A High School Love Story

September 22, 2011
By SayuriKoizumi BRONZE, Somerton, Arizona
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SayuriKoizumi BRONZE, Somerton, Arizona
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(Sebastian, Xavier, & Riley are walking down the hallway of their school on the first day of 11th grade. Sebastian is somewhat upset.)

Sebastian- I can’t believe this. It’s been so many years and I still haven’t found the girl for me.

Xavier- That’s because you’re too picky.

Riley- It’s true. We’ve known you since like 6th grade and we’ve seen so many girls get a crush on you but they never seem to be “good enough” for you.

Sebastian- Look. I’m okay with getting a really hot girl like the ones that I’ve seen before, but I want a girl who’s beautiful and SMART, you know. There’s more than just the looks that you should like girls for.

Riley- Like?

Sebastian- Like how smart they are, how nice they are, how they act, how they think…
(2 Cheerleaders Pass by, Riley & Xavier stare at them.)

Xavier- Dibbs on the hot one!

Riley- Dude I saw her first!

(Xavier & Riley continue arguing as they exit offstage, following the cheerleaders. Sebastian talks to himself as he continues to walk to class by himself.)

Sebastian- All I want is a girl who is sweet and considerate, who would talk to me about how she’s feeling and is herself no matter what anyone else thinks.

(Bell Rings.)

Sebastian- Well, guess I’d better hurry to class.

(Sebastian gets to class, then opens the door for the cheerleaders, followed by Xavier & Riley, who are still arguing about them. Sebastian hesitates to walk into class and instead goes to drink water from the drinking fountain on the other side of the hallway. As Sebastian begins to drink water, Diana walks out of the classroom and stops right next to him.)

Diana- So you’re Sebastian, huh? My name is Diana. Teacher told me to get you into class so we can start.

(Sebastian gets up and looks at Diana, then begins to stutter.)

Sebastian- Oh… yeah… let’s go… to… to class… over there…

(Diana giggles a little then grabs Sebastian’s wrist & pulls him into the classroom and closes the door.)

(4 class periods passed, and now Sebastian, Riley, and Xavier get their lunch and sit down at a table. Riley and Xavier talk about the cheerleaders as Sebastian scans the lunchroom, searching for Diana.)

Riley- Diana’s over there Sebastian. Want me to call her over here?

Sebastian- What are you talking about Riley?

Xavier- You know exactly what he’s talking about. You like Diana. I can tell. Riley knows so too. And dude, I think she likes you too.

Sebastian- Still don’t get what you’re talking about.

Riley- The teacher didn’t tell Diana to go get you. She was talking to her friends about how cute she thinks you are and her friends convinced her to go talk to you. She likes you, and you like her.

Xavier- I heard she’s in the Honor Roll, and is one of the most well behaved students. See Sebastian? Beautiful AND smart- Exactly what you wanted.

Sebastian- Well let me get to know her first.

Riley- Okay if that’s what you want. (Riley turns around) DIANA! ( 3 tables away, Diana turns around) Come here! ( Diana turns around to her friends and they all giggle then Diana walks over with her food and sits down next to Sebastian. Sebastian becomes nervous.)

Diana- Yeah? What’s up… umm…

Riley- Name’s Riley, and that’s Xavier and that’s-

Diana- Sebastian.

Riley- How’d you know his name?

Diana- (Hesitates a little then answers) I just know. I mean- so far I’ve had him for all my morning classes.

Sebastian- Oh, sorry for not noticing.

Riley- So anyways… Diana I called you over because Sebastian here needs some help.

(Sebastian gets a confused look on his face.)

Diana- Help with what?

Riley- See, he’s never had a girlfriend before and he’s really upset about that and me and Xavier think you are the perfect person for him to talk to about that.

Xavier- So we’ll leave you two to talk about that because we need to go look at those smoking hot cheerleaders. Bye!

(Riley and Xavier exit offstage. Diana and Sebastian enter an awkward moment then Diana hesitates a little and begins to talk to Sebastian.)

Diana- So… you’ve never had a girlfriend?

Sebastian- (Sebastian starts picking at his food) Unfortunately, no.

Diana- (Diana begins to pick at her food as well) Oh, I’m sorry. I know how you feel. I’ve never had a boyfriend.

Sebastian- Really?

Diana- Yeah… I just haven’t found a guy who’s right for me. Most guys just go for the hot girls, but I want a guy who cares about how I feel and what’s on my mind and loves me for what’s outside AND inside- you know what I mean?

Sebastian- Trust me, I know EXACTLY what you mean, because…

Diana- Because? ( Diana accidentally drops her fork)

Sebastian- I’ll get that for you.

Diana- No, I’ll get it.

(Both Diana and Sebastian get down to get the fork. Their hands touch when they get to the fork. They blush and look at each other for a moment, then Sebastian gets closer and kisses Diana. They kiss for about a second, then stop and look at each other again and smile. Diana blushes then turns back to Sebastian as he tries to kiss her again, but the bell rings and they get up from under the table.)

Sebastian- (Regains focus) Oh, umm… here’s your fork.

Diana- (Still a little unfocused) Oh… thank you. (Blushes and smiles) So… Drama next period?

Sebastian- Yeah… Wanna walk to class together?

Diana- Yes! Oh umm… I mean… sure.

(Sebastian gets both their plates and throws them away then comes back. He hesitates then grabs Diana’s hand and they both start walking to class together. Outside the doorway of the classroom, Sebastian stops and pulls Diana to the side.)

Sebastian- I think I should ask now before I get nervous. Diana- Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Diana- YES!

(Diana jumps to Sebastian and kisses him. They kiss for about a second or two then walk into class together. Riley and one of the cheerleaders are talking when Riley looks over at Sebastian and Diana who are holding hands as they walk through the doorway. Riley stands up and turns to the rest of the class.)

Riley- Everyone! I present you the first new couple of the year- Diana And Sebastian! Everyone- Round of Applause!

( The whole class begins cheering and clapping loudly. Diana laughs. The teacher claps a few times then looks at the class. )

Drama Teacher- Well, I think it’s very clear who will get the two empty seats over there. Diana, Sebastian, take your seats please. And Riley- announcing their new relationship out loud to the class- very, different, indeed.

Riley- Only in Drama class I assure you… only in Drama class.

Drama Teacher- Alright then, everyone, I think we are ready to begin. (Looks over at Sebastian and Diana who are still looking at each other) Sebastian? ( Sebastian turns away from Diana and looks at the teacher) If at any moment you feel the urge to kiss your new girlfriend, let me know so you can do it in front of the class.

(Diana blushes while she laughs. Sebastian agrees and smiles at Diana then sits correctly as the teacher begins talking to the students about the class.)

(Sebastian finds Riley and Xavier outside the entrance of the school. Diana walks out of the school with Emily, Alicia, and Chloe. Diana sees Sebastian then turns to her friends and whispers “That’s him you guys.” Diana giggles then walks up behind Sebastian to try to surprise him but as soon as she gets to him, Sebastian turns around and pulls her close to him and kisses her. The girls start laughing and walk over to Sebastian and Diana.)

Emily- Okay Diana, you two can stop now.

Xavier- Yeah Sebastian, let go of Diana.

(Sebastian pulls Diana closer to him and wraps his arms around her. Diana puts one hand on Sebastian’s back and the other on the back of his head.)

Emily- I don’t think they’re gonna stop anytime soon.

Riley- Don’t think so either.

Emily- So… what do we do? Pull them apart?

Xavier- Emily and Chloe, pull Sebastian. Me and Riley’ll pull Diana.

Riley- Pull on three. One… two… three!

(Riley and Xavier pull Diana by her arm. Emily and Chloe pull Sebastian by both his arms. They all end up lying on the ground. Alicia is suddenly gone. Everyone except Diana is laughing. Diana gets a worried look on her face. Sebastian looks at Diana and becomes a little worried as well.)

Sebastian- What’s wrong Diana?

Diana- Alicia, she was here a minute ago, now she’s gone.

(Everyone stands up and looks around for Alicia.)

Emily- She was right next to me. I wonder where she went.

Xavier- She probably left home.

Diana- No I don’t think so. Mom would be very angry if we didn’t get home together.

Sebastian- You two sisters?

Diana- Stepsisters yeah.

(Chloe’s cellphone beeps. She reads a text message then turns back to everyone.)

Chloe- Hey I have to go right now.

Emily- What happened?

Chloe- Nothing. I just have to go. Bye.

(Chloe runs offstage. Emily becomes very concerned.)

Emily- I’ll follow her and see what’s up. Diana I’ll call your house later if I find out anything.

Diana- Alright then, bye.

(Emily runs offstage.)

Xavier- Well, I’m going with Riley to his house. Wanna come Sebastian?

Sebastian- Nah, I think I’m gonna walk Diana to her house and help explain to her mom why Alicia and Diana didn’t get home together.

Diana- Aww, really?

Sebastian- Not if you don’t want me to.

Diana- Of course I want you to, but we can’t let her find out about us being together ok?

Sebastian- Ok. (Sebastian grabs Diana’s hand.) Let’s go. I’ll text you guys later. Bye.

Riley- See you later you two. Bye.

(Xavier and Riley exit offstage and Diana and Sebastian exit to the other side of the stage.)

(Alicia is sitting by the fountain of the park. Chloe comes in running and sits next to Alicia. Emily hides behind a bush that is close by and overhears their conversation.)

Alicia- What took you so long?

Chloe- Why do you want to break up Diana and Sebastian? This morning you told Diana to go become friends with Sebastian now you don’t want them to talk to each other at all?

Alicia- I thought that if Diana became friends with Sebastian me and him would become friends too. I told her to do that so that he could like ME, not Diana.

Chloe- Girl, he likes Diana, your sister. Okay, just find another guy. There’s plenty of them out there.

Alicia- STEP-sister and that’s exactly what I mean. There’s so many out there, so Diana better get another one or else.

Chloe- Or else what? Wait- I don’t want to know, and I ain’t going to let you break them apart.

Alicia- You really think YOU can stop me? Look, if you even think about going against me at all, I swear, I ain’t going down alone. Got that?

Chloe- Fine.

Alicia- Don’t worry. You won’t be the only one helping me. I’ll get more people to help us. Two for now, but then more and more. I don’t care if I have to get the whole school to do this with me. No matter what, I won’t let them be together.

(Alicia and Chloe exit offstage in separate ways. Emily texts Diana but the text can’t be sent. She decides to wait until tomorrow. Emily runs offstage.)

Act I Scene V- “Would You Rather…” On The Way To Riley’s House
(Alicia walks to Riley’s house. Alicia waits by a bush on the way to Riley’s house until Riley and Xavier walk by. When they pass by, Alicia pulls Riley behind the bush to talk to him. Xavier continues to walk, not realizing that Riley isn’t next to him.)

Riley- Hey what the- oh… hey Alicia. How come you left earl-

Alicia- I have a proposition for you.

Riley- Umm…What kind of proposition?

Alicia- I know how none of us cheerleaders want to go out with you right.

Riley- Thanks for rubbing it in.

Alicia- Wait. What if I could get a cheerleader to be your girlfriend?

Riley- I’m listening.

Alicia- If you help me with one little thing, I’ll go out with you.

Riley- Whoa what?

Alicia- Yeah, you heard me. Would you rather waste your time trying to get the cheerleaders or would you rather do one small thing and have the cheer captain be your girlfriend?

Riley- What do I have to do?

Alicia- Just help me break Diana and Sebastian and you’ll be my boyfriend.
Riley- Well I don’t know. I mean it’s a pretty good deal but Sebastian is my friend and he’s finally happy and I-

(Alicia puts her arms around Riley and kisses him.)

Alicia- So yes or no?

Riley- Yes! Definitely yes!

Alicia- Okay. I’ll text you later. And one more thing, let’s just keep this our little secret alright?

Riley- Sure, whatever you want.

Alicia- Okay, bye new boyfriend.

(Alicia walks offstage.)

Riley- Wow… I have a cheerleader girlfriend! Man I can’t wait ‘til I tell Xavier! He’s gonna be SO jealous!

(Riley runs offstage.)

~End Of Act I~

(Diana, Emily, Chloe, Alicia, Sebastian, Riley, and Xavier are having breakfast together. 4 Cheerleaders walk up to the table.)

Cheerleader #1- Hey, Alicia. We gonna go plan out the “big performance” or not?

Alicia- Yeah, Chloe and Riley, we’ll need your help. Let’s go.

Diana- Why you taking Chloe and Riley?

Alicia- Because Chloe has great ideas and Riley is my boyfriend. Bye.

(Alicia, Chloe, Riley, and the cheerleaders exit offstage.)

Diana- When did Alicia and Riley start going out?

Sebastian- Got me on that one.

Emily- Diana, I need to talk to you about Alicia.

(School Bell rings)

Diana- Come to my house afterschool. We’ll talk there.

Emily- Ok.

Sebastian- Come on. Let’s go. We’re gonna be late.

(Everyone exits offstage.)

(Alicia, Chloe, Riley, and the cheerleaders arrive at the soccer field. The football and soccer team are waiting for them.)

Alicia- Ok everyone’s here.

Cheerleader #2- So how we gonna break them up?

Alicia- You all know how there is a big opening assembly next week right?

Cheerleader #3- Public humiliation! Nice!

Football Player #1- Let the girl talk would you?

Alicia- Thank you. Now let me explain. I’m doing the welcome speech for the students. Wouldn’t hurt to let everyone know about their relationship right?

Chloe- But aren’t the parents going to be there too?

Alicia- Exactly. My mom doesn’t want Diana to have a boyfriend until she’s 16.

Football Player #2- Mom finds out, everything’s down hill for Diana and Sebastian’s relationship.

Cheerleader #4- Ok but what are the rest of us going to do?

Alicia- Simple. Cheerleaders- make sure my mom and dad sit in the front of the bleachers on the left. Football players- make sure Diana and Sebastian in the front of the bleachers of the right. Soccer players- you have the most important job of all. After my Mom and Dad find out, they’ll take them outside and yell at Diana and Sebastian. You guys are gonna video tape all of it and make sure the whole school sees it the next day. Got that?

Riley- What about me and Chloe?

Chloe- I don’t feel comfortable with all this.

Alicia- Do I have to talk to you again?

Chloe- No ‘cause I’m out. Bye!

(Chloe exits offstage)

Alicia- Wait for it... Ok you 2- (points at 2 of the football players)- you look strong enough. Bring her back to me.

(The 2 football players exit offstage)

Alicia- Everyone’s clear on the plan?

Everyone- Yeah.

Alicia- Alright then. Go get ready.

(Everyone except Alicia exits offstage. The 2 football players return, dragging Chloe.)

Alicia- As for you, you know too much already.

Chloe- So do Emily and Xavier.

Alicia- What are you talking about?

Chloe- I turned your phone on and called them so that they could hear everything you said. They heard it all. And soon, Diana and Sebastian will know too.

Alicia- (Pushes a button on her phone to turn it off) You 2! Make sure she doesn’t get anywhere near this school ever again!

(Everyone exits offstage.)

(Diana is sitting alone eating breakfast. Sebastian walks in carrying a dozen red roses. He kisses Diana to distract her while he puts the roses down next to her bag. Diana puts her arms around Sebastian’s neck to pull him closer. Sebastian runs 1 of his hands through her hair. The bell rings and they stop kissing. Diana reaches for her bag.)

Diana- Well we need to go to cla- oh my gosh. These roses are so beautiful!

Sebastian- I picked them out for you. You love them?

Diana- Hell yea!

(Diana jumps to Sebastian and they both fall on the floor kissing for 5 seconds)

Diana- We’re going to be late.

Sebastian- That doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is that we are so much in love with each other.

Diana- Aww. But still, we have to go.

Sebastian- Fine. Let’s go.

(They both get up from the floor)

Diana- I love you so much.

Sebastian- I love you too. Now let’s go to class before they send the teacher in after us.

(Drama teacher walks in)

Drama Teacher- Too late Romeo and Juliet. Let’s go to class before I mark you both tardy.

Diana- Told you.

Sebastian- Well I’m sorry I didn’t listen.

Drama Teacher- Let’s go.

(Everyone starts walking into the halls. Diana grabs Sebastian’s hand and pulls him all the way to the drama class. They sit down and the Drama teacher begins teaching. Diana turns to Emily.)

Diana- Hey Emily. Why didn’t you go to my house yesterday?

Emily- Alicia said that you weren’t home.

Diana- I was home all afternoon. Why would she say that?

Emily- I need to talk to you about Alicia. It’s really important.

Diana- Well tell me.

(Alicia [right next to Diana] turns and looks at them)

Alicia- What you 2 talking about?

Emily- Umm, nothing.

Alicia- That’s what I thought. (Alicia turns back around and whispers to herself.) That’s exactly what I thought.

(Diana and Emily begin whispering to each other)

Diana- Alicia’s acting a little strange today isn’t she?

Emily- Diana, listen to me. Take my phone and listen to this recording I got yesterday from Chloe.

Diana- Hey, where is Chloe anyways?

Emily- Just listen to the recording. You’ll find out everything you need to know.

Diana- (Takes the phone) Uh, alright then.

Drama Teacher- Emily, Diana? Anything you need to share with the rest of us?

Diana- No.

Drama Teacher- Okay then. Pay attention to the lecture.

Emily- Okay.

(Alicia laughs. Sebastian turns to her.)

Sebastian- I don’t see how that’s funny at all.

Alicia- Of course you don’t. Because you’re blind.

Sebastian- Why you say that?

Alicia- ‘Cause you’re going out with her.

Sebastian- You got a prob with me dating your sister?

(Alicia gets up angrily and yells at Sebastian)

Alicia- Why doesn’t anyone in this school understand that me and Diana are STEP sisters! STEP sisters! Got that!

(Alicia grabs her things angrily and storms out of the classroom and slams the door.)

Drama Teacher- Well let me just call security to find her and take her to the counselor.

(The Drama Teacher walks to her phone and dials)

Sebastian- Damn. She’s angry.

Diana- Just let her cool off. I’ll talk to her later.

Emily- You sure that’ll be the best thing to do?

Diana- Umm... not really. But what else can I do?

Sebastian- Leave it to me. I’ll talk to her later.

Diana- You sure? You don’t have to.

Sebastian- Don’t worry. I can handle anything she has to throw at me.

Diana- Okay. Be careful alright?

Sebastian- What could possibly happen?

Diana- You never know.

(Everyone turns back to the teacher. Fade out.)

(2 hours after school ended, Diana and Alicia are home, and Sebastian has come to talk to Alicia.)

(Sebastian knocks on the door. Diana answers the door.)

Sebastian- Hey beautiful.

Diana- What are you doing here?! If my mom sees you we’ll both be dead!

Sebastian- Relax. (Kisses Diana) I’m gonna talk to Alicia.

Diana- Alright. I’ll call her. Come in and sit down in the living room. She’ll be here right now.

Sebastian- Got it.

(Sebastian sits on a couch. Diana exits offstage. 2 minutes pass and Alicia comes into the living room.)

Alicia- What do you want?

Sebastian- To talk.

Alicia- Go talk to your girlfriend.

Sebastian- Speaking of Diana, why are you ticked about the whole step-sister thing?

Alicia- As if it mattered to you.

Sebastian- Well I’m here and I’m asking for the answer so yeah I think it does matter to me.

Alicia- Whatever.

Sebastian- I get it now. You don’t like that I’m with your step-sister.

Alicia- Hey you actually do have a brain.

Sebastian- Because you like me.

Alicia- Get out!

Sebastian- Don’t be mad. You have Riley.

Alicia- I don’t care about Riley. I care about you.

(Alicia grabs Sebastian and kisses him. Sebastian pushes her away.)

Sebastian- Are you crazy?! I’m going out with Diana! And you are going out with Riley!

Alicia- That doesn’t matter! No matter what happens you WILL be my boyfriend, not Diana’s!

(Diana walks into the living room. Diana holds up Emily’s cellphone and pushes a button that plays a recording of Alicia’s voice.)

Recording of Alicia: Cheerleaders- make sure my mom and dad sit in the front of the bleachers on the left. Football players- make sure Diana and Sebastian in the front of the bleachers of the right. Soccer players- you have the most important job of all. After my Mom and Dad find out, they’ll take them outside and yell at Diana and Sebastian. You guys are gonna video tape all of it and make sure the whole school sees it the next day. Got that?

(Diana pushes a button to stop the recording.)

Diana- I know everything now Alicia.

Alicia- And? What are you going to do? Tell Mom and Dad? Go for it.

Sebastian- Don’t worry. (Gets up and walks next to Diana and holds her hand.) You can’t separate us. We love each other too much.

Alicia- Mark my words Sebastian. You will be mine. It’s just a matter of time.

(Alicia exits offstage.)

Diana- We can’t let her separate us.

Sebastian- Mmm. How do you feel about getting away from her for a week?

Diana- What do you mean?

Sebastian- Just go get your stuff. I’ll go get my car.

Diana- You sure?

Sebastian- Yeah go get a week’s worth of clothes and whatever else you need for staying out of this place for a while.

Diana- Okay. I won’t take long alright?

Sebastian- I’ll be back in 5 minutes.

(Sebastian kisses Diana and exits offstage. Diana walks upstairs to her room. While she starts packing her clothes, Alicia stands in the doorway.)

Alicia- You can’t leave. Mom and Dad will be angry when you get back. And besides, (Alicia goes into the room and closes the door.) I won’t let you.

Diana- You can’t stop me Alicia.

Alicia- You have no idea how long I waited for the day that Mom and Dad weren’t home so I could put you into a coma.

Diana- Bring it on sister!

(Alicia and Diana start fighting for a couple of minutes. Sebastian bursts through the door and sees them fighting. He quickly grabs Alicia and throws her to the bed. Alicia hits her head on the wall and gets knocked out.)

Sebastian- You’re bleeding.

Diana- I’m okay don’t worry. (Diana gets up then falls) Ow!

Sebastian- She hurt your leg really badly. Not bad enough to break it though. You can’t walk like that.

Diana- I can. Watch me.

Sebastian- Nope. (Sebastian lifts up Diana and carries her down stairs to his car.)

Diana- You never told me you were so strong.

Sebastian- (Chuckles) You never asked. Let me put you down for a second to open the door. (Sebastian puts Diana down, opens the passenger side door, lifts up Diana, and puts her in the car.) I’ll go get the rest of your things.

Diana- (Closes the car door.) Okay.

(Sebastian goes back inside and goes upstairs to Diana’s room. He packs the rest of her things and sees that Alicia is waking up. Sebastian quickly carries everything downstairs, put everything in the trunk of his car, closes the trunk door, and gets in the driver seat.)

Diana- Where are we going?

Sebastian- (Kisses Diana) You’ll see.

(Fade Out)

~End Of Act II~

(Sebastian and Diana arrive at Sebastian’s apartment in Nashville, 1 hour away from Diana’s home.)

Diana- Where are we?

Sebastian- The little place I go to when I need to get away from everyone else.

Diana- Umm...

Sebastian- Don’t worry. 2 beds, kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms-

Diana- So you call this place little?

Sebastian- Well, it might not be a good size for a whole family but for just you and me, perfect.

Diana- Aww.

Sebastian- Hold that thought.

(Sebastian gets out of the car, walks to the other side, opens the passenger side door, and carries Diana up to the apartment.)

Diana- Can you just let me try to walk by myself now?

Sebastian- Nope. I love you too much.

Diana- It’s been a while already. I can walk.

Sebastian- Fine, but the first sign of slight pain and I’m going to carry you again.

Diana- Okay.

(Sebastian puts Diana down. Diana almost falls but Sebastian catches her and carries Diana again.)

Diana- Ugh.

Sebastian- Why don’t you want me to carry you honey?

Diana- Because, honey, I don’t want you to hurt your arms or back from carrying me.

Sebastian- I won’t. Let me put you down so I can open the door.

(Sebastian puts Diana down against a wall, opens the door, picks her up again, and carries her into the apartment.)

Diana- Wow. This place is awesome!

Sebastian- I knew you’d like it. Let me set you down on 1 of the beds.

(Sebastian lies Diana down on the left bed and sits down next to her.)

Diana- Thank you.

Sebastian- No need to thank me honey.

Diana- Well, at least let me give you this.

(Diana gets up and kisses Sebastian. Sebastian lies down on the bed and pulls Diana up on top of him.)

Diana- How was that?

Sebastian- I’ll let you know when we finish.

(Sebastian kisses Diana for a minute.)

Diana- So what do you think?

Sebastian- Perfect. So... I’m going to go make you some dinner. What would you like?

Diana- I would like to keep kissing you.

Sebastian- I know you’re hungry. We can make-out after dinner.

Diana- Fine, but you pick.

Sebastian- No you pick.

Diana- Umm, I really don’t know what I’m in the mood for.

Sebastian- Well let’s see, how about spaghetti, while watching a movie?

Diana- What movie?

Sebastian- Whichever you want. We can rent some if you want.

Diana- Actually umm... don’t you think it’s late? Maybe we should just get some rest. We can get some movies tomorrow.

Sebastian- Alright. (Sebastian gets up and lies Diana down. Sebastian covers Diana with a blanket and kisses her forehead.) Sweet dreams honey.

Diana- Sweet dreams.

(Sebastian goes to his bed, lies down, and turns off the lights. Blackout.)

(The next morning, Sebastian wakes up and sits down on his bed. He looks over at Diana, gets up, goes to Diana’s bed, lifts up the blanket, lies down next to Diana, and covers himself with the blanket. Diana wakes up and Sebastian notices that Diana is cold.)

Sebastian- You’re cold.

Diana- No I’m not. Just my skin is cold.

Sebastian- Which means that you are cold. (Sebastian puts his arms around Diana and gets closer to her)

Diana- Sebastian, (Diana turns around, pulls herself closer to Sebastain, wraps her arms around him, and begins to whisper) you are so warm. I feel so safe right now.

Sebastian- (Whispers to Diana) You should always feel safe with me. I’ll always protect you, no matter what. I love you with all my beating heart.

Diana- I love you too. (Looks over at the digital clock) Don’t we have to go to school soon honey?

Sebastian- No. We are going to spend all this week together, alone, just you and me. What do you want to do today?

Diana- I don’t know, but as long as I’m with you, I’m happy.

Sebastian- Well let’s sleep for a little longer. (Sebastian lies down upwards and lies Diana down on him, putting her head on his chest.) You look tired, and you’re still cold. I’ll keep you warm.

Diana- (Giggles then puts her arms around him) I can hear your heart beat. It makes me feel peaceful.

Sebastian- (Whispers to Diana as he runs his fingers through her hair.) Shhh... go to sleep... I love you... good night.

Diana- I love you too honey. Good night. (Diana closes her eyes)

(Fade Out.)

(Little did Diana and Sebastian know, Alicia had started a “civil war” at school- those who she convinced to break up Diana and Sebastian, and those who wouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of their love. Everything became divided in the school- seats in classrooms, tables in the cafeteria, even the hallways and restrooms. Everyone knew for sure, it would be only a matter of time before a fight broke out, a big one.)

Alicia- (Gets up on a lunch table surrounded by her friends and begins to shout) Those 2 cowards have been gone for days! It’s time we find them and-

(Emily gets up from her table, runs to Alicia, jumps to her, and tackles her to the ground. More and more people from both groups come into the fight.)

Emily- I won’t let you break them apart Alicia!

Alicia- You can’t stop me! No one can stop me!

Emily- No one but me!

(Emily punches Alicia in the face. Alicia gets a bloody nose.)

Alicia- Look what you did! You messed up my face! I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done to me Sumerst!

Emily- I’ll make you pay for everything you planned to do to Sebastian and your sister!


(Alicia hits Emily’s head against the floor and knocks her out. A loud horn goes off and everyone stops immediately. 10 police officers enter followed by a head police officer and the principal. The head police officer gets a bullhorn and faces the students.)

Head Officer- Enough! Who started this fight!

(Alicia’s friends point at Emily and Emily’s friends point at Alicia.)

Head Officer- Alright. Little lady, you are coming with us. We are going to contact your parents immediately. (Turns to an officer) Get a doctor over here, and an ambulance. We don’t know what condition the other child is in. (Turns to another officer) Carry her into our car. Find out what you can about her and contact her parents. We are going to take the 2 downtown with us. (Turns to the principal)
You sir should learn to control these kids before we have to keep patrol officers at this school during school hours. (Turns to the students) To the rest of you, your lunch is now over. Report to your next classes immediately.

Riley- Why should we?!

Head Officer- Because if you don’t, I will arrest you for going against a direct order from an officer and can get you good time in juvenile prison.

Riley- (Looks around then looks back at the Head Officer) Umm, nevermind. I have to go. Bye!

(Riley runs offstage.)

Alicia- Hey! Riley! (Turns to the Head Officer) Great! You made my boyfriend leave! What’s your problem?!

Head Officer- I’m not the one who started the fight. (Turns to another officer) Get her out of here before I give her more time in juvenile prison!

(The officer takes Alicia offstage.)

Head Officer- What are the rest of you still doing here!

(All the students exit offstage.)

Head Officer- (Turns to the principal) That’s better. If I were you I’d talk to those kids and straighten them out before they start another fight. I’ll take care of these two girls. Good day sir.

(Everyone exits offstage.)

~End Of Act III~

(The afternoon after the fight, Diana decided to call her friend Emily to see how everything is going at school.)

Diana- (Dials the phone, waits 10 seconds, then hangs up.) That’s odd. Why doesn’t she answer her phone? She always answers her phone afterschool.

Sebastian- (Walks into the room, noticing that Diana looks worried.) What’s the matter honey?

Diana- I tried calling Emily but she won’t answer her phone.

Sebastian- Maybe she’s busy. (Grabs the phone and puts it down on the desk.) There’s no need to worry.

Diana- Let me try to call Chloe. (Picks up the phone and dials. She waits 10 seconds, frowns, then hangs up.) She’s not answering either. What if something’s happened to them?

Sebastian- (Grabs the phone, puts it down, and takes Diana in his arms.) Don’t be worried. If you’d like, we can go see them right now. Would you like that?

Diana- You’d really take me over just to see if they’re okay?

Sebastian- Of course I would, because I want you to be happy.

Diana- Aww. (Gives Sebastian a kiss) I love you.

Sebastian- I love you too. Let’s go right now.

Diana- Okay.

(Fade Out)

(Sebastian and Diana are in the car and Diana decides to arrive at her house first to let her parents know she is okay.)

Diana- My parents must be worried sick.

Sebastian- I think it’s time we tell them everything, even about me.

Diana- You sure?

Sebastian- Yes. Hey, we’re here.

(Sebastian pulls over and turns off the car. Diana opens the door of her house and they both enter.)

Diana- Mom! Dad! I’m home!

(5 seconds of silence passes.)

Diana- First Emily, then Chloe, now my parents? There’s something going on alright.

Sebastian- What about Alicia?

Diana- Well it doesn’t seem like she’s home either, but I bet that all this has something to do with her.

Sebastian- (Walks over to the phone machine) Hey, it’s blinking. There’s a new voice message.

Diana- Let me check. (Picks up the phone, pushes some of the buttons, then listens. 30 seconds pass.) Alicia got arrested!

Sebastian- Arrested? Are you sure?

Diana- Yeah the call is from the police station.

Sebastian- Well then we should head over there.

(3 knocks are heard on the front door. Diana walks over and opens the door to see that it is Xavier.)

Xavier- Oh thank God I found you guys! Do you have any idea what’s happened since you left?!

Diana- Well we just found out that Alicia got arrested, and that Emily and Chloe aren’t answering their phones.

Xavier- Alicia took Chloe’s phone and made the football players keep her away from school. Alicia convinced half the school to break you guys up while Emily convinced the other half not to. Alicia was yelling in the cafeteria that they should go out to look for you guys, then Emily tackled her to the ground. Almost everyone joined in. It was so bad they called the cops on us. Emily got knocked out by Alicia and the Head Officer took them both away to the police station.

Sebastian- We have to get over there now. Let’s get in the car.

(Sebastian, Diana, and Xavier walk out the door of the apartment and get in Sebastian’s car. Sebastian starts the car and starts driving to the police station.)

(Fade Out)

(Sebastian parks the car and turns it off. Everyone gets out and heads into the police station. Sebastian, Diana, and Xavier enter and see that Emily is okay and her parents are with her in the lobby, along with Chloe.)

Emily- Diana! (Emily runs to Diana and hugs her.) I’m so happy to see you!

(Chloe runs to Diana and hugs her too.)

Diana- I’m so glad you guys are okay. Xavier told me everything.

Emily- Your parents and Alicia are in that office talking to the Head Officer.

Diana- I think I should go in there.

Sebastian- If you’re going, then I’m going with you.

Diana- Okay then, let’s go.

(Diana and Sebastian enter the office and close the door behind them. Everyone looks at them. Alicia looks away.)

Diana’s Mom- Honey! (Runs to Diana and hugs her) You’re alright! I’ve been so worried! Where have you been?! And who’s this?

Diana- I’m okay mom. This is Sebastian. He’s-

Alicia- I told you she had a boyfriend behind your back.

Diana- Mom, he’s a great guy. He’s the one.

Diana’s Mom- I’ll be the judge of that.

(Diana’s Mom takes Sebastian out of the office)

Diana’s Dad- Just give them some time. Now, all this, over a boy?

Head Officer- If these two aren’t going to get along together, then maybe they shouldn’t be together. Sir, if I may suggest, maybe 1 should stay out of home for a while. I suggest the new academy that opened in Tennessee. It’s a boarding school, very nice, maybe Alicia here might like to go?

(Sebastian and Diana’s Mom re-enter the office.)

Diana’s Mom- Diana, I didn’t want you to have a boyfriend, but, I think I can make an exception in this case. He’s all yours.

Diana’s Dad- There’s a boarding school in Tennessee that the Head Officer suggests we should send Alicia to.

Sebastian- Um, if I may make a suggestion of my own, I have an apartment in Tennessee that me and Diana have been staying in that is close to the school you are talking about. With your permission, both me and Diana could go to that school together and stay in my apartment together so is not to make any inconvenience to you all. You can check up on us whenever you want and I could give you a key to my apartment if you’d like.

Diana’s Dad- Honestly, that sounds like a good idea.

Diana’s Mom- Oh I don’t know. It’s almost like losing my little baby.

Diana- Mom, I’m always going to be your little baby, but it’s time that this little baby goes. You’ll still be able to see me whenever you want.

Alicia- (In a calmed voice) Mom, Dad, let them go. Diana’s grown up now. She’ll be alright.

Diana’s Mom- (Sighs) Okay, you can go to that school and live with Sebastian, but I’ll pop in from time to time.

Head Officer- Well, now that you’ve all came up with a good solution, I’ll let Alicia off the hook.

Diana’s Dad- Thank you. Let’s go home.

(Everyone walks out of the office.)

(Fade Out)

(Diana’s parents, Alicia, Diana, and Sebastian arrive at Diana’s house. They enter and go to into the living room.)

Diana’s Mom- Well, me and your father will go sign you both up for that school. Sebastian, I’ll need your information. Could you come with us?

Sebastian- Sure.

(Diana’s parents and Sebastian go into the other room. Diana and Alicia are alone together.)
Alicia- I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you sis.

Diana- Why did you do all that?

Alicia- I guess I was just jealous. I’m really glad you’ve found the perfect guy for you. At least I don’t have to be the older sister later and beat up the guys that break your heart.

Diana- You really do care about me don’t you?

Alicia- I cared about you the whole time, but I was just too mad and blind to see that. And to think, after everything that’s happened, it all turned out better than before. For now, let’s just act like we still hate each other so that Mom and Dad won’t change their mind and make you stay.

(The sound of footprints are heard outside the living room.)

Diana- They’re coming.

Alicia- Love ya sis. I’ll keep in touch. And I’ll tell your friends that you said goodbye and maybe I could convince them to forgive me, and maybe we could be friends too.

Diana- Love ya too. I’ll talk to them for you.

Alicia- Good luck. Follow my lead. (Diana’s parents and Sebastian re-enter the living room.) I’m glad I’ll never have to see you again!

Diana- Right back at you!

Diana’s Dad- Enough! Diana, you and Sebastian can go now. Good luck you two. Diana, me and your mother will take your things to the apartment later on in the week.

Diana- Thanks Mom. (She hugs her mom and dad and goes to the front door.) Bye Alicia. Maybe you’ll have a change of heart later.

(Alicia winks then looks away. Diana and Sebastian walk out the front door.)

(Fade Out)

(Diana and Sebastian get to the apartment and enter.)

Diana- (Jumps to Sebastian) After all this, I can’t believe that we get to live together with permission.

Sebastian- I know. It’s practically as if we were-

Diana- Married?

Sebastian- (Blushes) Kinda yeah.

Diana- Well we kinda are.

Sebastian- True, but we aren’t officially married yet. Then again, we are starting a new life together.

Diana- (Giggles) Let’s act like we are married.

Sebastian- (Laughs) I now pronounce us husband and wife.

Diana- (Laughs) You may kiss the bride.

(Diana and Sebastian kiss each other.)

(Fade Out)

~End Of Act IV~

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This book has 5 comments.

on Oct. 29 2017 at 3:17 pm
potterheadpercyjacksonfan BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
OMG what a captivating read!

on Apr. 30 2014 at 12:21 pm
TaylorWintry DIAMOND, Carrollton, Texas
72 articles 0 photos 861 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby." - Unknown

Just to let you know, I write my comments live because you can get a better feel of what's going through my head. Unfortunately, sometimes it makes for a really long comment. Like really long. So I apologize in advance. First chap. is really good. You've already got me wanting to read more. It's adorable and totally realistic how awkward Seb and Diana are, but I don't feel like two guys would set up their friend on a date like that. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know; I'm a girl. Dang, that kiss came soon. That was adorable. (: it seemed a little soon, but it's okay. You made it work. The teacher is funny! I still feel like their relationship came too quickly. Drag it out; make the reader want them to date, but they're not. That'll keep them reading. Ch. 3 - Just watch your grammar and punctuation when you're doing dialogue. I can understand; it's easy to get carried away in their conversation, but you can NEVER sacrifice grammar. Any amazing story would be terrible with bad grammar. Ch. 4 - it's kind of weird when the girl said "ain't." It seemed out of character to me. It's cute when Alicia kisses Riley. Ch. 6 - Like greatwriter said, I feel like you don't have enough feeling in your writing. All of a sudden, Alicia is totally jealous of her step sister. It's kind of jumpy, and i feel like you're trying to get to the story too quickly. Sometimes, that's good. But in your case, more emotion could improve your writing significantly. Ch. 7 - their first little kissing scene was the most emotionless "romantic" moment ever. Make it spicy!! Good realistic anger from Alicia. I liked that frantic feeling towards the end. Ch. 8 - whoa, drama. Nice realism! Aww, what a cute end. (My exact thought) --> I'm glad D can get away from her devilish sister. Ch. 9 - they're so realistic. It's adorable! You make me wish I could have a relationship like that. Nice job. Make sure, when you're writing, that you keep your numbers in word form, unless they're over about 20. It's more formal that way. Ch. 10 - perfect writing, right there. Awesome. Ch. 13 - just curious how Xavier got there if they're now getting in Seb's car to go to the police station. I'm sure there's a logical explanation, but it's not too big of a deal. Ch. 14 - whoa, when did Alicia get so nice? I know she went thru the cops, but is she really all fixed now? Ch. 16 - I thought he was going to propose, but still a cute ending. Overall, really really nice job. I'm definitely impressed! There are just a few minor errors here and there that will be simple to fix. Some of your grammar is a little messed up, so watch out for that. Overall, I loved it. Interesting storyline and lots of realism. Nice.

greatwriter said...
on Feb. 12 2013 at 12:35 am
greatwriter, Chicago, Illinois
0 articles 0 photos 12 comments

Favorite Quote:
Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT.

I both like your story and don't like it. I like the pace and the way it's written but you might want to try to focus your future pieces on feelings. Like for Romeo and Juliet how Shakespeare captured their passion and undying love (I'm not saying it should be just like it but it does seem to skip over the deep feelings and jump straight into jalousy)

on Sep. 30 2011 at 9:49 am
Mermaidmissy SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
8 articles 0 photos 136 comments
Can you read some of my peoms please and tell me what you think. :)

on Sep. 30 2011 at 9:49 am
Mermaidmissy SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
8 articles 0 photos 136 comments
I really love your book it is very good and a loving peace. I think you should publlish some day and make a lot of money for that. Becasue I know I want to bye it. :)


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