom as I turned my face away from them and turned back to eye contact.
“You know son, it is getting a lot tougher for us to stay together anymore so this is how it is!” My dad said.
“Alright, you want me to choose, I choose nobody, and I realize now that this time is not very far when I’m going to go on my trust fund, so this is it I’m getting out. There’s nothing else you should expect from me now.” I quickly released myself from the grip and stood up.
It was just sudden that before my parents could respond on whatever I had spoken recently, my phone started ringing the song that I had put on the ring tone was my favorite. It always gave me the strange feeling, I grabbed the phone that was on the table near the couch and opened the flip, I clearly looked that it was not Maxine but it was Sarah.
“I know it wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to listen to this but it should be fun for you. I’m outside your house in my car, we’re going out for some fun so just pack yourself up and come out”, she said amusedly,
“I want to ask where to? But let’s save it, I’m coming in five minutes, so just wait” I quickly replied.
I flipped the phone and put it in my pants’ pocket, grabbed the jacket from the back of my room door. I realized that I have now two choices to make, one between my parents and one between my girl friend, the thing is that it has been really long since I been with Sarah, so this time I wanted to make sure I was looking good and my breath didn’t stink. I looked at myself in the mirror to see if my hair was ok, and my clothes were fine. I closed my room door and headed out speedily, came down the stairs,
“I’d be back, call me if there’s any problem”, I said quickly and went out of the door soon.
“Well, I never really expected this moment”, I said while getting inside her car and smiled coolly,
“Apparently, I didn’t either but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun you know”, She said by turning around facing me beside her, amusedly.
“The thing here is that, you’re Andrew’s girlfriend now, and you know how much he hates me, I don’t think he would be very excited to see us hanging out”, I said,
“I don’t care about it right now; I mean we’re just having fun, right? This should be something that Andrew would be afraid of, we’re good friends”, she explained,
She started the car and we went off to the road. I hated to know that it was just fun for her and nothing else; because I could certainly imagine right now that, she is the girl I have been looking for and breaking up with her the long time ago was not the righteous thing I did.
“Okay, so where are we actually going? Cause I’ve got to make two important choices by the night”, I said after I took a breath,
“Uh huh, so what are your options?” She said.
“Well, this morning, or more like before 10 minutes, my parents told me that they are having a divorce, which in some way I was happy about, but then they ordered me to choose who I want to live with for next of my days. And I angrily said nobody and that I’m moving out, I know it’s kind of cruel but I’m tired of this problem in my life and now I just want to get out of it”, I answered hopefully and sadly.
“So what’s the next choice”, she spoke quickly,
“Maxine told me that she likes me, just on the day you came here, she had an accident, and at school I told her that there was someone else that I liked but she’s dating someone else, so I don’t know what to do, and we’ve barely talked in these two weeks, considering that we are really talkative friends”, I said without stopping.
“So, who’s the other girl? And does she like you?” she questioned.
The last question she raised for me was very tempting and innocent for the girl who asked the question.
At Vince’s mansion, the only thing that was running through his brain was that, now that Andrew knows his secret he will get it out in front of everyone and he does not want it to happen. Calling the person, you like is certainly a good feeling but getting the call from someone you is very different.
It was not long that he had been thinking about something but soon, his phone started ringing, he checked to find out it was Ashley, he picked up the phone,
“Hey, how’re you doing?” She said,
“I’m good, just thinking about you”, he replied.
“Well, I was hoping if I could get a ride from you, I have to go somewhere and it’s really important”, she said,
“Okay, expect me right over!” I expressed.
It was about a seven minutes drive and we reached to the beach, we came out and bought two hot dogs from the nearby hot dog cart and we decided to stay out for a while and walk, we started walking to the shoreline.
“You know Andrew broke up with me. And whenever I’m with you, I feel really good, and I’m kind of missing Justin too”, she said.
“You know girls like you rarely exist. Why did you break up Justin anyway? Because as far as I remember you two were pretty good together”, I asked fluently.
“It’s a long story and besides you wouldn’t want to hear bad things about your cousin”, she said keenly,
“By the way, what are the options you are about to choose by tonight?” She continued.
“You know that other girl, you know her pretty good, you know why because she is standing next to me right now”, I cleared my mind and turned my face towards her and said without the slightest hesitation,
“Oh no, how could I forget, this is not the time, okay! Alex!” she took two steps backward and stopped walking, making my feet to stop as well and said unwillingly,
“You know me and Andrew, we just broke up and this time I am not the girl you are looking for, okay! So please don’t ask me anything else, please I’m sorry”, she continued.
“Yeah, me too”, I sighed.
I could not imagine at this point that two major decisions of my life are on my mind and I have made none of the right choices. I have never felt worse in my whole life, my world is turning upside down and I cannot do anything to make it better.
Vince picked up Ashley to go to the hospital; however, he did not remember this one thing in few days that every Saturday she visits Warren at the hospital. It was a very swift decision that Ashley decided to be with Vince, They both went to the hospital and walked to the room where Warren was for about four months.
Ashley walked inside and replaced the flowers in the vase with the newer ones that she brought,
“You know Warren likes sunflowers a lot, they are his favorite”, she moved to the seat beside the bed and said to Vince,
“Ashley! Do you want me to go outside and bring you some coffee?” He asked hesitatingly.
“Yes sure!” she replied.
Vince realized that it was quiet awkward and therefore he took a little longer to bring her the coffee until she was done with her weeping, when he returned they both walked to the car and sat inside,
“Ashley, how Warren went into the coma?” he asked,
“I told you before that his girlfriend put him in the coma”, she quickly replied,
“Yeah, Yeah, but something tells me that’s not the whole story”, he said by shaking his head.
She blinked her eyes for a second and looked up to Vince’s face,
“Four months ago, it was while me and Warren were dating, but I didn’t wanted it, and I had decided to break up with him, it wasn’t something bad he did but because he arrogant, and he didn’t took us seriously. So one day he made a joke and I finally decided to leave him, I went to his house told him right away”, she explained sadly.
“So, what happened next?” he asked.
“I went out of his house, right after I broke up with him and he came after me, I crossed the street and he wasn’t able to, a car ran over him, I called 911, and ever since he’s been in coma”, she continued.
“Are you afraid, that he’s never going to wake up”, he asked,
“Yes and I don’t know what to do?” she said,
“There is nothing to do, why do you even visit him?” he replied in a little aggression.
He started the car and drove, Ashley’s home was not far enough and they remained quiet through the whole distance until they stopped at her house. Ashley stepped out of his car and kept the door open.
“Thanks! By the way I visit him, because there is no one else to visit him, okay!” she said and slammed the door and went towards her house.
There was not a sudden thought that prevented me to say yes to Maxine, now that Sarah had finally annihilated me, so I believe why is the hesitation, I grabbed my phone and wrote a text message “I’m in” and sent it to Maxine.
Next day at the gym, I was confident and a little nervous about the new decision of joining the team; I was standing in the middle of the gym and I heard the footsteps of someone walking inside from the gate. I instantly looked back thinking as if it was Maxine but it was Andrew, he came towards me and said,
“You and me, one on one game, I win you lose the team and if you win you stay, decide the time”.
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