The Robinson Boys

August 31, 2011
By Nievia, Charleston, South Carolina
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Nievia, Charleston, South Carolina
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The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 1:
I stare down at my feet as I board a plane, tears lightly falling onto my shoes. I hate having to leave my home, the place where I was born and raised, I hate having to leave Charleston, South Carolina. I take a seat and put on my headphones, wishing my music could take all of my stress and pain away, but sadly, it couldn’t. I listened to my music as memories of this morning flash through my head.
“Bye mom, bye dad! Have a good day at work!” I called as my parents closed the door behind them, it was Saturday and as usual, my parents were off to work. I sighed and flopped down onto the couch. I was exhausted from staying up all night last night studying for my math test. I heard my stomach growl and made a bowl of cereal, and then went back to the couch to watch TV. I turned it off when I saw that nothing good was on and went upstairs to my room to study some more. I blasted my music and started to study when I heard the phone ringing. I sighed, turned my music down, and then answered the phone. I was the picture of happiness at that moment.
“Are you Sabrina Davis?” A man asked, and my smile vanished.
“The one and only,” I replied, wondering what this random dude wanted from me.
“Sabrina, I’m sorry, but your parent’s got in a wreck.” The man said, sounding sad. I stood there frozen. He had to be joking right? He must have confused me with some other girl with my name. My knees buckled and I dropped to the floor and started sobbing. I couldn’t bear this. I don’t know how long it took, but finally someone came and got me, telling me what to do. I didn’t know exactly where I was supposed to be going or who I was supposed to live with, all I could think over and over was that they were gone. Forever.
I shake my head, repeating the name over and over in my head. Robinson, Robinson, Robinson. The name is permanently burned into my mind. My father’s last words to the doctors before he passed, was that I go and live them. They were old family friends, but I had never met them. I close my eyes and let the tears run freely down my cheek, letting the pain consume me until I get to the Robinson’s house. I fall asleep and stay that way throughout the whole plane ride. Finally, the stewardess wakes me up and tells me that we’ve arrived. I mutter a quiet thank you and then walk out of the plane. My body is stiff from sitting in the same position for so long, so I stretch out my arms as soon as I can and then look for a sign that says Davis on it. I don’t see any sign what so ever. I shrug and collect my luggage, not sure what to do next. With a sigh I sit down on a bench and stare down at my hands, and without even realizing it, I start to cry. My tears drip onto my clenched fist, and I feel completely broken. I don’t know how long I sit there on that bench, but soon I hear a woman asking about me.
“Have you seen a girl named Sabrina Davis?” She asks, I glance over at her and notice the worried expression on her face, and then stand up.
“Um, I would be her…” I say quietly, staring at the ground. The woman who I’m assuming is Mrs. Robinson smiles awkwardly at me and then hugs me.
“I’m so sorry about your parents, they were very good friends of mine and my husbands.” She says. I don’t hug her back, just stand there, probably looking like a zombie.
“Well, let’s get you home.” She says. Home. That word stabs my heart, but I manage to keep the tears locked up. We drive in silence, which I’m very thankful for. I need time to myself. I don’t even notice the car stop until Mrs. Robinson clears her throat.
“We’re here, Sabrina.” She says, smiling welcomingly at me. I smile back, but I’m sure it looks more like a grimace. I go to grab my bags when she stops me.
“No, don’t worry about that, the boys will get those for you.” I give her a questioning look and she smiles.
“I’ll introduce you to them all later, now come on, I need to show you your room.” I smile back at her.
“Thanks Mrs. Robinson. I’m sorry if I seem rude but I’m truly grateful that you’re letting me stay here, it means a lot to me.” I say, relaxing.
“Oh, it’s no problem really, I’ve always wanted a daughter, and please, call me Elizabeth.” She leads me into the house, which I realize is more like a mansion.
“Boys, I’m home!” Elizabeth calls out. I hear yelling and then footsteps. Someone is pushed into the room.
“Terrence, stop pushing Xavier!” She hisses, glaring at one of the two boys that just stepped into the room. I don’t pay them much attention because I’m wondering what the heck Elizabeth and her husband do to afford all of this stuff. I look around the house mystified and smile slightly, and then I see a picture of my mother, and I freeze.
“Elizabeth, can you show me to my room please, I need to be alone.” She must have seen the look on my face because she dismisses the boys and rushes me up the stairs. We get into my new room and it’s filled with a bunch of random, really hot guys. I stand in the doorway, not wanting these strangers to watch me cry.
“Boys, get out, now!” Elizabeth commands, they give her weird looks.
“We just wanted to welcome her, gosh.” One of them mutters, and then he seems to see the look in my eyes. Another one of them stares at me.
“You look horrible.” He says and I close my eyes.
“Please just leave…” I whisper, feeling exhausted. They all leave me alone, including Elizabeth, who seemed hesitant.
“If you need anything, I’ll be in the kitchen.” I nod, showing her that I had heard, and then collapse onto the bed and fall asleep.
The next morning…
I yawn and roll over on my side and then open my eyes to an unfamiliar room. Where the heck am I? I stand up and rub the sleep out of my eyes and then remember the events of yesterday. Then I think of my parents. My mom and dad wouldn’t want me to mourn them, and that makes me feel a little bit better. I don’t start crying, to my surprise. I get dressed in blood red tank-top, black skinny jeans, and red converse. I then pull on my favorite black hat and walk out of my room, realizing that I have no clue where to go. I stand in the hallway, glancing back and forth, and then decide to go left. I walk down the hallway a little, and then find a staircase. After going down the stairs, I find myself in the kitchen. Thank the lord, I am starving. I sigh and grab an apple off of the counter and start to eat it, savoring its flavor. My mom and I used to go out once a year to an apple orchard and eat apples and buy some to take home. With that thought I smile sadly and cry silently. I feel someone’s hand on my shoulder and jump slightly.
“You scared me!” I gasp, looking Elizabeth in the eyes.
“I’m sorry, I was just wondering how you’re feeling. I lost my parents too, so I know how it feels.” I nod.
“To tell the truth, I’m horrible.” I say, taking another bite of my apple. Elizabeth pulls me into a hug.
“You’re not alone; I stayed up half the night crying.” I hug her back, and then notice that she’s crying with me. We stay like that until someone clears their throat.
“Mom, is this the new girl that you told us about last night?” A deep voice says. Elizabeth pulls away from me and smiles.
“Yes, Sabrina, this is Terrence, my oldest son. He’s twenty.” I turn around and look Terrence in the eyes, I’m sure I look bored or just plain sad. I hold out my hand and try to smile.
“Hi Terrence, I’m Sabrina… and I guess I’ll be staying here for a while…” I say, not wanting to tell him why exactly I’ll be staying here.
“I know, mom told us everything last night. Sorry about your parents.” I flinch slightly from the word ‘parents’ but then close my eyes and try to focus on not crying. I open my eyes again to see that Elizabeth is gone and I’m left alone with Terrence. I sigh and left my shoulders relax. Terrence walks past me and to the refrigerator, his blond hair bouncing slightly with his every move. He has green-blue eyes that kind of remind me of the ocean, and he has a hot body. I eat the rest of my apple and glance around the room, looking for the trashcan, when someone takes the apple-core out of my hand and tosses it in a trashcan in the corner that I didn’t notice.
“Thanks…” I say, and Terrence smiles at me.
“No problem,” he replies and then sits at the table.
“So, do you go to college or what?” I ask, dropping down from the counter and sitting at the table with him.
“Yeah, I’m just visiting this weekend, I’m leaving tomorrow morning.” He replies as he peels the skin off of an orange.
“Cool,” I say. I thrum my fingers on the table and survey the room. It’s probably the biggest kitchen that I’ve seen, in person, at least. It has long counters with cupboards hanging above them and drawers and more cupboards underneath. There’s a separate counter with a sink and a bar and it has multiple snacks sitting on it. Elizabeth walks back into the room with ten boys and one man following her. My jaw drops when I see them all.
“Boys, will you please line up so Sabrina can see you all properly?” She asks, and they do as she says surprisingly. I sit there, staring at all of them. They’re all really hot, except for the little ones, they’re just adorable.
“Sabrina, you’ve already met Terrence, so now you have to meet the rest.” I look at Terrence and raise an eyebrow, he just chuckles and motions for me to stand. I do and then just stand there, not knowing exactly what to say.
“Um… I’m Sabrina and I guess you’re my new family, it’s a pleasure to live with you all.” I say, looking at the ground.
“Sabrina, you don’t have to be so formal you know, loosen up a bit.” One of the boys says with a smile. He looks like he’s about thirteen and seems like the kind of person I would hang out with.
“Sorry, I’m just kind of shocked by the large amount of boys standing in front of me; I don’t know exactly what to say.” I reply with a smile. Elizabeth and the man had left, so now I was alone with a bunch of strangers.
“Guys, stop staring at her like that, she’s uncomfortable. Look at her! Don’t worry Ri, I got your back.” Another guy says with a wink. Terrence groans and stands up next to me.
“Sabrina, that is Mark, the second oldest, he’s nineteen.” He says, pointing to the blond boy who called me Ri. They looked almost the same except Terrence’s eyes were bluer than Mark’s.
“And that’s Aaron, he’s eighteen, and new to collage.” He points to a brown haired boy who has emerald eyes. I smile and wave at him. He returns the smile.
“Then, there’s Campbell and Xavier, they’re twins and they’re your age. Seventeen.” He says, pointing to two boys who look completely different from all of the other blond and brown haired children. They have auburn hair and grey eyes that remind me of a storm. They both smile at me and I notice that Campbell’s eyes are a lighter shade of grey than Xavier’s.
“They’re adopted in case you were wondering.” I nod and notice that everyone is staring at me. I shift uncomfortably and avert my gaze from them.
“Then there’s Felix, he’s sixteen, Luke is fifteen, and then there’s our little thirteen year old, Brandon.” Brandon smiles at me and hugs me. I stand there for a moment in shock, and then hug him back.
“Sorry about your parents,” he says smiling at me. He’s the one who first talked to me when the mass of boys came into the room.
“And last but not least, the twins that aren’t adopted, Zane and Sammy, they’re one year olds.” Terrence says beckoning to the two little kids who I’m surprised aren’t running around the house. I smile at them and Sammy comes running up to me.
“Sabwina!” He yells, jumping into my arms. I laugh and hug him.
“Hey Sammy, what’s up?” I ask like we’re good friends that have known each other from the start.
“Nothin’ I just wanted a hug fwom you.” He says hopping out of my arms and running out of the room with his twin following close behind.
“Wow, Sammy never does that with people.” Someone says, using my shoulder as an armrest. I look up to see Xavier and then Campbell appears on my other side, using my other shoulder as an armrest.
“Yeah, Sammy doesn’t usually like strangers; it’s odd to have him act like that.” Campbell agrees with a nod. Xavier nods,
“I hope we all get along together, my mother always says we would run girls away before they got here but you seem to be handling us well.” He says, clapping me on the back. I chuckle lightly and then let out a sigh. The twins left, followed by everyone else except for Aaron, who was staring at me.
“What?” I ask, looking at him quizzically. He just shrugs and leaves the room, following his brothers. I walk back up into my room and blast my music until I fall back asleep.

The author's comments:
Thanks for reading :D I really appreciate it. Hope you guys liked this chapter ;)

The Robinson Boys
Chapter 2:
I wake up to the sound of music.
“Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
And aim for my heart
If you feel like
Can take me away and make it OK
I swear I'll behave…” ‘Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5’ played from a random room somewhere near mine. I stand up, curious when I also hear someone singing along.
“Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me 'til you're drunk
And I'll show you

All the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger
I've got the moves like Jagger…” The voice sings along, but I can’t tell who it belongs to. I follow the sound of the lyrics until I’m standing in front of someone’s open door, staring awestruck when I see who the godly voice belongs to.
“Wow, Terrence, you’re great.” I comment, and he jumps off of the floor, looking at me wide-eyed.
“Y-you heard me?” He asks, looking scared.
“Uh, yeah, your music woke me up and I was wondering who was singing with their godly voice.” I explain, leaning against the doorframe.
“Don’t tell my brothers, they’ll never let me live it down!” He begs, quickly turning his radio off.
“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, Terrence; do you need help packing?” I ask smiling at him. He shakes his head.
“Nah, I’m good, thanks for offering though.” He replies, returning the smile and then continuing to pack his clothes. I sigh and start to walk down the stairs when someone jumps on my back.
“Sabwina!” Sammy exclaims as I try not to fall down the stairs.
“Hey kiddo, how’d you sleep?” I ask, regaining my balance.
“Good! Make me waffles now!” He commands as we reach the kitchen.
“How about a pop-tart?” I ask, looking around and attempting to figure out where the pop-tarts even are.
“Okay, I want blubewwy!” I nod as he slips off of my shoulders and sits down at the table; waiting for me to retrieve is pop-tart. I start to search when Aaron grabs my arm and places a box of blueberry pop-tarts in my hand.
“Thanks Aaron, I guess I need a tour of the kitchen…” I say with a smile.
“No problem, I’ll show you around the house today, unless Xavier already beat me to it.” He replies, grabbing a bowl, a spoon, Coco Puffs, and milk and then sits down at the table next to an impatient and hungry Sammy.
“Sadly, brother, I already beat you to it, come on Sabrina.” Xavier says, grabbing my arm and tossing the box of pop-tarts to Sammy who squeals in delight while Aaron glares at Xavier.
“Um, can I eat first?” I ask, hearing my stomach growl. Xavier stops, grabs an apple off of the counter, and then resumes pulling me down the hallway.
“Thanks, I guess…” I say, biting into my apple as he shows me where the living room, bathrooms, game room, and then shows me his room. When he opens the door, I just stand there, shocked.
“You, paint?” I ask, blinking a couple of times as I notice all of the paintbrushes, easels, paints, and more supplies. His room’s walls are painted with different pictures. Trees, people, water, animals, anything really, but there is one spot left on the wall.
“Yep, I love to paint; what do you think?” He asks, sitting down on his bed and gesturing to the pictures on the walls. I nod vigorously.
“I love it,” I say smiling and focusing on one painting in particular.
“Who’s that?” I ask looking at it in confusion.
“It’s you, when you were little. My parents have a picture of you and your family and it inspired me… so… I painted that…” he says, rubbing the back of his with a weary smile.
“Oh…” I reply with a smile.
“Well, I think it’s really nice.” I say, glancing over at him to see him giving me a weird look. I raise an eyebrow.
“Um, thanks for the tour, I’m going to go and do something in my room… uh, see you later.” I mumble, waving and then walking out of his room blushing slightly. I bump into someone.
“Oh, sorry Sabrina, I didn’t notice you there.” Campbell says flashing me a smile.
“It’s no problem; I wasn’t really paying attention…” I laugh, looking at the ground.
“I’m guessing Xavier got to you by the way you’re blushing. Ignore him; he can be a jerk sometimes.” Campbell says, patting my head gently.
“Oh no, it wasn’t something he said, it was just, well, he painted me and I got embarrassed…” I reply looking up at him. He gives me the same weird look that Xavier had in his room.
“I’ll be going now, by Campbell…” I mumble, embarrassed again. I walk past him, our shoulders brushing together. I finally escape to my room without any more embarrassment and start to do what I do best; draw. I sigh as my pencil dances across the paper, not thinking and letting my hand draw whatever it wants to. Someone knocks on my door; scaring me and making my hand flit across the page, destroying my drawing of the Robinson family.
“Come in!” I call, closing my notebook and waiting for the person to walk into my room.
“Hello, I’m Mr. Robinson. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier, I had some things that had to be taken care of. You can just call me Ted, though.” Ted said. He looked exactly like his sons, except for his eyes which instead of blue, were green.
“Oh, hi, I’m Sabrina.” I reply with a smile. Suddenly there was a ringing noise.
“I’ll be back, sorry that we can’t talk longer.” He says, and then leaves the room while answering his phone. With a sigh, I start to draw again, this time, no one bothering me until lunch time

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 3:
Lunch was pretty hectic with all of the talking and laughing and even a food fight. I ended up with potato salad in my hair, rice down my shirt, and kool-aid staining my clothes and face. I made a face as I stared down at my now see-through shirt. I am currently standing in my bathroom and trying to not laugh at myself. I have to say that I look hilarious. No wonder Xavier fell off of his chair and rolled around on the floor in fits of laughter. I shake my head and chuckle lightly, and then pull my shirt over my head and toss it in the sink along with the rest of my clothes which are soaked in either kool-aid or milk. I step into the hot shower and scrub my hair, trying to get all of the bits and pieces of potato salad out of it. Other than that, the only other thing that’s going to be a problem is getting the kool-aid off of my shirt, which is white. I might as well just say goodbye to it; I didn’t like it that much anyway. After taking a shower, I bring my clothes down into the laundry room (Aaron had showed me this room after lunch, telling me that I would have to put my clothes in here) and drop them into a dirty clothes hamper. I hum a random tune under my breath as I walk back up the stairs and into my room. Or at least that was the plan until someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into their room.
“Um, what’s up Felix?” I ask, looking up at him. Wow, he’s tall. Felix looks about 6’4, and compared to my 5’2, he’s like a giant.
“Sorry about the potato salad… I was aiming for Xavier and I didn’t think that he would use you as a human shield.” He says, avoiding eye contact and running his fingers through his hair.
“It’s okay; now what’s really on your mind?” I ask, taking a seat on his bed.
“I just feel guilty is all.” He replies with a sigh. I laugh.
“Felix, don’t feel guilty, it’s fine. At least you’re not the one who dumped kool-aid down my shirt.” I say with a scowl. He laughs and looks me in the eyes for the first time.
“Yeah, but still, I’m genuinely sorry.” He says. His eyes bore into mine, making me feel slightly uncomfortable.
“I got to go; I’ll talk to you later.” I say, and then leave without another word. I relax when I get into my room and start drawing. I must have been in there longer than I thought, because before I know it, Campbell is walking in and asking me if I’m okay.
“I’m fine, just drawing…” I whisper in reply, too concentrated to use my full voice. He walks over and sits next to me.
“Wow,” he says, his eyes widening as he watches me draw.
“You like it?” I ask, raising my head to look at him.
“It’s… amazing.” He breathes, not taking his eyes off of my drawing. It’s of him, Xavier, and I and we’re laughing.
“I didn’t know that you draw.” He says, his eyes locking with mine. I smile at him.
“Well, we learn something new every day.” I reply. Then my mind starts to wander to my parents and I start to cry. I know it’s off subject, but I used to draw them all of the time, and they used to inspire me and help me. I miss them. I brush away my tears quickly, not wanting Campbell to see me in this state, but he just hugs me and strokes my hair, letting me cry into his chest.
“I- I’m sorry…” I whisper once I’m done crying. He wipes the tears on my cheek away with his thumb and gives me a confused look.
“Why are you sorry?” He asks.
“I kind of ruined your shirt…” I reply. He laughs and hugs me again.
“Sabrina, don’t be sorry. I’m glad that I can comfort you and I’m sorry about your parents. Besides, I don’t really like this shirt and it will come out in the wash.” He says, pulling me closer to him. I smile and indecisively wrap my arms around him.
“I’m tired…” I mumble, closing my eyes.
“Well, eat dinner and then you can go to sleep.” He replies, taking a deep breath. We head down stairs together, laughing and talking all the way down. Dinner wasn’t as chaotic, but it was loud. When Campbell and I are done, we both head back up to my room and pop a DVD in. We have no clue what movie it is until it came to the title screen.
“YAY!” He cheers, wrapping his arms around me.
“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone your age react like that to Toy Story 3.” I say, chuckling and cuddling up to him. We watch the movie and I end up falling asleep in the middle of it, too tired to really care that Campbell is already passed out next to me.
The next morning…
I cuddle closer to Campbell, not really realizing that it’s him until he snores right in my ear. I sit up and look at him, confused, and then remember Toy Story and start laughing. Campbell opens his eyes and looks at me quizzically.
“Sabrina, why are you laughing at me and why are you in bed with me?” He asks, sitting up.
“Well, we fell asleep in the middle of watching Toy Story 3, remember? I was just laughing because I remember how pumped you were to see it last night and then you ended up passing out.” I laugh a little more and he joins me.
“What time is it?” He asks, rubbing the back of his neck while yawning.
“7:00 AM, why?” I reply, raising an eyebrow as he jumps out of the bed.
“I’m going to be late for school!” He exclaims, running out of the room. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about school because I have yet to be enrolled. I smile and roll over onto my stomach, deciding to go back to sleep. After about a half an hour trying to go back to sleep, I give up and get out of bed. I peel off my old clothes and replace them with new ones. I end up putting on a long-sleeved purple v-neck, some shorts, and some purple converse. I glare at the mess in front of my eyes which is supposed to be hair, but looks more like a tornado. After brushing and straightening and more brushing, it looks normal. I smile at my appearance. I’d say that I look pretty good considering that I was crying a lot last night. My brownish blonde hair fell over my right eye, hiding it slightly from view, my brown eyes were brighter than they had been in the last few days, but that’s probably because I had been cheered up by Campbell last night and this morning. I roll my eyes at the thought of him. Oh that boy… I chuckle, remembering the food fight yesterday. I had thrown my fair share of rice, pudding, potato salad, and chicken at everyone, but for some reason, I had made him my main target, mostly because he hadn’t been paying attention. All of us had gotten in trouble and were grounded for a month, which didn’t matter much to me because I didn’t actually have any friends here. I should probably apologize to him when he gets home from school… I did kind of shove potato salad down his shirt, which was quickly followed by chicken and rice. The look on his face had been priceless. I smile again and sit down and start to draw until I’m interrupted by a knock at the door.
“Come in,” I say, looking up to see an annoyed looking Campbell.
“What’s wrong?” I ask, standing up and putting my sketch-book down onto my bed.
“They left without me…” he sighs and then flops onto my bed and reaches out to me, quickly grabbing me by the waist and into his arms.
“At least I get to fall back asleep…” he whispers, burying his face in my neck. I laugh.
“Why don’t you sleep in your room?” I ask, cuddling closer to him.
“I would, but only if you came with me.” He replies.
“And why is that?”
“Because, I find it more comfortable with you sleeping next to me than sleeping alone, plus, I have someone to cuddle.” I chuckle.
“Well, seeing as you’re stronger than I am, I guess there’s no escaping it.” I say, closing my eyes and relaxing.
"Mmm…” he sighs, and I fall asleep next to my best friend that I had made yesterday.

The author's comments:
It's kind of short, but hope y'all like it anyway :D

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 4:
I glare at Campbell who had rudely shoved me off the bed just seconds ago to wake me up.
“Why did you wake me up? I was comfy!” I exclaim jumping back on the bed and staring at him.
“Campbell, I’m not stupid, I know that you’re not sleeping.” I say flatly, crossing my arms over my chest. He does a fake snore to cover up his laughter, but fails miserably. I roll my eyes at him and decide to tease him a little. I sit on top of him and lean down to kiss his neck. He jumps off of the bed when I do and I end up on the floor laughing at his expression.
“Campbell, your face was priceless!” I exclaim, laughing harder. He glares at me, and then gets a weird expression on his face. He looks kind of afraid and the blood drains from his face.
“Hey Xavier,” he says, a fake smile forming onto his lips. I turn around and sure enough, there’s Xavier who looks pretty pissed off.
“What were you doing with Sabrina?” He asks, glaring at his brother angrily. I smile at him and stand up.
“He shoved me off of my bed and I teased him to get him back.” I reply, looking Xavier easily in the eyes; not noticing the menacing look in them.
“How exactly did you tease him?” He asks through clenched teeth.
“Sat on top of him and kissed his neck,” I reply with a casual shrug. Xavier sighs; looks back at Campbell, and then back at me. I stare it him, trying to read his expressions but failing miserably.
“Just don’t moan too loud, Mom and Dad are still here.” Xavier says with a smirk. My jaw drops and my eyes go wide.
“Xavier, it wasn’t like that! Campbell and I are just-!” Xavier leaves before I can finish my sentence. I glare at the door. How the hell am I going to survive in this house with him? I sigh and turn back to Campbell.
“You should probably leave; I’m going to take a shower.” I say as I walk over to my closet and start to search through my clothes for something to wear when something comes to my mind.
“What’s Xavier doing here anyway? Didn’t he leave for school with the others?” I ask, turning around slightly to see Campbell watching me with interest. He shrugs.
“Probably slept in late, like me.” He replies, standing up and leaving without another word. I sigh and grab random clothes without looking at them and then head into the bathroom.
My shower didn’t last as long as I had wanted it too and it turns out that the shirt that I had grabbed in my haste to get the shower was my ex-boyfriend’s. I sigh as I sit at the kitchen table and eat my bowl of cereal in silence and alone. I miss him dearly; I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him. Jayden and I had been getting pretty serious before I left; I, with the help of best friend Marissa, had been planning on how to tell him that I was in love with him, but sadly I had to flush that down the toilet and leave everything behind for this strange family.
It’s not that I hate the Robinson’s, it’s just that I just lost my parents, friends, boyfriend, and basically my whole life in one day and trust me that is not a good feeling.
Someone sits down across the table from me, and I instantly recognize Xavier.
“Why are you crying?” He asks, raising an eyebrow and looking at me with concern. I reach up and rub under my eyes to get the tear residue off. I truthfully hadn’t noticed crying until he pointed it out. I blush and look away from him.
“Why are you here?” I ask, my voice barely a whisper. He shrugs casually and then gets up, only to sit down in the seat next to mine and scoot closer to me.
“It’s okay to be sad, you know.” He says, reaching out and brushing a tear off of my cheek. I look down at the floor.
“I don’t want people to pity me,” I sigh, shoving a spoonful of co-co puffs into my mouth.
“But that doesn’t mean that you can’t cry and be sad; you need time to mourn and heal, Bri,” He says, taking my face between his hands and looking me in the eyes. I pull away from him and quickly clean up my mess, feeling bewildered by his closeness. I’m ready to move on; I’m ready to let go of the past. Xavier’s right, I do need time to heal. I keep my head down as I walk up the stairs and lock myself into my room. Despite me sleeping a lot, I’m still tired, but I think it’s mostly from the weight of depression on my shoulders right now. I sit on my bed and allow my emotions to run wild, letting them loose of their leashes for a while.
Hours pass and I still lay in my bed, crying my eyes out. I had both Campbell and Xavier trying to get into my room and see what was wrong, but I didn’t feel like talking to them. Eventually they give up and leave me alone to wallow in self pity and pain. My eyes close and my tears come to a stop as I reign my emotions back in. I let out a breath, stand up, and look into the mirror. My eyes are red, my cheeks have tear stains on them, and my hair is sticking up in all directions. I look down at my ex’s shirt that I’m wearing and smile weakly at what it says.
‘Jay’s girl’ it says in big, bold neon purple letters. Hopefully all of this pain will end soon; otherwise I don’t know how I’ll survive.

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 5:
“Sabwinaaaaaa!” Sammy whines, giving me puppy-dog eyes. I try not to give in, but Sammy is just too adorable and I finally gave him a cookie.
“Don’t tell your mommy or I will get in trouble.” I whisper in his ear and then he smirks.
“Mwommy! Sabwina gave me a cookie!” He exclaims and then runs off, leaving me open mouthed. Someone’s hands magically appear on my hips and then they rest their head on my shoulder.
“He’s a pain.” Xavier sighs, pulling me to his chest and tightening his grip on me. I make a face and pull away from him. “I should go before I get in trouble.” I whisper, blushing and feeling guilty. Jayden’s face comes to mind and I can’t help but let a tear fall down my cheek, forgetting that Xavier is standing right there watching me carefully.
I turn my head from him and wipe my tears away at the sound of Elizabeth’s feet clunking against the floor. Jayden… I need to see him. Elizabeth smiles at me knowingly as I pass her in the hallway, but she doesn’t scold me. I don’t realize Xavier following until my door closes behind me and he hugs me.
“Don’t be sad,” he says, embracing me with pity in his eyes. I shove him away. “Please leave, I need to call someone and it’s kind of private.” I say and he blinks in surprise at me.
“Um, okay, bye I guess.” He murmurs and then leaves my room looking confused and a little disappointed.
I take my phone off of its charger and dial the number that I know by heart. He picks up on the first ring.
“Sabrina,” he says, sounding relieved. I swallow.
“I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye, my parents died in a car crash and they rushed me all the way to California…” I say, a tear running down my cheek.
“I’m coming over to see you,” he says.
“Don’t Jayden, wai-“ but it was too late, he had already hung up. That’s Jayden for you, he’s very stubborn. I smile at the thought of him coming over to see me. I know that he won’t be happy with me staying with all of the guys, but what can he do?
I run out of the room, excitement bubbling up inside of me. I feel happier than I have since I came here. I pass Campbell in the hallway and he gives me a weird look. I nearly knock Xavier down the stairs as I bolt into the kitchen, wanting to ask Elizabeth if it’s okay with her if Jay comes over to visit.
“Elizabeth!” I exclaim when I see her leaving the room, she stops mid-step and stares at me. I explain the whole situation and she smiles warmly at me.
“Of course he can come! Any friend of yours is welcome here!” She says, and then continues to walk into the living room. My phone buzzes and I slide it open.
Sorry, I can’t come yet, my mom said to wait two weeks  Jayden ;P I frown in disappointment at the text.
Okay… I guess I’ll see you then… I reply, my excitement turning into sadness. With a sigh I fall onto the couch next to Ted who ruffled my hair teasingly.
“Why the long face?” He asks, tossing some popcorn into his mouth as he watches a football game.
“My boyfriend can’t come over for two more weeks…” I sigh, leaning back and watching the game with him.
“You like football?” Xavier asks in disbelief when he walks in on me cheering on some random team that I don’t even like. I smile a fake smile up at him.
“I used to watch it with my dad a lot.” I reply, shrugging my shoulders as if it didn’t matter. But it does matter… Xavier’s eyes soften and he sits down next to me.
“Saaaabwwwwiiiinnnnnaaaaaa!” Sammy walks in, tears streaming down his cheeks. Xavier jumps up to see what’s wrong, but Sammy just pushes him away and crawls onto my lap. I hug him kiss his forehead.
“What’s wrong sweetie?” I ask, my voice gentle as he cries into my shoulder.
“I got a boo-boo!” He wails, holding up his finger which had a cut on it. I kiss it gently.
“I’ll fix it up,” I say, picking him up and walking to the bathroom. I put a band-aid on him and kissed his finger again. Sammy beamed up at me.
“I wuv you Sabwina!” He says, hugging me. I smile and can’t help but ‘aww’ at him. He hops off of the counter and runs out of the room giggling like mad. I chuckle and leave the room, coming face to face with Xavier.
He smiles up at me mischievously. “I have a boo-boo too!” He whines, jutting out his lip. Sammy walks up next to us.
“Sabwina will make it awlllllll bettew!” He exclaims happiness in his eyes. Xavier smirks at me and I let out a sigh.
“Where’s you boo-boo?” I ask and he points to his lips.
“I hurt my lips.” He states and Sammy smiles wider.
“Kiss it and make it feel better Sabwina!” Sammy exclaims and I look away, uncomfortable.
“No thanks,” I say, and then Sammy and Xavier start pouting.
“But Sabwina, you make tings feel bettew! You made my fingew feel bettew!” Sammy says and I look away from him to look at Xavier.
“Nope,” I say, ruffling Sammy’s and Xavier’s hair before leaving the hallway and escaping into my room.
“Thank God!” I exclaim, and then hear a chuckle. My head snaps over to my bed and I see someone I didn’t expect to ever see again.

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 6:
“K-Kate?!” I exclaim, my eyes widening as I look at my ex-best friend who is sitting on my bed. She smirks at me evilly and then stands up.
“I love your room, it’s very colorful! Who painted it, a five year old?” She sneers, beckoning to the paintings that Xavier had created on my walls probably many years ago. I don’t reply, just narrow my eyes and glare at her hateful face.
“Aw, still holding a grudge against me for Harrison I see! Well, we’re over so no worries and no hard feelings, right?” She asked, smiling a familiar fake smile that I hate. I let out a breath and try not to let her see how much her words affected me.
“What do you want, Kate?” I ask, leaning against the door and crossing my arms over my chest. She shrugs as she picks up one of my sketch books off of the bookshelf and flipping through the pages wearing a bored expression on her face. “Who said that I wanted anything? Is it so wrong of me to visit and old friend?” She asks, looking up at me with mock-innocence on her face. She laughs and walks towards me.
“I just came to warn you to stay away from Jayden, he’s mine.” She says, looking like a crazy possessive psycho killer from a horror movie. I shrug casually.
“You don’t own him,” I say, keeping a blank expression on my face. She laughs again and then rips my sketch book in half.
“On the contrary, I do and if you lay one finger on him, you’re dead meat. Got it Sabri?” She asks, dropping the remains of my destroyed drawings on the floor. Sabri, that was what my parents called me. A tear escapes my eyes and she pats my arm before leaving.
“By the way, Jayden was a cheater.” She whispers in my ear before closing my door behind her. I sink to the floor and cry. Sabri… it brings back so many memories…
“Sabri, come here for a second!” Mom calls from the kitchen, sounding excited.
“Coming!”I call back, running and nearly tripping down the stairs.
“What’s up?” I ask, leaning against the counter and looking at my parents who have on matching smiles as they hold out the phone to me. I raise my eyebrows at them and take the phone out of their hands.
“Hello?” I ask, pulling myself up onto the counter.
“Sabrina Davis?” A man’s voice sounds form the other line.
“That’s me, what’s wrong?” I ask, picking at my nails nervously.
“You’ve been accepted into the School of the Arts, congratulations!” He says, and I nearly scream in excitement.
“Oh my God! Thank you so much!” I exclaim and then hang up after he says your welcome and some other details about my transferring into SOA. I jump off of the counter, scream, and then hug my parents.
I smile weakly, I had never gotten to actually attend the school since my parents died, but at least I know that I have what it takes, right? I cry a little while longer before going downstairs to see Kate and Felix making out. I close my eyes and try to keep myself in check. Stay calm Sabrina, she’s just trying to get under your skin… I think as I walk past them and out the front door of the Robinson’s household. I haven’t had much of a chance to explore LA, so might as well start now. I take a deep breath, smile, and then start walking, trying not to freak out too much about my drawings being destroyed and Kate making out with Felix. I need a day off from life… hmmm sounds good enough to me. I walk down the sidewalk and all the way to the beach where I step into a little café. I have a little bit of money on me so I decide to get a cup of coffee and maybe a muffin. After I get my coffee and muffin, I leave the café and start to walk down the beach, happily nibbling on my blueberry muffin.
“Hey, you’re new here.” Someone says from behind me, and I turn around to see a girl looking at me curiously.
“Yeah,” I reply, sipping my coffee and raising an eyebrow.
“You’re Sabrina Davis, right? The Robinson boys have been talking about you at school and you look exactly like how they described you.” She says with a warm smile. I blush and look at the ground.
“Yep, I’m Sabrina, you can call me Bri though. Did they really talk about me?” I ask, looking back up at the girl. She nodded vigorously.
“They wouldn’t shut-up about how hot you are. My names Jasmine, Jazz for short.” She said, holding her hand out. I smile and take it.
“Nice to meet you!” I say. Jazz and I end up hanging out and heading back to the Robinson’s house.
“So, why haven’t you been at school?” She asks as I lead her up the stairs and into my room.
“I have yet to be enrolled,” I reply with a sigh. Jazz nods, I told her about my parents earlier and she seemed like she sincerely cared.
“So, how are you coping with the craziness of Robinson?” She asks, smirking at me as she closes the door behind her and plops onto my bed.
“Eh, I don’t know how I’m going to survive, and it doesn’t help that my worst enemy and ex-bestie is here and making out with Felix. She likes to rub things in my face, especially when it comes to boys.” I explain, picking up the remains of my sketch book that Kate had thrown onto the floor earlier today. Jazz scowls.
“So, why aren’t you two friends anymore?” She asks, leaning against the backboard of my bed.
“My ex Harrison was cheating on me with her and he chose her and she rubbed it all in my face and acted like she won the lottery.” I reply, making a face as I think of Harrison cheating on me with her.
“And she’s here why exactly?” I shrug. “Who knows, she thinks she owns my current boyfriend and says that he’s a cheater too, but I don’t believe her so… yeah. It’s her personal goal in life to torture me.” I reply, tossing my old sketches into the trash and then taking out a new sketch book to start fresh.
“Skank,” Jazz sings as I sit down next to her. I chuckle and then start to draw.
“What’cha doing?” She asks, looking over my shoulder at my art.
“Ooohhhhh! It’s beautiful!” She says, clapping her hands as I finish shading it and then tear it out of the book and hand it to her.
“Keep it,” I say as she examines the picture of a rose. She smiles warmly at me, hugs me, gives me her number, and then leaves with a happy goodbye. Kate smirks at me when I pass her in the hallway when she’s flirting with a bewildered looking Xavier. I scowl at her, give her the happy finger, grab Xavier’s hand, and then drag him away from her and into his room. He breathes out a sigh of relief.
“God, I thought that she would never stop!” He groans, sliding down to the floor and then resting his head on my shoulder. I pat his head comfortingly.
“Stay away from her please.” I beg, looking up at him. He looks at me curiously.
“Why?” He asks and I bite my lip before telling him what she did to me and explaining that I have no idea why she’s even here.
“I’ll make sure to keep my distance,” he says, giving me a side hug before shoving me out of his room with a hasty goodbye. I roll my eyes and then walk into my room to listen to music and draw.

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Kinda short, but whatever :D hope y'all like it!

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 7:
I laugh and nearly fall onto the floor when I see Kate’s face, hair, and clothes.
“Oh God! I think I’m gonna die from laughter!” I exclaim, falling onto the floor.
~.~Earlier that day~.~
The boys, Jazz and I crept into Kate’s room quietly and suppressing giggles. I went into her bathroom and put dye into her shampoo while Jazz wrote on her face with black sharpie and while the boys stole her clothes and tossed them out of the window, only to be caught by Campbell, who would throw them into the dumpster. I smirked evilly; this is going to be the best day ever. Xavier had told all of the other boys what happened and they were more than happy to help me with my devious plan. As soon as everything was set and the normal clothes were replaced by granny clothes, we left the room, trying our best not to laugh and wake her up. Almost as soon as we got out of her earshot, we all started laughing.
~.~Back to the present :D~.~
Kate had a mustache drawn badly onto her face, alone with glasses and smiley faces, her hair was dyed the color of sick frog, and she was wearing old lady clothes. She looked absolutely hilarious.
“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU SABRINA DAVIS! BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK!” She exclaims, attempting to slap me, but failing miserably. What makes this day even better is that today is when she leaves, and not only do I never have to see her horrid face again, but now she will have to go out in public looking like some weird dying frog with a mustache, glasses, and also wearing old person clothes. Ah, this day just keeps getting better and better. I roll my eyes at her.
“Yeah, you do that Kate. I’ll be eating breakfast.” I say over my shoulder as I walk down the hallway.
“I don’t care,” I cut her off, and then leave her there to fume in the hallway. I smirk, satisfied with my evil plan that surprisingly worked. I smile and hum a tune as I make myself a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.
I hear a weird metallic sound behind me, and barely have a chance to turn around as Kate stabs me in the back, literally. My eyes widen and I open my mouth to scream, but nothing comes out. I fall to the floor limp and pray to God that he will end my suffering and take me to heaven to see my parents. The last thing I hear is my name being called by Xavier, and then there is another sharp pain in my stomach.
“SABRINA! NO!” He yells, and then everything goes black.
“Sabi, wake up Sabi…” I sit up and open my eyes to see my mother and father sitting close to each other and smiling at me.
“M-Mom? Dad?” I stutter, my eyes widening.
“Everything is going to be all right, Sabi,” Dad says, taking my hand in his and squeezing it reassuringly. A tear slips down my face and I smile.
“I miss you!” I exclaim, hugging both of them happily.
“We miss you too, Sabi, but now is not your time, now what we both want you to do is wake up, just wake up for us Sabi.” Mom says, smiling at me kindly.
“No! I don’t want to lose you again! Please!” I cry out, but it’s too late, everything turns white.
I wake up with a start, tears streaming down my face.
“Sabrina!” Someone says, but I’m blinded by my tears so I can’t see their face. I sob, not caring if it hurts my back and stomach.
For days I drift in and out of consciousness, not ever truly waking up though. Whenever I wake up, I only feel more pain and my suffering worsens. There’s always someone there to greet me, but I never greet them back, I feel too drained to. Finally, I wake up one day and find myself feeling a lot better physically, but still horrible emotionally. I look around the hospital room to find Xavier looking out the window with a worried expression.
“Xavier?” I ask, and his head whips around. Our eyes meet and then I see him grin.
“Thank God!” He exclaims, rushing over to me and pulling me into a hug. I cry and hug him back tightly.
“Are you okay? How are you feeling? Are you sore? Do you need anything?” He asks, pulling away and then sitting at the edge of my bed.
“I’m fine, and all I want right now is to rest…” I yawn, and close my eyes. Xavier kisses my forehead and I hear him start to walk away.
“Please stay with me,” I whisper, and his footsteps stop.
“I will,” he walks back over to the bed and lies down next to me.
“If you need anything, just tell me and I’ll get it for you.” He whispers, kissing my forehead again before I fall back asleep.

The author's comments:
Thanks to everyone that reads and supports this story, and if you have any ideas that you want me to write, then just tell me and I'll try my best to make something for ya :D

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 8:
I bite my lip and stare at the Robinson’s big house nervously, I had just gotten released out of the hospital and was scared that Kate would find me again and stab me. Xavier squeezed my hand reassuringly and led me up to the front door. If I had thought I felt bad when I first came here, then I know feel worse. I saw my parents in a dream, I got stabbed, and now I’m scared out of my wits of Kate. I swallow and step into the house knowing that there is nothing to be afraid of.
“Sabwina!” Sammy exclaims, and then hurdles into my arms, hugging me tightly. I chuckle and hug him back while the rest of the Robinson boys run down the stairs and pull me into a group hug. I blush, I’ve only known them for a few days, yet they were worried about me. I look up at Campbell who has a big goofy smile on his face.
“We missed you,” he says simply before plucking Sammy out of my arms and then bringing me into the kitchen and stuffing our faces in food. Xavier watches us with an amused smile.
“You guys are weird,” he says, shaking his head before leaving to go up into his room and probably paint. I stick my tongue out after him before leaning back in my chair and taking a swig of my orange soda and saying “It’s good to be home.” Campbell nods in agreement and then lets out a yawn.
“When do I start school?” I ask as Campbell starts to clean up the mess we made. He shrugs.
“This Monday,” he says, leaning against the counter and looking me in the eyes.
“I need to go shopping, where’s my phone?” I ask, standing up and thinking about inviting Jazz over to shop with me, it is, after all, a Saturday and I only have two days.
“But you just got out of the hospital…” he mumbles and I roll my eyes at him.
“They needed to do some tests; I could have been out of there weeks ago.” I say, running up the stairs and into Xavier.
“Sorry,” I say looking up at him apologetically. He smiles and takes my hand in his. “What are you up to?” He asks, raising a suspicious eyebrow. I make a face, knowing that Xavier will never let me out of the house right after getting out of the hospital. “I’m going to call Jazz,” I say, looking up at him innocently and swinging our hands.
“Okay, what else?” He asks, and I know that he overheard what Campbell and I said. I make a face.
“Please let me go!” I beg, looking up at him and doing my best puppy dog face. He chuckles and pats my head.
“Nope,” he says.
“No Sabrina,”
“Pretty please with a cherry on top of a delicious cupcake that has icing and sprinkles on it?” Xavier sighs and then looks thoughtful.
“One condition,” he says, his eyes meeting mine. I nod and look at him eagerly. “I get to go with you.” He says, smirking as if I wouldn’t take the deal. “Deal, now let’s call Jazzy, she’ll be so excited!” I exclaim, tugging him into my room and then calling Jazz, who of course accepted.
So we went to lunch and shopped around while towing a grumpy Xavier around. We tried on clothes and shoes, jewelry and accessories, sweatshirts and hoodies, and a lot more. We went to Hot Topic, Spencers, Wet Seal, JCPenny, Walmart, Victoria’s Secret (only to bug Xavier of course), and a lot more. By the time we were done, Xavier was exhausted and hungry, Jazz was half asleep in the car, and I was freaking out because I had coffee. Now, here I am, in my bed, trying to fall asleep, but failing because of the coffee I had. I finally get up and go into Xavier’s room, hoping that he’s still awake. Lucky for me, he is.
“Hello,” I say, flopping onto his bed next to him and looking at the book that he’s reading.
“What’s up?” He asks, dog-earing the page, closing the book, and then looking over at me.
“Can’t sleep, too much energy from the coffee,” I say resting my head on his pillow and yawning. He chuckles and then pulls the blankets over me, “You can sleep here if you want, but I’ll be reading for a bit, so I hope you don’t mind.” I shrug and cuddle up next to him, not really thinking. He lets out a sigh and puts one arm around me while he reads his book, and before I know it, I’m fast asleep.
Someone shakes my arm, “Sabrina, Sabrina, get up,” I swat my hand in their general direction and roll over onto my side, covering my face with a pillow groaning “Go away!” I hear chuckling and then arms wrap around my waist.
“No can do sweetheart gotta get up; I’m giving you a tour of the school today.” I then recognize Xavier’s voice, and wonder why he’s in my bed. I peek up at him from under my pillow.
“Why are you in my bed?” I ask, curiously playing with his auburn hair. He smiles and catches my hand in his. “You’re in my room; you came in here complaining about drinking too much coffee and then passed out next to me.” He explains, messing with my fingers gently. I chuckle, remembering last night.
“Sorry, when I have coffee I tend to get a little… er… crazy.” I say, blushing and then sitting up with a grunt.
“Go and get ready, I’ll be in the kitchen when you are.” I nod and then take a quick shower before getting dressed and hopping down the stairs and plopping down in a chair to eat breakfast.
“Yum!” I exclaim, gobbling up the rest of my pancake happily as Xavier, Campbell, Sammy, and pretty much everyone else gives me odd looks. I raise an eyebrow. “What?” I ask and they just shake their heads and continue eating. Afterwards, Xavier pulls on my arm and pretty much drags me out of the house and into his car.
“Urgh! I don’t want to go take a tour of the school! Can’t I just be lost and miss some of my classes?” Xavier chuckles and shakes his head at me.
“Bri, you’re weird, and no, sorry, I have special orders from Mom, and trust me, you do not want to see her angry; especially over something so minor and stupid.” He says, as we both get into the car and start driving.

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 9:
I sigh as I rest my head against the window of Xavier’s car.
“Do I have to take tour?” I ask for the billionth time. Xavier glares at me. “I’ll take that as a yes…” I murmur, turning my head so I can look out of the window once again. Finally, we pull up to my future school and I groan. I really don’t want to tour that school!
“Oh, get over it, it won’t take that long.” Xavier says, getting out of the car and opening my door for me.
“Thanks…” I mutter as he takes my hand and leads me to the office, probably because he thinks I’m going to try and run away (which, knowing me, I was). We walk into the office, tell the receptionist lady who we are and what our business is, and then Xavier shows me around. The lady gave me my schedule, so, at least I’ll get to know where the classes are.
After the tour, Xavier revs the car’s engine and looks over at me. “Want to go out for ice cream?” He asks, and I scream in delight “YES!” So we go to some little ice cream shop and end up having lunch AND ice cream there. I got a triple-scoop chocolate cong (epic) and Xavier just gave me a weird look and got a one-scoop strawberry cone.
“What, you’ve never seen someone eat ice cream before?” I ask, raising an eyebrow as I lick the side of the cold, tasty, amazing, chocolaty-goodness. “Yeah, I have, but not quite like you… most of the girls I take out don’t even get ice cream.” He states, leaning back in his chair and watching me eat. I snort. “Well, I don’t exactly fall into the category of the girls you’ve dated, besides, I’m perfectly happy with my weight so I don’t have to worry about it.” I stick my tongue out at him before I merrily finish off the rest of my ice cream.
“I never said anything about your weight,” Xavier says, standing up after leaving a tip for the waiter. I shrug. “Yeah, but most of the girls you’ve dated probably didn’t want to gain any weight even though they’re skinny as sticks.” I reply, walking out to his car and leaning against it. Xavier chuckles.
“Very true,” he says, unlocking the doors and then getting in the car. I’m about to get in the car with him when I see someone familiar.
“JAYDEN!” I shout, jumping out of the car and hugging him tightly. Jay laughs at me and strokes my hair gently.
“Sabrina,” he sighs my name and I bury my face into his neck, not wanting to leave his side.
“I thought that your parents wouldn’t let you come?” I look up at him and our eyes meet. He shrugs.
“My dad had to move because of work, so, here I am!” He exclaims, looking happy. I gasp and my eyes widen.
“You live here now?!” I ask and then start laughing happily.
“This is awesome! You have to come and meet my new family!” Right as I say this, sadness comes over me as I’m reminded that my parents are no longer here for me, that they’re no longer here to share my excitement, nor my sadness, nor my pain. Jayden must have noticed, because he hugs me tighter.
“I’m sorry about your parents,” he whispers, pressing his forehead against mine. I try to smile at him, but can’t manage it, instead, I just nod and let my tears crash onto the sidewalk.
“So, do you want to meet the Robinsons? They’re nice, but can be kind of crazy…” I mumble, looking up at him and hoping that he’ll say yes.
“Of course! Where’s your car?” I point over to the car that Xavier is still sitting in, and barely notice the look of pain on his face.
“Who’s the guy?” Jay asks, and I can tell by his voice that he’s somewhat jealous. I laugh and pat his hair gently. “That’s Xavier Robinson, no worries, we were just out to tour the school, and then we went and got some lunch.” I say, and then drag him to the car.
“Who’re you?” Xavier asks when Jayden gets into the backseat with me.
“My name’s Jayden, I’m Sabrina’s boyfriend. My dad had to move here for work.” Jay says, squeezing my hand reassuringly. I smile up at him and kiss him on the cheek.
“Is it okay if he meets the rest of my new family?” I ask, resting my head on Jayden’s shoulder.
“Not a problem, we’ll be home in no time.” Xavier says through clenched teeth.
“Thanks!” I exclaim, my eye brightening with happiness. The Robinsons are in for a big surprise…

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I forgot to indent on the other chapters... oops, well I hope this is easier to read lol :D thanks for reading my stuff guys! Remember to comment and rate (it makes me freak out whenever you do, no lie)

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 10: (happy 10th anniversary!)
“Elizabeth, we’re home!” I call, stepping into the house with Jayden’s hand held firmly in mine. It feels so good to have him close to me again; he’s the only person that I have left from Charleston, the only good memory that I don’t cry over. Mom… Dad… I miss you… I think sadly as Elizabeth walks into the room with a bowl of potato salad in her arms.
“How was the tour?” She asks, and her eyes fall on my boyfriend’s face, and then our intertwined fingers.
“It was great, we went out for ice cream afterwards and I found out that Jayden moved here from Charleston! Isn’t that great?” I exclaim, hugging Jay. By the way, he was a cheater… Kate’s words fill my ears and suddenly I become curious. What if Jay is lying to me? What if he only came here to find Kate? Did he cheat on me? No… he wouldn’t… would he? I imagine Kate’s hateful face staring at me, and almost feel her stab me again. I flinch into Jay’s side, and he looks down at me with a guilty expression on his face.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him quietly. He pulls away from me, runs is hands through his hair, and then looks down at me again.
“Well, Jayden, you must be her boyfriend, you can stay for dinner if you’d like to. Please, make yourself at home.” Elizabeth smiles and disappears into the kitchen again.
“I’ll be in my room if you need anything Bri,” Xavier says, kissing my forehead and going upstairs.
“So, is that your mom?” Jay asks, hesitating before he says the word “mom”. I shiver slightly, but nod in reply. He bites his bottom lip and looks down at the floor awkwardly.
“You want to go and hang out in my room?” I ask, reaching out and taking his hand again. He nods and I lead him up the stairs and into my gorgeous bedroom. His jaw drops and he just stares at all of the different things painted on the wall.
“Wow, who did this?” He asks, his eyes glimmering with excitement. I smile. “Xavier,” I say and go and sit on my bed. He joins me and we talk for a little while until he just sighs and looks down at his hands.
“What’s wrong?” I ask, touching his cheek gently.
“I feel like a monster,” he mumbles and I barely hear what he says. I lift his head up and kiss him gently, but he turns it rough. After a few seconds, he pushes me away and looks even guiltier than he had when we walked into the house.
“We can’t,” he says and I look up at him in confusion.
“Why? We’ve kissed plenty of times,” I point out, feeling upset that he would just shove me away like that.
“I don’t deserve someone like you,” he looks away from me as he says this and I notice a hicky on his neck, and it’s not from me. I instantly understand, and then feel sadness, pain, betrayal, and heartbreak all in one smash against me. Can life get any worse? My boyfriend is cheating on me, my parents died, I’m living with a bunch of strangers, and I start school tomorrow!
“You cheated on me,” I squeak, a tear running down my cheek. He nods solemnly.
“I’m sorry… Kate, well, she was-“
“KATE?!” I exclaim, and all of my sadness turns into rage.
“GET OUT JUST GET OUT! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” I scream, the tears burning my cheeks like acid as the roll down frantically and drop to the floor. Jay gets up and leaves without a look back at what he had just done to me. I feel worse than I ever have before, and I was in the hospital for being stabbed! When did my life get so depressing? Who the heck are the Robinson’s anyway? I’ve never even met them before now!
Campbell walks into my room and hugs me tightly against his chest while whispering that it will be okay. Xavier just walks in and stands there with a pained expression, and everyone else is trying to calm me down. Eventually I get tired of it and tell them that I need some time to myself.
I spend time thinking about Jayden, how he hurt me and how he probably was right, he doesn’t deserve me. Then I think of my parents, they wouldn’t want me to mourn them, they would want me to be happy and move on knowing that they’re in a better place. How can I be happy without them? They’ve been there for me ever since I was born! How can I just move on? I love them! I need help… maybe Xavier can help me? Elizabeth? I don’t know…
With a sigh I stand up and leave my room to seek out Xavier, he’s one of the few people that can comfort me in this house. I knock on his door and he shouts to come in.
“Xavier… I need your help.” I sigh when I step into his room and close the door behind me. There are fresh tear stains on my face so I wipe them away with the back of my hand and hope that Xavier didn’t notice them. He stands up and stretches out his arms. “What do you need help with girly?” He asks, trying to sound happy, but I can tell that he’s worried.
“I want to stop being sad… I need to get over it… but… I just… I just miss them so much…” more tears fall down my face and Xavier frowns and hugs me, wiping away my tears with his thumbs.
“It’s okay to be sad,” he whispers, resting his head on mine and rubbing my back in small circles. I sniffle. “I know,” I whisper back, enjoying the warmth of his hug. “I just think that they would want me to be happy, and Jayden… he- he…” I start sobbing again.
“Shh… it’s alright, what did he do?” Xavier asks, moving his hands to my shoulders and pushing me back a little so he can look me in the eyes.
“He cheated on me with Kate!” I wail, burying my face in his shirt. Xavier’s muscles tighten and he squishes against him.
“Did he tell you the whole story?” He asks through clenched teeth, as if trying not to hunt Jay down and do only God knows what.
“N-no, I was so angry and upset that I went off on him and told him to get out…” I mumble and he sighs.
“That’s my girl,” he says, squeezing my shoulders comfortingly before saying “Now, I want you to just stop thinking about that jerk and go downstairs and eat ice cream with me while watching scary movies.” Xavier says, and before I can even protest, he scoops me up in his arms and zooms downstairs, grabbing a tub of chocolate ice cream and two spoons before throwing me on the couch and popping in The Exorcist.
I groan and roll over on my stomach, slapping my alarm clock so it will shut-up. Ugh… school… I think as I get up out of bed and turn on the shower. I sigh and groggily grab a towel from the hall closet and accidentally run into Xavier who looked like the living dead.
“Didn’t get too much sleep, huh?” I ask my voice hoarse from my own sleep deprivation. He just nods and mumbles “Stupid horror movie…” under his breath as he grabs a towel and then retreats to his room.
After my shower, I quickly do my make-up, slapping on some foundation under my eyes and then putting on simple black eyeliner and mascara. I hum a song under my breath as I pull a Black Veil Brides t-shirt on with some dark skinny-jeans. (A/N Black Veil Brides is a band by the way, a good one too if you like rock, I highly suggest looking them up on youtube)
“Sabrina, boys; breakfast,” Elizabeth calls and everyone nearly runs me over as I try to get down to the kitchen. I’m about to fall over when Campbell catches me and laughs at my overwhelmed expression.
“Is it like this every morning?” I ask, looking up at him with annoyed eyes. He nods and then carries me downstairs and to my seat where my breakfast of sausage, eggs, bacon, and pancakes is waiting for me.
“Thanks Elizabeth; it looks amazing!” I exclaim, smiling as I shovel the food into my mouth. After breakfast, I dash upstairs, grab my bag, and walk unwilling back downstairs, not ready to face Jayden today, the only bright side to school today is that I get to see Jazz. Oh well, it is what it is, wish me luck!

The author's comments:
:) sorry it took so long, I was busy over Christmas break, thanks for reading!

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 11:
“UGH! School…” I groan, getting out of the car and tossing my backpack over my shoulders as the Robinson boys get out of their car and follow me up to the school, laughing and joking the whole time; leaving me to be the new girl. Jazz runs up to me, an excited grin on her face as she shouts “TACKLE HUG!” I only have seconds for my eyes to widen and brace myself before she crashes into me and we both topple to the ground.
“Ow! It’s nice to see you too Jazz!” I laugh, as she rolls around on the pavement laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Xavier raises an eyebrow at me as I stand up and brush myself off, and before I know it, people are crowding me and introducing themselves, all asking non-stop questions about the Robinson’s and their home.
I finally get tired of it and yell “BACK OFF! YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW WHAT SHAMPOO XAVIER USES! GOD PEOPLE!” I storm off with Xavier laughing and people staring blankly at the space where I had been standing just a second ago.
“Hey, that was pretty cool of you, no one ever disses the Queen like that,” I turn around to see a girl with dark brown hair, blue eyes, a pale face, and she’s wearing a Asking Alexandria t-shirt with skinny-jeans and black converse. I smile at her and she smiles charmingly back at me; I then realize that a bunch of boys are drooling over her from afar, and then notice how curvy she is, she’s normal weight, has some meat on her bones and has the most curvalicious curves that I’ve ever seen.
“I’m October, the school ‘emo’” she said, rolling her eyes at the last word as she holds out her hand for me to shake. I chuckle and take her hand, shaking it firmly before saying “I’m Sabrina, and I don’t think that you’re ‘emo’ you look like a normal person to me.” I say as Jazz runs up to us and we all start talking about random things.
~*~ Lunch time ~*~
“Mason, stop!” I laugh, pushing him away from me as he tickles my stomach. He pouts at me and I notice Xavier in the corner looking angry; jealous much? It doesn’t matter anyway, Mason is gay, but whatever, I don’t really care, he’s hilarious and besides. I don’t see people as “gay” or “straight,” I see everyone as equals.
“But you’re so easy to tickle!” He exclaims, taking my apple from my lunch tray. I roll my eyes and pat his hair affectionately. He smiles down at me and then we eat lunch in silence until Jazz and October get to the table. I glance over at Mason with an evil smirk before throwing my spaghetti on his tray with a magnificent splat. His eyes widen and he glares at me (he hates spaghetti).
“Tsk tsk Sabrina, don’t start something you can’t finish,” he says warningly while putting the food back onto my tray with a scowl. We finish eating, talking about our favorite things and least favorite things, and plying twenty questions until the bell rings and we throw out food away and go to our sixth period class (I have it with Xavier and Mason).
“So, how’s your first day of school so far Girly?” Mason asks, tossing his arm over my shoulder and pulling me to his side. I smile and wrap my arms around his torso with a shrug.
“It’s good, I met a lot of awesome people, and of course that includes you. You’re a good teddy-bear by the way,” I comment before letting go of him and opening the door that leads to our English class. Xavier looks up lazily, and then smiles warmly at me. I return his smile and take a seat next to Mason, which earns me a glare from Mr. Grouchy-Pants AKA Xavier. Class starts and he’s still glaring. I make a face and scribble down a note.
‘Why the long face, buddy? –Sabrina’
‘It’s nothing, just forget it, -Xavier’
‘Please tell me! I’m your sister after all… -Sabrina’
‘I’ll tell you when we get home –Xavier’
I look up at him and nod before writing down some notes that the teacher told us to take.
~*~ After school~*~
“We’re home!” Xavier calls, tossing his book bag on the floor and then hugging his Elizabeth warmly. I smile gently before heading upstairs to take a shower and change.
“Sabrina,” Elizabeth calls, and I turn to look at her. She opens her arms and I blink, feeling… well… somewhat honored that she accepts me and treats me like her family. I nearly jump down the stairs to hug her.
“How was school?” She asks, pulling away to look me in the eyes. I shrug. “As good as school can get I guess, I mostly hung out with Jazz and I met a girl named October and a guy named Mason. We’re already like this,” I reply, holding my fingers up and crossing them. Elizabeth smiles sweetly and pats me on the back.
“Well, I’d better start on dinner, I’m glad that school was good.” I nod as she disappears through the door leading into the kitchen.
“SABWINA!!!!” I hear, and before I can even react, I’m tackled to the ground by Sammy. I giggle and run my fingers through his soft hair.
“How are you today little man?” I ask, sitting up and setting Sammy down on my lap. He just grins up at me happily.
“It was borwing without you Sabwina!” He whines, and then hugs me. I chuckle and pat his little back before glancing up to see Xavier standing in the doorway looking at Sammy and I with something that looks like pride in his eyes. His auburn hair is brushed above his stormy eyes so you can see them; he has his arms folded across his chest and a smile on his face. I then notice how he actually looks, how he stands with confidence, how his eyes gleam, how he’s toned, but doesn’t have abs.
I never truly realized, until now, how attractive he is, and how sweet he acts, and how real he is. He’s not fake; he doesn’t act like someone he’s not like a lot of the dimwitted guys at my last school.
“Sabrina, I’ll take him off of your hands,” he says with a chuckle. I smile up at him and stand up, picking up Sammy in the process.
“Thanks, I’ll be down soon,” I say, handing a sad Sammy over to Xavier.
“SABWINA! NOOOOO! PWEASE STAY WIF ME!” Sammy cries, tears forming in his eyes. My heart breaks and I reach out to hold him again. Xavier looks at me quizzically before handing Sammy back.
“YAY! Wanna go in my rwoom so we can pway?” He asks his face filled with joy and no sight of tears in his eyes. I sigh and pat his head.
“Sammy, I have to go and take a shower sweetie, why don’t you go and play with Xavier or Felix?” I suggest and he looks over at Xavier.
“Can I take a showew with you?” He asks, hope in his eyes. I laugh and shake my head.
“No honey, just play with one of your brothers, I’ll be out of the shower soon.” I reply, placing him on the floor before making a break for the bathroom, dodging his arms which he tried to clamp around my leg.
I hear Xavier’s laughter as I slam the door and lock it. I chuckle slightly before turning on the shower and stripping my clothes off. Today, I have to admit, was pretty fun.

The author's comments:
Sorry it's late! I've been busy with stuff, including trying to get into a school of the arts for writing :) thanks for reading!!!

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 12:
Sammy squeals as Mason and I chase him around the park, trying to tag him. Finally, Mason catches up to him, grabs him and pulls him up into the air, twirling him around and laughing. I smile and Xavier sulks up to me with a stony expression on his face.
For some reason, Xavier doesn’t like my friends at all and never really tries to hide his displeasure about them. He likes October about as much as he likes Brussels sprouts (the only food he truly despises).
“We should leave soon,” he sighs, looking everywhere except for me.
“Yeah, probably; Mason! Let’s roll!” I exclaim, grinning as he puts Sammy down and they both dash to the car yelling about the last one getting there being a rotten egg.
Xavier purses his lips and I glance over at him. Wonder what his problem is; he’s been like this since I started school.
“What?” He asks with irritation in his eyes. I shrug and brush some of his auburn hair out of his face gently. “I’m just wondering what’s up with you is all,” I say, holding his gaze easily. He blinks in surprise and looks away, his cheeks a slight shade of pink.
“Let’s just go…” he says, keeping his head down as he walks towards the car. I crack my knuckles and make a face, still curious as to why Xavier is so… not himself. I shake it off and follow him, discarding my contemplative thoughts and deciding to enjoy the rest of the day.
Jazz laughs and scribbles out the words on the piece of paper; we’re currently working on a project with October and Mason, but October and I are really the only ones working.
“C’mon guys, I want to get this done!” October sighs and I snatch the paper away from Jazz, throwing her a playful glare. Mason lets out a huff and flips his hair dramatically.
“Buzz kill,” he mutters before smiling sweetly as if he hadn’t said a word. I smack his arm gently and he makes a sad face.
“Abuser!” He cries. Jazz hugs him and pats his head, saying that everything will be alright. October and I exchange looks before rolling our eyes.
“I’m going to grab some snacks, I’ll be right back.” I say, standing up and stretching out my arms. My shirt rides up slightly and Mason whistles jokingly.
“Work it girl!” He exclaims, winking. I laugh and let my arms fall to my sides as I leave the room and dance down the stairs singing Bewitched by Blood on the Dance Floor. I jump down the last step and start to make some “magical” frozen pizza. Yum, so delicious!
I stick the pizza in the toaster oven and then grab four cans of Sprite. I wait until the oven thingy lets out a sharp “ding!” before I turn around and bump into Xavier.
“Sorry,” I say and he shrugs with a look of indifference on his face.
“It’s okay; how’s your project going?” He asks. I blink, not knowing what to say; Xavier and I haven’t really talked since I became friends with Mason and October. Campbell walks up behind him with a Dr. Pepper in his hand.
“Sabrina, what’s up my home biscuit?” He asks, throwing an arm over my shoulder and grinning at me. I scrunch up my face in fake disgust and laugh. “Home biscuit?” I ask and Xavier just leaves. Campbell sighs.
“Don’t mind him; he’s on his man-period.” I burst out laughing before shoving his arm off of me and pulling out a plate to put the pizza on. Campbell smiles proudly at his own joke and sips his soda while casually leaning against the counter. I reach out (using a spatula) to get the pizza and accidentally burn the top of my hand.
I pull it back with a hiss, and then memories start flooding through my head. I remember burning my fingers on accident by touching a curling iron; I cried and cried until my mom put a salve on it and bandaged me up.
I remember how some boy shoved me into a pool and I didn’t know how to swim and my dad jumped in and saved me.
They had always been there for me, good or bad, they accepted my decisions, and they loved me no matter what mistakes I made.
Tears flood my vision and I ‘m okay. I tune them out, wanting to be left alone.
“Sabrina, you okay sweetie?” Mason asks, and I realize that he’s the only one not panicking. I don’t say anything, I just bury my face in his chest, sobbing and covering his shirt with my tears. “It’s okay darling, tell me what’s wrong.” He coos, and I pull away slightly, wiping the tears off of my face.
“I miss them…” I whisper, closing my eyes as an uneasy calm falls over me. Mason kisses the top of my head. “I know, I know, but it will get better, trust me.” I feel someone staring at me, but don’t turn around to address them; I hate feeling helpless and weak. Mason rubs my back and sings Saviour (A/N that’s how the band spelled it) by Black Veil Brides softly in my ear.
“Just let it all out sweetheart, it’s okay to cry.” He says, and then continues to hold me and sing in my ear, I’m glad to have someone like him to help me through all of this so I accept my weakness and decide that I don’t mind crying in front of him.
The moment doesn’t last as long as I wish, though. Mason’s phone goes off and it turns out that he has to leave.
“Sorry Sabri-Bri, I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Feel better.” He sighs, hugging me one last time before going out of the door and climbing into his car to disappear down the road. Someone puts their hand on my shoulder and I turn to see Elizabeth.
“He’s a good friend,” she says, her eyes scanning my face and searching for the sorrow that I had felt earlier, but I already have it all locked up in my heart, guarding the treasured memories with everything in me. I know that it’s not healthy to keep emotions inside, but I can’t help it, its how I’ve always been and I know one of these days I’m going to snap and I can only hope that that day is far, far away.
Elizabeth grips my arm and leads me up into my room. “Get some rest,” she says, and I nod slowly.
“Where did Jazz and October go?”” I ask, clenching and unclenching my fists.
“They’re downstairs; want me to send them up here?” She asks good-naturedly. I nod and watch her leave my room before pulling off my clothes and putting on my Hello Kitty pajamas.
October is the first person to walk in, and she’s clearly worried about me. Jazz is less subtle with her concern and nearly knocks me to the ground with a hug.
“Are you okay? Do you need anything? A drink? Snack?” She asks, pulling away and looking me in the eyes.
“I’m fine, just… tired.” I say and October pries Jazz off of me.
“Let the poor girl go, I’m sure she needs her space.” She says. Her eyes are alight with concern and slight irritation.
“Thanks,” I sigh, sinking down onto my bed and closing my eyes. “Go to sleep, we’ll see you in the morning.” October says, patting my head affectionately before dragging Jazz out of the room and leaving me alone.
I let out a sigh of relief, turn off my lights, and pull the blankets over my head, ready for sleep to take me into its comforting depths.
~~~~~~In the morning~~~~~~
I shiver with cold, pulling my sweatshirt over my body.
“You ready yet?” Xavier asks through my door.
“One second, I need to get my project.” I croak, reaching out to grab the papers and the poster that’s sitting on my desk. I look over our work; October, Jazz, and Mason had finished it while I was making snacks yesterday, and I have to say, they did a great job. I read it over quickly before stuffing it in my bag.
I step out of my room and walk down the stairs. Xavier is leaning casually against the front door, stormy eyes closed, auburn hair brushed over his eyes, and hands shoved in his pockets. My breath catches in my throat and my heart starts beating violently.
Realization hits me like a brick to the head; I have a crush on Xavier Robinson. He opens his eyes and smiles a charming smile at me. I blush and step down the last step, unable to look him in the eyes.
“Took long enough,” he jokes, and I let out a small laugh. “Let’s get going, unless you want to be late.” I scurry to his side quickly, tripping over my own feet.
“You okay?” He asks, putting a hand on my elbow to steady me. “Yeah, let’s go, I have a project to present.” I say, finding my voice.
I manage to walk straight and not trip down the step, and hopefully I don’t look like a fool.
We drive in silence, with me contemplating on liking him and him concentrating on driving, no doubt. As soon as we park, I jump out of the car, thank him for the ride, and dash off to my first period class.

The author's comments:
Haha, thanks for reading people!!!! :)

The Robinson Boys:
Chapter 13:
Living with the Robinson’s had been a lot easier until I realized that I liked Xavier. I get tongue-tied every time we talk, butterflies fill my stomach whenever he smiles or just looks at me! It’s ridiculously horrible at the dinner table because I sit directly across from him and his eyes always seem to burn into mine. It’s as if he can see my soul through those stormy gray eyes. Elizabeth noticed my discomfort and asked if I was okay, which I hastily replied yes.
“Sabri-Bri! Out of dreamland, we have to finish this assignment!” Mason chirps, waving his hand in front of my face and disrupting my thoughts. “Oh, uh, sorry…” I say, picking up my pencil and tapping it against the paper in front of me; bleh, geometry.
“So, what were you thinking about?” He asks, glaring at the worksheet in front of us that is resting oh so comfortably on my pillow. “Nothing really,” I sigh, trying to stop thinking about Xavier and get my head wrapped back around the geometry worksheet.
“Aha, you can’t fool me darling; you were thinking about Xavier.” He states with a happy – yet sly – smile planted on his lips. My face gets hot and my cheeks are no doubt flushed bright red. “Is it really that obvious that I like him?” I ask, looking up at Mason through my hair and he nods in reply.
“To everyone except him it seems,” he laughs and rolls onto his back and stares at the ceiling fan as it spins hypnotically. We lay on my bed in silence for a few minutes before we continue working.
After all of our homework was done, we go to the mall, get some dinner, shop a little and comment on hot guys that are wandering around the mall. I spot a music store and drag Mason in there with me only to find out that Xavier works there. I freeze when I see him and manage to turn around before he sees me.
“Sabrina, hey!” He calls and I blush, glad that he can’t see my face. Mason snickers at me and I toss him a glare which he playfully returned. We burst out laughing and people (including Xavier) give us weird looks.
“So, why are you here?” Xavier asks his happy attitude disappearing the more he was around Mason. “We’re looking at music,” I reply, raising an eyebrow at him. “Why else would we be here?” I ask, returning his cold look.
Disappointment flickers across his face as if I had somehow let him down and he shakes his head. “Nothing I guess… have fun…” he mutters, walking away. “Awkward!” Mason sings before he takes my hand in his and we start to look around the store, buying a couple of CDs and then we left to go home.
“SLEEP OVER!” Mason exclaims when we get back to the house and then he takes off running and leaves me in the dust. I laugh, “Hey, wait up!” I yell, running after him and then tackling him. “Got’cha!” I say, smiling, and then finding a strange boy lying underneath me.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry! I thought you were my friend! Let me help you up!” I gasp, standing up and then helping him up onto his feet. To my surprise he starts to laugh and then we both end up lying on the floor next to each other laughing like crazy people.
“I’m Jordan,” he says once we catch our breath. “Sabrina,” I reply, turning my head to look at him and smiling. “Well Sabrina, I think this is about to sprout into an awesome friendship, oi?” I smile brightly at him and nod in agreement.
“TO THE KITCHEN! AWAY!” He yelled, jumping up and dashing into the kitchen.
“WAIT FOR ME BATMAN!” I called after him, getting to my feet and running after him.

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