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The R Word

Author's note: I wrote this book a little of a year ago in my spare time. It was just for fun and I started...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this book a little of a year ago in my spare time. It was just for fun and I started writing while visiting my grandparents in the mountains. After I got home I couldn't stop writing. I hope you enjoy the twists and turns as much as I did while writing them! Just keep reading, you'll never believe the ending!  « Hide author's note
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Because I Hate You

It was Monday morning and Beth was walking from the parking lot towards the school. It was only seven in the morning and she was already having a bad day. After she’d gotten home from the movies with Parker her mom, Janie, and her had gotten into a fight. It ended with her mom confiscating her phone for the weekend. Beth had finally gotten it back this morning, but the battery was dead. She didn’t have time to charge it and as if it were planned, her car charger had fallen out of her car yesterday,
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and broke.
She balled her hands up into fists as she walked towards the school. How was she supposed to get through a Monday without her cell phone? She came to the bench that Aaron met her at every morning before class and took a seat to wait for him. The stone bench was cold and her feet were freezing. Maybe she shouldn’t have worn open toed high heels today. She wanted to check the time, just to make sure she hadn’t missed Aaron, or to see how late he was so she could complain to him later, but she didn’t have her phone. She sure as hell didn’t wear a nerdy watch, and there were no clocks around. Bored, she started chipping the purple nail polish off her ring finger on her right hand.
She exhaled loudly, angry again. She didn’t have her phone to text her friends while she waited for Aaron.
“Hey Beth!” Oliver, one of the guys on the football team called. Beth turned to see him making kissy faces at her. He licked the air in front of him, rose his eye brows, laughed and walked away.
What the hell? Was this some kind of inside joke she didn’t understand? And since when did Oliver talk to her? They haven’t spoken since she dumped him last year. She shook her head, confused.
A couple of girls walked by giggling and pointing at her. They rose their eye brows at her condescendingly and tossed their hair over their shoulders as they walked away.
Beth rolled her eyes.
And then another guy from the football team came up to her.
“Hey Beth, you wBeth make out somewhere?” He asked.
“What?” She demanded. “Hello? Aaron, your friend. Yeah, he’s my boyfriend.”
“Not anymore he’s not.” He laughed.
“What are you talking about?” She demanded, rising to her feet. “He’s meeting me here any second now.”
“See ya later Beth.” He waved and walked away laughing.
She really wished she had her phone right now. She needed to text her friends, maybe they knew what was going on. It looked like she didn’t have to text them, she could see them coming up from the parking lot, rushing towards her. Star was in the middle with Megan and Olivia on each side.
“Hey guys, what’s up?” She smiled after they reached her. All of their faces wore hesitant expressions and full of what looked like sympathy. Beth’s face fell as she took it in. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?”
“You mean you don’t know?” Star demanded.
“Know what?”
Megan, Olivia, and Star exchanged a look. “This,” Megan sighed and handed Beth her iphone.
Beth glanced at the picture on the screen. Her jaw dropped and her hand flew to her mouth to cover it. It was of her and Parker making out in the bathroom at the movie theater Friday night. It wasn’t even a good picture of her. Under the picture the caption read: SORRY AARON, LOOKS LIKE YOUR SLUT FOUND SOMEONE ELSE TO BANG.
“Where the hell did you get this picture?” Beth demanded.
“Kristen sent a text blast to everyone in school.” Megan explained quietly.
“Don’t worry Beth, we’ll get her back good!” Olivia quickly added.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. Everyone at school? You mean Aaron too?” She moaned, covering her face with her hands.
“I’m surprised he hasn’t talked to you yet.” Megan confirmed quietly.
“You mean dumped me?” Beth snapped.
“That’s not what I meant!” Megan began but Beth cut her off.
“When did Kristen send it?” Beth asked, shaking her head, covering her eyes with her right hand.
“This morning.” Star explained, gulping. “Don’t even worry about it Beth! We’ll get her back.”
“Yeah! The b**** won’t know what hit her.” Olivia agreed.
“Aaron’s not coming is he?” Beth asked, motioning to the bench.
“I’d guess not.” Star agreed.
“It just doesn’t make sense…” Beth mumbled to herself. “How did she…” Her head suddenly snapped up, glaring at Megan. “Megan.”
“What?” Megan demanded, startled.
“It was you! You’re the one that told Kristen that Parker and I would be at the movie theater on Friday!”
“What? You’re insane!”
“Not I’m not! You were the only one that knew. I told you Parker and I were going to the movies. Of course! How could I honestly think that you were done being friends with Kristen? How could I have even thought that I could trust you? You’re still a part of her group aren’t you?” Beth accused, close to tears.
“Of course not! I haven’t been friends with her in forever. I’ve been in your group for over a year!”
“What? Are you like her little spy? You go running to Kristen, telling her everything I say?”
Star and Olivia just stood there, helpless. After all, what could they say?
“How can you even think that? What’s wrong with you?”
“It makes perfect sense. Just look at the facts.” Beth said through her teeth.
“I can’t believe how ridiculous you’re being! Listen to yourself!” Megan tried to defend herself, but it was useless. Once Beth made up her mind that was that. After all, she had to blame somebody. Anybody but herself.
“And I can’t believe what a backstabbing b**** you turned out to be. I thought we were friends Megan.”
“I does make sense.” Star piped up.
“I can’t believe you.” Olivia glared at Megan.
“Friends don’t do that.” Star added.
“I can’t believe you guys are honestly taking her side! Have you all completely lost your minds?” Megan demanded, helpless.
“Come on girls, we’ve got to get to class. Consider yourself officially out of the group, traitor.” Beth hissed as she hooked arms with Star and Jun and walked towards the school. Leaving Megan behind, all alone.

It was already sixth period and Beth hadn’t seen Aaron all day. She really needed to talk to him, try to explain. She worried that he got the text blast before he left this morning and then just didn’t come to school. Or maybe he left early after he saw the picture.
During seventh off period, as if it were even a surprise, Megan was eating lunch with Kristen, Sarah Mae, Andrea, and Amber. Star and Olivia had acted like it was no surprise as well, but they were shocked. They’d never, before today, thought Megan was a traitor. They without a doubt believed that she did it now.
Finally, after the final bell had rung, Beth spotted Aaron in the parking lot, making his way to his car. “Aaron!” Beth called after him, but he didn’t turn. She took a deep breath and then ran to catch up to him. She grabbed his arm and turned him to face her.
“What do you want Beth?” He demanded.
“Oh come on Aaron, don’t be that way.” Beth fake laughed, trying to lighten the mood.
Aaron rolled his eyes and turned to walk away. Beth slipped under his arm and stood in from of him again. She smiled weakly. “Look, I’m sorry, okay?”
“How many times?” Aaron asked in a monotone.
“What are you talking about?” She pretended to be clueless.
“You and Parker. How many times?” He demanded.
She looked around the parking lot nervously. What was she supposed to say to him? Too many times to count?
“Look, Aaron, it’s not even a big deal, okay?”
“How many times?!” He yelled. A few other people in the parking lot stopped to watch.
“Just a few times over the past mouth.” Beth said slowly and quietly. In all honesty, it was only about five or six times maximum.
Aaron just shook his head and started walking again.
“Aaron wait!” Beth begged.
“Wait for what?” He demanded and turned around to face her again, his eyes turning slightly watery. Beth began to feel really bad. She hadn’t expected for him to take it this hard if he ever found out. “Wait for you to tell me it was no big deal again? Wait for you to lie to my face some more? Tell me did you ever think about me? My feelings? If you really don’t like me why didn’t you just tell me?”
“I do like you!” Beth cut in, but he wasn’t nearly done.
“And to think I had to find out with the rest of the God damn school.” He muttered lowly in her ear. “I thought we had a strong relationship.”
“We do!” She cut in again.
“Then why did you go back with your ex? You broke up for a reason!”
“Just calm down—“
“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down right now!” He yelled and more people stared.
“Can’t we talk about this?” Beth begged helplessly, frightened from Aaron’s anger.
“How’s this for talking? In case it wasn’t obvious, we’re through!” He turned and walked back to his truck, not looking back once.
Beth felt her heart throb and seem to shatter inside of her. She’d seriously damaged him. She never wanted to hurt Aaron. She heard snickering behind her and turned to see Kristen and Sarah Mae. Oh great, she thought.
“Good job Beth, every entertaining show.” Kristen clapped, still laughing.
“This is funny to you?” Beth demanded.
“Uh…yeah?” Kristen rolled her eyes, still laughing.
“Aaron just dumped me!” Beth yelled, walking up to Kristen and Sarah Mae. Both of them wore excited and amused grins and their eyes glowed. She could tell they had a lot of bragging to do. They finally got her good.
“Yeah I heard.” Kristen snickered.
“This is all your fault!” Beth exclaimed and jabbed Kristen in the chest with her finger.
“Hey! Don’t blame me! You’re the one who was cheating on him!”
“You sent that picture to the whole freaking school!” Beth nearly yelled through clenched teeth as she pushed Kristen back a step.
“I know! It was hilarious! Just priceless.” She grinned, shoving Beth back.
“Why did you do that? Don’t you have the decency to just tell him? He’s humiliated!”
“And you’re not?” Sarah Mae wondered, disappointment in her voice.
“Actually, no, I’m not. Even with this stupid-ass immature stunt you pulled I’m still the most popular girl in the school. I guess no matter what you do you’ll both always be losers.” Beth shrugged and pushed Kristen again.
“And I guess you’ll always be a slut!” Kristen yelled as she shoved back.
“You’re just jealous!” Beth accused, pushing Kristen back.
“Not likely!” Kristen snorted, shoving Beth back a few steps.
Beth clenched her teeth tightly and shoved Kristen again. “You b****!”
“You slut!” Kristen snapped, shoving Beth again.
“Why’d you even do it?” Beth wondered, taking a step back so Kristen couldn’t push her again.
“Isn’t is obvious by now? Because I hate you b****.” She kissed two fingers, flashed the insides of them to Beth and her and Sarah Mae walked away, very much pleased with themselves.
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prettymystic said...
Mar. 11, 2016 at 1:43 pm
i love this book. i couldnt stop readin this.
MissEmilyDickinson This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 20, 2014 at 5:08 pm
Oh, geez Luis. Is it alright if I ask, if there is more coming? This is absolutely, fantastic and amazing. I absolutely, mean it. You know to make it suspenseful. When I first read it, it grabbed my attention, right from the start and I didn't stop reading it until I got to the last chapter. If there is more coming, I hope that I can read it. :) You have such a talent and greatness and light in you; and you're an amazing and wondeful and talented writer. It's true, it just is. Thank ... (more »)
ThatOneWritingGirl replied...
Oct. 21, 2014 at 6:19 pm
Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I wrote this around 5 years ago (yikes, was it that long ago, already?) so I probably won't be adding any more to it (but who knows? Never say never, right?). I'm really glad you liked it though! :)
monikitty12 said...
Mar. 14, 2014 at 10:28 pm
This book really has to be published. You are literarry a born to be author. My works are average compared to yours!!!
Ccookiez said...
Dec. 12, 2012 at 2:55 pm
i love this book. i couldnt stop readin this. they had to turn off my wifi so i could stop. you need to write the rest
missreadalot said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 9:49 pm
i just finished the first chapter and i have to say this is the most well written book ive seen on this sight  its so nice to see things from a cheaters point of view
Country_Storm_Inspired said...
Oct. 18, 2011 at 2:12 pm
Oh.my.GOODNESS!!! This is amazing! I stayed up until 12:30 reading it and I almost cried when I realized the end wasn't there!!!!! You have to have to have finish it!!!!!!! (:
GreenActress replied...
Nov. 1, 2011 at 5:08 pm
Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH! I can't tell you how awesome it is that someone actually read it. I was worried no one would even bother after reading the summary or anything! Thanks so much!

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