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Felicia: Blood Bond

Author's note: This is a continuation of the book Felicia.
Author's note: This is a continuation of the book Felicia.  « Hide author's note
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Father's Sword

Baby Dimitri lay on one side of my bed as I read a document sent over by the king of Radia referring to Dimitri’s belongings. I looked over to him and saw he was still sucking on his thumb like he had been for a while, but now he was lying back on the bed and rolling side to side. He looked over to me as he felt my gaze and gave me a smile before making raspberries on his lips with spit. His eyes scanned the ceiling for nothing in particular and his blonde hair moved side to side as he rolled around. His brilliant green eyes with blue specks in them looked back over to me as he realized I still looked at him so I looked back to the paper. I tried once again to focus on the paper, but jumped slightly as I felt something move the bed. I looked over to Dimitri to see he was closer than before and was slowly crawling towards me, “You can crawl!” I exclaimed as I set the papers down on my nightstand beside me and lay down on my stomach on the bed. I held my head up by my hands as I watched Dimitri slowly crawl towards me. I squealed with joy and he giggled to me. I picked him up, turned onto my back, and held him up in the air. He giggled as I made it seem like he was bouncing off of my stomach. Then I pulled him into me and kissed his cheek, “You’re such a big boy, Dimitri!” I exclaimed as I hugged him, “Now you’d really impress me if you could say mama! Come on Dimitri say mama!” I said and he gave me a curious look.
“Madua.” He babbled and I smiled.
“Almost there, honey!” I said with a laugh and then stood, “Do you want to go visit your horse?” I asked and his eyes seemed to scan my face as though I spoke a different language.
“Hasi!” he called and I laughed. He was almost fully speaking and I just adored it. I carried him on my hip as I left the room. I walked towards the front door of the castle but stopped when I saw Henry talking to Glen.
“Glen?” I asked as I walked closer and he looked to my son. He bowed towards me like he always did now that I was engaged to Vladimir and did not look me in the eye.
“One of my soldiers was injured on our way to the sea and I had to bring him here to get medical help from the doctor.” He explained, but I looked to Henry as he tickled Dimitri’s stomach.
“Can you say Uncle Henry?” I asked Dimitri as I bounced him slightly and he looked to me.
“Uwelhawy!” Dimitri yelled and then laughed.
“He’s almost there!” Henry said with a smile towards me.
“Yes, and he started crawling earlier.”
“Well is that true, Dimitri? You sure are a big boy!” Henry said as he took Dimitri from me and started throwing him into the air, catching him, and then throwing him again. I laughed as Dimitri did also, but then he started whining, “What is it?” Henry asked.
“Hasi!” Dimitri whined and I sighed.
“He wants to go see Ruby. He is obsessed with her!” I said with a slight laugh, “Do you think you could take Dimitri to see Ruby? I have some things I have to do before Vladimir gets back.”
“Sure.” Henry said and then carried Dimitri away.
“So how have you been, Glen?” I asked as I walked towards my room. He followed like I knew he would.
“Good,” I replied as I opened the door to my room, “And how is Algoria? Any problems?”
“None.” He replied as I picked up the papers on the nightstand. I put them against my chest and then walked to the dining room. I felt my heart tearing by his distance, but it is what had to be done.
“So have you found a girlfriend in Algoria? My brother said that when he was there a few weeks ago you seemed very pleased with a maid that followed you like a child,” I said as I placed the papers on top of a small pile of documents and sat down, “Please sit.” I offered and he sat next to me, but kept his gaze at the table.
“Of course not.”
“What do you mean of course not? Is it so weird for me to think that you may have found a girlfriend?”
Glen finally looked to me, “Has this ridiculous curse made you forget everything?”
“I told you when you were crying in our room at that inn in Ebony that my kindness and dedication is repaid by your smile. And I could never be at another woman’s side. I never want to leave your side to be at another’s,” He said as he looked to me and I looked away, “Do you not remember that?”
I looked away from him, “Of course I remember that, but I hoped you didn’t. I don’t want you to give up happiness because I am a horrible person in a horrible situation.”
“You’re not a horrible person, Felicia.” He said with a sigh and I quickly focused my emotions on the paper from the king of Radia.
“Please, Glen,” I whispered and I placed my head in my hands, “I am still trying to get over what I have put you through and you saying this is not my fault or you still have feelings for me will make me lose my composure. Then Vladimir will come back here to comfort me and I will kiss him and all thoughts of how much I long for you to be the man I am with will fade.”
“You still long for me?” He asked and I let out a small laugh as I started crying.
“You’re joking, right?” I asked as I brushed my tears off of my face, “If I can still feel my attraction towards you even with Vladimir at my side then you mean more than Henry does to me,” I let out a sigh after I let out a small weeping sound, “Why does this thing with Vladimir have to exist! Why did I have to receive this trait? I could marry you and be with you as I so badly want to!”
“Felicia…” Glen said as he started to put his hand on my shoulder but I pulled away from him.
“Please, don’t touch me. I will lose myself in my longing if you touch me.” I whispered, but was surprised when he stood. I was sadly ready for him to leave, but when he came closer to me I froze. He knelt beside my chair and kissed me deeply as I cried more. Vladimir’s connection to my mind was cut off by my desires for Glen and I pulled him towards me. He pulled me up so that we were standing and embracing each other. I had my arms around his neck as he used his embrace around my waist to pull me into him more. He lifted from my lips and started kissing my neck. I felt like I was going to melt in his arms and had to keep a moan from reaching his ears.

I looked to the table that was above me and to my right. It seemed much bigger than it had before, but I ignored my wondering mind and listened to my surroundings. Glen was breathing quietly as I slipped my dress back on and I quickly left the room. I went outside to find Henry sitting in my chair as Dimitri slept on his chest, “I shall take him.” I whispered and Henry looked up to me. He stood and handed Dimitri to me. Dimitri snuggled into my chest as Henry grabbed my hand so I could not leave.
“You slept with Glen, didn’t you?” He whispered and I looked away from him in shame, “You have to choose between them, Felicia. It is unfair to keep leading them on like this.”
“I know,” I whispered and then looked to Dimitri, “I need some time to myself. Please make sure no one disturbs me for a while.”
“Okay.” He whispered and I walked away. I snuck into the dining room and picked up my papers before going to my room with Dimitri. I placed him gently in his small bed at one side of my room and then went over to my own bed. I lay down and placed my papers to my side.
“Dimitri, what should I do?” I whispered to the quiet room, “Vladimir is going to marry me, but I still love Glen.” I waited a few moments for a response but then realized no answer would ever come regardless of how badly I wanted it to. I sat up and looked out of my bedroom window. I sat on the window seal and watched the sunlight cover my world. Parethia was now blooming with summer plants and looked magnificent. I sighed and then took on my pile of papers. I felt my heart start to race as Vladimir entered the castle and could tell how angry he was. His anger was so strong that when he came in the castle it nearly knocked me down and I knew it was all towards me. He had experienced the emotions I felt when sleeping with Glen and he knew what I had done better than I did. I looked over as Dimitri rustled in his bed and was surprised when he looked back to me. How long had he been awake and watching me cry? I went over to him and picked him up. I knew he had to be hungry so I let him feed. I then knew I needed to go outside or this problem would never end. I left my room but froze as Glen stopped walking. I looked away from him and quickly walked away with Dimitri in my arms. He let out a sound and I laughed when he tugged on my hair, “Stop that, Dimitri!” I joked, but froze when I saw Vladimir walking in my direction. I quickly pulled Dimitri closer to me and looked down in shame, “Please, don’t yell in front of him. You deserve to yell at me, but Dimitri does not deserve it.”
His hands clenched into fists, “Henry and I talked,” He whispered and I felt tears lingering in my eyes, “He said you need time to decide between death and forgetting about that other man.”
“Then why were you on your way to see me?”
“I needed to be near you,” He whispered and sighed, “I’ve been feeling sick for the past few hours and knew it was that I needed you, so I came to be with you.”
“Oh,” I whispered but then looked up as Vladimir’s hand rested on my cheek, “I’m sorry.”
“I know you are.”
“I want to marry you, but I still have feelings towards him.”
“So have you decided?”
I nodded slowly, “I cannot leave Dimitri like my parents left me to rule. I cannot leave Parethia when it is still not stable. I cannot bring myself to resist you, so I choose you.”
He smiled, “I know that also.” He whispered and then gently kissed me, but I knew he was still furious.
“Listen, I’m going to leave tonight so you can have some time to calm down.” I said as I adjusted Dimitri in my arms.
“You need not leave.”
“I know, but I was planning on bringing Dimitri a few places at some points and I think tomorrow will be a good day to do so.”
“What kind of places?”
“Where I used to play as a child, my father’s favorite part of the beach, and,” I looked down to my feet, “Where his father died.”
“Do you want me to go with you?”
I shook my head, “You will feel enough of my emotions when I go there and if you are with me you will want to make me leave that place but even if it breaks my heart to see where you killed Dimitri, his son deserves to see it,” I whispered, “Do you know where I can find Henry? I need to tell him I will be leaving soon.”
“Who will go with you? You shouldn’t be riding alone with just your child. You could be attacked by bandits or followers of the king that killed your family.”
“I’d like to go on my own, but I can feel that you will not allow such a thing.”
He smiled slightly, “I just care about you.”
“I know.”
“How about Rebecca? She would probably like to spend time with you.”
I shook my head, “She will never go near that place.”
“Then who will you take? You only are close to people who you would protect instead of them protecting you or if they would protect you it would be because he loves you.”
“What about General Aaron?”
He shook his head, “That man would rape you in a heartbeat.”
I laughed slightly, “You don’t even know him, Vladimir. He would never do such a thing.”
“I still do not trust him.”
“Then who shall I go with? It is ultimately your decision,” I whispered and then looked down to Dimitri, “As long as you are here I do not care what happens. As long as you are with me that means Dimitri will not end up like I did and he will have his mother even if he has lost his father.”
“Can you stop thinking about that child for just a moment!” Vladimir yelled and I felt myself shake slightly. I quickly pulled Dimitri closer to me. I had to keep him at my side or I would lose my sense of direction in the world again.
“He is my son,” I hissed, “He comes first!”
“Think about what you want for once!”
I looked down the hall and saw emptiness. I slowly pulled out my father’s sword that rested on my hip and made sure Vladimir could see it, “My parents died in order to leave Henry and me to rule! They did not leave you or anyone else for this job! You have not gone through the hell I have so stop talking to me as if you understand this! Dimitri was the only person who knows everything I have had to go through so unless he is the one who rises from the ground and tells me to raise our child a different way, I will do what I please!” I hissed and Dimitri started crying as a tear escaped me. I quickly put away my sword before I rocked him in my arms and made soothing noises. I then looked up to Vladimir, “I will go on my own,” I spat to him, “If you see Henry tell him I’m leaving tonight.”
He sighed, “If you leave now we will both become sick.”
I looked to him with fury in my eyes, “I would rather feel sick than be around you when you are in such a mood.”
“You act as if this is my fault, Felicia! I am not the one who is cheating!” He hollered and I lost all control over my words.
“I should have killed you when I had the chance! I would rather be with Glen than you and I would certainly rather be married to Dimitri as I have always wanted to be!” I screamed and then quickly turned around, “I hate you!” I hollered before I hurried into my room and locked the door behind me. I slumped to the ground and started bawling, but could not stop myself. Even if I knew Dimitri was crying because I was crying I could not stop this feeling of pain. Once I regained my strength I rocked Dimitri in my arms until he stopped crying and then brought him in his bed. He whined, but I ignored it as I went to my closet. I packed an extra pair of clothes for me, my outdoor gear, three pairs of clothes for Dimitri, a coat for each of us, and a few of Dimitri’s toys. I then changed into my ridding pants, a white shirt, riding boots, my sword belt with sword, and a thin jacket. I brought out a thicker shirt and pants for Dimitri and changed him into them before pulling up my extremely long hair that went to my hips now. I tied back my hair with a small strap of leather before I heard Dimitri whining louder. He was hungry so I picked him up, put him on my hip, and brought him towards the dining room. I passed Vladimir and a group of his soldier’s but pretended to not notice them as I fixed Dimitri’s shirt. A maid came to my side as I reached the door of the dining room.
“My queen!” The young girl called and then quickly bowed respectfully towards me as I turned to her.
“How may I help you, young warrior?” I asked with a smile as she blushed from my kindness.
“Prince Henry has requested to speak to you so I was just on my way to your room to retrieve you.”
“Well my son is hungry and I am going to try to give him real food for once. Could you ask Henry to meet me in here?”
“Yes, my queen!”
“One more thing,” I said and the girl quickly stopped her running to come back to me, “Please make sure the doctor attends to Prince Glen before he leaves our castle. He received a wound a few months back and it looked infected when I saw it earlier.”
“Yes, my queen!” She replied and then quickly ran off. I opened the door of the dining room and then brought Dimitri to the head of the table. I sat down and put him in my lap. A cook brought out some smashed vegetables for Dimitri and I fed him the food. He actually ate most of it, but then quickly seemed full so I stopped feeding him and let him play with my hair as I looked out the window and relaxed slightly. When the door opened I veered towards Henry and smiled as he came into the room. He shut the door and then came to sit at my side. Dimitri squealed when he saw Henry so I handed Dimitri to my brother who gladly accepted him.
“So Vladimir came into the throne room earlier in a crazed fury over what you said to him.”
“I assumed as much.”
“So you are going to leave with just Dimitri?”
I nodded, “I want to bring him to a few places.”
“That is good. He should see more of his country than just our property.” He said with a smile as he bounced Dimitri in his lap.
“I thought so.”
“Well when will you be leaving?”
“In a few minutes. The cook is already making a few things for me to bring.”
“How long do you expect to be gone?”
“No more than two afternoons from today.”
“Alright.” He whispered and then handed Dimitri back to me so I could go pack. I left the dining room and brought Dimitri to my room. I grabbed all of my supplies and then left the room. I went down to the stable and saw a maid was getting Sapphire ready to leave. I sat down on a bench near the stalls but looked up when I heard a horse running. Lucas rode over to me and stopped his horse.
“Lucas!” I said with surprise and he laughed slightly.
“I seem to have surprised you, my darling queen.”
“What are you doing here?”
“Did Henry not tell you?”
“Tell me what?”
“He wants me to ride with you while you are on this trip!”
He nodded, “But where is our other companion?”
“Other companion? Who else is coming?”
“I’m right here, Lucas. No need to fuss.” Glen said as he came towards us with his horse, Erebus, trailing behind him. I stared at him and squeezed Dimitri in my arms. I had to keep reminding myself this was all for my son. I smiled up towards both men and then turned as a maid came with Sapphire following her. I handed Dimitri to the maid as I quickly hugged Sapphire’s neck and kissed her sweetly.
“Ready to go, girl?” I asked and she snorted. I kissed her nose and then got onto my saddle before I took Dimitri from the maid. I set Dimitri in front of me on the saddle and put my right arm around him so he would not fall. I whipped Sapphire’s reins with my left hand and then started off. I looked behind me to see Glen and Lucas following closely. I turned back around and listened to Dimitri squeal as Sapphire sprinted through the forest. I went towards the mountain range closest to the castle and we reached the spot I wanted to be before the sun was fully set. I slowed Sapphire and Lucas came to my right as Glen came to my left.
“Where are we?” Lucas asked as he looked around us. I smiled as I looked towards him.
“Almost there,” I whispered and then slowly moved Sapphire forwards and stopped a few yards forward, “Look familiar?” I asked as I looked over to Lucas.
“This is where we split up the morning before Glen and I went to get Henry and you fought with King Darius.”
I nodded and then slowly got off Sapphire with Dimitri in my arms. I placed him on my hip and then strode a few feet forward before I stopped. I kissed Dimitri on the head, “This is where your grandparents and aunt rest for all of eternity, Dimitri,” I said and then pointed towards the north, “And a few miles that way is where your father rests for all of eternity. Say daddy.”
“Daueda!” He said in a squeal and I had to force myself to smile.
“That’s right,” I whispered as Dimitri played with my necklace, “When you are old enough to understand Henry will take you to this spot and tell you what he did for me. How he saved me and gave his leg for my safety and how this is also only a few feet from where I was shot and…” I choked back tears, “Where your daddy healed me up so we could reclaim our home,” I lost control of my tears as Dimitri pulled on my necklace I had hidden behind my shirt that held his father’s ring. I pulled Dimitri into my chest as he looked up to me, “I’m so sorry, baby. I wish you had met your daddy.” I whispered as I made a sniffling noise and then quickly brushed away my tears as I let out a sigh. I looked back to Lucas and Glen, “Shall we set up camp here?” I asked as I brushed another tear away as it fell down my cheek.
“Sure,” Glen replied and then I went over to Sapphire. I took off her bags and unpacked my camping tent. I placed Dimitri on the ground near me as I set up the tent but laughed as he started crawling away and went over to Glen, “What are you doing Dimitri?” Glen asked with a smile towards me, “Sneaking away?”
“It seems so.” I said with a slight laugh and then finished up my tent. I took Dimitri from Glen so he could finish his tent and went over to Lucas as he started a fire. I quickly made my way to my bags and took out some food the cook at the castle had made me.
I handed it to Lucas and he smiled to me, “Thanks,” he said sweetly as I sat down on the ground next to him, “What is this?” Lucas asked as he held a container up to me.
“That’s Dimitri’s food.” I replied and he handed it to me. I placed it on the ground beside me and then looked to Dimitri as he watched the fire, “Can you say fire?” I asked him and he turned to me.
“Fia!” He giggled and I nodded before we both turned back to the fire. Within a few minutes food was served and the three of us watched Dimitri play with a stick as we ate. He had already eaten and seemed to be getting tired. After an hour he started whining and I quickly went over to him. I picked him up and brought him to my tent. I put him in a large bundle of blankets I had made and then came back out as he fell asleep.
“He should stay asleep till at least sunrise.” I said as I sat down beside Glen and Lucas came back from tending to the fire to sit on my other side.
“You look much like the past queen when you are with young Dimitri.” Lucas commented and I looked to him.
“Henry said the same thing when he first saw me with Dimitri.”
“You are a very good mother, even if you are very young.”
“Thank you,” I said with a smile to Lucas, “So when will you finally be marrying Miss Dalia?”
He smiled back, “We are planning to get married in the fall. Her parents will be coming back from Radia at that point so we decided to do it at the very beginning of fall,” He gave me a curious look, “Will you be coming as I have asked?”
“Of course!”
“I’m glad. It would just not be right if you were not there, Felicia. I feel as if you are a family member.”
“Ever since we stopped dating it has seemed like we are like relatives, I agree.”
“Well Dimitri was much more suited for you at the time and I understood that so I knew our relationship would not last.”
“Yes,” I whispered and then looked up to the sky, “I wonder if Dimitri can see his son wherever he is now.”
“I’m sure he can. Death could not even keep him from watching over you.”
I looked to Lucas and then back to the stars in the sky, “I wish he was still here,” I whispered, “his son needs a father and I have a feeling Vladimir can never be the father I want for him or the husband I need for Parethia.”
“Are you truly going to marry him?”
I sighed and looked to the dirt below me, “Lately I have been debating just that,” I whispered but then stood. I looked back to the guys and smiled slightly, “Goodnight.” I whispered and then went into my tent. I cried myself to sleep quietly so that the other two would not hear my sorrowful cries to Dimitri and my parents to help me choose on whether or not to marry Vladimir. Lately the lust I feel towards him has faded and both Dimitri’s have taken his place. Along with their capture of my heart Glen has captured my soul and I feel as if I am tearing in four different directions. My soul calls for Glen, my mind calls for Dimitri, my heart calls for my son, and my body calls for Vladimir yet I cannot decide which way to go.

I woke up when Dimitri started crying and I quickly picked him up. I brought him out of the tent and slowly rocked back and forth as I made calming noises. He was still not calming down so I decided to do what always calmed him down, “Lullabies of sweet love-tell the story of from where you come-Hearts filled with love and joy-given to you by our King Troy-Mother’s care and siblings hope-are given to you on our mountain slopes-People cheer and pray for you-in love we give a name to you-Felicia-our greatest child-shall rule the world with just a smile-As we pray for years to come-we will love you through whatever may come-We saved our dream for such a girl-that will someday rule our world-Love is all we have and all we know-now that you have shown us so,” I sang quietly and he slowly stopped crying. I looked to the east to see the sun rising slowly and sighed, “I wish you had your daddy,” I whispered to Dimitri and he looked up to me with a smile. I smiled back and then sat down on the ground near the burned out fire. I placed him on the ground in front of me and watched as he crawled around on the dirt. I looked down to Dimitri’s ring and then up to my son, “I pray you do not end up like me, Dimitri,” I whispered to him, “Loving two people, but marrying another. I am despicable. Hopefully you are not cursed like I am. Then you will be able to marry who you want, have children, and rule our kingdom… If you had the choice, who would you want to be your father?” I asked and he looked over to me with curiosity, “You have his eyes, do you know that? You have your father’s eyes, his personality, and his smile. Maybe you will grow up to be as great of a man as he was.” My thoughts drifted as I watched Dimitri playing in the dirt. I listened to the surroundings and could feel my eyes welling with tears. I quickly blinked them away and then went over to Dimitri. I picked him up and brought him to my bag that was near Sapphire that was tied to a tree with food in front of her. I fed Dimitri mashed vegetables and did not think of anything until Glen came out of his tent. He walked over to me and sat down on the dirt beside me. I kept my focus on Dimitri while he ate.
“I don’t understand.” He whispered and I looked to him.
“Understand what?”
“Why you are still going to marry that killer. Did you not feel what I felt when we had sex?”
I looked back to Dimitri, “I may have felt more than you did, Glen. I felt more than I have in a long time.”
“Then why are you marrying that guy?”
I sighed, “If I don’t I will die and leave Dimitri.”
“There has to be a way to not marry him and still live.”
I shook my head, “I have looked high and low for a way around this so that you can become Dimitri’s step father but there is nothing. I have to marry Vladimir for the sake of Parethia.”
I looked over as Lucas crawled out of his tent, “Well what are you two doing? We have a tight schedule! We need to leave.”
“Yes,” I replied and then put away Dimitri’s food. I pulled him up on my hip and went over to my tent. I packed away my things as the two guys did the same with their own belongings. We were packed within 30 minutes of starting and then rode off. I led the group with Dimitri in my lap and did not stop Sapphire until we reached a deeply dented tree. I felt my grip around Dimitri tighten as I tried not to shake. I slowly got off of Sapphire and put Dimitri on my hip as I went over to the dark colored indention in the tree. I brushed my fingers across the odd mark on the tree and did not look away from it until I felt Sapphire’s nose brush against my back. I realized I was crying and quickly brushed my tears away as I turned to her. I kissed her nose and then gently brushed it. She gave me a saddening look and I smiled towards her with assurance, “I’m alright.” I promised her and she snorted. I slowly pulled off my necklace with his ring on it and held it in my hand. I looked away from the indention and towards the trees behind us. That is where Vladimir’s men hid before they killed the man I loved. I looked over to the two men as they watched me, “Alright, lets head towards the beach.”
“The beach? Why are we going there?” Lucas asked me.
“My father used to take me there as a child and I think Dimitri would enjoy going there as much as I used to.” I whispered and then struggled to get onto my horse with Dimitri in my arms. I made Sapphire sprint for most of the morning and afternoon and we did not stop until we reached the beach. I slowed Sapphire as I saw the blue waves of the tide and the light tan sand of the beach getting closer. I tied Sapphire to a tree near the edge of the land and then carried Dimitri to the beach. I set him down and he started playing in the sand as I scanned the area.
“You look as if you are checking to make sure a murder is not coming for us, Felicia. Are you worried we will be attacked?”
I nodded as I turned towards Lucas and Glen when they started walking towards us, “I do not trust everyone.”
“But this is Parethia, who would attack you here?”
“That is what I thought when I let Dimitri ride his horse at our border and he was killed. Who is to say there is not an angered enemy that had not presented himself and is out to get my son?”
“Vladimir is not out to get people near you anymore, Felicia. You need to relax.”
I smiled towards him, “Have you ever known me for a person that is relaxed at any part of the day?”
He laughed, “No, I guess not,” He said as he came to my side. I placed his hand on my shoulder and I looked up to him, “So have you made up your mind? This trip was to finally decide what you will do was it not?”
“Partially, but mainly I just wanted to get out of that castle that reeked of mistakes. I wanted to get somewhere that people were not guarding me all the time and I was not making bad decisions all the time. I wanted to go somewhere that reminded me of when I was a child and I quickly thought of the beach,” I looked to Dimitri as he found a shell, “But I still have not decided what to do about this Vladimir situation. I’m still holding hope that there is some way out of this cursed marriage that will give me control over my choices,” I moved from Lucas as Dimitri tried to pick up a crab and quickly threw him into the air before catching him and kissing him on the forehead.
“Mama!” He squealed and I let out a cheer of joy.

“Felicia!” Someone called and I let out a groan of exhaustion. I ignored the noise entirely as I tried to fall deeper into sleep, “Felicia! You have to get up! Right now!” A familiar voice hollered and I slowly opened my eyes. I saw my darling Dimitri standing above me. I felt pain in my foot and realized I was back in the camping sight after being shot. I felt as if something was off and looked up. In place of the roof of the tent I expected, there was a dark sky with stars filling it.
“Dimitri, where am I?” I asked in a groggy way.
“You have to wake up, Felicia! Our son is in danger!” He said as he shook my shoulders. I quickly looked to his face to see horror in his eyes. His red hair was covering his eyes as he looked like he was about to cry, “Please Felicia, wake up!”
“What are you talking about?”
“Our son has been taken! You’re asleep right now and the man who took him is getting further and further away! You must get up and go after him or our son will die!”
“Dimitri’s in trouble?” I asked and he nodded, “but…”
“You have to leave me, Felicia. You have to leave this dream or our son will die.” He said with sternness and I started crying without telling myself to do so.
“Okay,” I whispered and closed my eyes. I suddenly felt coldness around me and quickly reopened my eyes. I lay in the bed of the inn I had checked into, but as I stood I saw Dimitri was gone from his small bed that was at the side of my bed. I quickly sprinted to my bags in the room and took out my father’s sword after I threw on a coat. I suddenly had the feeling that I needed a bow and arrow and knew it was Dimitri telling me so. I quickly ran out of my room and knocked quickly on Lucas and Glen’s room across the hallway, “Lucas! Open up!” I yelled and he quickly opened the door with a yawn.
“What in heaven’s name are you doing, Felicia! It is the middle of the night!” He complained and I quickly pushed past him.
“Where is your bow and quiver? I need them.” I stated as I saw Glen quickly get out of one of the two small beds in the room. Lucas quickly went to his bags that were on the ground and brought his bow and arrow filled quiver to me. I quickly took them, but was forced to stop when Lucas grabbed my hand.
“Where are you going?”
“Someone took Dimitri!” I hissed, “I have to get him or he will be killed!” I quickly pulled away from Lucas and sprinted out of the inn. I ran to the area we had tied Sapphire up to and untied her harness. I ignored the lack of a saddle and quickly made her sprint in the direction I could feel Dimitri was in. I was surprised that I could guide Sapphire through the town and into the forest nearby with such knowledge I should not own, but I knew this was the way to Dimitri. I suddenly noticed a horse a few yards away and made Sapphire go in a different direction. I made my way through the trees and went around to the front of the rider. I got a few yards in front of him and quickly stopped. The man was forced to quickly stop his black horse of Algoria and looked up to me. Without a doubt he was a follower of King Darius. His brown hair and eyes held the truth of his upbringing and made it so I knew this man was raised to hate me and kill the new prince of the person who killed his leader, “Who are you and why have you tried to abduct my son!” I hollered as I noticed the man staring at my earring and necklace.
“You have taken the man I so dearly followed so I shall do the same to you and your dastardly people! Parethians do not deserve a successor from the womb of a brat such as you! You do not deserve to breathe the same air I do after what you have done!” The man hollered as I looked down to the small child in the man’s grasp that was crying, but could not let out a scream for the man held his mouth.
“Let my son go, Alrogian! You have no right to steal my son!”
“My king deserves to have this child sacrificed in his honor!” The man hissed and I quickly drew my arrow. I aimed at the man’s throat.
“I shall tell you once more! Let go of my son!” I hissed, “I will not allow a brown haired, brown eyed monster such as you corrupt my innocent son!”
The man pulled a dagger out of his pocket and held it up to Dimitri’s neck, “How dare scum such as you speak to me that way! Even as a villager of Algoria I am of higher rank than such foul matter as you!”
I redirected my arrow and quickly shot the man’s shoulder that’s arm held the dagger near my son. The man let out a gasp of pain as he dropped the dagger, but within a moment he drew his own arrow and shot at me. I quickly ducked and then made Sapphire sprint to the man’s side. I quickly struck his throat with my father’s sword with my right hand and with my left I quickly yanked my precious child from the man’s grasp. I pulled Dimitri into my body as I realized I had not instantly killed the man. In fear of the man trying to kill Dimitri before he died of blood loss I quickly made Sapphire dash away, but she stopped when I let out a yell and started to fall off of her. I pulled the crying child into my body and pulled myself around him. When we hit the ground I made sure Dimitri was protected as we skid across dirt. I painfully pulled myself off of the ground to look up to the man as he slumped to the ground with a final gasp for air. I looked down to my crying child to see his hand was bleeding from a small cut. I quickly forced myself to sit up and tried to stand up but felt a sharp pain. I quickly sat back down with a gasp as Dimitri’s crying increased. I wrapped his small, cold body in my coat and held him against my body. I made soothing noises as he cried, but looked up as I heard a horse sprinting towards us. Glen suddenly appeared on Erebus’s back as he made his horse sprint, but stopped the creature when he saw me watching him. He quickly jumped off of his horse and ran to my side as I saw Lucas coming closer on his horse. Glen knelt to my side and I quickly turned Dimitri towards him, “He’s bleeding! You have to clean out his wound!” I said as I felt myself start to cry. Glen pulled some gauze out of his jacket and wrapped it around Dimitri’s small hand. I quickly pulled Dimitri back into me as I started to cry harder, “Oh heavens! I almost lost you! I was careless and left you unguarded!” I apologized as tears dripped off my chin. I started shaking as I felt my son snuggling into me. My son seemed warm against me and I suddenly felt my own wound. Something was burning near the lower part of my back and I had a feeling it was what had made me fall off of Sapphire. I looked up to Glen and then slowly looked away, “What is it? What did that man pierce my back with?”
He moved to get a better look of the object and then looked back to me, “The king’s sword.”
I felt an ache in my heart as I realized how much blood he was looking at and how sick I truly was. I had been throwing up repeatedly since last night and I now realized how bad the pain was when I was away from Vladimir. Suddenly Dimitri flashed through my mind and I held our son closer to my body, “Thank you, Dimitri.” I whispered and suddenly felt his presence in the back of my mind disappeared. I felt as though I was going to faint, but quickly focused myself because if I fainted I would never want to wake up again.
“You can’t be so reckless, Felicia!” Lucas complained as he kneeled at my side, “You are the queen now! It’s not like it was the last time we traveled together! Do you want to make it so we have to watch another leader we love die? Do you want to put me and the rest of our country through this again?” He hissed and then slowly took Dimitri from me. He pulled the child into his coat and kept him warm, “But why were you thanking Dimitri just a moment ago?”
I looked up to him, “I’ve kept my thoughts from him for a long time now, but as I slept I suddenly returned back to the time I was shot in the foot. Dimitri was treating me, but the tent was not like it was when it actually happened and Dimitri was acting oddly. Suddenly he started yelling at me saying that our son was in danger and that if I did not wake up right then our son would die. I had to thank him for leading me to our son.”
“Dimitri is the only person I could actually believe could talk to you even after death,” Lucas said with a sigh and then looked to my back, “We need to get that sword out of your back or you will bleed to death at this very spot.”
“You keep the prince warm, I’ll help Felicia,” Glen said and then kneeled in front of me. He suddenly wrapped me in his arms and quickly pulled the sword one way while keeping my body against his. I let out a gasp and he quickly held me against him, “My blood will still be sufficient to heal you, correct?” He whispered into my ear.
I had to keep myself from shivering, “I think so.” I whispered and he held me tighter.
“Lucas, you should ride with the prince on Sapphire and I shall ride with Felicia on my horse. We can leave your horse here since it is just a regular military horse.”
“Alright,” Lucas replied and then stood. Glen suddenly picked me up and carried me to his horse. I realized they had already brought all of our bags with them here so we were ready to leave. Glen placed me on his horse and then quickly got on behind me. I sat sidesaddle with my head on his chest and he held me tightly against him, “Let’s go home.” Lucas said quietly as I heard Dimitri breathing slowly. He was sleeping in Lucas’s arms as I closed my eyes and slowly listened to the heartbeat of the royal man embracing me. I did not open my eyes for hours and slowly felt myself fall into a light sleeping state where I still heard everything around me. I did not open my eyes until I could feel Vladimir close by and knew we were within a few miles of the capital. I watched us pass hundreds of homes that seemed to have every resident of the homes outside to see me at such a fragile state. I ignored their gasps as we rode closer to Henry. I knew if I had Vladimir, Henry, and Glen in the same place with me, my agony would subside and I would not feel like I was dying anymore. When we reached the front grounds of the castle I heard many maids gasp in horror at my wound that was so easy to see. I could feel the blood from my wound was now flowing much slower, but my whole shirt was drenched in it and so was Glen’s and I had a feeling Dimitri had my blood covering him also with the possibility that he had passed it onto Lucas’s clothes too. I looked up from the ground when I felt Henry and Vladimir within a few yards of me.
“Someone get the doctor!” Henry hollered as he quickly came to me. He looked up to Glen for an explanation, but looked to me as I squeezed his shoulder in my hand.
“Henry, make sure my son is alright first. He was cut and he will have a harder time healing than I will. He needs to be seen by the doctor before me.”
“But you are bleeding profusely! You need help as soon as possible!” Henry argued and I smiled sadly towards him.
“But I have the curse, brother. Now that I am near three royal blooded people I will be much better off.”
“Bring the prince inside to the doctor!” Henry hollered and then slowly took me from Glen’s arms. He held me like a child as I clung to his white shirt, “Who must I kill for doing such things to you?”
“An Algorian follower of Darius took Dimitri in the middle of the night. I killed him before he could kill my son, but he was able to throw father’s sword I had thrown at him back at me before I could get away,” I whispered and then quickly diverted my eyes from Vladimir as he stared at me in horror, “I was foolish to have Dimitri out of the safety of our castle without a thousand soldiers around him.”
“I saw his cut, Felicia. It is nothing more than a scratch. He will be fine.”
“But he almost died because of how naïve I was.”
“Don’t fret over it, Felicia,” He whispered and then carried me into the castle. He brought me up to the infirmary to show the doctor changing the bandage on my sleeping child’s hand. I was brought to a bed and was told to lie on my stomach. The doctor came over quickly and saw my wound as I saw his eyes widen.
“You should have died when you received such a wound! How are you still alive?” The doctor asked and I laughed slightly.
“I’m very stubborn I guess.” I replied and he sighed. He put six stitches in my back and then bandaged my whole waist in order to keep my wound covered. Henry brought me to my room and he insisted I had to lie on my stomach. I did so and then looked to Henry’s worried eyes, “I am not going to die, Henry. Do not have such a distressed look on your face. It worries me.”
“How can I not look worried? You could have died today!”
“But I didn’t die, did I? I have been in countless situations where I should have died but I am still here.”
“You are too reckless.”
“We would not have our lives back if I was not reckless.”
He smiled slightly, “This is true.”
“Henry, could you please let me talk to Felicia alone for a while. I will watch over her,” Vladimir said and Henry left after kissing my forehead. Vladimir came and sat in the chair Henry had pulled up earlier that was at the side of the bed I faced, “You love him more than you love me, don’t you?”
I looked to him curiously, “You knew I loved Dimitri more than any other when we first started this, Vladimir.”
He shook his head, “I’m not speaking of Dimitri; I speak of the prince of Algoria. His heart is undeniable only towards loving you and yours’ is slowly coming closer to his.”
“I don’t know,” I said with a sigh, “I can’t think right now. You’re too close to me for my brain to work and my pain is clouding the few thoughts I can receive.”
“We need to figure this out, Felicia! I can’t wait any longer! You’re hearts jumping from man to man and I have to experience it with you! It’s driving me crazy!” He hissed as he threw himself into the air from the seat, “I’m fully in love with you and am dedicated to you while your heart is going from Dimitri to me to Glen continuously!”
I pulled a pillow into my face as I forced my tears to not fall, “You and I are both sick from being away from each other, Vladimir. Do not force my hand to make you leave my home. I will if you do not stop this, I promise you.”
“Who says you can banish me! I am your fiancé!”
I pushed my chest up from the bed with my arms in a sudden burst of power, “Get out! This is my home! Not yours!” I hissed as I started to stand, but felt my wound burst with pain and I uncontrollably collapsed onto the bed. I gasped in pain as I grabbed at my wound to try to stop the bleeding that now slowly covered my back.
“Someone get the doctor!” Vladimir screamed as he suddenly ran to the door and threw it open, “Get the doctor!” I felt as though my body was slowly melting away and leaving me through red streams that now flowed onto my bed sheets. I grabbed my pillow and squeezed it as more pain entered me.
“Dimitri!” I cried as I felt myself slowly dying. But in truth I am not sure which Dimitri I meant to call. The words escaped my lips before I had a chance to think them through and now lingered in the air around me like a dark cloud. Henry came bursting though the door with Lucas at his heels and the doctor only a few inches behind. Henry came to me and quickly tore off my shirt to see the damage. I understood by the revolting sound Henry made that it probably looked as bad as it felt. Lucas made a sound of disgust before he kneeled beside my face. I was crying and sweating now which he could easily see. I let out another gasp as the doctor ripped off my bandage that felt as though it was glued to my skin.
“The stitches have broken,” The doctor informed Henry who quickly looked to me as I blinked back tears, “Nurse! Bring my supplies!” He hollered and within a little while I was re-stitched but the pain did not stop. My bleeding did not slow for almost 30 minutes but when it did the doctor finally left my room. Lucas, Henry, and Vladimir stayed in the room. Lucas was in a chair near my bathroom, Vladimir was standing at the end of my bed, and Henry was sitting in the seat at my side he had left a little while ago.
“Where is Prince Glen?” Henry asked as he looked to Lucas.
“I’m not sure. I sent a maid to inform him of Felicia’s accident but he is still not here.”
“Well we should send another maid to reach him.”
“No,” I whispered and Henry looked back to me, “Glen does not need to worry about me more. Besides, he is probably at his soldier’s side and that is where he should be. He is soon to be king of Algoria so he should be with one of his people, not me.”
“But you are his queen, Felicia. I know he will want to come see you if you are injured because I would do the same thing. You will always be our queen regardless of where we live.”
I looked over to Lucas and then back to the pillow my hand clutched, “Henry, I want my son. Could you get him for me?”
“Please, brother.” I whispered as I looked to his familiar eyes of the distant oceans and hair of sand. He stood and quickly left. The room fell silent until Henry came in with my sleeping son in his arms. I slowly tuned onto my side that was furthest from my wound and Henry placed my son beside me. I wrapped my arms around the sleeping child who quickly scooted closer to my body and slept with his forehead against my chest. I lifted his scared hand to my lips and kissed it. I watched as the thick red line disappeared slowly. His regular pale skin progressively reclaimed the area and I let out a sigh, “I’m so sorry, my child,” I whispered as I pulled him closer to me. I looked over to Vladimir who was now watching me, “He is one of us. He has the royal curse.”
“Dimitri was a carrier?” Henry asked me with confusion and I nodded, “And now your son will end up like this?”
I shook my head and then slowly moved my head so I could look to my son’s almost snow-colored hair, “I will never let that happen. As long as I can I will shelter him from the difficulties of our life before he came to be,” I kissed the child’s soft hair, “I will protect you from men like the one from earlier and anyone else who tries to harm you or mutilate your innocence.”
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BethanyCobb16 said...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 10:14 am
This is veryy good! I sit in english class reading this instead of listening to my teacher. lol. I loved this book alot!! please keep writing!! :)
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Jun. 6, 2012 at 7:58 pm
I feel sorry for your english teacher, but thank you very much!
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Oct. 21, 2011 at 11:27 pm
I have been reading this book non-stop and it's truly amazing! You should really publish this book, I thing you would be really successful as a writer. Keep up the good work :)
headoverheels44 replied...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 1:29 pm
Thank you so much for the words of inspiration!! I'm not sure if I will ever publish, but if I do its awesome to know I have a least on person who will buy it :)
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I would totally buy it!!! :D im like the world's craziest Dark Romance freak hahaha and no problem, im currently writing a novel myself right now so hopefully it's just as good as yours :) you've got to keep updating, im so excited to see what happens next
headoverheels44 replied...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 12:20 pm
Cool! You should let me know when you put your novel on here so I can read it :)! Hopefully I will get some time (and inspiration) to write more on this story soon

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