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Alex in the Blue

Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.
Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.  « Hide author's note
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How can you tell?

There is both good and evil in this world and you can never tell from the looks on the faces that when they are lying or when they are telling the truth. The real thing is that people tend to do all kinds of things in their lives and they like to enjoy it before it ends up right in there.
It was around midnight or maybe half an hour earlier some prisoners were being transferred to another prison which would keep them safe from escaping but the guards didn’t knew that these prisoners had a plan to escape from this prison van right about now. They were two of them and one was a heart patient, they had their hands and feet tied with chains together so they could not do anything unexpected but it was not enough to keep them immobilize.
One of the prisoners fell down from the seat and the guard sitting with him instantly informed the driver that they need to change the route to go the hospital because he thought that maybe he had a heart attack. The guard bent down to see if his pulse is on or not, this prisoner just woke up and both the prisoners in such position that they got their chains around his neck and pulled a little until the guard fainted. The other prisoner took his gun and shot the driver just as he stopped the car and killed them. They threw them out of the car and took the keys that would unlock the chains.
Vince had decided for sure that he will be staying in Blue Ridge and he is going to see if Ashley is ever going to like him, even though that he was star and he was famous enough to get any girl that he wants but he knew that this one special and they are meant to be together. Vince was in his bedroom thinking about the girl that he likes, and remembered that when he was dropping her to her house she gave him her number. He quickly grabbed his cell phone and called Ashley when she was watching television, Dana came to her and told her that her phone was ringing; Ashley attended the call and found out that it was Vince.
“Hey, it’s me Vince, how are you?” said Vince
“Good, I guess, you called quiet early” Ashley replied
“Well, I was wondering that if you’re not busy tonight then maybe we can go out for dinner or something” Vince said
“Are you asking me on a date? Because if you are then I am going to say yes,” she replied,
“Awesome, then I’ll pick you at nine pm” Vince replied. Vince ended the call and cried in an excited manner “Yes!”
I woke up this morning this unpleasant sound came in my ears and I immediately recognized it that it is my parents fighting again, for a second I thought that maybe I should let them fight as long as they want to but I realized that if I do not stop them, it is eventually going to raise more. So having no other choices I went downstairs into their room, went inside without knocking the door, and said,
“Just cool it! Guys, I am tired of waking up every morning and hearing the same sound every day, and day by day this killing me. I never tried to stop you two when Scott was around but I understand now that how Scott felt every day”.
I understand that when I bring out the Scott scene they actually stopped quarrelling. After the whole speech I unleashed they calm down but I said one more thing that,
“I am having breakfast somewhere else today”.
I went to my best friend Maxine’s house and asked if she had already ended the breakfast but fortunately she was just setting up to have something. She asked me what is unusual today and I answered that only the breakfast, because the fighting parents was a lot cliché. After the breakfast Maxine and me went to the mall because she needed to do her weekday shopping, we went to the mall and she picked a few suits for her and tried every single of them only find out that none is what she wants. Therefore, I decided to boost her up and gave her an advice, when she realized that the suit was good for her she came to me and hugged me, which was very satisfying after the hard time I had.
I went home after it all and it was very quiet in there I ignored it went to Scott’s room and I took his diary and started reading. I always knew that I was not a good reader so I decided to read only the interesting things, and after turning several pages, I reached the day when I had a big fight with him over my studies since I was losing grades and he asked me to pay more attention rather than fooling around. He was always there when I need tutoring or anything I could not do, he was there to help me and I just had to screw things up all the time. My parents were concerned about the whole studies thing they wanted me to go through high school good and then get in to a college, but the whole fighting thing they have, I was more concerned about that and of course nobody listens to me.
Remembering everything from past always seemed really fun and pleasant every time but some things from past just haunts me more than it was unpleasant before and I cannot help it. I took a quick look around his room and felt disconnected so I decided to leave the room and go back to my computer and my mails if there are any.
Before this time today, I always had some emails from girls to meet like on a date or grab a meal but I did not replied to them always, except for this time when I found this email in my inbox from someone named Heather Burgess. I did not recognized this girl but lucky me, she was ready to receive my IMs so I went in to find out if it was all worth it.
At the airport two very important people arrived from their flight, it was not as if they came from out of states or somewhere they just came from their vacations. The vacation for the only person named Andrew Covens because his new girl friend Sarah Fletcher was already living at that place, she just decided to move here and graduate from Blue Hill High.
Coincidentally this was the place where my cousin Justin lives with his family. The two of them without wasting anytime picked a cab and came directly to Andrew’s house where they would stay for a while and they Sarah will go to her house. Andrew one by one picked up both of their bags, took it inside the house, and put it near the couch just a little away from the door.
“This house hasn’t been lighted or cleaned for about one and a half month so you might feel it a little messy or untidy”, Andrew mentioned to Sarah.
“It doesn’t matter really, besides it’s not like I’m going to live here, I’ll just be visiting sometimes or maybe more often since you’re alone”, Sarah said to Andrew in a faint and lovely voice.
“Yes, I think that will be satisfying”, he concluded the talk and came closer to her just about a few steps from the door and kissed Sarah.
Later that evening Sarah arrived at her house that was exactly near to my house and she was officially my neighbor now. She took her three bags out of the cab, left them on the door front, and walked to my door that was very close to hers and gently knocked. My mom and my dad both were on their works so I was the only one to get the door. I was in my room working on the computer and I heard the knock, since I was never the fan of making door guests wait until the door opens, I quickly came off and opened the door to see that Sarah was standing there.
“Sarah! What are you doing here?” I asked her being surprised
“Alex, hi, that is what people say when they see somebody they know, and on second thought forget it, I didn’t knew you lived here I just moved in your neighborhood and I needed some help lifting those bags inside the house” Sarah frequently answered to Alex.
“Well, okay it’s pretty astonishing for you to move in my neighborhood, but I can still help you with those bags” I agreed to help.
It was so surprising for me to see her there because I knew that she lived at about two houses down from Justin’s residence. I followed her to her bags and she opened the door, I grabbed each of the heavy loads one by one and took them inside her house.
“Welcome to the neighborhood”, I greeted with pleasure.
We spend some time together talking and discussing about things but the strange thing was that she moved all the way from another city to here for I supposed probably no reason.
Maxine was a fun loving person, she was the kind of who likes to party all the time or whom likes to go shopping every time and eventually have fun, the thing is sometimes people need to relax upon some things. Maxine was in her car driving back to her house, she was visiting her mother to whom she is very close with rather than her father who is almost absent most of the time.
She was driving and she took her eyes off the road for one second because I had called her, suddenly another car with a drunken driver came right in her path. she never noticed that and received my call, just as she did that the car came right in to her and collided with it but one thing she did was that she turned just a little when she almost came to the collision and the driver’s car smashed into the tree after smashing in to her car.
“Maxine, are you there?” I screamed for about two times and the only thing I heard was the sound of two cars that would have collided. Maxine’s neighbor took her to the hospital; she called me and I rushed to hospital to her room where I saw her on the bed lying like a party soul. It is as if when you go to hospital you see a person who has been in an accident that is the reason this person is lying on the bed and a look on his face describes the intensity of the accident. However, the look at her face was as if she took the person in the accident to the hospital.
“You seem rather cheerful for a person who’s been in an accident” I expressed my idea,
“You shouldn’t call it an accident, at least not for me, because that drunken driver has got more of the injury” she corrected my words,
“I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have called at that moment” I regretted,
“Don’t be sorry it wasn’t your fault, plus it doesn’t matter, I didn’t get any injury, the accident was just a side track for me and also it was the other guy who came in the way” she quickly gave a speech.
I went next to her bed and sat down on the seat and I carefully held her hand as if I thought that her hand is also injured and said,
“I know you’re the whole party and shopping and hot girl but sometimes you need to calm down and think about yourself, and it’s not like you have your mom here to take care for you”
“Thanks, Alex you’re a great friend” she replied in a lovely voice.
I felt for a second that she was trying to hide something from beneath that wet cat face so I decided to find out what it was.
“Is there anything you want to say to me? Because we are friends”, I asked her in quiet a compelling manner.
“Alex, I know this is going to sound out of nowhere, but I like you, and it feels really good to have you around me, please tell me that you like me too because I want to say it”. She just said the magic words that I was not ready to hear, things were already very much crowded in my life and now I just had to find out that she likes me.
“I’m sorry; I have to go there something I have to do” I put her hand down, stood up immediately, and went through the out of the hospital.
Vince and Ashley were on a perfect date just as she wanted it to be but something was awfully convincing when she glimpsed at him for a minute right there at the dinner table in a fancy restaurant when he ordered the food for them.
“Hey, Vince something looks weird about you” she said distractedly.
“So what is it?” he asked.
“This is really weird but you look almost like Eric Wilson, who’s CD you asked me to find at the store where we met” she said in a low voice.
“So is this just the thing you’re thinking or everyone at this place?”
“Probably only me” I replied to his comment.
“Alright, to prove it, we’re going to have to go to my house but for now I think you can live with a simple yes” he said slowly in a cool manner.
“Is it a dream or reality? That a simple sad girl is dining out in a fancy restaurant with a famous singer of all time, to what do I owe this pleasure?” she responded astonishingly.
It was hard for her to act normal at this point when a famous singer was interested in her.
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