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Veronica's Eternity

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The Truth of It All

I walked towards the horse barn in two light weight tunics for the heat of the year along with a stola over them. In my right hand was a brush and in my left was a pail of water I had gotten from the nearest stream. Water splashed out the sides of the pail as I hurried. It was getting very late and I had yet to clean my emperor’s horse. I was suddenly stopped when a man walked in front of me. With the light of the moon I could make out the man had dark, shaggy hair but what frightened me was his
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eyes. They were red, as red as blood flowing off of the clothes of the injured soldier I had been attending to earlier that day. I set my pail and brush on the ground before looking back to the man, “Are you lost? No one is supposed to be near here at this time other than myself.”
He watched me for a moment and I felt a chill flow down my back. When he opened his mouth a word did not come out.
I leaned down to grab my things off of the dirt path, “Well if you will excuse me, I must go.” I whispered but froze as I felt a freezing hand on my arm. I looked to the man to see his eyes were an even brighter red than before as his white teeth glistened in the moonlight, “Yes?” I asked but gasped as he pulled me away from the pail and brush and against his body. I tried to push him away, but he threw me to the ground as he followed closely behind. He pinned me against the dirt path as I felt his breath on the side of my neck.
“Be a good child and stay still.” A deep voice hissed and I gasped again as maniacal words were whispered into my ear so that I could not move. The man raped me quickly and before I knew it the man stood up from the ground and looked down to me, “Now sleep, child.” He whispered but as my eyes started to close I saw the side of the man’s face because of the moonlight.
I sat up from my hospital bed with horror, “No!” I cried as I felt the sweat and tears that covered my body. I shook as I felt myself break down. I knew immediately that this was the last piece of my memory I had to gain and now I knew the truth. I quickly got up but fumbled with my fake leg. It took me a moment to regain my balance, but once I had I quickly left my room to see it was about time for everything to start moving in imitation of a new day. I walked back to my room with the realization I needed to change. I was in my hospital gown still so when I got back to my room I changed into a short sleeve shirt and a pair of sweat pants. By the time I got upstairs to the rehabilitation center the hospital was already loud. I went into the room for rehab and was relieved to see I was the only one there. I quickly went to an area set up for when Detrick and I practiced yesterday so I could work out. I did not stop until my body was drenched, but my mind still raced. When an older man came into the room I quickly left and went down to a showering area. I changed into a hospital gown located there and then made my way back to my room. As I made my way to the small stack of clothes Lord Damek had sent to me a day or so ago. I slipped into a pair of black pants and a pink t-shirt before putting on my black tennis shoes. Next I went to the bed of the room and made it properly before leaving the room with my extra pairs of clothes in the bag I had received them in. I went to the front desk of the hospital and a woman stared at me, “Hello, I would like to check myself out.”
She nodded without a word and then looked to me after a few moments of typing on the computer, “We will send you a bill.” She mumbled before looking back down to the computer screen. I quickly took my leave from the hospital and realized I only had about 2 dollars on me so I went to the nearest bus station. I got on by myself since I was the only one there at 5:30 in the morning and paid. I did not get off for almost an hour, but when I did I realized how far from the city my home was. It took me roughly two hours to get to the porch of my master’s home and felt relieved to not have to walk across rugged ground anymore. I quietly made my way to the kitchen to see a note from Madie on the counter. She had gone to the store for food, so this was a perfect opportunity. I quietly made my way to the library at the other end of the house and sat down at the computer. This was where all the information on vampires had been moved to while I was asleep last so it took me a moment to find the person I was looking for. Lena Erben, the second daughter of the Erben family. I stared at the girl’s photo and felt sadness and relief strain me almost as though I was human once more and had a heart. I stood and went to the kitchen in order to make dinner. We were out of fruit so I quickly made my way outside to the garden the land keeper had made and placed some strawberries, blueberries, and peaches into a bowl I had brought along. When I came back inside I made sure to lock to the door before going to the sink of the kitchen and washing off the fruit. I placed them in the fridge so that they would not go bad before dinner as I started to clean the house. Madie had done most of the cleaning except for some dusting so I did that. The front door opened and someone quietly crept in. I turned to see Madie freeze in the middle of the entryway as she saw me cleaning a pair of blinds.
“Good evening, Madie. Thank you for doing the shopping. I appreciate it.”
“What are you doing here, Veronica? You are not supposed to be out of the hospital for a few weeks.” She retorted as she walked over to me.
“I’m perfectly fine now, but thank you for the concern.”
“How can you say you are fine?”
I looked into her eyes of uncertainty, “Because I understand my body better than any doctor. I have already begun training how to fight with this handicap so I believe I can handle other things.”
“You should sit down.”
“I’ve been sitting continuously for almost a month now, Madie. I am tired of sitting. I want to get back to my regular life.”
“Your master brought a human woman home last night. She left right before me early this morning.”
I looked away from her and started dusting again, “Will Lady Mila be joining my masters for dinner?”
“You don’t care that a girl was brought here last night!”
When I looked back to her I saw her face was flushed from yelling, “There are other things I need to do before I can worry about my master’s personal affairs.”
“You just don’t get it, Veronica! He is cheating on you!”
I tightened the grip on my duster, “I appreciate you and Lady Mila’s help lately, Madie, but do not ask so many questions of me or my masters,” I looked up to her, “I have been at my master’s side for thousands of years so I believe I know him best of anyone.”
“Don’t you love him?”
I watched her, “Of course. I respect my master and feel he is like family.”
“I mean don’t you love him as a lover?”
I dropped my head, “Of course not,” I hissed back, “I had a lot of time to think while alone in that hospital and I realized I should not and do not feel anything more than the love of a friend for my master. It is wrong for me to love him because I am his shield. I am his friend. I am his protector. I am his servant. But I am never planning to become anything more than that to him.”
“But I’ve seen the way your eyes follow after him, Veronica! That is more than protecting him!”
I shook my head, “You misunderstand, Madie. Maybe when you have been with your master as long as I have been with mine you will be able to understand me, but until then I do not want to hear another word on this subject,” I cleared my throat, “Now will the two of you be staying for dinner?”
She watched me in disapproval, “No. There is a ball tonight that my master and the two Lords of this house plan to attend. They should be up soon in order to get ready and leave.”
I looked away from her, “Oh, alright.”
“You will come too, right?”
I looked to my legs, “No, I don’t think I will.”
“My master will probably not want to show me as I am right now,” I whispered, “My wounds show how I have failed him. I do not want to shame him by letting other see my leg.”
“You shouldn’t be ashamed by that leg.”
I nodded, “I’ve been told,” I went back to dusting, “Who is throwing the party tonight?”
“The Erben family is celebrating their second daughter’s engagement that happened a few days ago.”
I froze and kept my body from shaking, “Oh.”
“Nicky!” Lady Mila hollered as she ran into the room. She embraced me tightly, “You’re back!”
I smiled towards her with a nod, “Yes, I just got here. How are you, Lady Mila?”
“I’m excited for the ball tonight! Lena’s youngest sister is one of my best friends!”
“You don’t say? Well then this will be a nice evening for you I’m sure.”
“Are you going to come, Nicky?”
I sighed, “I am not entirely sure.”
“Of course Veronica is coming,” Vladimir said as he walked into the room. I had to avert my gaze from him, “I was planning to get her from the hospital soon to bring her along.”
“Alright, then I will go.” I whispered but felt a shiver go down my spine as my master’s cold arms embraced me from behind. He kissed the side of my neck.
“Come with me to my room, Veronica. I have something to discuss with you.” He whispered and I nodded.
“Of course, please excuse us Lady Mila.” I whispered before following behind him as he pulled me down the hall and into his room. When we got there he locked the door behind me and then led me over to his bed. As he pushed me down onto the messed up sheet I wanted to scream. I had to get away, but the moment his teeth pierced the side of my neck I froze and went into shock. Usually this moment would have a short second of pain before I was filled with a sickening sweet feeling, but this time I went into shock. I could not move as he felt my body and we became coitus without my participation or consent. When he finally stopped I was tired and covered in sweat and tears. As he lay down beside me I put my hands over my eyes and kept my crying to silence so he would not look.
“You should go get ready, Veronica.” He said as he lay on his side with his back facing me. I quickly got up and went to my room. Once I got my emotions under control I changed into a dark blue ball gown with a tight waist that held the strapless dress up and the white beading all over the part that covered my chest and the bottom of the skirt that were the same color as my high heels. I then hurried outside to drive Madie, Lady Mila, master Neco and Vladimir to the party. When we got there a man took the car to be parked for me so I did not have to leave my masters’ sides at any moment. The large mansion was covered with guards as expected since so many attacks had occurred recently. When we went inside we were greeted by the youngest son and daughter of the family before Lady Mila and the young girl ran off together as Madie followed close behind. I followed Vladimir as he greeted people but I noticed Master Neco would hide behind me when anyone came up to us so I did my best to hide him. After about an hour of greeting, we finally sat down. Vladimir and master Neco ate while I stood and kept guard of the table and them, “Veronica, you may sit.” Vladimir offered but I did not look back to him as I shook my head.
“I am fine.” I replied as I watched people mingling but I was surprised to see Detrick suddenly coming towards me, “Detrick?” I asked as he came closer and my two masters seemed annoyed by the man who came very close to me.
“When I got to work today I was told you had checked yourself out. I was very shocked since you and I have only been training for two days. You really shouldn’t be here, Nicky. I don’t think you are ready if something were to happen.”
I smiled towards him, “Thank you for your concern, Detrick, but I am fine. Is your master here?”
He shook his head, “A few of us were sent to come to the party though.”
“Well give him my regards.”
“Is your master here?” He asked and I nodded as I realized he had yet to meet my masters.
I turned to the table, “Detrick, these are my two masters, Lord Vladimir and his younger brother Lord Neco,” I looked to my two masters, “Masters, this is the fourth slave of Lord Nicholas. He was also my physical therapist at the hospital.”
“It’s nice to meet both of you.” Detrick said politely, but we all were caught off guard when the lights of the entire house were dimmed.
“Welcome everyone. We hope all of you will help us welcome our daughter and our soon to be son-in-law.” The head of the Erben family said from the top of the staircase on the side of the dance floor. We all watched as a beautiful young man and woman came down the stairs, but when I saw the girl’s face I brushed away a tear as it fell. Suddenly the lights were put to their regular level as an alarm sounded. I gasped but quickly sprint over to Master Neco. I grabbed his hand and brought him over to his older brother before leading then both away from the windows of the room. They suddenly shattered as around 20 hunters came into the room. I quickly noticed one with a gun armed and ready.
“All vampires on the ground and all slaves hands up!” A hunter yelled from the top of the stairs and I looked him horror to see Kenneth holding a gun to the second daughter of the Erben family’s head. Her fiancé was being held by another hunter as my breathing stopped. I looked to Detrick who had followed behind me when the alarm had gone off.
“Protect my masters for me.” I whispered and he just watched me in horror of whatever I planned to do. I slowly slid out the gun I had hidden under my dress and shot the two hunters near me before they even knew what had happened. I started up into a sprint and got to the stairs at an incredible speed that even Kenneth was shocked by. He cocked the gun, “Release that girl, Kenneth!”
“What are you doing here Veronica? You are supposed to be in the hospital!”
“That’s beside the point!” I hollered, “Let her go!”
“Why do you care so much?”
I threw my gun down the stairs, “If you want to shoot someone then shoot me. I am unarmed so I will not fight back.”
“Hell no! I was sent to kill this girl!”
“No! Please, no!” I cried as tears finally fell down my face, “Anything but that! I’ll do anything you want, just don’t hurt her!”
He seemed concerned, “What the hell is the matter with you! Why do you care about this girl?”
I started to shake with anger, “I am not going to stand around and let you kill the thing that is most important to me!”
He slightly lowered his gun, “What are you talking about?”
“I won’t let you kill my Lena!” I cried in a hiss as he froze in terror.
“What?” He asked as he shook, “No! Lena died when we were still human!” He yelled, “That beautiful girl could never become anything this horrible!”
My legs shook from under me, “That is Lena!” I cried as I looked to him, “Her father is a vampire so she still lives!”
“Don’t lie to me!” He hollered and then I felt pain in my shoulder. His face was white as he shook also.
I put my hand over my right shoulder as blood dripped off my hand, “Prince Kenneth, stop this!” I hollered and the entire room went silent, “You loved this girl to death and yet now you are going to kill her?”
“Shut up!” He screamed, “This is not Lena!” A gun fired and before I could understand I had jumped in front of Kenneth and wrapped my arms around him. Everyone seemed horrified as I slumped to the ground with a bullet lodged right below my breasts. I gagged and blood covered Kenneth’s shirt as he shook. He grabbed onto my arm and pulled me so that I looked directly at him, “Are you crazy!” He hissed and I smiled to him.
“I guess the old Veronica came to life for just a moment,” I whispered with a laugh and then a groan, “Get out of here.”
“Come with me!” He begged and I looked away from him.
“You will leave right this minute and I will stay here,” I ordered, “Now go before I have to watch you die at the hands of someone else.” He kissed my forehead before grabbing his ally’s arm and sprinting out the door. Vampires sprinted after them as the other hunters escaped the ways they had come inside. I sat on the ground while facing my back towards everyone else. I stood after a moment and turned to the two vampires standing beside me while staring in horror, “Are you two alright?” I asked with a smile and they both quickly nodded, “I’m glad. It would be a terrible shame if one of you was hurt during you engagement party.”
“Veronica!” Vladimir hissed and I looked to the bottom of the stairs with despair. I slowly walked down the stairs as blood dripped from my mouth and my two wounds. I turned my head to the side when I came up to him and everyone seemed shocked by me.
“If you want the rest of my blood then go ahead and take it. I don’t care.” I whispered and he slapped me quickly. I looked to the ground as my cheek burned.
“Do you think I am cruel enough to do that?” He hollered.
I don’t know you anymore, so I have no idea.
“Why did you get between my shot and that hunter, Nicky?” Lord Damek demanded and I looked to him.
“You should understand this by now at least, Lord Damek. I want that man to die, but I do not want him to die at the hands of anyone other than me.”
“Nicky, we need to get you to the hospital!” Detrick said as he came over to me.
“I’m alright, Detrick,” I replied, “My lungs were not punctured so I will not die.”
“But you have to be in pain!”
“Am I?” I asked him and he froze. I let out a small laugh as I brushed a small piece of hair out of my face, “I can’t even tell anymore.”
“What the hell has gotten into you, Veronica!” Vladimir hollered and I looked away from him. My hands started to shake and I watched them like everyone else. I squeezed my hands into fists as tears started down my face.
“You are too cruel,” I whispered in a choke, “You are horrible, Master Vladimir.”
“Excuse me!” He hissed as he grabbed my arm but he froze as my terrified, soaked eyes looked to him.
“How could you not tell me?” I asked as my whole body started shaking, “How could you not tell me that my precious daughter was still alive!”
I yanked my hand from his grasp, “I thought you kept me by your side all this time for love or for at least friendship, but you made me live this long for your own selfish benefit!”
“What in the world are you talking about, Nicky!” Lord Damek hollered but I could not look to him.
I started to walk away but gasped as Vladimir grabbed my arm. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”
I looked up the staircase at the couple hugging and then looked back to Vladimir. They did look alike now that she had grown up. I took a calming breath before looking to Lord Damek with a warm smile, “I’m sorry to trouble you once again, Lord Damek, but could you please set guards around Daniel’s room once more?”
“What are you planning, Nicky?” He asked me as he came closer and I looked back to the top of the stairs.
“It is not I who is planning something, it is Kenneth. He will be coming to meet me at the hospital tonight.”
“What!” Madie gasped as Vladimir’s grip on my arm tightened but I did not look away from Lena. I refused to.
“I forbid you to see that hunter!” He hollered but everyone seemed shocked when I gave him a glare of death.
“Then you will have to kill me, Sir, because I plan to meet that hunter and he plans to meet with me,” I tilted my head to the side, “Either slit my throat this very moment or let me go.”
“Since when does a slave give orders to her master!” He hollered as his claws went into my arm. I did not even flinch.
I looked back up to Lena and felt a sense of peace, “Then consider me to not be a slave anymore,” I whispered and everyone stopped what they were doing, even Lena who looked back to me, “If I had known the truth I would have never became the slave of such a selfish man.”
“Veronica!” Lord Damek gasped as I looked to Vladimir.
“You should burn in hell for what you have done to us.”
“Us?” Vladimir said in a laugh, “There is only you and me, Veronica. We are all we have left.”
I nodded, “I thought that was the truth for so long, but you could not face up to your mistake and rectify what you have done, let alone tell me,” I let out a small laugh as tears fell down my face again, “And to think I loved you, oh what a fool I have become.” I pulled away from his gasp and walked over to Lord Damek, “Please have Daniel guarded by midnight,” I whispered before walking to Detrick and smiling, “Shall we go?”
“Veronica!” Vladimir yelled and I walked off while Detrick followed quickly behind me. I was driven to the hospital by Detrick and when we got there I was given a room a level above Daniel so I felt better. When the bullets were taken out and I was stitched up I lay in my hospital bed while staring at the ceiling. I did not look away until Detrick came into my room. He sat at the side of my legs on the bed and I smiled.
He sighed, “You were right. The bullet did not hit your lungs. You should be healed after a month’s rest.”
I looked away from him, “I have a feeling I won’t be here for that long.”
“What do you mean?”
“There are only two choices left for Vladimir. Either he can kill me by draining all of my blood so I can never be revived or he can take my memory once again.”
“I’ve never heard you call him Vladimir before.”
I looked up to him, “Since I do not feel as though he is my master anymore I will not call him as such,” I whispered and then looked to the room’s window, “You should go, Detrick, he will be coming soon.”
“That hunter.”
“Okay,” He whispered and I was relieved he did not ask any further questions. When he left the room I pressed a button on the side of my bed so that the lights of the room turned off. I looked to the large, white moon that hung in the sky with sorrow. As the hospital fell to slumber I cleared my mind and started to drift off into sleep when I was suddenly touched by a warm hand. I jumped up from my sleeping position and grabbed my stomach as I felt the pain of aggravating my injury. Kenneth had taken a few steps from me and watched as I brushed some hair out of my face before smiling sadly up to him.
“Hey there, stranger,” I whispered, “You should pull up a chair so you do not have to stand.”
He nodded and pulled a chair from near the door to my side. When his hand touched my wound I looked to him with curiosity to see anguish, “Why did you take that bullet for me?”
“I have no clue. I did not even know I had moved until the bullet was in my back.”
“Why did you cry earlier, Nicky?”
I looked away from him and held back more tears, “I regained the last of my memory yesterday,” I started, “I remembered the night I was raped while I was still human. And by my dream I figured out who the father of my child is.”
“Who is it?” I looked to him with horror and he threw back his chair, “I’ll kill him!” He hollered, “That vampire’s head will be on a platter by the time daylight brakes!”
“Kenneth, please stop,” I whispered as I finally started to cry, “I can’t even get up to stop you.” I shook as he came back towards me, “Please, just don’t leave,” I whispered, “You’re all I have.”
“What are you talking about, Veronica?” He asked as he sat beside my legs on the bed, “You have all of those vampires.”
I shook my head, “I was only kept alive so that a noble vampire would not die,” I whispered, “I should’ve died on that battle field.”
“Why do you doubt yourself now, Veronica? You have been a slave for thousands of years.”
“Before yesterday I didn’t know my little daughter, my whole life, was alive once more. And worse, my own master is the man that raped me!” I hugged myself tightly, “At the least I thought he cared about me enough to give me back life, but I was wrong. He only kept me alive so that his daughter would not die!”
“But you loved Lena!”
I looked to him with horror, “I don’t know anymore! I loved my human child, not that—that monster!” I squeezed my arms in my hands, “I gave birth to a perfectly normal baby girl that looked nothing like him! But now—now she is his daughter! There’s no mistaking it! She looks nothing like me anymore yet I still cannot let any harm come to her!”
“It’s your instinct as a mother, Veronica.” Kenneth whispered as he placed his hand over my hand on top of my right arm.
“No!” I hissed as I looked to him while my eyes glowed and my fangs glared, “My daughter died! She died a human being and that is why when that vampire came to ask me if I wanted to live I said no! I wanted to go to Lena! If I could not be at your side, at least I could be with her in the next world!”
“Calm down, Veronica!” He begged.
“How can I calm down when I’ve found out my whole life is fake!” I screamed but gasped as Kenneth kissed me. I tried to push him off, but he grabbed onto my arms with all of his godly power. I gave up my struggle after a while and closed my eyes as he kissed me kindly. As he finally let go of me I opened my eyes to see his despair.
“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to suddenly attack you. I just couldn’t think of any other way to get you to stop and calm down,” He whispered, “You were becoming hysterical.”
I nodded as I gave him a faint smile, “You’re right, I’m sorry. I was taking out all of my problems on you.”
He looked at me like he used to, “I came here to check on you so I was expecting it.”
I let out a slight laugh, “You know me too well.” I whispered and then looked up to him, “But you shouldn’t be here, Kenneth.”
“I saved a hunter’s life and I refused the orders of my master repeatedly. I even talked back to him,” I looked into his eyes with pure intensity, “Soon I will be sentenced to death or a memory wash.”
“Just because you saved me?”
I looked up to him, “It is a very long-standing tradition that vampires kill hunters and vice versa. Anyone who does otherwise is considered a felon, but because of my long history of dedication and the help of some people I know, I was allowed to come to the hospital instead of a prison.”
“If they do anything I will be there to protect you,” He whispered, but before he could say anymore his cell phone rang and he quickly picked it up, “Yea?” He listened for a moment, “Alright I got it. I’ll meet you there.”
As he hung up the phone I smiled towards him, “You should go. It’s dangerous for us to be together right now.”
He gently caressed my cheek with his hand, “I’ll be back tomorrow night to see you.”
“And I will be waiting.” I whispered before he quickly kissed my cheek and hurried out of the room. I looked to the window of the room and saw the sun slowly rising.
For the entire day I did not leave my bed and just stared out the window, but did not look at anything in particular. I was startled when a hand touched my bare wrist. I jumped slightly as I looked to Detrick with confusion, “Hey,” He whispered and I nodded towards him, “The nurse told me you haven’t eaten anything all day.”
I smiled towards him, “I guess my wounds are making my stomach not feel well.”
“Listen, Nicky,” He said with a sigh so I knew something I did not want to hear was coming, “Lord Damek contacted me earlier. He said he has obtained the privilege from his cousin and wants you to stay at his home in order to recover.”
I nodded as I looked up to the ceiling. So this is the way Vladimir has chosen to keep me from Kenneth, “Alright, when will I be moved?”
“Lord Detrick already sent a car to get you.” He replied and I nodded once more.
“Okay.” I whispered before he slowly helped me up and into a wheel chair. Detrick then pushed me outside before helping me into the black BMW. When he shut the door I was quickly driven away but I nearly fell asleep on the ride to Lord Damek’s home. When we got there the driver of the car helped me into a wheelchair that had been brought out by a maid of the home and was then wheeled inside.
“Master Damek is in the library and has requested for me to bring you there,” The maid informed me before rolling me down a few hallways of the house before opening a door to the library. When she brought me inside I was unhappy to see Lord Detrick, Lady Mila, Master Neco, and Vladimir sitting in the large black leather chairs of the library while Madie stood behind her master and Daniel was in a wheelchair next to his master, “Miss Veronica has just arrived from the hospital, my master.” She informed him before bowing and leaving me to the dark eyes of all the vampires surrounding me.
“How are your injuries, Nicky?” Lady Mila asked with worry on her young face but she seemed better when I smiled.
“I am alright, Lady Mila. My injuries turned out not to be too serious so I should be healed in a week or so. But thank you for your concern.”
“I assume that boy you introduced my cousin to at the ball helped to accommodate to you?” Lord Damek asked.
“Yes, Detrick was very hospitable.”
“And you saw that hunter?” Vladimir asked with anger in his voice but as much as I did not want to look at the man, I stared him straight on. I was not going to back down and let him win this discussion.
“Yes, Kenneth spent around half an hour with me last night after I was put in my hospital room.”
Vladimir stood with anger but froze when his cousin grabbed his arm. I stared Vladimir down, “You may let him go, Lord Damek. It is of no matter if he injures me. I will be put to death soon enough.”
“Put to death!” Lord Damek yelled as he stood, “No one plans to put you to death!”
I looked at him with unwavering eyes, “I did not say I would be put to death, Lord Damek, I wish so.”
“What!” Madie and Daniel yelled at the same time, but Madie was the only one to storm over to me and grab my wrists, “What is wrong with you! Ever since two days ago you have not been yourself!”
I nodded, “That is because I do not wish to live nor do I wish to be anywhere near Sir Vladimir.”
“But he is the man you have loved for thousands of years!” She screamed, “You have told me time and time again!”
I looked away from her, “That was before I knew the truth.” I whispered and she seemed to become angrier.
“What truth could make you lose yourself?” She hollered.
I looked to her again but this time tears were brimming my eyes, “The truth that the man I loved and cared for was none other than the man that raped me as a young girl!” I hollered as I stood from the wheelchair as Madie froze in terror. She had never seen me this angry before, I had never wanted her to, “And Lena Erben is none other than my darling child I watched being shot and killed by enemy fire! The girl I did not want to live without has been alive all this time and yet her father would not even tell me!” I brushed away the first tear that fell down my face, “And to make things worse I realized that horrible man has been keeping me alive all of these years just so his vampire daughter would not die! He did not care for me in any way other than keeping that monster alive!”
“Lena is not a monster!” Vladimir hissed as he finally got out of his cousin’s graps, pushed Madie out of the way, and got to me. He started to grab at my wrists but I was as shocked as he when a person suddenly formed between us. Kenneth pointed a gun at Vladimir as he moved a little closer to me.
“Don’t you dare touch her you bastard!” He hollered, “If it wasn’t for Veronica’s request I would have killed you already!”
Vladimir smiled, “You could never kill me, boy,” He said with a laugh, “You are a few hundred years too young to take on someone like me.”
I grabbed Kenneth’s arm and everyone looked to me, “Leave.” I whispered as I stared off into space.
“Leave.” I repeated and he turned to me with terror. He took a hold of my shoulders and I looked to his face.
“What are you talking about, Veronica?”
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