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Felicia: Blood Bond

Author's note: This is a continuation of the book Felicia.
Author's note: This is a continuation of the book Felicia.  « Hide author's note
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Dimitri & the Curse

“Come on Ruby!” I called and she quickly came to her mother’s stall. I closed the door and then left the stable. I quickly made my way to the castle as rain poured down like it always did this time of year. When I went in a maid handed me a towel and I quickly dried off my hair and clothes. I made my way to the throne room to see Henry talking to Glen who stood below the platform for the thrones, “Glen?” I asked as I walked towards them and he turned to me with a smile.
“Good morning, Felicia.”
“Good morning.” I replied and then looked to Henry for an explanation to the sudden appearance of Glen.
“Glen has come to give us word that some of his guards are assisting Princess Rebecca to our home. She seems to want to see you as soon as possible, but she refuses to give a reason.”
“Yes, she was very cryptic in her letter but she said not to worry.” Glen added and I nodded before sitting down in my throne.
“When shall Rebecca arrive?”
“Any moment. Her group was a few miles behind me when I received the letter. Apparently Lucas immediately sent guards to her before telling me about the letter.” Glen replied with anger straining the name of another man.
“Lucas probably assumed that is what you would want, right Felicia?” Henry asked as he looked to me.
“Most likely. He knows how much I adore Rebecca. She was like a sister to me when we used to live here with the whole family.”
“Felicia, maybe you should not be chasing after Ruby. It is almost your due date, correct?” Henry said as he looked to my slightly large stomach.
“My due date was yesterday, Henry.”
“Then you should be on bed rest!” He argued, “You could deliver any moment!”
I smiled towards him, “You make it sound like I will burst.”
“You know what I mean, Felicia.”
I nodded, “Yes, but bed rest will just make me nervous and the doctor said to keep my stress down or it may make me sick.”
“Then maybe you should not talk to Rebecca…” Henry said as he gave me a knowing look.
“I will be fine, Henry. We are just two friends,” I said as the doors to the room opened. Rebecca came in as I stood. I quickly met her halfway through the room and we embraced each other, “Rebecca! It is so good to see you!”
She pulled me away slightly so that she could get a full view of me, “And you look twice the size as the last time I saw you! I believe this is the first time you have not looked like you are just skin and bones!” She teased and I laughed.
“Do not mock me, Rebecca. It is not kind,” I replied with a smile, “So I hear you have a matter to discuss with me?”
She nodded but then looked nervous, “Um, I don’t believe I should say this in front of so many ears.”
“Guards, maids, please leave,” I ordered and then looked to her, “Can Glen and Henry hear this?”
She sighed, “I think you need them to stay with you. I have some shocking news.”
“Let us go to the dining room.” Henry suggested and we all followed behind him to the room. I locked the door and demanded that no one was to disturb us.
“What is your news, Rebecca? You are making me anxious.”
“You should sit down, Felicia.” She suggested and I went over to a couch across from hers. I sat next to Henry as Glen sat beside her.
“Alright, I am sitting.”
She sighed, “I don’t know how to tell you this, Felicia, but…” She looked to the floor, “Eliot has left his wife.”
I felt like I was going to be sick, “He did? When?”
“A few weeks ago, but father and I thought it was just a fight that made him want to leave. Then he announced a few days ago that he wants to divorce his wife and,” She looked up to me, “Marry you.”
“M-marry m-me?” I said as I felt as if I was going to hurl.
She looked away, “He told me everything, Felicia. He told me what happened and I cannot believe it.”
I squeezed my hands, “I did not want you to find that out, Rebecca. I knew it would upset and anger you.”
“It did, but I understand.”
“You do?”
She nodded, “Eliot has had feelings towards you for many years, but isolated himself when he realized you loved Dimitri. Once you were not to marry Dimitri he probably took advantage of your weakened state and did things he should not have.”
“I’m sorry, Rebecca,” I whispered and then looked away from Glen because he did not know about the proposal made by Eliot, “Eliot said that if this child was his he wanted to divorce his wife and marry me. He comforted me when I was at your home a while back when I had so many wounds. But, I could not let him do that. I was not going to be the other woman and take him from his wife. I know what I did was wrong and regret it every day, but I want to make up for it by denying him in the future.”
“What will you do if it is his child?” She asked and I looked to her but looked away again.
“I will tell him and everyone else it is Dimitri’s. If this child is his then it will look like Dimitri also and I can make it so I will not be the reason Eliot divorced his wife.”
“If you love Eliot, Felicia, you should marry him. Don’t deny him if you feel the same way.” She said and I looked to her.
“I do not feel the same kind of love for Eliot as he feels for me,” I said with assurance, “I may have loved him when I was younger, but I do not now,” A knock sounded at the door and I groaned as I got up. My back was killing me and walking hurt my knees. I opened the door with a hiss, “What?”
“My queen, the army of Atria is heading towards our shared border and the king insists to see you.” The soldier told me and I felt my heart skip a beat.
“Alright, come get me when the king has arrived,” I said and then shut the door. I looked to the three people, “Rebecca, the king of Atria is on his way here and I am sure you do not want to be here at the same time as him.”
She frowned, “Why are you associating with that murderer, Felicia? If you don’t remember, he killed Dimitri.”
I nodded and sighed, “I remember.”
“Then why are you meeting with him?” She yelled and I went to my seat beside Henry.
“He has apologized for his actions and has tried everything he can to apologize to you, Eliot, and your father.”
“We are not going to accept his apology, Felicia. I do not plan to ever accept him. Besides, General Lucas told me you have been meeting with that dastardly king at least once a week.”
“Yes, I have.”
I looked away from Rebecca, “You could never understand.”
“Well at least try to help me understand! I feel as if you are drifting from everyone else except for that monster!”
“Rebecca, please…”
“No, Felicia! Tell me what is going on between you and him! I deserve to know, Henry deserves to know, and so does everyone else!”
“I’m not sure.” I whispered, but quickly looked up as the door flew open to see Vladimir, “Vladimir!” I gasped.
“Felicia!” He said with relief and then quickly came over to me as I slowly stood, “You need to lie down, now!”
“What are you talking about, Sir?” Henry asked in a defensive way as he glared at Vladimir.
“Felicia is going to go into labor any moment,” Vladimir explained and then took my hands in his, “you need a doctor.”
“How do you know that about Felicia?” Henry demanded and Vladimir gave him a sharp gaze.
“Why should you care what I do or do not know about Felicia?” Vladimir hissed and I quickly squeezed his hands in mine.
“Stop it, Vladimir. This is my brother Henry.” I explained and Vladimir sighed with relief.
“Thank the stars! I thought it may be those other men you told me about, what were their names? Eliot, Aaron, and Luther?” He said with a warming smile that made the pain crawling over my body weaken and made me feel better.
“No, none of them are here.”
“But why are you!” Rebecca yelled, “You kill her fiancé and are now coming to tell her rubbish!”
“Who is this, Felicia?” Vladimir asked me with a sharp glare.
“This is Rebecca. Dimitri’s sister.” I whispered as I looked to my feet and he seemed to tense.
“Oh. Princess Rebecca…” He started to say but Rebecca gave him an angry gaze and he stopped.
“Save your breath, I do not want to hear your apologies for what you have done.” She hissed and Vladimir sighed.
“But if you and your family never forgive me, Felicia will never let me rule at her side.”
“Vladimir, stop it.”
“I know you won’t Felicia. I understand how much this girl means to you. I can feel how much you love her.”
“This is unimportant right now, Felicia. You and I both know you have been in pain for almost an hour. You need to lie down,” He suddenly picked me up and turned to Henry, “Where is a doctor?”
“I will go get him,” Henry said with a strong look towards me. I knew he did not want to help this man, but he would in order to help me, “Glen, show this man to Felicia’s room. Rebecca stay with Felicia. She will need your support until I find the doctor.” Vladimir started down the hall and Glen quickly came in front of us. He led Vladimir to my room as I squeezed his shirt in my hand. Both stopped in the middle of the hall and looked to me.
“What is it, Felicia?”
“Contraction.” I whispered and they quickened their speed. I was to my room and in my bed within a few moments. Glen quickly ran to my bathroom as Vladimir stood at my feet and Rebecca knelt beside me as she held my hand. I squeezed her hand when pain flowed through my body. I let out a gasp of pain and she squeezed my hand.
“It’s alright, Felicia. It is your first major contraction,” She assured me and I nodded. Glen came back into the room with a wet cloth and placed it on my forehead.
“What can I do?” Glen asked Rebecca right before I let out another gasp and squeezed her hand.
“Go get Henry. Her contractions are coming extremely quickly and she may have her child before the doctor gets here if he does not hurry,” she looked to me as Glen left, “How many contractions have you had before we were told you are in labor, Felicia?”
“I lost count around 13.”
“Why did you not tell us?”
“They were not very painful at first, but the one I had in the hall was much quicker than the rest and much more painful.”
I looked to Vladimir as he came around my bed and sat down beside me. He took my hand in his and sighed, “Here comes another,” He whispered and suddenly the pain hit I squeezed both of their hands and let out a groan of pain, “Hang in there, Felicia. You are doing great.”
“Felicia!” Henry yelled as he quickly came over and stood beside Rebecca as the doctor came to me.
“How far along is she, Princess Rebecca?”
“She is contracting about every 2 minutes.”
“See if she is dilated.” He asked and she quickly looked.
“She is about ¾ of the way open.”
“Here comes the pain.” Vladimir whispered to me and I closed my eyes. I squeezed his hand as Henry took my open one that I also squeezed as I let out a small whine.
“How long was that, Princess Rebecca?” The doctor asked as he moved towards Rebecca.
“Not even a minute separation, doctor.” She said and he quickly lifted the end of my dress. Glen came over and took the cloth off of my head and replaced it with a new one. Pain surged through me as I squeezed both hands holding mine and let out a slight cry.
“She is fully dilated.” Rebecca said and I kept my eyes closed.
“My queen, push,” The doctor said and I did as told with a groan of pain, “Again,” I did it again and let out a louder yell as I felt as though I was going to die, “Another,” He said and I let out a yell. Hell could not be this painful, “Once more,” He called and I pushed with a cry. Suddenly crying filled the room and I felt myself start to cry, “Push as hard as you can, my queen.” He said and I did so. Suddenly the pain was gone and I felt my body loosen. Rebecca quickly grabbed a towel Henry had brought in and wrapped it around the baby. She cleaned the child off and then came over to me. Henry moved a pillow behind my head so that I could sit up slightly and hold the child. I couldn’t stop cry as I looked to the child. Everyone seemed to hold their breath as I cleaned all the stuff off of the child’s face that had made it so it was unrecognizable. I looked up to Rebecca.
“It’s Dimitri’s child,” I whispered in a weep and felt myself crumbling by the sight of this baby. I rocked the screaming baby and then pulled it into my chest. It suddenly stopped crying when it heard my heart and went to sleep in my arms. Henry brushed a piece of hair that had fallen into my face and I looked to him.
“Congratulations.” He whispered and I nodded as I smiled.
“Felicia, I shall take the child while you go through afterbirth.” Rebecca offered and I nodded. She left with Henry and Glen as Vladimir refused to leave me. It did not take long for me to go through afterbirth and when it was over I asked the doctor to leave Vladimir and me for a moment. When the door closed to my room Vladimir gently pulled my head into his lap and stroked my hair as I tried to relax. He watched me as I closed my eyes.
“You wanted him to be the father.”
I nodded regretfully, “I loved him.”
“I know and I shall never forgive myself for what I have done. Now that we are connected I can see how foolish I was and how much I truly hurt you,” He sighed, “You have feelings towards that other man that was here before? The one that gave you a towel.”
I nodded, “I may love him.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I know.”
“You haven’t told your brother, have you?”
“I don’t know how I can. He does not have a destined soul mate and neither does Rebecca, as far as I understand it. We seem to be the only two with this.”
“It makes us unique.”
“It makes us cruel.”
“How so?”
“I loved Dimitri and may love Glen, but I cannot be with them when my body, mind, and soul call for you.”
“I have fallen in love with someone else also, my beauty, but I gave her up once you spent that one night with me. I know I could never feel what I felt then with anyone else.”
“You killed Dimitri…I should kill you. It is what my father would have done.”
“Your father would not kill your mother if she had done this. He was attracted to her the same way I am to you. I may want to control you like I do with other woman, but I cannot. If I ever caused you more pain I would kill myself out of anger.”
“Could we just try staying away from each other?”
He sighed, “I tried for almost 15 years, Felicia and yet I went to horrid lengths to get you back. This is something we cannot just ignore.” He replied and I nodded. I slowly stood and he helped me not fall. He wrapped his arms around my waist and set his head on top of mine, “I can feel my urges to never leave your side growing stronger every day, Felicia.”
“My longing grows each day.”
“At some point we won’t be able to live hours away from each other. We will have to marry or we will go crazy.”
“I realize that, but let’s not think about that right now. I want to see my child.” I whispered and he nodded. He intertwined our fingers and then followed at my side down the hall.
“Do you want me to talk to Henry while you visit your child?” He asked but I shook my head.
“He will not believe you. Just go get situated in my room. Rest. I will wake you up when I come back to the room.” I said and he nodded. He pulled my body against his.
“I love you, Felicia. Do not keep me waiting too long,” He whispered and I nodded. He kissed me and even though my body was sore I felt a surge of lust flow through me. I pulled him closer and we kissed continuously until I reconnected to the truth of what we were doing. I pulled away, but he pulled me back, “Stay here.”
“I can’t,” I whispered and he finally let go. I left him and went to the infirmary to see Rebecca, Henry, and Glen sitting in the room quietly as they watched the small bed the child lay in, “Sorry I took so long. I was fairly weak.”
Rebecca looked up to me with a frown, “How did that killer know you were in labor when you had yet to tell anyone?” She demanded, but watched as I went over to the child. I held the baby in my arms.
“There is something about me that only Dimitri knew for most of my life and he helped me keep it hidden, but I ended up telling Glen of my secret when we killed his father.”
“What is it?” Henry asked with a frown.
“There is a trait that is passed through royal families that are descendents of the first king of this continent. It is a recessive gene that does not typically come up in most royal children, but sometimes does with each generation of pure blooded royalty and is called the royal curse. This gene makes it so royal family members would not die easily if near royal blood. There were only two people that had this trait in our parent’s generation; they were my father and Vladimir’s father. This gene also makes it so you are given strong attractions to another person with the gene, but since there were only two men with the gene they were faced with strong attractions towards two women that carried part of the gene. There was still a very low chance of any of their children receiving the full trait, but they tried. The king of Atria succeeded with the passing of the full trait in his first son, who is Vladimir...” I explained, but Henry cut me off.
“What does this have to do with us, Felicia?”
I sighed, “Our mother and father tried to have a child with the full trait, but neither Sylvia nor you received the full gene so they tried once again and gave birth to me and I carried the full trait. As given by the trait Vladimir and I would be strongly attracted to each other if we ever met. Vladimir saw me once and received his share of the attraction while I never saw him and did not. The trait makes it so the person will go mad until they have the attention of the other and that is what led Vladimir to kill Dimitri. I did not understand this part of the trait before this and was as angry as all of you when it happened so I set off on my own to kill Vladimir. He was still attracted to me and I finally received my share of the attraction. We cannot be away from each other for very long or we will go crazy and that is why I have had to go see Vladimir at least once a week. Otherwise I will either go crazy or become extremely ill…” I felt tears in my eyes and quickly put my child back into the bed, “Rebecca, you have to know I loved Dimitri with all of my heart. Truly I did and if I had known he would die because I loved him I would have never let him near me,” Tears poured down my face, “And I meant what I told you, Glen. I do love you, but this whole thing with Vladimir is getting worse. I have estimated that by my 21st birthday I will not be able to be anywhere without Vladimir and so I must marry him. I have to; otherwise I will die or go mad and may end up hurting all of you.” I lost it and started crying so much that I could not stand it. I felt Vladimir standing at the door with the memory of my words stopping him from coming into the room. Henry pulled me into his arms and I cried even harder. I repeatedly said I was sorry until my child started crying.
“He must be hungry.” Rebecca whispered and I nodded. I picked up my son and breast fed him. When he was done I held him so that his sleeping head was against my burned shoulder.
“I shall bring him into my room.” I whispered and then left the room. Vladimir leaned against the wall to the right of the door and quickly embraced me when he saw me, but not tightly enough to hurt my son. I put my head on his chest as he brushed my hair.
“It had to be done, Felicia. I know it was hard, but they needed to know the truth,” He whispered and I nodded, “You need to sleep.” He added and then led me to my room. I lay down on the bed with my son in the natural curve of my body and pulled my blanket fully around him even though he had on warm clothes. Vladimir lay behind me and looked over my shoulder to the baby, “What will you name it?”
“His name will be Dimitri Junior in memory of his father,” I whispered and he kissed my shoulder, “they hate me, don’t they?”
“Henry, Rebecca, and Glen.”
He sighed, “They could never hate you, Felicia. They are just confused and mad. They will calm down and then things will go back to normal.”
I looked to Vladimir, “My feelings for those other three men will not settle until they also know the truth.”
“You want to see them.” He said with an angry sigh.
“They deserve the truth also.”
He nodded, “Alright. We can send word for them to come here, but after you sleep. You need to relax for a little while.” He said with a full understanding of how weak my body was. I fell asleep in Vladimir’s gentle embrace and did not wake up until hours later when Dimitri Jr. started crying. I changed his diaper and then set him on my bed. I leaned above him and he smiled which made me laugh. I then noticed Vladimir was gone, but ignored it and focused on my son.
“You made a stinky, didn’t you?” I asked as I tickled his stomach and he laughed in a toothless, carefree way I never wanted to leave him. He was innocent and I wanted him to be sheltered from my horrible past and his father’s death involving Vladimir, “Where’s mommy?” I asked happily as I put my hands over my face, but was shocked when he started crying. I quickly sat up and picked him up. I rocked him in my arms as I made calming noises, “It’s alright, Dimitri. I’m here. I didn’t mean to scare you.” I said, but was relieved when he gave me a toothless smile again. I kissed his cheek and he laughed. I then set him back on my bed and pulled his shirt up slightly. I blew on his stomach and then kissed it. He let out a very loud giggle and I could not keep myself from laughing too. I picked him up and got off of my bed. I twirled around a few times as I felt my heart as happy as it used to be when my parents were still alive. I was like a child again, but did not care. I was happy again, “Do you want to help mommy pick out a dress?” I asked and he gave me a smile. I brought him into my closet and he seemed mesmerized by the clothes, “How about this?” I asked as I pulled the blue dress Henry had given me towards my son. He squeezed it in his hands and I smiled, “Alright, I’ll wear this,” I said and then took the dress and brought it and my son out of the closet. I set my son on my bed, but stayed close by so that he could see me. I changed into the dress and a pair of shoes beside me before picked up my son again, “Let’s go see your uncle!” I said and the boy smiled. I carried him out of my room, but stopped on my way to the throne room when Miss Lydia let out a squeal. She and three other maids ran over to me as they stared at my son.
“He is precious!” Miss Lydia exclaimed as she tickled his stomach and he let out a laugh. They all squealed with delight.
“What shall you name him?” The taller of the two other maids asked me with a smile.
“Dimitri Jr. after his father.” I replied, but looked up as I heard someone coming our way. Glen looked to the maids who quickly bowed towards me with their right fists over their hearts and then quickly ran away.
“Luther, Aaron, and Peter are here to see you. Vladimir said that you wanted to talk to them as soon as possible so they came over here quickly.” He explained and I nodded. I walked to the throne room as he followed close behind me and stopped as I opened the doors of the room. Peter, Luther, and Aaron all turned towards me with shock.
“Miss Faith!” Peter yelled as he quickly came over and hugged me. He looked to my son with surprise, “You had your baby?”
I nodded with a smile, “Yes. Earlier today.”
“Well hello there, little one!” Peter said to my son and then looked to me, “Is it a boy or girl?”
“Did you decide on his name yet?” Peter asked, but we both looked behind me as Vladimir came into the room.
“His name is Dimitri’s Jr. after his father,” Vladimir said as he came to my side and kissed my cheek. He then kissed my son’s head and looked to Peter, “Who might this young prince be?”
“This is Prince Peter.” I explained and Vladimir smiled.
“It is nice to finally meet you, young Prince Peter. Felicia has told me much about you, your brother, and your country’s army general,” Vladimir looked towards the other two men, “Good evening, Prince Luther and General Aaron.”
“Who is this, Felicia?” Luther said with a frown as he watched Vladimir put his arm around my waist.
“How rude of me!” Vladimir said with a slight laugh, “I forgot to introduce myself. I am King Vladimir of Atria.”
“Atria?” Aaron asked but I quickly moved as Luther started coming towards Vladimir with a fist in the air.
“Luther, don’t!” I ordered and he looked to me angrily, but I turned towards Miss Lydia as she came in, “Miss Lydia, please take my son to my room. He should not hear this.” I asked and she quickly came over to me and took my son away.
“He is the man that killed Dimitri, isn’t he?”
I nodded, “But you do not understand, Luther.”
“What is there to understand? He is worse than the soldier that injured you! I should kill him for you!”
“You will do no such thing!” I yelled and he froze. He was shocked by my anger, “If you lay a single finger on Vladimir your country will have to fight Parethia once again!”
“Felicia,” Vladimir whispered as he came over to me. I looked to him and sighed.
“I know. I should not get so worked up.”
“Prince Luther,” Vladimir said, “I understand why you are mad with me and I understand what type of feelings you have towards Felicia, but angering her will help nothing.”
“What do you know?” Luther hissed and Vladimir looked to me.
“More than you or any other man ever could.”
“Have you heard of the royal curse?”
“Yes. My great grandfather was a ruler with the curse.”
Vladimir nodded, “And you know that Felicia’s father was another ruler with the curse along with mine?”
“Well Felicia and I both are carriers of the curse.”
“Carriers?” Luther asked as he looked to me.
Vladimir nodded, “The madness the curse can give a person is what made me kill Dimitri and I regret that decision every day of my life. Regardless, Felicia and I are affected by the attraction given by the curse and even though we are supposed to hate each other, we cannot. We are forced to love one another more than humanly possible.”
“I don’t understand.” Luther said as he looked to me.
“Vladimir and I are destined to marry each other or we will both go mad or die,” I whispered and he frowned, “I know the feelings you and Aaron have towards me and what I feel for both of you so I thought you deserved to know why I cannot accept you proposal. I’m sorry.” I added and Luther sighed.
“You didn’t choose to have the curse, Felicia. Do not apologize.” He said with a sad smile and I could not stop myself. I moved from Vladimir and hugged Luther tightly. He kissed the top of my head as he held me also.
“I’m still sorry.”
“I know.”
“My queen!” Lydia yelled as she ran in with my son crying in her arms, “He won’t stop crying! I’ve tried everything!”
I took Dimitri from her and he still cried. I swayed him in my arms and his crying weakened. I held him against my chest and made soothing noises until he stopped crying. Everyone watched me in awe as I looked to Dimitri and kissed him cheek. He giggled and I laughed also as I rocked him in my arms, “He just wanted you, Felicia. That is why he cried.” Vladimir said as he placed his hand on my shoulder. I looked up to him and then back to Dimitri as I nodded.
Rebecca came into the room and froze when she saw us. I held Dimitri as Vladimir stood beside me and everyone else watched me with amazement, but I looked to Rebecca and smiled. She came over to me and sighed, “Eliot is on his way here.”
“What are you letting him know?” I asked as I felt a strain on my heart of fear and regret.
“I told the soldier to inform him that the child is not his.”
“Not his child!” Aaron exclaimed, “What do you mean, not his child? What makes him think it was his?”
Henry came from his throne and to me, “Felicia thought it would be best if you two did not know about this, but the truth is Eliot was as likely to be the father as the both of you and Dimitri were.”
I noticed that my son was asleep and pulled his head up to my shoulder as his body rested against mine. He slept with my shoulder as a pillow and my body warmth to keep him cozy, “I did not want to upset you, Rebecca, or anyone else. I desperately regret what I have done. It was not fair to anyone and I hate myself for hurting everyone.” I whispered as I rocked back and forth so Dimitri could go deeper into sleep. Henry came over to me and brushed a hair out of my face.
“You look like our mother, Felicia.” He whispered with a smile and I looked to him.
“I hope I can be as good of a mother as she was.”
“Felicia!” I head Eliot yell as he came into the room. He froze when he saw the child in my arms and the man at my side. When he walked over his frown increased, “You!” He hissed as he looked to Vladimir. He lifted Vladimir off the ground by his shirt, but Vladimir did not even flinch, “I should kill you!”
“Put me down.” Vladimir said as Dimitri started crying. I quickly rocked the child as everyone stopped. I walked away from the group and towards the window of the room. I rocked Dimitri as I looked through the large windows of the room. I saw my city, my country and was reminded I was their queen. I had a duty to marry. In place of Sylvia I would marry and for Sylvia I would deny Eliot. I started humming ‘to our new princess.’
“Lullabies of sweet love-tell the story of from where you come-Hearts filled with love and joy-given to you by our King Troy-Mother’s care and siblings hope-are given to you on our mountain slopes-People cheer and pray for you-in love we give a name to you-Felicia-our greatest child-shall rule the world with just a smile-As we pray for years to come-we will love you through whatever may come-We saved our dream for such a girl-that will someday rule our world-Love is all we have and all we know-now that you have shown us so,” I sang to Dimitri as he loosened in my arms. I kissed the top of his head as he fell back to sleep on my shoulder. I went back to the group as they all watched me, “Keep your voice down, Eliot. You have no right to wake up my son.” I hissed in a whisper.
“I didn’t mean to wake him.”
“But you meant to injure my fiancé, didn’t you?”
“Fiance!” He yelled, but kept his voice down.
“Yes, fiancé. Felicia is my proclaimed bride by the royal curse only we have.”
“Why did you call me here, Felicia?”
I looked to Eliot with a frown, “Because I could not pretend that you leaving your wife for me was alright any longer. I also cannot forgive you for what you did to Sylvia. You could have rejected her without breaking her heart and the relationship we had.”
“Felicia, I don’t understand.”
“Go back to your wife, Eliot.” I said in a hiss and he looked to Rebecca with anger.
“You’re her friend! Why are you allowing Felicia to marry the man that murdered our brother?”
“She has no choice, Eliot. She explained it to me. We may never fully accept what King Vladimir has done, but we must accept him as the man that will soon become Felicia’s husband.” Rebecca retorted and I froze. I could not believe she had just said that.
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This is veryy good! I sit in english class reading this instead of listening to my teacher. lol. I loved this book alot!! please keep writing!! :)
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I feel sorry for your english teacher, but thank you very much!
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I have been reading this book non-stop and it's truly amazing! You should really publish this book, I thing you would be really successful as a writer. Keep up the good work :)
headoverheels44 replied...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 1:29 pm
Thank you so much for the words of inspiration!! I'm not sure if I will ever publish, but if I do its awesome to know I have a least on person who will buy it :)
Spazzy_Kinz2013 replied...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 2:49 am
I would totally buy it!!! :D im like the world's craziest Dark Romance freak hahaha and no problem, im currently writing a novel myself right now so hopefully it's just as good as yours :) you've got to keep updating, im so excited to see what happens next
headoverheels44 replied...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 12:20 pm
Cool! You should let me know when you put your novel on here so I can read it :)! Hopefully I will get some time (and inspiration) to write more on this story soon

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