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Veronica's Eternity

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New Home

When we arrived in England I obediently drove my master to the home I had bought for him. The sun was slowly rising in the east so I moved our car faster in fear of the sun. We got to the gothic castle before the sun rose and I made sure to get my master inside and into the room that would be his that had no windows. Our stuff was already here and set up so I requested he sleep. When he lay down in his bed I went downstairs and dusted off the furniture that had come with the home. I then went outside and took a 12 mile jog in order to inspect my new surroundings and all of the land my master now owned. When I got back to the castle I went to my room and took a shower. When I got out it was already late afternoon so changed into a long red dress and black heels and then sat on the couch in the living room and got a few hours of sleep. I was woken up when my master shut his room door. I sat up and quickly made myself presentable before smiling as he came over to me. I led him out to the car before I drove to the house I had known since before I died for the first time. The largest castle I had seen in my existence finally appeared and I stopped the car in the drive way. A butler opened the back door of the car for my master and I quickly followed behind him as he went into the house. I felt shivers go down my spine as I entered a room with over 50 vampires covering it while about 20 slaves, like me, followed them around through their bitty affairs. I froze as a pair of arms wrapped around me and pulled me against a warm body. I looked up to my master’s cousin and slightly bowed my head, “Good evening, Lord Damek.”
“How long has it been, Veronica? A hundred years or so?”
I nodded, “Somewhere in that range,” I bowed towards Damek’s slave that quietly stood beside him, “It is a pleasure to see you again, Denis.”
He looked down to me and his face seemed to loosen with relief and comfort. He looked to his master who let go of me as he came to my side. He kissed my hand and then hugged me, “It has been too long, dear friend,” He whispered and then looked to my face, “How have you been?”
“Well, and I hope you and Lord Damek have been the same. My master and I just got here so you will have to forgive my quietness.”
“You must be tired,” He said with a smile that slowly faded when he saw the pink line going across my neck, “What is this? Have you been injured?”
I sighed, “That is what killed me the last time, during the war.”
“Well I am glad you are with us,” He said and then let go of me and looked to his master, “We need to go to the king.” He insisted and Damek nodded.
“Have a good time, cousin.” He said to my master before leaving us. I quickly followed behind my master to the courtyard in the back of the home. I saw a Lord yelling at my master’s father as many people watched. My master quickened his speed and I quickly followed at his heels. When we reached the two men and their slaves we were turned to.
“What is the meaning of this hollering, father?” My master growled as I watched the man’s slave.
“Lord Elya insists that Neco will not be fully protected if he is being guarded by your slave. He says his slave is better suited for the job so Neco should go with him instead of you.” My master’s father replied and I looked to the ground, what reason did this man have to doubt me? Was it because I was a woman without a body-builder look?
My master darted his attention to Lord Elya and his slave, “My slave may look small, young, and frail to the naked eye, Lord Elya, but she could kill your slave if I ordered it.”
The man let out a laugh, “But I am certainly only one of many that doubt the skills of your slave, Lord Vladimir. We have all heard that you have died more than most who have existed twice as long as you because that slave is inept to protect you and certainly unable to guard a young boy.”
My master looked to me and I greeted his glare with power, “If people are talking nonsense about you, Veronica, you must show them your full abilities,” He insisted and then looked to Lord Elya once more, “I challenge your slave to a match.”
“I accept,” The man hissed back in an almost maniacal way as his glance went to me. I looked away as my master’s hand rested on my shoulder.
“Injure him, but do not kill him.” He ordered and I quickly dropped to the ground on one knee.
“I will not let you down, master.” I announced and then quickly stood. A large area was cleared between me and the slave of Lord Elya. He stared at me with intensity and smiled.
“You may attack first, girl.” He mocked and I smiled back.
“You will regret that move,” My master warned from my side as I looked to him, “Attack, Veronica.” He hissed and I moved before anyone realized. I slammed my fist into the slave’s stomach, which caused him to double over with a grunt as I took a few steps away. He smiled again to me.
“Lucky shot!” he laughed and then came at me. He was twice my height, but as his fist came at me I lunged towards it as I grabbed at the fist. I stopped its movement and quickly lunged away from the man as I forced his body over my head and onto the ground behind me. His back smacked the ground and made a cracking noise. I knelt slightly to the man and examined him as he cried out in pain.
“I told you not to kill him, Veronica!” My master hissed and I looked to him when he came towards me.
“I would never go against your will, my master. I merely bruised his back. Nothing is broken, he will just be in pain for a few days,” I turned to the man on the ground and spit on his forehead. Everyone looked to me in shock, “Make sure to never come near my master again, boy.” I mocked and then quickly went to my master’s side. He smiled as he looked to Lord Elya.
“My slave did not even receive a scratch, Lord Elya. So if I ever hear you speak poorly of her again, your slave will not get off so easily. She had to hold herself back from dismantling the man, but next time you will not be so lucky.”
The slave at Lord Elya’s side slowly sat up and gave me an upsetting look as I felt a slight tear in my soul. I looked to my master as his brother appeared. The young boy went to his father and seemed angry, “I want to leave, dad.” He hissed and the man sighed.
“Alright, Vladimir can take you to your new home now.” The old man said and I followed my master when he escorted his brother to our car. I got in the front as the house butler opened the car door for the two boys. When they got in I quickly made our way to our new home, but was concerned when I saw a tall man standing in the driveway. I quickly turned to my master and his brother.
“Please stay here. I will deal with this.” I said and then quickly got out of the car. When I did the tall man’s eyes followed me, “Excuse me, but this is private property. You cannot be here.” I said as I made my way to the man and he smiled towards me.
“Oh, I was called by Sir Denis and requested to become this houses’ lawn and yard keeper.”
“I don’t think it is necessary.”
“But I have already been paid for a whole year of work…” He replied and I sighed.
“Alright.” I said and then waited for him to leave. When he was gone I opened the back door of the car and let the two masters out. My master looked to me with confusion.
“Who was that man, Veronica?”
I sighed again, “It seems Denis hired a yard and lawn keeper for us and already paid for a year of services.”
I noticed as the young master grab his brother’s coat, “Who is Denis?”
“He is Damek’s slave,” my master replied, “He seems obsessed with Veronica and helps us out even if it is not needed. His master is also infatuated by Veronica.”
I turned to my master, “But I could never leave your side, master, so it does not matter what other men think of me.” I replied and then led them inside. I brought my master to his room and when he closed the door I turned to the young master, “I shall show you to your room.” I brought the boy to the next room and opened the door. He walked in to see all the things that had been sent over for him. I quickly went to the window and threw a black drape over it, “You will have to forgive us for giving you a room with a window. This house only has one room without a window and my master already received it.”
He smiled, “It’s alright. I like to look at the moon at night so I prefer to have a window.”
“Well then please make yourself at home,” I went to the desk nearby, “I will write down my cell phone number so if I am out during the sun hours you can reach me,” I wrote down the number and then look to the boy, “I keep my phone with me at all times so if you need anything, please call. But, the sun will be coming up in the next hour so you should get ready to sleep.”

The doorbell rang as I set the brew I was making to simmer. I went to the door and when I opened it I was surprised to see a young woman I had come to know well carrying a young animal wrapped in black, “Madie, what are you doing here at such an odd hour? And why is Lady Mila with you? The sun is still alive and proud.”
She smiled as she came in and I shut the door, “My master wished to see you regardless of the sun. When she heard from her brother that you were at the event last night she insisted to see you immediately,” She unwrapped the young girl with a body of 14 from the blackness and she turned the girl to me, “Here is Veronica as you requested, master.”
The girl of black hair and red eyes jumped atop of me with full force, “Nicky!” She called as I held both of us up, “I’ve missed you so much! You were asleep for so long!”
I patted her back, “Would you like to eat with us, Lady Mila? Madie can also eat with us.”
She nodded, “Yea!”
“Then I shall go inform my master of your arrival.” I whispered and quickly made my way to my master’s room. I knocked on the door and then slowly went inside, “My master, it seems Lady Mila and Madie have arrived here to visit. Is it alright if they stay to dine with us?”
He groaned from below a heap of black sheets, “Fine! Just let me sleep!” He hissed and I quickly bowed before walking out. When I went to the kitchen I was shocked to see young Master Neco sitting at the table talking to Lady Mila as Madie stood behind her master’s chair.
“Young Master Neco and Lady Mila, may I offer you something to drink?” I asked and they both nodded.
“Coffee.” Neco replied tiredly.
“Tea will be fine.” Mila added but I looked to Madie after.
“Would you like something also, Madie?”
She shook her head, “But I will help you.”
“Oh no! I can manage. Please sit down.” I said and she quietly took the seat that was open next to her master. I brought over the two drinks once I was done and then put my hand on Mila’s shoulder, “How was your birthday, Lady Mila? I am sorry I missed it.”
“It was nice,” She replied as she smiled up to me, “How long has it been since we last sat down like this, Nicky? I cannot remember.”
“It was in Russia, my master.” Madie whispered and Mila nodded with joy.
“That’s right! We were going to see my uncle and ran into you at a farmer’s market on our way there.” Mila replied, but I looked to Madie as her fingers brushed the thin red line on my neck and she seemed worried.
“What is this?”
I sighed, “I was killed last by being beheaded.”
“That sounds painful.”
I nodded, “I had not felt that much pain in a while.”
“Is it worse than when you were hung?” Mila asked as she scooted to the front of her chair, “You told me about that once.”
“Beheading me felt worse since when you are hung you almost automatically lose feeling.”
“I have meant to ask my brother, but how many times have you died?”
I sighed, “Twenty eight times.”
“Really? I have only died twice.” Madie replied.
“I think Vladimir is putting you through too much,” Mila whispered as she grabbed my arm, “Why won’t you come live with Madie and me?”
I smiled towards her, “I am grateful for the offer, but I could never even imagine a day without being at my master’s side,” I went into the kitchen and took the brew off the burner. I set it to the side and then came back over to the group, “Most slaves feel that way.”
“That’s not true; there are some who think of another person before their master.”
“Oh? Like who?”
Madie gave me an evil smile, “Denis.”
I felt myself become flustered as I sat down, “That is not true, Madie. He cares dearly for the wellbeing of my master’s cousin.”
“Just like his master, he thinks of you before anyone else.”
“He will get over it soon enough,” A voice said and I jumped from my chair as I looked to my master. I bowed to him as he came over to me, “Many men have fallen for my Veronica, humans, slave, hunters, and vampires alike, but they all slowly give up since they know she will never leave my side.”
“Shall I prepare the meal?” I asked as I looked to him and he nodded.
“I shall help you, Veronica.” Madie said as she stood. We went to the kitchen as the three vampires of the house went to the living room to talk. I started cutting up the chicken I had baked as Madie spooned out some of the brew for everyone, “The young Lord of the house seems to become angered every time his brother touches you, Veronica,” She commented and I looked to her knowing gaze, “You should keep an eye out for him. He may become attached like other men.”
I sighed, “I wanted to be nice to him so that we could get along, but that seems to have backfired.”
She put her hand on my arm, “So have you seen that man this life time? The only one who can make your heart waver, has he appeared yet?”
I nodded and looked away, “I-I killed him.”
Her grip strengthened, “Did you find something out? You seem more upset about him than before.”
I nodded, “I’ve almost figured out my entire past.”
I grabbed her shirt, “I was not the woman I thought I was.”
“What do you mean?”
I looked to her eyes, “I loved him. I-I was going to marry him and become a queen. But then a war came and split us which is when I nearly died and where I met my master.”
“Then why did you kill that man you love?”
“He made me doubt my master and made me think of things I have kept from my mind since now…” I whispered but then quickly pulled from her as I felt tears threatening to fall. I put the sliced up pieces of chicken into a bowl and looked to her, “We should get these things on the table,” I went to the dining room and placed down the chicken before going to the living room. I bowed to the three vampires, “Dinner is ready.” I announced but looked to my master as he came to me.
“Are you alright, my beautiful Veronica? You seem tense.”
I nodded with a smile, “Of course,” But I looked to Madie as she ran over to me from the dining room. She was flushed.
“There was an attack!” She whispered with regret and I grabbed her arms, “Damek and Denis were attacked by 7 hunters!”
“Is Lord Damek injured?” I asked with worry and she nodded with sadness.
“He’s not too bad, but Denis is in unstable condition at a hospital. All slaves in the area have been asked to come help because there is still a fight breaking out at their home.”
“I’ll go, you stay here.” I insisted, but looked to Mila when she grabbed my arm.
“You can’t go there, Nicky! It’s dangerous!”
I sighed but kissed her forehead, “But I am the most skilled slave when it comes to fighting. I need to go,” I whispered but then looked to my master, “Will you allow me?”
He frowned, “Hurry back.” He hissed and I quickly ran out the door. I drove the car to Lord Denis’s house to see three slaves’ dead bodies on the ground. I quickly pulled out my gun and sprinted in the direction of where I could hear yelling. I crept through the forest behind the home when I felt the presence of a hunter and quickly shot him as he saw me. He died without a noise as I moved deeper into the sea of trees. I dove under a pine as I saw a hunter stab a slave I had seen at the party recently. The young man died with a gasp and I quickly avenged his death by shooting the hunter, but this hunter was skilled. He sprinted at me with a sword and I pulled out my dagger. I tried to defend against the man until I heard a gunshot. A slave stared at me with regret as more of her deep black hair fell out of her bun and into her face. I quickly got away from the dead hunter and went to the woman as she slumped to the ground with a heavy breath.
“Tell me, slave, how many of us are left?”
She looked up to me as if I was unreal, “You are the only other I have seen alive since the attack started,” She whispered and then looked to the ground, “Three of the hunters are still alive and they are coming this way,” She whispered as I noticed her bleeding leg, “Run while you still can, child.” She added, but I quickly acted. I pulled my sweater off and wrapped it around the woman’s leg before picking her up and sprinting back to the house. I got her to my car and handed her my cell phone as she looked to me in shock.
“Call an ambulance. I will go see if anyone else is still alive and bring them here.” I whispered before sprinting back into the forest. I went past the area I had been in before and did not stop till I saw another hunter walking. I hid with my back to a tree but winced when a bullet struck my cheek. It barely grazed me, but I could not worry about that. I turned and shot the man but was stopped in terror as another hunter quickly appeared. He shot at me with his gun and I returned the favor before trying to get away, yet the bullet seemed destined for me. It hit my thigh and I slumped to the ground. Luckily my bullet hit its mark and the hunter died. I was overwhelmed with pain but forced myself to move under a bush of wild flowers as I heard someone running. I watched in hope I would not be found as the last hunter stopped to see if his comrades still lived. Dirty blonde hair swooped into his face, which I saw from my side view of him, as he picked up his fallen friend’s gun. He jerked his head up and looked around the area. I held my breath as I saw him turn towards me. My heart stopped as I saw Kenneth’s sweaty face and my body moved on its own. I crawled away by using my one good leg and my elbows till I was far enough away to breathe again. I looked up to the sky and just listened. I heard sirens in the distance moving closer as Kenneth finally ran away and search parties were sent out to retrieve all the assumed-to-be-dead hunters and slaves. I did not move from my spot in fear that someone would find me and see my tears of agony that came to me after seeing Kenneth’s face once again. An hour went by and I finally calmed down, so I slowly stood and limped my way out of the forest while supporting myself with anything I could on the way there. When I reached the edge of the forest I saw Madie holding Mila as she cried. I forced myself to walk straight up when I got to her and then put my hand on her young shoulder, “What is wrong, Lady Mila?” I asked and she looked to me in awe.
“Nicky!” She cried as she wrapped around me, “They said they couldn’t find you and thought you might have been taken captive by the one hunter who escaped!”
I sighed and squeezed her tightly, “Thank you for your concern, my Lady, but I am just a slave so I would not have been a loss if I had been captured.”
“What are you talking about, Nicky? You are extremely important! Damek already sent a search party to find you and Vladimir was setting up a group of slaves to go bring you back from the hunters!”
I looked to Madie, “Please have them cancel the orders. It would be a shame to lose someone because of all these misunderstandings,” I whispered and she quickly went over to a group of people, “Tell me, Lady Mila, did someone tend to the woman slave with black hair and moon colored skin that was in my car?”
She nodded, “That’s how we found out you had been seen in the battle and had made it here. If she had not seen you we would not have known if you had even made it to the battle,” She said as she looked up to my face but then gasped. She whipped herself around from me, “Someone needs to tend to the slave over here!” She hissed to the groups of people nearby and a man in a paramedic’s uniform quickly came to us.
“Where are your injured?” He asked me.
“My face and leg,” I whispered back, “There is a bullet still left in my thigh.”
“We need to get you to the hospital.” He ordered to me and I nodded. He picked me up and carried me over to an ambulance that was still left at the home. Madie ran over to me with concern in her eyes.
“Why are you taking her too?” She hissed and the paramedic turned around to her.
“She was shot. Now please move away. You should not be by the truck as we are leaving.” The paramedic said before closing the back doors of the ambulance. I lay down on the bed he had placed me on as he and another paramedic worked to cut off my pants on my left leg. When we reached the hospital I was forced to go to surgery because the bullet had seemed to have cracked my femur. I was put on anesthesia and could not feel the doctor and his two assistance who working on it. When they finished I was put into a cast and given crutches before I was allowed to get up and visit Lord Damek. When I went in and saw him sleeping on a bed next to the one they had placed Denis on they were both asleep. Lord Damek was covered in medical tape on a bruise that consisted part of his face with a sling for his shoulder and Denis had a cast on his wrist, leg, and other foot along with the brace put on his neck. I felt horrible since I had only cracked my femur, cut a large part of my face, took the skin off my elbows and knees, and had numerous scratches all over. I watched them sleep until the door opened. A doctor came in and stared at me with uncertainty.
“Were you the other survivor of the attack, miss?”
I nodded, “How are they?”
He sighed as he walked over to me, “Mr. Damek will be fine with just a little t.l.c. and therapy for his shoulder, but Mr. Denis…”
“Will he ever recover?”
He sighed, “He’s a lucky man. We were able to get to him before he needed to have his leg amputated, but he may never fully recover. His neck was almost broken and his foot was twisted backwards.”
I felt myself cringe, “Is there anything I can do? Do they need blood transfusions? I will donate.”
He smiled sadly towards me, “That is very considerate of you miss, but there is nothing you can do for them right now. However they will need a lot of help once they are allowed to leave.”
“How long till they can leave?”
“For Mr. Damek, he can probably leave tomorrow, but Mr. Denis is hard to guess. It will certainly not be soon.”
“But he is Mr. Damek’s bodyguard!” I hissed as I stood but was caught by the doctor as I started to fall over.
“Miss, please calm down! Do you want to end up staying here with these two also?” He hissed and I sighed as I took my seat again. I slowly felt tears rolling down my face.
“I need to do something for them! I am the reason they are in this mess and if Daniel can never serve Mr. Damek again…” I put my hands over my face to conceal my tears, “I just wouldn’t be able to forgive myself! He loves this job and I would take it from him!” The doctor sighed and kneeled down beside me.
“You should go home and rest.”
I shook my head, “Not until I can speak to them.”
“Alright, well please stay sitting.” He said before leaving me in the room. I forced myself to stop crying and just watched the two men sleep.
“How could I have failed?” I whispered to myself, “I made sure the wound was fatal, but yet he still survived! And now he has come to England in order to find us again and ended up nearly killing Daniel and injured Lord Damek! I know no other hunter is strong enough to take down Daniel so it had to be him. Did he go after Daniel because he was close to me? Who will he go after next?” I stopped talking as I heard Lord Damek waking up. I quickly grabbed my crutches and hobbled over to his side. I grabbed his hand on mine and he looked up to me.
I smiled sadly, “Yes, Lord Damek, I’m here,” I whispered, “Do you need something? Can I get you anything?”
His face turned grim, “Did they get to Daniel in time?” He asked with worry and I nodded. I pointed to the side and he turned to look to Daniel, “Has he woken up?”
I sighed, “I’m not sure. I have not been here long.”
He looked to my face and touched my wound, “You fought?” He asked with fear.
I nodded, “Madie was called to help so I went instead.”
“How many are left?”
I looked away from him, “I could only get to one other slave and…she died a few hours ago.”
“Did all the hunters survive?”
I shook my head, “Only one got away.”
“Well I’m glad you’re safe, Veronica. Daniel would not have been able to handle himself if he found out you died while trying to protect our home.”
I smiled, “I know.”
He looked over to the door as I did also and saw Madie who quickly darted to Daniel’s side, “Dear god!” She cried as she kneeled at his side. I could understand her pain since her cousin was so badly wounded. She looked up and brushed away her tears, “Lord Damek, I am glad to see you are awake.”
“Madie,” I whispered and she looked to me, “Did you speak to that woman before she died?”
She looked away, “No, she was in a coma.”
“If only I had gotten there sooner. Maybe she and the others would have survived.”
Madie looked to me again, “My master is going to be coming soon to visit. She insisted on seeing you.”
I sighed, “How is my master?”
“He is alright, but is angry.”
I nodded, “I assumed as much.” I whispered but was startled when the door to the room was knocked on.
“Then you should’ve been more careful,” My master hissed as he came over to Lord Damek, “How are you, cousin?”
“I am better.”
“That is good,” He said and then turned to me, “Madie said you were shot, but why do you have a cast?”
I sighed, “I was attacked by a hidden hunter while fighting another and his shot cracked my femur.”
“Those bastards,” He hissed as he looked to my cast, “Never the less, did you kill them all?”
I looked away, “I’m sorry, master. One got away.”
“Did you know who it was?”
My heart stopped as I was reminded what I had done. I turned away from my master and to the door. I wanted to hurl as I nodded. My hands tightened on my crutches.
“Well who the hell was it?”
I looked to Madie as her hand touched my arm, “What’s the matter, Veronica? You look pale.”
I looked to Madie as tears finally fell, “This is my entire fault!” I cried as I grabbed tighter on my crutches and leaned on her, “He was there! He lived!”
“What! But that can’t be!” She gasped and I looked to her eyes with regret.
“He was there, he appeared in front of me.”
“Did he get away?”
I looked away, “Yes.”
“What in the world are you talking about, Madie!” My master hissed, “I demand to know!”
She looked to my master, “The hunter that got away was….Kenneth Martin.”
“That cannot be! Veronica killed him while we were in America!”
I started shaking, “I don’t know how, but he was there. He was the one who attacked Daniel and Lord Damek.”
My master whipped around to his cousin as I looked to him, “Did you see the attacker, Damek?”
He nodded, “He was a tall man of about our age with the bluest eyes I have seen and brownish blonde hair.”
“Damn it,” My master hissed, “I’m going to go investigate this.” He said as he looked to the ground and then walked to the door. When he closed it behind him the slam rattled the room. I looked to Madie and then to the floor.
“Is there a possible way to find my master a substitute slave?” I asked and she gave me a look of horror.
“Of course not! You are to always be his slave regardless of how angry he acts!”
“But I cannot do it.”
I pulled away from her, “I refuse to stay at his side if he is not the only man on my mind! It is not fair to him! He deserves my undivided attention, yet my mind is filled with that hunter! I may not know my entire past, but there has to be a reason my master is not letting me know and yet I still think of another man!” I wanted to hug myself tightly but my crutches would not allow it, “I don’t understand! I should not be able to think of anyone else! Slaves aren’t supposed to be able to think of any person but their master! Why can’t I be like the others?”
“You fell in love, Veronica, that is why.”
I looked to Madie in anger, “No! I am not willing to accept that! I do not and cannot love anyone other than my master!”
“Then why do you insist to leave your master’s side, Veronica! You are going in circles!” Madie hissed back.
“I will leave and kill that man,” I whispered as I shook, “If he is gone then I will not have anything to distract me from my master. Then I can be at his side once again.”
“But you will be leaving your master without any protection! He may be killed while you are gone!”
I looked to her; she was right, “Then what can I do?”
“You will stay at your master’s side and fight this feeling. You must work on it while protecting Lord Vladimir.”
“You’re right,” I whispered and then moved my crutches to stand properly, “I have to fight this.”
She smiled slightly, “Every slave has gone through this process, Veronica.”
“Did you?”
She nodded, “But the man I loved died before I was reborn so I did not have to worry much. The hardest loves to get over are those of the same species or of a vampire. I have heard stories of two slaves falling in love and also a slave and another vampire falling for each other,” She looked over to her sleeping cousin and I did the same, “I believe my cousin falls into the first category. He has fallen for another slave,” She looked to me, “He will be angry if he finds out he lost to another man that loves you, Veronica, so please do not tell him that the hunter who nearly killed him was Kenneth. He would probably do something irrational.”
I nodded, “I have learned that from experience.”
“Kenneth has gone after my master many times because he knows I would give my life for him. Kenneth knows that I would only do that for someone I love.”
She sighed, “Well I should go. I presume you do not want my master to see you right now?”
I smiled slightly, “I don’t want to worry her.”
She took a few steps towards the door, “I didn’t see you. I was told you were sleeping, correct?”
I nodded and then watched her leave. I did not move until I heard Lord Damek trying to get up. I quickly went over to him, “Please do not get up yet, Lord Damek.”
He sighed and did as told. He sat back down on the bed and looked up to me, “I wish there was something I could do to help you, Veronica.”
“Your health will be help enough, Lord Damek,” I whispered with a sad smile, “Is there anything I can do for you?”
He nodded, “There is,” I looked to him with curiosity, “Please lean down to me,” I did so, “Close your eyes.” He added and I followed the order. I was startled when he lightly kissed my lips. When I opened my eyes he smiled towards me, “That shall help my health substantially, thank you.” He said and then lay down. I fumbled over to Daniel’s bed and sat down in a chair between the two beds. “So what do you plan to do about that hunter fellow?” He asked and I looked to him with concern, “You do not have to worry. I will not tell my cousin about your conversation with Madie nor will I tell Daniel. I believe it is everyone’s best interest if those two are kept uninformed with this matter. It would only make them mad and I am confident you can handle the situation by yourself.”
I looked over to Daniel, “I wish there was something I could do. Daniel may lose his ability to do his job because I failed to kill that hunter.”
“You did not do it on purpose.”
I looked to my hands, “I stabbed him in the heart and watched him bleed before running away so how did he survive? It was too late by the time someone found him.”
He sighed, “Who knows. You will have to ask him yourself.”
I shook my head, “I lose my focus when I speak with that man. I cannot.”
“Then it shall forever be a mystery I guess.”
I nodded, “But what will you do without your slave, Lord Damek?”
“I will just have to get a second one. I would prefer not to, but it will help take some stress off of Daniel. He will be less worried about me.”
I let out a small, quiet laugh, “Regardless of what you do, he will never stop worrying.”
He laughed also, “That is true.”
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