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Do You Love the Muffin Man?


Chapter 1- The Start of Something New

Um, hi,
Sorry, I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never really done a story based off myself before so hi my name’s Grace. This story I’m writing because a lot of girls don’t believe stories like this one can happen and be real. This story is about me and a boy and his name is Ryan. It’s hard to believe this story started when I met Ryan a little over one year ago. At the time I was just about to turn thirteen when I met Ryan it was sometime between March—May 2010. Honestly, Ryan did not leave a good impression on me. He was quite rude to me and I thought Ryan was ten when I met him. His first impression to me was, “ten year old brat”. I’m not kidding every time I saw Ryan for about a month my mind went, “Oh, look there’s the ten year old brat.”
Ryan knows that now and is very shocked that I thought he was ten when he was about to be thirteen just like me. In my defense I was quite a bit taller than Ryan when I met him. He came right up to about my nose he was probably shorter than that and I’m 5’5. So, yes I thought Ryan was ten and he was also rude to me. Ryan still won’t admit that I was taller than him in the beginning and Ryan also says if there was one thing he would back in time to change it would be not being rude to me. That’s really sweet, but I kind of like that that was my first impression of him and my first impression doesn’t affect the impression I have now. Now, Ryan does not look like a ten year old at all!
He is taller than me now and every single time I see him I feel like he’s getting even taller. Ryan is also extremely athletic. This is my first time liking a guy that’s really into sports so, it’s been…different, but I love it and if I don’t end up with Ryan in the end then being an athlete is definitely going on my list for what I want in a guy. Even though I’m not much of a sports girl and whenever I go to an actual baseball game I’m bored to tears, but when I go to one of Ryan’s games I love it. I’m fully intrigued by it. I really like Ryan and I’m excited to see what the future holds. One other thing I’ve learned off of liking him is that I definitely want a guy that has dimples. I love Ryan’s looks. I love his buzz cut dirty blonde hair, his brown eyes, and his dimples. It’s just right now I can’t see any guy looking cuter than Ryan. Even when I see a cute guy it’s like yeah he’s cute, but not near as cute as Ryan.
Sometimes I wonder why a guy like Ryan likes a girl like me. I mean we’re such opposites. I go to home school (no I’m not one of those weirdo homeschoolers that a lot of people prototype us as), he goes to a private school. I suck at sports and couldn’t be good at them no matter how hard I try, while he is amazing at sports and could probably exceed in every one. He’s a blonde and I’m a brunette. It’s just little different things like that and then I think about it and really we aren’t as opposite as some people might think. It’s easy to talk to Ryan and it’s fun to talk to him. But with the things we are opposite in well…one time I asked Ryan why he likes me and he told me he had a lot of reasons why and gave me ten of the reasons why he likes me. I don’t remember the reasons now, but I remember when he was answering; I just kind of squirmed and smiled.
Now you might think this whole story starts out during 2010 and though I will be telling some of my favorite times during 2010 this story starts during February 2011 when Ryan asked me for my number over facebook. By the time Ryan had asked me I had already liked him for about nine months maybe ten. Of course I said yes to giving him my number or well… he gave me his number and the minute I had it in my phone I was ecstatic! Whenever I got his number it was on a Friday and I was so extremely happy it was like the best night ever. I don’t really remember if we talked Saturday and Sunday, but I do remember that Monday I was playing a game on my computer when I heard my phone ding. I checked the time and it was about 2:30-ish. So, immediately I was wondering who this was because I didn’t think that schools were out yet. I looked at my phone and was completely in shock to see Ryan’s name on it. Ever since that day we text every single day unless one of are just really busy or in trouble. I think one of the best days for me this year was February 19, 2011, but the day before that (February 18, 2011) we were already so close by this time we could say, “Tell me a deep dark secret” and we don’t have to worry about is she/he going to tell somebody this?
Ryan had gained my trust very quickly. When Ryan asked me this I have told him everything except that I like him…a lot. I’m not going to be the first to admit that because I didn’t even know if he liked me. I was not going to risk losing a great friendship by telling Ryan I like him without knowing he liked me.
Back to the reason February 19, 2011 has been one of the best days of this year…well I think it would be easier to explain if I just show you our conversation.
R: Tell me a deep dark secret
G: Ugh, you already know everything
R: Alright
G: So, tell me your deepest darkest secret
R: No
G: Why not?
R: Because it’s really dark
G: Oh come on, how bad can it be?
R: Not telling
G: Okay, well is it good or bad?
R: It’s awkward
G: Okay, well can I guess?
R: I guess
Don’t judge me!
I know that I push.
What can I say with stuff like this? What am I supposed to do?
Besides this should benefit the future with us…I hope. I knew that this had to be him having a crush on me and I wished with all my heart that he’d just come right out in say it, but of course knowing him that wouldn’t happen. I wish it would. I don’t want to force, but I did. Since I didn’t want to make it immediately, do you like me? I did a couple of fake guesses even though I already knew the answers to both of them. If either one of these first two guesses were right I’d freak out.
G: Um…you’re a killer!
R: No
G: Um…you’re gay! Haha!
R: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G: Uh, you’ve got a crush on someone?
R: Maybe
G: Okay, and maybe means yes, who is she?
Or is it a he? I totally should have said that, Ryan probably would’ve freaked out, but that can be fun to do.
R: Maybe
G: Do I know her?
R: Maybe
G: Can you please stop saying maybe and tell me who she is?
R: Maybe
G: Okay; you said it was awkward so…is it me?
R: Maybe
G: You know what until you’re ready to tell me who she is let’s just move on
Half an hour later.
G: I have a statement to make
R: Okay
G: Just saying if your huge secret is that you like me I think that’s really sweet; you’re a really special guy
R: Thanks
G: You’re welcome
Twenty minutes later.
R: About the secret
G: What about it?
R: Are you at show stoppers?
Show stoppers are this performance that my friend was doing that I had planned on going to and Ryan’s sister, Haley, went to watch, but I decided not to go I just wasn’t in the mood for it.
G: No
R: Are you going?
G: No, I changed my mind…why?
R: Okay
G: Okay…what does that have to do with the secret?
R: Nothing; I was just curious
G: Okay, so what’s up?
R: Not much, what about you?
G: Not much, but I meant like what’s up with you bringing it up? If you don’t wanna talk about it then I’ll respect you, okay?
He’s lucky I said that because normally I wouldn’t say I’d respect him. Normally, I would be bugging him to reveal his secret. I figured if I backed off a bit then maybe he’d tell me. I guess we’ll see if he will.
R: I’m confused
G: With what? You brought it up?
R: Showstoppers or secret?
G: Secret
R: You guessed something right
G: I only guessed three things I know you’re not a killer, I know you’re not gay, so what you have a crush?
R: Maybe
G: Okay, if you’re gonna do this again then let’s just move on
R: You had it right
G: On?
R: What we were just talking about
G: What were we just talking about?
Okay, I knew what we were talking about, but I just want him to spit it out. I don’t want to have to ask questions and guess for him to tell me his “dark” secret. Be a man, Ryan! Spit it out!
I know, I know, Ryan, you were nervous and probably weren’t positive whether or not I liked you too. Guess what? I DO!
Oh, I just realized that’s like when you say I do for a wedding. Okay, awkward not going to marry you. Am I?
I don’t really know. I’m thirteen right now. I turn fourteen in May, but I don’t know what the future holds.
R: What do you think?
G: I think I’m through guessing and I just want you to tell me her name
R: You know her; no more no less
G: Okay, so I know her; is it someone I guessed?
R: I think so
G: So…me?
R: Yeah, but I can’t date so friends it’s awkward I told you
G: It’s not that awkward…I know this probably sounds weird, but since I’ve heard so many cases of this happening; how do I know this is you and not someone pulling a prank on me?
R: You would say you irk me
G: Now, why would I say that?
R: %) [:-]
G: Okay, so it’s you good and as I said before I think it’s really sweet that you like me
R: Thanks
G: Your welcome, I don’t know what to say now
R: Okay
G: Okay, I guess I should tell you though, I like you too
R: I guess
G: What?
R: I guess; could you tell me who you like?
I don’t know how he got confused, but yes I did just tell him I liked him. I don’t see any fault with him getting confused I think we were both kind of anxious to hear or well…see the other’s answer. A lot of times which later you will see that I do this I would do . …. …
I had told Ryan after he knew that I liked him that every time I did dots like that I’m saying something. So many times I would do one dot then four dots then three dots and I was saying, “I like you”. Ryan never learned that until a few weeks after this conversation.
G: I just told you
R: Who do you like?
G: Hmm, well you know him
R: Who?
G: You really don’t know?
R: Is it me?
G: Yeah
R: Wow, that’s sweet :-D
G: Haha, are you happy about that?
R: Well, it would be really awkward if you didn’t like me
Yes, it would be awkward if I didn’t. Yow, that would be really awkward if you didn’t like me. See that’s the reason I didn’t tell Ryan that I liked him first and that was the best day this year. You know, I don’t even remember what it was like to flirt with a boy and be subtle about it. As you will learn later on if I want to flirt with Ryan I spit it right out.

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