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Veronica's Eternity

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I walked into Hank’s house when all lights in the town were out. I slipped in through the door but as I shut the door the lights were thrown on and I jumped. I grabbed my chest as I saw Hank staring at me, “You scared me Hank.”
He seemed angry, “Where have you been, Nicky? This country is not like Germany so you can’t just walk around without a care. You could’ve been raped.”
I sighed, “I’m sorry. I worried you.”
He stood, “Are you alright, Nicky? You seemed to be limping when you came in.”
“That’s why I took so long, I’m sorry.” I said but was shocked when Hank grabbed my jacket. He threw it open to see all of my blood and gasped.
“We need to get you to a hospital!” He hollered, “Son! Wake up!”
I grabbed his arm, “I can’t go to the hospital, Hank. I am not supposed to be alive so I cannot go somewhere that I need records.”
He looked to his son as he came into the room, “Son! Get the first aid kit and wake up my grandson! I will meet both of you in the kitchen.” He said as he picked me up and I watched as he quickly brought me to the kitchen, “Take off your jacket and shirt.” He insisted and I slowly peeled off the sticking layers. When I finally ripped my shirt off I looked to Hank as he froze. He stared at the large bleeding cut that went from my shoulder to my opposite hip.
“Don’t make such a face, Hank. My organs were not punctured so I will live,” I whispered but then quickly took off my shoe, “But my two toes were taken off and I am afraid if they keep bleeding that I may not last long.”
“Dear god, Nicky! Who attacked you?” He hollered but we both looked up as Isabelle and my master came into the door. I quickly flew from my chair and knelt on one knee in front of my master.
“I am sorry, Master Vladimir. I have failed you. I lost to that man once more,” I whispered but was shocked when Hank pulled me from the ground, “Stop it Hank! I must accept the punishment I need to receive when I have failed an order!”
“But you are injured and could die, Nicky!”
I shoved him away, “I cannot die, Hank! Do you not understand? I have failed my master and must be punished for such things!” I hissed but then shook as my master grabbed my arm.
“You have been punished enough, Veronica. You need to let Hank heal you or you will leave me alone once more.”
I looked away from my master and stared at the floor as Emit, Hank, and Hank’s son treated my wounds. I did not look up until Isabelle grabbed my arm, “This is exactly why I didn’t want you to go to that guy, Nicky! You could’ve died!”
“From the looks of her wounds, it seems she almost did.” Hanks son replied and Isabelle’s grip on my arm tightened.
“Do you want to die?” She hissed and I looked to her.
“Isabelle, what if your father needed an organ transplant and you had to work to pay for it even though the only work you could find was a hard one, would you still take the job?” I asked and she sighed.
“Of course!”
I nodded, “Then what is so different from you and me? My situation may be a little more intense than what yours would be, but it is the same.”
“They are not the same, Nicky! That would be for my dad!”
I looked up to her, “Well I don’t have anyone to protect anymore other than my master, Isabelle. My parents died over hundreds of years ago. Besides, I can never fully die like you can.”
Hank’s hand went onto Isabelle’s hand that was on my arm, “You still have yet to know everything about Nicky, Isabelle. I do not even know everything of her, but what I do know is that Nicky chose to stay by our master’s side even though she is in pain every second she breaths.”
“Every second?” Isabelle asked and her grandfather nodded, “But why would you choose that!” She hissed as she looked to me and I looked away.
“I have my reasons.”
“Like what? Because your parents and master died you felt obligated to find a new one? Is Vladimir just a replacement for King Henry the second?”
I quickly stood and before I could stop myself I had slapped her across the face. She turned to me with shock, “Never speak of my master like that, child! You have no idea what we have been through so you have no right to judge!” I looked to Hank with a hiss, “Have you taught your grandchildren no discipline, Hank? They act like hooligans and talk the same way!”
“Don’t talk about my children like that!” Hank’s son hissed and I stared at the young man.
“Obviously they have gotten this rude behavior from their father,” I hissed and then turned to Hank, “Discipline your child, Hank.”
“I agree with my son, Nicky. You had no right to hit my granddaughter. She was just concerned for you.” He said as his arms crossed over his chest.
“She insulted your master, Hank, and yet you allow it?”
“She has rights too, Nicky.” He hissed and I grabbed his chin.
“You should kiss the floor my master walks on, scum!” I hissed and he grabbed my arms, “You are not a follower of my master any longer, I can see that now.” I added as I shoved him away.
“I am a follower of our master!”
I froze and analyzed the situation. I looked to my master and bowed towards him, “I am sorry Master, I cannot believe I allowed arguing to happen in your presence. I do apologize for my actions.”
“Have you stopped trusting Hank, Veronica? Your expression says so.”
I looked away from him, “Those who do not support you, Master, shall not be trusted by me.”
“You should rest, Veronica. We will decide what to do in the morning.” He whispered before I quickly followed behind him to our room.

Kenneth kissed me as his arms wrapped around my thin waist. He was in the clothes of a prince as I stood in the clothing of a dirty maid. He laid me on a bed and kept kissing me as he slipped off my clothes. Once we were both clothes-less he kept kissing me while his hands searched my entire body. He suddenly lifted from me, “Veronica, I love you so much. I will never let anyone else have you. No matter how long or far I have to travel; I will always make you mine.” He whispered and then kissed my neck. I felt ecstasy as he kissed me but my eyes were quickly thrown open and I sat up. I was now in 2010, nowhere near the time period of my dream. I started shaking as I cried but was sure to not be loud in fear of waking my master that slept soundly at my side. I quietly slid out of our bed and made my way to the kitchen. I splashed water in my eyes but my tears would not stop so I stood there and let the uncontrollable tears flow. I looked up as Hank’s hand was set on my back and then was surprised when he held back my hair for me.
“Let it all out, Nicky. It will be okay.” He whispered and I stayed there till my tears finally stopped. I looked up to Hank as they stopped and he sighed. He wiped the remaining ones off of my cheeks and then looked to me, “Did you have a nightmare?” He asked and I looked away from him as he sighed, “I’m sorry about earlier, Nicky. I understand why you were so insulted by Isabelle, my son, and me but you have to understand that since you died last time everything has changed. Now there are very few masters and no one is that obedient to one person.”
I put my hands on my face, “I keep wishing I was dead, Hank. I have never thought that way before.”
“I think that is because you see the way the world works now and you realize how much different you are.”
I looked away from him, “I cannot face my master while my mind is focusing upon another man.”
“It sounds like you have finally fallen in love.”
I grabbed his shirt in my hands, “I can’t fall in love! I am not like anyone else and I don’t want to hurt someone else!” I put my head on his chest, “I want this pain to leave my chest! I don’t want to think of any other man than my master! Please, Hank, help me stop this aching pain!” I cried as I grabbed my chest again.
“Get some sleep, Nicky, and think everything over.” He whispered and I slowly nodded. I went back to my room and stared at the ceiling till I fell back to sleep.

At lunch the next day I sat under my usual tree but looked up when someone blocked the sunlight that hit my body. I looked up to see Kenneth and he stared at me with intensity, “We need to talk.”
I looked to the book in my hands, “I have not been given an order by my master so I cannot go with you.”
“This isn’t about your master, Veronica,” He whispered and then knelt at my side, “I felt your heart calling to me last night. Now either you can come with me now or I can drag you off of campus and make a large scene.” I slowly stood and then followed Kenneth off of school grounds. He brought me to an alleyway and then suddenly grabbed my wrist, “You remembered the past, haven’t you?”
I looked away, “What past?”
“Our relationship!” He hissed and then suddenly hugged me, “Veronica, I love you so much. I will never let anyone else have you. No matter how long or far I have to travel; I will always make you mine.” He whispered into my ear and then kissed my neck, “I had planned to follow you to the end of time till you remembered the past but after the feelings I received from you last night I cannot wait,” He looked to my eyes, “Break away from that monster, Veronica, and come to my side once again.”
I touched his face and he smiled. I touched his lips with my fingers, “Why do you want me? I am a vampires’ slave for all of eternity.”
He sighed, “I have loved you since the moment I saw you, as a child, following behind my uncle. You were so determined to succeed in anything he asked and he treated you kindly because of it. You also were kind to everyone, but I became jealous when I saw how you treated other men just as you treated me.”
I grabbed his hand and placed it over my left breast. His face became flushed, “Do you feel that, Kenneth?” I asked as I stared at him, “I have no heart beat. I am a monster. I am not the girl who used to follow King Henry around, I am a demon.”
“But I gave up my royalty in order to stay with you for eternity! I don’t care if you’ve changed!”
I looked away from him, “You need to stay away from me.” I whispered and then quickly stabbed his gut with my hidden hand knife. I sprinted into the school and went straight to the bathroom. I washed my hands of Kenneth’s blood and then quickly reorganized myself before going to class as the bell rang. The second bell rang and within 15 minutes the school was put in lockdown. The teacher flew to the hall and ordered us all to stay in our seats. We waited till he came back, but when he was asked what was going on he could not tell us. Nothing happened for the rest of the day and I walked home quietly when I saw Isabelle and Emit going over to their friends. When I got there I was surprised to see my master, Hank, and Hank’s son sitting at the kitchen table with all windows closed. Hank seemed concerned when he saw me.
“Are you alright, Nicky? You look pale.”
I nodded and then quickly kneeled in front of my master with my head down as Hank’s grandchildren entered the room, “My master, I have finally succeeded in your order. I am sorry it has taken me so long to accomplish it.”
“That man is dead?” My master asked as I looked to him.
“Yes. I tore open his organs so he should die soon. I was sure to make his suffering long as you prefer.”
He smiled, “You have done well, Veronica.” He whispered and I felt warmth where my heart used to be.
“Wait was that why the school went into lock down!” Emit hollered as he grabbed my arm. I looked away from him but was shocked when he slapped my face, “You can’t kill someone just because, Nicky! That’s not right!”
My master let out a laugh, “She does not possess guilt anymore, child. She cannot feel sympathy for that man.”
“Everyone can feel guilt!” Isabelle argued.
My master shook his head, “No, every human can, but not every being. Only those left with a heart and soul can feel guilt and Veronica does not possess either of those.”
I looked away from everyone as they stared at me. Hank suddenly stood, “Why did you not ever tell me, Nicky?”
I watched him, “I knew you would feel terrified if you knew what I really was. I did not want you to know.”
“But I was your best friend!” Hank yelled but we both froze when my master laughed again.
“You humans are very funny!” He said as he stood. He continued to laugh as he came and helped me stand, “The only person who knows everything about Veronica is me. Not even she knows everything.” I looked away with regret as images of Kenneth filled my mind and I looked away from the group. I did not look back till my master put his hand on my shoulder, “Have you done what I asked you yesterday?”
I nodded, “I have already set up the tickets and bought a mansion per your request.”
“Tickets? Mansion? What are you talking about Master Vlad?” Hank asked as he came over to us.
“I shall be going back to England. My brother is coming of age soon so I have been asked to have him stay with me so that he can learn from me.”
“But where will Nicky go?”
“She will stay with me of course. She is the only reason I can stay alive, so she must come with me wherever I go.”
I bowed towards him, “Thank you for everything, Hank.”
“You’re just going to leave me behind again?” He asked with sorrow in his voice, “Just like before?”
I smiled as I looked towards the two children, “This past two weeks have proved to me that you do not need me at your side anymore,” I whispered, “Before you were lost and lonely but now you have a wife, children, and even grandchildren that I have no doubt will be there for you. I am not leaving like before; I am just letting you focus on your family.”
He came over to me and hugged me tightly, “I wish you could stay, but I know you can’t.” He whispered and I nodded. I wished time would pass faster so that I could quickly leave this place with the memories of this family and Kenneth.
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