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Alex in the Blue

Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.
Author's note: This is my first romance novel and is not yet complete.  « Hide author's note
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What happens next?

At this moment, there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. They all have their own problems and secrets tied inside their hearts and brains, protected by the hard bones. People believe that sometimes it is easy to keep a sensitive feeling bottled up inside their bodies than to open it up in cool soothing air. Six billion people in the world, six billion souls, and sometimes, all you need is one
My Name is Alex McAllen, and I live in Blue Ridge, Alabama in the United States. I lost my Brother in a car accident a year ago, tomorrow is his birthday, and I am trying to figure out how can I go to his grave and tell him, how my life is without him? And the truth is that, I miss him, I never cared when I had fights with him and when I used to lie to him, and when I used to betray him, or when I used to distrust him, The thing is that I’m suffering now for what I have done.
I dream him, every so often where he is telling me to do something, to do something I have never done, the right thing. However, I never do the right thing that is what he used to say. Scott used to say I never do anything right, the thing is that now is the time for me to finally change.
It was morning, I just woke up and I saw him again last night, but this time I could finally understand what he was saying to me.
“Feel your life like it is a gift and you can never ruin your gift, can you?” He said calmly.
I went running to him and hugged him for all the time he was not around, it felt so real and comfortable. Only till I woke up and this thing came into my mind that it was just a dream then I looked in front of the mirror and said that “my big brother left me because I had a fight with him”.
I could not just keep sitting and staring at the mirror, because Dillon was coming home for breakfast today, his parents were out of town for the weekends, so I asked him to spend some time with me. I stood up, went off the bed, took a shower, then I brushed my teeth and I changed my clothes. I went down stairs for the breakfast to see if it was prepared, when I went to the breakfast table, I realized that “what am I thinking? The breakfast is always ready, because I’m always late” Since I was hungry, I stepped forward, pulled the chair, and sat.
“My mom, my dad and my best friend was there, just like it used to be when the big brother Scott was around” I thought. I believed that a perfect family is when all the members of the family are on the table to have the first meal of the day, but too bad my thoughts never came out to life.
I was a very unusual teenager, until now when my life is about to change. One of my closest friends is Ashley Stevens, her best friend is Dana Paxton, they both are in my class and they both live at a same house, it’s kind of weird, people find their way after they are eighteen, but they seems to be finding it now. Ashley is kind of the girl who doesn’t care about anything, just like she didn’t cared when she put her boyfriend in coma, actually it wasn’t her fault, but now that it’s been four months and she still feels that it was her fault, and every day she talks to Dana to feel better yet she doesn’t.
Ashley and Dana were going to the Teen Store where Dana works for extra earning; Ashley is walking with Dana talking to her,
“I know you always tell me it wasn’t my fault, but the truth is that it was, and I feel guilty, if I would have been patient maybe he would be better, maybe his parents would feel better, maybe I would be feeling better” Ashley said
“Don’t you think then, maybe you wouldn’t be walking with me here” Dana replied.
“I don’t know what to do? I’m feeling guilty and there’s nothing I can do” Ashley said to Dana
“You know what! I can help you, when we get to the store, you can buy a good music CD, and it will help you feel a lot better” Dana replied.
Eventually they reach the Store, they both went inside and Dana goes behind the counter, and returns to Ashley, wearing a badge. Dana pointed Ashley towards a shelf,
“Go there and buy whatever CD you like, I can get you a discount too,” Dana asked Ashley
“Ok” Ashley answered.
Ashley went ahead to the shelf and started her search, after a minute or two a person comes in from the door and comes right ahead towards Ashley and moved to search a CD.
“Hi, my name is Vince; I’m looking for an Eric Wilson CD, could you help me find it?” Vince asked Ashley.
Ashley looked at him, found him familiar, and stared at him for a second and began speaking,
“Pardon me?” Ashley asked in surprise
“Hello, my name is Vince, I’m looking for an Eric Wilson CD, could you help me find it?” he replied.
Ashley though did not knew who is Eric Wilson, but I think she liked his charm and finally decided to help,
“Yes, of course” she replied to him.
When he left the store, Ashley was surprised about the person she saw today, she quickly picked up an Eric Wilson CD that she gave him, and went to the counter just after when Vince left
“Who was that guy?” She asked Dana
“I don’t know, I never saw him here, I thought you knew him” Dana replied.
”No I don’t, if I would, why I would come to you, but let’s say that his charm blinded me,” Ashley said
“You waited 6 months for Warren to wake up, maybe now is the time for something different to try”, Dana replied to Ashley’s comments.
Ashley had in mind that it was Saturday, the day when she visits Warren at the hospital, but the thing was that today she wanted to do something different.
Later that noon, Dillon and me were playing “The Wrestlers 2000”, we were kind of wrestling, I was always good at it, and Dillon used to lose every time. It changed today when he knocked me out at the game, that’s the first time ever that anybody had knocked me out, even Scott could never pull it over, though it was really astonishing, but I suddenly remembered that I had to talk to him about the dreams that I’ve been having.
“Hey Dillon, for a few weeks I’ve had been having dreams about Scott, and I realize that I miss him so much” Alex told Dillon
“Whoa, you’re kidding right? Because the brother, you never listened to is haunting you in your dreams,” Dillon replied
“Ok, enough jokes, I don’t know what to do; I just don’t get it, what’s happening to me?” I said clearly
“Ok, so take my advice, go see a psychologist, because you really need to” Dillon replied
“Is it really an advice or a joke?” I asked
“No, actually I’m really asking you to do that see if it is the time for you to change” Dillon replied.
Dillon said the thing he had in his mind, and I just listened, thinking that maybe I should do it, since I do not feel comfortable to talk about Scott to my parents. Later Ashley was thinking about what Vince would be doing, but she does not know anything about Vince. Vince moved into Blue Ridge, two days ago, he came from New York and it is on Ashley to see what she is going to do about Vince.
Vince came to Blue Ridge and bought a house right away, he came with his agent Raymond, and now so far Vince and Ashley’s feelings are not so apart, they both were thinking about each other. Vince was sitting on the couch and watching television, he suddenly closed it and his agent came to him,
“What next do you want, Eric?” Raymond asked,
“Ray, today I met this girl at the store, I introduced her to me and asked for helping me find a CD, and she gave me the wrong one, I think that she didn’t understood what I asked her for” Vince expressed.
“What are your plans now, you are away from fame,” Raymond said
“I am thinking to find her and know about her more, I don’t even know her name though,” Vince said.
Vince might have been crazy to think he will find her but the truth is that he had decided enough to follow and find her.
I realized that it is time for me to see a therapist, because Dillon might even be joking but he was right. I took an appointment and went to see a therapist, when I walked inside the room, there was a moment of resistance because I am not the type of person who actually goes to therapist, and I am what people call Jock. The therapist started by asking,
“Who am I?” I replied
“My name is Alex McAllen, I’m sixteen years old and I’m the most unusual teenager in my school”.
Ashley realized that whatever happened might not be her fault but not visiting Warren would be her fault, so she quickly got ready and left the house to go see Warren at the Blue Ridge Memorial Hospital. She was driving alone from a different road this time, fooling her mind that she is not going to the hospital. Her mind was on Vince this day and suddenly she felt stopped, her car got a problem and she stopped in the middle of a road thinking there might be somebody who can help her and give her a ride if she would call anybody but a thing came in her mind that she left her phone at her home. She waited for about fifteen minutes and saw a car passing, she left her leaned position to wave her hand towards the car to ask for help, when the car came nearer and stopped, and she got surprised that the person driving the car is the same person she met at the store; it was Vince.
Vince stepped out of the car and smiled at Ashley’s face, quickly believing that looking for any person with heart is not a problem.
“My car has stopped; I don’t know what’s wrong with it, can you do something?” She asked Vince
“Well I don’t know much about cars really, but I can drop you anywhere you want! Vince replied
“Alright I think its fine”, she said.
Vince gently and excitedly opened the door to the side seat of his car and she went inside on the seat, although she felt that the car was quiet luxurious that its seat was soft as a couch and no matter she didn’t knew anything about him but she immediately guessed that he is rich.
“I haven’t seen you around before, are you new to Blue Ridge?” she asked him
“Yes I have moved to Blue Ridge from about two days with my father, I came from New York” he replied
“New York is pretty good place, why do you wanted to leave it” she asked
“I just wanted a little and wanted to go to a new place” he replied.
Vince started the car and asked her, “Where do you have to go?”
“To the Blue Ridge Memorial Hospital, its nearby, right ahead from here and then a left turn” Ashley replied.
“You don’t actually look sick, are you visiting somebody?” he asked
She peacefully and sadly answered, “My friend Warren has been in coma for six months, I’m visiting him”.
“In coma for six months, what happened to him so bad?” Vince asked in a surprised manner
“His girlfriend dumped him and he got an accident, it was really bad” Ashley replied to him.
When they got into the hospital she walked into Warren’s room and thought that what she will say today; fortunately one thing was in her head all along that at this point she had realized that he would never wake up. Vince accompanied her to the hospital and told her that he will drop her home if she wants to go home with him.
She had found Vince very smart, charming and generous and she had seen it through the eyes of her friend Dana that now is the time for change and she and Vince will enjoy their time together. Inside the room, she sat on a chair near the bed and looked at Warren with hope, but it seemed to her that this hope is not going to wake him up so she took his hand in her hand and felt a broken bond.
“Warren, can you see that guy out there, Dana thinks that I should start dating him now, he's really nice and I could use someone to talk to who also talks back. The thing is I am lonely. The past four months have been hard on me. Therefore, what I need now is to know if it is okay with you if I go out with him, because if it is not than I will not. In fact, I would like nothing better than for you to just wake up right now and tell me not to go out with him. Just wake up and tell me! Please!" Ashley said to Warren, and looked towards him for about a second or two and put her head down in desperation that it is of no use, she quickly gathered her inside spirit, kissed at Warren’s hand and stood up putting his hand back on the bed again and left the room.
I went to the therapist right that afternoon and I was sitting in front him, he asked me questions such as “who are you?” and “why do you miss Scott?” It actually made me think that I am not the person I used to be and my life is breaking down in being like this. When the session ended, I got off the seat and followed the way outside and he said,
“You might think that I cannot help you but the truth is that I can if you let me and if you still wouldn’t want to change your mind then talk to your friends, it will be at least reliable”.
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