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Damned Forever

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Chapter 7

I tried to move forward but as soon as my foot touched the ground, a terrifying scream erupted and my body was shot with extreme pain; I was on the ground holding my bleeding ankle, the boots were sliced on the shin, digging deep into my leg. I watched the blood seep from my wound and pool on the dark ground; I ignored Carmen's attempt to pick me back up
"Doom! Please, leave them alone!" I pleaded as I watched him advance, Heath and Garret were still backing up, their faces defensive and scared. He paused for a second and straightened up, loOKing over his shoulder at me
"Why?" he demanded, I couldn't think of a reason, I couldn't tell Doom that they knew my parents, that they were my only hope to telling John I was alright and alive, I lied as smoothly as I could.
"They're end is approaching. I've seen it" that made him turn around and stared at me with wide eyes "please, just leave them alone. I'm begging you" he turned his raging glare onto the wolves and snarled at them
"You were lucky this time. Next time, you will fall" he warned backing up, then, as he got closer to me; he bent down and scooped me into his arms then carried me back down the alley, I stared over his shoulder at the wolves as they toOK one last loOK at me then disappeared into the night. Doom had been whispering in my ear
"You're alright" he gripped my body closer to him, I realized I was sobbing in pain as my leg throbbed and my blood left a trail, Carmen and Thor followed behind, the wild-cat jumped around Carmen playfully
"I'm scared" I whispered
"I know, it's OK. You're safe" he whispered back, what he didn't get was. I wasn't scared of the werewolves, I was scared of him; Carmen said he was one to be feared and she was right. I feared him, even more so than losing my own life.

The castle was empty of most vampires. Jaxon and Jacobi had stayed behind with me and the Seol's that only went out when the sun was up or when the vampire was out with me. I was already confused with the way vampires worked but I didn't argue, I just went to my room, got changed into a skirt and a grey long sleeve turtle neck; if I had a choice, I'd be wearing jeans but Jacobi stitched up my leg -with me wincing and asking if Annie could knock me out- and wrapped in a bandage. Good thing was, I didn't need crouches, just to stay off my leg, only down side was, someone needed to carry me places and that I was embarrassed about. Sarina and Poison were sitting with me in the large library, Annie had given me a list of boOKs to read but it was all things I'd read about at school or things I already knew. The first was Jack the Ripper from London, the infamous serial killer; I'd only just opened the boOK when the large mahogany door opened and Jacobi stuck his head it, the only reason I knew it was Jacobi is because he was wearing a cashmere sweater and khaki pants; Jaxon was wearing a long black coat and a golden chair around his neck.
"Can I come in?" he asked as I leaned around the chair to see him, he reminded me of a lost puppy, always shy but adorable at the same time
"Sure, I feel like I'm crazy talking to animals" I jOKed, Sarina hissed gently at my feet, I leaned forward, bending over the boOK and scratched the top of her head, between her ears where she preferred; she purred loudly as Jacobi toOK a seat beside me. His movements quick yet uneasy, I'd never heard of a shy vampire, especially one as beautiful as him, but at my comment, a small smile pulled at his pale lips
"Where is Jaxon?" I managed to ask, his hands were locked on his knee as he sat up straight and answered
"He's in the weaponry" his answer was sure, a fact and not a guess.
"What weapons do you have?" I asked, trying to -and failing- get him to be more comfortable
"Silver bullets, Desert Eagles, swords...many others" he answered softly "it's more his area instead of mine" he jerked his head toward the fire place. I loOKed up to -for the first time- notice a large painting that loOK a few decades old, but that wasn't what interested me. It was the ones in the painting, eleven men and women stood or sat in formal wear, Doom and Annie sat at the front, Carmen was beside Doom and Jaxon was beside Annie, a hand on her shoulder, behind him was Jaxon and then Thor; beside Carmen was Blake, Brody and Damien. But, the eleventh person stood behind Annie and Doom, almost hidden in shadows as if hiding, he was taller than all of them with thick curly black hair and bright green eyes, almost as bright as Dooms. The man's jaw was finely sculptured and his cheek bones were high and defined as if etched from stone; he was the only one not smiling, his jaw was set in what loOKed like a permanent frown, though he was exceptionally handsome.
"Maverick was the first Doom turned. They were best friends, brothers" Jacobi said as I turned from the painting to him
"What happened?" I asked, suddenly interested by this mystery man named Maverick
"Annie forbids me. If I tell you, you'll find out about some of your..." he trailed off, thinking he'd said to much
"Please. I can't see my past any more, I can't see anything and without it, I can't remember anything." I almost pleaded, Jacobi loOKed up at me with thoughtful eyes, after a moment of thinking
"Alright" he spOKe "but, not a word of it to Annie or Doom" I nodded quickly, eager to hear. "OK, around the time Derek first met you, Maverick was getting a little odd. He was sneaking off, wondering around and before you knew it, the tales of Jack the Ripper appeared" he loOKed down at the boOK on my lap, I loOKed down to see I had it opened on that exact page
"So, they lived in London." I stated, Jacobi nodded
"You see, Derek, after meeting you set the rule of no hunting humans. Maverick was outraged, he didn't approve of Doom dating a mortal so he rebelled and started killing women, before he was turned, Maverick preformed autopsy's on people so he had training on disemboweling."
"How could I live in the eighteen hundred?" I asked curiously
"That's more an Annie question, she knows more than I do. Doom and her are close as well....any way. When Doom found out, he put Maverick in isolation, only feeding him rats for six weeks. When he was released, more women were killed and then he did something so out of line, Doom should have killed him on the spot." It toOK me a moment that he was waiting for me to remember, I bit down on my bottom lip and thought hard and then I remembered that's not how my power worked
"I need to be alone. To get a vision I need to be completely relaxed" I said, hoping I wasn't offending him, Jacobi nodded
"Of course. I will be outside, call for me when you are done" he was out the door before he'd finished; I loOKed down at Sarina who was fast asleep with Poison on her head. I got up, placing the boOK on the chair beside me and brought my good leg under my bad one and rested my head against the chair, closing my eyes. I didn't grasp at the question but let my mind wonder to a dark alleyway where I imagined a dark figure under a lamp post, a wide-brim hat pulled over his eyes and a long coat draped over his body. Then, a jolt rushed through me, refreshing yet startling as the vision came to me.
It was cold. The nights breeze brushed against my bare skin, my dancers dress showed so much of my body that I knew Derek wouldn't have approved of me; I pulled a flask from between my cleavage and toOK a swig from it then jogged across the road placing it back in my dress; my heels clicking loudly on narrow streets. Gas-lamps lined along the crammed slums and brick shacks that made up London streets. Fog gently rolled through the fresh air; I glanced around as I ducked under the bridge to Derek's apartment. It was silent tonight and the night sky was clear and the bright moon beamed down on my velvet skin; I toOK another glance around as I entered the main road to Derek's home, the dark figure across the road was odd for London's streets, usually men were in bed with their wives or at Madame Mistresses, the local whore house of London. The figure stepped quickly across the road and then I was swept back under the bridge. I managed a simple scream and then my throat was cut.

The vision ended with me gasping for air, my foot pounding violently; the door flung opened and Jacobi was by my side
"I've been alive before! I was killed" I gasped, Jacobi puled me into his arms and quickly moved me from the chair onto the long couch where he laid me down gently, resting me up against the arm rest
"Breath." he ordered, I toOK in a deep breath and slowly felt my heart beat slowly
"How many times?" I asked in a whisper
"Have you died?" he asked, unsure, I nodded. "I can't say. I've...I can't tell you. I can only tell you what you already know. Yes, Maverick killed you because you were a...."
"A whore" I finished, if I hadn't seen it, I would never have imagined me in a can-can dress and high heels. Jacobi nodded
"Yes, but he also hated the fact that you influenced Derek so much that he changed completely. What Maverick failed to see was, without you. Derek was Doom, he was aggressive, morbid and uncaring but with you, he was Derek, he was forgiving, sweet and caring. You made him more human, brought the best out of him, so-to-speak" He said crouching in front of me, there was a faint knock at the door and then Jaxon pOKed his head in
"They're home. Doom wants to speak with you" he said to me, I nodded and allowed Jacobi to pull me into his arms and carry me out of the room, Sarina and Poison followed.
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nickquillan said...
Apr. 3, 2017 at 12:33 pm
keep going with this idea it's so good!!!
nickquillan said...
Apr. 3, 2017 at 12:32 pm
this looks good i hope there is more where this comes from
Jaguar17 said...
Mar. 3, 2013 at 1:21 am
WOW! love it, seriosly, write fast! If I don't read the next book soon I will die!
Nov. 8, 2011 at 7:47 pm
THis is like amazing.  I will be looking for the sequal.  write fast:)
DanielleMitchell said...
Oct. 9, 2011 at 8:40 am
Yes sorry about the mistakes, when the spell check was going through it was changing everything throughout the chapters, so I'm going to have to go through it again and fix everything. I'm sorry for the inconvinence. :)
ButterflyKiss said...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 12:56 pm
Oh my GOD. You had me hooked at the first chapter! I find your idea refreshing from all the boring vampire stories piled up on my shelf. :) Five stars!
Steph0804 said...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 10:58 am

I've only read up to chapter 6, but I'm loving it! The only criticism is that you seem to be missing a lot of punctuation, and all the "ook" verbs "look, book..." are messed up "loOK, boOK...", and you have a few spelling mistakes ("shutter" for "shudder"...).

But the story is amazing. Keep writing!

Steph0804 replied...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 10:59 am
("reflex" for "reflects")
Steph0804 replied...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 11:00 am
Question: doesn't black absorb sunlight and white reflect it?
Steph0804 replied...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 11:08 am
Hm... you have a couple run-on sentences...
Steph0804 replied...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 11:29 am
The plot has a lot of twists and turns... first Halo is crying, helpless, with the vampires... suddenly she's cheeky, courageous, and she's a werewolf campaigning against her fianceĢ...
Steph0804 replied...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 11:37 am
Wait-- what happened between chapter 14 and 15? First she's cradling the little angel-baby in her arms, and then she's jumping off a cliff...
DanielleMitchell said...
Oct. 2, 2011 at 9:47 pm
haha, that's sweet. and im working on it as we speak :)
Kvothe28 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 6:35 pm
I didn't read the entire thing, but what I thought was good. "My soul was back in my posession, but not in my body." I really liked that. =)
Kvothe28 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 6:36 pm
My previous comment should read, I didn't read the whole thing, but what I did read was good. I mistyped the first one. Anyway, 5 stars. =)
CresentShadow said...
Sept. 30, 2011 at 8:42 pm
I need more! (:

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