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Alex in the Blue

Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.
Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.  « Hide author's note
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When we see somebody we know, it is an instant when we quickly sort out things about the person, but when we do not know the person we kind of go for one of the two ways. The first one to hang out with the person and see if we can become friends or the second one we can get into a fight with the person.
I came back from my vacations two weeks ago with my new girlfriend that I adore a lot; she means something to me now that she is the only person who I care about other than the people out of this town.
The school started today finally after the big break that felt quiet short to me. Some of my friends and my rivals were so much into the stuff that they are seniors now but to me it does not matter more than the fact that I need a basketball scholarship to college and these free rides never come easy and you never know.
Everything was usual today even though it was the first day. Maxine and Alex who happens to be very close friends were not talking. To say the truth I thought that they were dating but it turns out they were not really into dating with each other. We found our new lockers and we were ready to begin with the things for the school day, I saw Maxine came near to Alex’s locker where he was standing, and gave him the angry expressions and said;
“What is wrong with you ever since a week ago I said those words in the hospital and you’re not talking to me, I deserve to get an answer why are you not talking to me?”
“Because, because, I like Sarah,” he said quickly.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me that before?” She asked him.
“Look I am really late right now, I’ll tell you about it later after school, pick me up”, he said.
Just as they stopped the talk, our coach made the announcement,
“Andrew Covens and Alex McAllen please report to the coach’s room immediately”.
Me and Alex, we both followed the opposite paths to coach’s room when we arrived there, coach Greenburg was holding a team’s shirt in his hand that he tossed over to me, I caught it quickly before I could miss it.
“Andrew! I am making you team captain I hope you will be worth it, that’s all you need to hear from me now”, he said by looking at me in a low and inspirational voice.
“Alex! I have heard and seen you play basketball sometimes, do you think you have what it takes to play varsity, I see your grades are good for a basketball player”, he said to Alex just as I was leaving.
I believed that whatever I heard was not the kind of thing I wanted to happen so I went out of the room but hid at the corner to eavesdrop at their talk.
“Coach, I like playing Basketball and I am not like all the jocks who are only interested in playing and not in learning that is the whole reason we come to school for, all I’m saying is yes, I want to play varsity basketball” Alex replied interestingly.
“Then you are on the team”, he tossed the shirt over to him and smiled.
He came out of the room, by this whole time the classes had started, there were nobody roaming around the lockers, and I decided to confront him.
“You should better see your way in the gym because I am team captain and I know how much of an idiot you are”, I said in a demanding voice just as he walked pass me,
“You know what? I know that we don’t like each other so let me make this clear I don’t need to get in your way because you’re not worth it so just back off” he replied to me in a hard voice.
Just as he completed throwing on me his words I lifted my hand and punched him on the face showing my disapproval on him joining the team, I had clearly accepted that he wouldn’t lay off and similarly he threw a punched at me too but it wasn’t that hard to give me a black eye as compared to mine. We both went down to the floor making a little bang, and then the coach came out and dissolved our little punch fight but the thing I expected was coming right there.
“You two are getting detention so get back to your classes before you get another one”, he said furiously.
I have always been a fan to hate the detention, it is ridiculous that some people like detentions but I do not. Lucky Alex that Maxine came to his rescue and he was able to leave fifteen minutes early from the detention. She took Alex to the gym and was determined to know the real reason finally.
“Spill it right now, what the hell is the reason that you are not talking to me?” She said angrily,
“You need to know something that happened a year ago, when the summer began, I was very down on the death of Scott and I just wanted to get away from the daily fight lifestyle that my parents were having so I decided to spend the summer at Justin’s place. I thought it would be the perfect way to leave all that is holding me here”, he explained from the scratch.
“The summer wasn’t the only reason I send you the message that I would be staying at Justin’s place. I had a little fling with Sarah back then when she was Justin’s girlfriend, I did not wanted to lose Justin as my brother so I decided to breakup with Sarah and then I returned to Blue Ridge at the start of the junior year. When she came to Blue Ridge, I did not know that she was with Andrew and we spend few hours together that made me feel like old days so I decided to go and ask her. But now the only thing I don’t want is this to be like it was with Carrie, when you said you liked me I didn’t wanted to break your heart so I figured that silence was the best way”, he concluded
“But you already broke my heart by not talking to me, we are best friends we tell each other everything and now I didn’t expected that you would keep this big secret from me”, she said
“I’m sorry but it was hard for me” he replied
“So now you need to make a choice, me or her and if you don’t pick me then I want us still to be friends just like we were, now go I need some time alone”, she demanded
Maxine was very sad to know that she was late to tell Alex about her feelings, she closed her eyes and covered the eyes with her fingers and sat down as she was crying.
During this time my detention ended up, now I could go to the gym for the practice but I figured I could do that later so instead I went to my locker. Sarah was there and I had noticed the new behavior she had put up since Vince’s party towards me, the hesitant kind of look I didn’t understood what was the reason but she and Justin had spent a lot of time together; so maybe seeing him had been the whole thing. However, the only thing in my mind was if maybe she had decided to leave me.
“Andrew! Andrew I need to talk to you”, she said loudly when I opened my locker and she came running towards me from the other side of the corridor,
“Well, I was about to go but, I’m here, what do you want to say?” I replied to her,
“You may have noticed a different behavior from me, I realized it this morning when I was getting ready, and the thing is I don’t want to hurt you but, I’m sorry, I came to Blue Ridge with another reason as well but the primary one was to make Justin jealous”, she said just as she stopped at me.
“When you arrived at my place, Justin and I had broken up two days ago, I didn’t know what to do and when I met you at the beach I had a little crush on you. It was not soon when I realized that Justin was jealous so I kind tried to do my best, but Justin never came to me again until yesterday at the party”, she explained.
“So apparently you’re telling me that you used me and there was nothing between us, how could you do that? You’re such”, I angrily said and slammed the locker’s door,
“So we’re breaking up”, she said.
“I guess it’s pretty obvious you should know”, I said.
“We spent the whole summer together and now we’re breaking up”, she mentioned.
“Maybe you should have realized that before you started using me”, I cried.
“Andrew, I know I did a wrong thing but we can start over, I’m really sorry, please forgive me! She said.
“I can’t do that, and perhaps its best if we stay broken up from now on”, I said in a low voice and went away from her, in the corridor going out.
At Sarah’s house she was sitting there not knowing what to do anymore, she took her cell phone and called Justin.
“So have you called to tell me that you have stopped making me jealous, because you’re going off the hook”, Justin said.
“I’m sorry; I told Andrew the whole thing and he broke up with me, you think maybe we can talk sometime”, she said.
“Look, we’re like three hours away and the school already started so I can’t meet you up, but if you want to come here, I’m cool with it. Just so you know, we’re not getting back together even if you come back, we’re long way, and I pretty much remember what you said to me last night” he said and hanged up the call.
“Hello? Hello? Justin?” She cried to check if he was there.
It was about the time of sunset, when Alex returned to his house, he opened the door, moved inside slowly, and saw that his mother (Evelyn) was sitting right on the couch a little scared, and worried. Alex walked right to her on the couch and sat,
“What happened mom? And why do you look worried to me” Alex asked.
“We had a fight, your father and me, at night around 10.30pm, when you were at the party, after that he left the house, I thought he would come back soon but ever since he hasn’t came back, I’m worried” Evelyn said in a slow voice.
“Mom, you know I never like to get in the way of your fights but this shouldn’t be that he left, so please tell me that it wasn’t something like that” he said.
Just a few seconds when Alex stopped talking the front door opened and Alex’s father (Troy) stepped inside the house.
“Alex, go to your room, your mother and I need to talk”, Troy said to Alex.
Alex stood up from the couch and said,
“Great, now you need to talk!”
He went to his room not knowing the whole thing about. Next day, it was actually the second day of our school and for the record I never imagined what I saw today was the thing I would ever see or ever come to know about. I walked to the corridor and entered the men’s room. I was confused and astonished just as Vince was there, but the other part I noticed was that he was standing by the sink and looking in front of the mirror before he saw me coming inside the bathroom. He was without the wig that he usually wears and apparently, the whole time it was not noticeable except for now that it was, I found out that Vince is actually (the famous singer) Eric Wilson.
“You are Eric Wilson? Oh God, I never even imagined,” I said in a startling manner that took his attention towards me.
“Oh, no Andrew you can’t tell anybody, especially not Ashley, Please”, he said as being startled.
“If you are really Eric Wilson, why are you here then, you don’t even need to be here” I said.
“Look, you need to keep your mouth close, you can’t tell anybody, ok? He said.
“Well, first, I’m your big fan, and second, I don’t want to blow off your big secret, so just relax”, I assured him.
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