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The R Word

Author's note: I wrote this book a little of a year ago in my spare time. It was just for fun and I started...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this book a little of a year ago in my spare time. It was just for fun and I started writing while visiting my grandparents in the mountains. After I got home I couldn't stop writing. I hope you enjoy the twists and turns as much as I did while writing them! Just keep reading, you'll never believe the ending!  « Hide author's note
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Kristen Dollsworth Doesn't Date Poor Boys

Kristen’s car pulled up to the outside of Sarah Mae’s house as she blared her horn. She saw Sarah Mae’s bedroom light on the third floor flicker off. The porch light was on and both of her parent’s cars were missing from the driveway, they must have gone out. It was seven o’clock exactly; she turned up the radio as she waited for Sarah Mae.
She glanced at her cell phone, which announced that she had a new text message from Andrew, but she ignored it. Sure she felt bad about canceling
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her dinner plans to go to the movies with Sarah Mae, but he was suffocating her! She was sick of him stalking her and following her around like a little puppy.
Kristen smiled as Sarah jogged down to her car in an over the shoulder blue sweater, skinny jeans, and thigh high boots. Damn, Kristen thought, she sure has been getting a lot of use out of those boots. A little too much if you asked her.
“Hey slut-bag!” Sarah Mae called as she climbed in the passenger seat and grabbed her seat belt. It locked three times as Sarah Mae tugged at it. After four tries she finally got it buckled.
“Back at ya bee-yotch!” Kristen half smiled and pulled out of Sarah Mae’s neighborhood. “So I heard this movie sucks.” Kristen offered after a moment of silence.
“Yeah, me too. S’not like we go to watch the movie anyway!” Sarah Mae shrugged.
“S! I have a boyfriend now thank you very much.” Kristen reminded her, not like that’d stop her if she found someone hotter tonight.
“I don’t! Let’s not be selfish here Kris!” Sarah Maw responded, rolling her eyes as she changed the radio station.
“Me? Selfish? Never!” Kristen joked, she knew it was true.
“So how are things with you and Andrew?” She wondered.
Kristen thought about this for awhile, remembering back to his many text messages that she’d ignored tonight. She’d liked Andrew, she really had, but that was before she’d started dating him. Now he was just old news, boring. “I don’t think it’ll last long.” She answered matter-of-factly.
“Already?” Sarah Maw asked, although she wasn’t really all that surprised. It was unreal how quickly Kristen went through guys. When the last time she had a boyfriend, was months ago. The last time Kristen had been serious with a guy was over a year ago…with Beth’s younger brother, Austin. She hasn’t gotten attached to another guy since. “You can’t possibly be bored with him already.”
Kristen shrugged. “I knew I was taking a chance with him. He’s inexperienced, and not even that hot. It was only a matter of time.” Kristen explained as they came up to a red light.
“That’s too bad.” Sarah responded. “So when are you gonna break up with him?”
“I’ll wait until I have another boyfriend first. I can’t be single for any period of time.” Kristen explained as she stomped on the gas again. She wondered who would be her nest boy toy. Maybe that mysterious hot jock, Parker. Or she could always go for an attached hottie, like, say, Beth’s boyfriend, Aaron.
“Poor guy never had a chance.” Sarah laughed as Kristen pulled into the South Theater parking lot. The parking lot was packed. Kristen hoped that the lines wouldn’t be too long and that they wouldn’t get stuck in the front of the theater.
It was pouring rain outside so Kristen and Sarah Mae full out sprinted towards the door. They stepped inside huffing and puffing, laughing hysterically. Sarah Mae went and stood in line for the tickets while Kristen stood in line for the concessions.
Kristen absentmindedly watched the people who were handing their tickets to the ticket checker and then were heading to their movies. Tonight was the premiere of that one new animated movie so the place was crawling with small children.
She frowned. She was never going to find a hot guy here. Not unless she minded nose picking twelve year olds. Just then a familiar looking blonde girl made her way to the ticket checker with a hot and buff guy on her arm. Her back was to Kristen so she couldn’t see her face. And then the blonde and her boyfriend disappeared down the hall. Kristen shook her head, it couldn’t possibly be Beth. After all, she was still dating Aaron, and that was not Aaron.
She thought of first period today, when Aaron and Beth were shamelessly making out in front of everyone. They seemed, good, happy. Kristen chewed on her lower lip for a second. Beth would have to be totally out of her mind to cheat on Aaron. Practically every girl in the school would kill to date him, Kristen included.
But she knew that platinum blonde hair well, even just the back of it. She used to be jealous of it when they were younger, and now that same head of hair lingers in her dreams. Usually the ones where Kristen dreams of pushing Beth down a well, or shipping her off to China.
She shook her head as the boy working behind the counter called next. She ordered two waters and a large popcorn for her and Sarah to share and handed over her platinum credit card. She wondered why she hadn’t just gotten a small popcorn for Sarah Mae instead of a large for them to “share”. She and Sarah Mae both knew that Kristen Dollsworth would never eat buttery movie theater popcorn. It’s full of fat and calories that her flawless body and diet could not have. But Sarah Mae loved popcorn, and she’d be embarrassed if Kristen just bought her some. Kristen sighed; she could eat one or two little pieces so Sarah wouldn’t feel bad.
She had to admit, the boy working concessions tonight was cute, but she would never in a million years date a boy who worked at a movie theater. No matter how hot he was.
Sarah Mae appeared at her side and handed her a ticket. There were a few people in line behind her that groaned and complained, she contemplated chucking a hand full of popcorn at their heads. That’d teach them to be more patient. She was Kristen freaking Dollsworth for God’s sake. She rolled her eyes, grabbed their food and her and Sarah walked over to the ticket checking counter.
The boy who was checking the tickets was cute also. Kristen took a deep breath as she handed over the tickets.
“Third theater on your right. Enjoy the show.” He said directly to Kristen and smiled.
“Thanks.” She muttered as she pulled Sarah Mae down the hallway, the same direction as the blonde-in-question went. Kristen wondered if she was in the same movie as them.
“Damn…” Sarah mumbled and looked back at the ticket boy as Kristen dragged her along. “He was into you.”
“Puh-lease. As if I’d date a poor boy who works at a movie theater.” Kristen rolled her eyes and pulled Sarah Mae further.
“You never know. Stranger things have happened.” She shrugged and pushed Kristen’s hand off her.
“Amen to that!” Kristen laughed.
They walked into the theater and took seats around the middle. The house lights were still on and it was still in the middle of the early previews. Kristen looked around the room, wondering if that blonde that looked like Beth was in there. Right as she was about to give up she spotted her. She was several rows down, closer to the screen.
The boy she was with had his arm around her shoulder and she was laughing. Kristen couldn’t figure out why she cared so much. She just couldn’t stop watching them. Her thoughts were interrupted by Sarah Mae’s voice.
“So you aren’t as into Andrew as you thought.” Sarah Mae began, breaking the silence. “Who next? Do you like someone else? Is that why you’re over Andrew?” She wondered.
“Huh, what?” Kristen blinked and looked away from the couple. “Oh yeah. Right. Um, no. I don’t know who’ll be next.”
“Maybe John from Spanish?” Sarah Mae offered. “He’s hot.”
“Yeah you know, maybe I will go single for a little while. You never know. Stranger things have happened.” Kristen winked. “What about you?” She sighed and took a deep breath. “Got anyone on your radar that I should know about?”
Sarah thought for a little. “No, no one right now. I was hoping to meet some mysterious hottie here tonight, but that’s obviously not goin’ so well, huh?”
“The night is still young darling!” Kristen grinned and looked back to where the couple had been sitting. They weren’t there. She looked around the room but they were nowhere to be seen. She sighed. Why did she even care? She shook her head, ashamed at how pathetic she was being. “I’ll be right back. I’m gonna head to the little girl’s room before the movie starts.”
“Okay, I’ll save your seat for you.” Sarah smiled as she shoved some popcorn in her mouth.
Kristen stumbled over a few people who had sat down in their aisle as she tried to get out. She squeezed past the people who were filing in and finally made it out into the hallway.
She stared at the cute boy who was checking tickets for quite awhile. She honestly considered him for a few moments. He was hot, fresh meat, he was into her; why not, right? But she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Kristen Dollsworth doesn’t date poor boys. Especially not the ones that work in movie theaters. It was a Friday night for God’s sake! Did he honestly not have anything better to do than work? Kristen sighed as she realized she probably just dodged a bullet. He was probably just a complete loser who happened to be slightly attractive. But she’s seen better, and she can do better.
Like Andrew. He may be completely empty in the personality and charm department, but at least he was hot and popular.
She shoved through the girl’s bathroom door. It was surprisingly empty; the movie must have started. She walked up to the mirror to examine herself. Her makeup was still flawless, as was her dark brown hair that she’d made into long, flowing curls. She ran her hands over her silk blouse and mini skirt and took a deep breath.
She couldn’t believe that she’d actually considered that boy. Her, Kristen Dollsworth, considered a boy working at a movie theater. He should be kissing her feet.
She scrunched up her nose. She always hated this movie theater bathroom. The mirror was in its own separate little sitting room with red velvet on the walls and red carpet. It was only four or five feet wide and then it changed into the hideous bathroom tiled floor. She knew if she was standing here looking in the mirror and someone opened the door she’d get smacked in the back with it. It was just poor planning on the builder’s part.
Just then she heard giggling and the sounds of lips smacking together. She peeked around the corner to where all of the stalls were. She’d thought no one was in here. She heard whispers and what sounded like people bumping into the stall doors.
She cocked her head to the side. That giggle sounded awfully familiar… she tip toed into the part of the bathroom that held the stalls as quietly as she could. She searched under the stalls until she found the one that held a pair of girl’s feet (clad in extremely hideous knock off heels) and a pair of large boy tennis shoes. Kristen peered through the crack in the door to find the blonde girl she’d seen earlier and the boy she’d been with making out.
Now she could see their faces. So it was Beth! Kristen didn’t recognize the boy at first, but then she was able to put her finger on it. Beth was making out with that hot jock Parker; and not her boyfriend Aaron.
“No freaking way.” Kristen mouthed to herself as she pulled out her camera phone. “Gotcha b****.”
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prettymystic said...
Mar. 11, 2016 at 1:43 pm
i love this book. i couldnt stop readin this.
MissEmilyDickinson This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 20, 2014 at 5:08 pm
Oh, geez Luis. Is it alright if I ask, if there is more coming? This is absolutely, fantastic and amazing. I absolutely, mean it. You know to make it suspenseful. When I first read it, it grabbed my attention, right from the start and I didn't stop reading it until I got to the last chapter. If there is more coming, I hope that I can read it. :) You have such a talent and greatness and light in you; and you're an amazing and wondeful and talented writer. It's true, it just is. Thank ... (more »)
ThatOneWritingGirl replied...
Oct. 21, 2014 at 6:19 pm
Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I wrote this around 5 years ago (yikes, was it that long ago, already?) so I probably won't be adding any more to it (but who knows? Never say never, right?). I'm really glad you liked it though! :)
monikitty12 said...
Mar. 14, 2014 at 10:28 pm
This book really has to be published. You are literarry a born to be author. My works are average compared to yours!!!
Ccookiez said...
Dec. 12, 2012 at 2:55 pm
i love this book. i couldnt stop readin this. they had to turn off my wifi so i could stop. you need to write the rest
missreadalot said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 9:49 pm
i just finished the first chapter and i have to say this is the most well written book ive seen on this sight  its so nice to see things from a cheaters point of view
Country_Storm_Inspired said...
Oct. 18, 2011 at 2:12 pm
Oh.my.GOODNESS!!! This is amazing! I stayed up until 12:30 reading it and I almost cried when I realized the end wasn't there!!!!! You have to have to have finish it!!!!!!! (:
GreenActress replied...
Nov. 1, 2011 at 5:08 pm
Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH! I can't tell you how awesome it is that someone actually read it. I was worried no one would even bother after reading the summary or anything! Thanks so much!

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