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Veronica's Eternity

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Sunday night I went out looking for my master and was displeased when Hank insisted his grandson go with me. I could not protest so I agreed and the young boy drove me around in an area of country to the south I had yet to search. I suddenly felt tingling in the back of my mind and looked around, “Slow down.” I insisted.
He slowed the car till it stopped, “What? Do you sense the guy we’re looking for?” He asked and I nodded towards him. I got out of the car and started walking towards the only building near which was an abandoned barn in the middle of a dead corn fiend. I quickly made my way over to the building but then turned back to the boy.
“Stay here and don’t leave the car.” I warned and he angrily slammed his door as he got back in. I made my way into the barn that was slowly rotting through its side pair of doors. I slid the left side open and then snuck in to see nothing of interest. As I slowly walked across the decaying and breaking wooden floor I was filled with numbing pain throughout my body and forced to drop to my knees. I quickly started breaking the wooden boards from where I collapsed and was relieved to see a piece of black varnished wood that was aged. I ripped away more of the floor before I could finally pull open the whole lid of the coffin. Inside slept my black haired master and his un-aged body. I quickly lifted his body from the casket and set him on the wooden floor behind me. I closed the coffin and then turned back to him. I pulled my small hand knife out of my jean pocket and flipped open the blade. I slashed it across my wrist and quickly placed my wrist over his mouth. I pride it open with my other hand as my wrist pooled with blood. I tilted my wrist so that my blood would flow directly into my master’s mouth and was relieved after a few moments when he swallowed. His eyes suddenly flew open and focused on my wrist as I acted. I used my other hand to lift his head and pulled my wrist towards him, “Revive yourself, Master Vladimir. I have come to get you, as I promised.” He seemed immortal as his eyes glowed red and his teeth pierced my flesh. I had to hold back a gasp of pain as his teeth sunk in, but once that was over the overwhelming feeling of endorphins always sent out when I was bitten by my mater. He slowly stopped drinking and licked my wrist as his fangs came out. His saliva made my wounds quickly heal. He looked to my face with relief.
“Veronica.” He whispered before fainting into my arms. I slowly stood and then carried him out of the barn. I brought him to the car where Emit came out to see me. His eyes widened when he saw my master.
“Here, I’ll carry him. You’re still sick.” He said but was shocked when I pulled my master away from him.
“Thank you, but no. If my master leaves my grasp he will awake and kill whoever has separated us,” I whispered and then followed Emit to the back of the car. He opened the back door and I slowly placed my master in the car before getting in myself. I put his body straight on the back seats, but had to bend his legs so he could fit. I lifted his head and placed it in my lap. I watched my master as the car start up and Emit drove us towards the house. I took my master’s hand in mine and lay my head on the head rest of my seat. When we reached Hank’s home Emit helped me get inside where I brought my master into my room and I placed him in my bed. I sat on the ground with my back on the bed and looked up as Hank came into the room. He smiled towards me and then kissed my master’s hand.
“It is good to see you once more, master Vladimir.” He whispered and then knelt down to me. He put his hand on my forehead and gave me a terrified look, “You’re turning pale, Nicky. You need to eat something or you won’t have enough blood to function.”
I sighed, “I can’t leave his side until I know he is fully awake.”
“I’ll go get you something.” He said with a smile and then quickly left the room. I looked up as Isabelle and her mother stood at the door.
“May we come in?” Her mother asked and I nodded. They walked over and took a good hard look at my master.
“Wow, he’s so young.” Isabelle said as she blushed.
“Watch out, young Isabelle. He catches his pray with his handsome face.” I warned as Hank came into the room.
“I remember. Master used to always attract women for their body’s and their blood but they would always come when he called,” He placed the food on a table in the room and then looked to me, “Should I leave it here, Nicky?”
I sighed, “Could you please give it to me?”
“Are you tired?”
I shook my head, “I was too ill to go out tonight to find my master and now realize I have pushed my body too far. I’m still in the rejection stage so I shouldn’t have done so much, but since I did I now cannot stand.”
He sighed and bought the food to me, “You should stay home tomorrow.”
I nodded, “I do not plan to leave this room until he awakes.”
“Wait, grandpa, what is the rejection stage?”
Hank looked to Isabelle, “When Nicky first wakes up her body tries to reject her soul since when a person dies their soul is usually cleansed and then given to someone new. But, with Nicky, her soul is still the same one she has always had and so once her body relives, it tries to not accept the un-cleansed soul.”
“How long does the rejection period last?” Her mother asked me.
“If it lasts more than a week, the person will die and the only way to stop it is to find my master and wake him.”
Hank stood, “Nicky, we will leave you to rest and eat.” He said and then led the two women out of the room before shutting the door.
When I woke up I could feel that everyone in the house was gone so I sat up from the floor. I noticed a stack of books on the floor beside me and a note on top. It was from Hank. He had left me some books he thought I would enjoy to read while I waited for the master to awake. I sat down on the floor and read another play written by Shakespeare called Julius Caesar. I did not stop reading the play till a sudden stirring came within the house. I looked to the door as Emit came into the room with a knock on my open door, “Can I come in?” He asked and I nodded. I slipped around my master and smiled as I slowly stood.
“What is it, Emit?” I asked as I looked to the books in his hands.
“Your teachers asked me to bring your homework to you since you will be out for a few days. Grandpa told them that you had the flu.”
I stood on the tips of my toes and kissed his cheek, “You truly are your grandfather’s child, Emit. In heart and soul,” I whispered as I took the books, “Thank you very much.” He left the room and shut the door as he went. I slowly claimed my spot next to my master and then checked his pulse. He had a rapid beat which meant he was soon to waking, most likely in the next two days. I sighed as I let go of my master, “Please hurry, master. My body cannot handle this pain for more than another day.” I started the homework and kept side glancing to my sleeping master. I did not stop this repeating process till there was another knock at the door and I looked up to see Isabelle, “What can I do for you Isabelle?” I asked and she slowly came to the edge of the bed.
“Well one of my friends saw the hottest senior at our school waiting outside of our gym class today so she went up to him to see what he was doing. He said that he was waiting to speak with you privately and so she was asked to pass the message to me so I could pass it to you.”
“A senior? I don’t believe I have met a senior at the school yet.”
“Well his name is Ken Martin. He’s the captain of the track team.”
I had to keep myself from shaking, “Isabelle, how long will it be till your grandfather comes back home?”
“He’ll be back in a few hours.”
“Alright,” I whispered, “Then could you get the thin black case from your father’s closet?” She nodded and then quickly walked off. When she came back with the long black box I took it and opened the case of my sword. I pulled out the long samurai like sword and she gasped.
“Why did grandpa have that?”
“I asked him to keep it safe for me when I went to war,” I whispered and then tried to stand from the bed, but immediately fell. I used my sword to help stabilized my legs and then stood, “That boy, Ken Martin, is either the man I tried to kill that killed me or his son. He is looking for me to kill me and my master so I must protect my master.”
“But your ill, Nicky,” She argued and then looked to the door as her brother came into the room. He gave me a frown.
“What are you doing up, Nicky? My grandfather specifically asked me to keep you in bed until he got home.”
“I need to protect my master. I have been too incautious when it comes to hiding my identity and now have been found.”
“Well at least sit down,” He persisted as he grabbed at my arm, but we both gasped when another hand grabbed Emit’s. I looked up in shock to see a very angered form of my master hissing at the boy touching his property.
“Lay your filthy hands off of her, human.” He hissed and Emit backed away with a pale face of horror. Seeing the ravishing creature with black hair the color of death and eyes that burned the deep red of a fire scared him like it did Isabelle who also moved away. I used my sword to support me as I blocked my master from reaching them.
“Master Vladimir, it is alright! You should not fear the touch of these children! They are the grandchildren of Hank Muller!” I insisted as he finally looked to my face. His eyes stopped glowing as his hand caressed the red line on my neck.
“What is this wound that has ruined your flawless neck, Veronica?”
“This is my mark of my past death, Master Vladimir.”
He suddenly pulled my body to his and looked to the two humans in the room, “Leave, children.” He hissed and I looked to the two kids.
“Let us have some time to talk. We will call you once we are done.” I whispered and they quickly left the room with a shut of the door. I looked to my master as he picked me up and then quickly placed me on the bed.
“You are ill. I shall heal you.” He whispered before grabbing my wrist and piercing it. I gasped but then was overtaken by the rush of endorphins. I slowly fell into a trance where I could see a dream that had haunted me since I died the first time. It was of a man crying atop a tomb stone with my name on it. He would cry by himself as the world around him would cry too. His body was slowly being drenched as he knelt above the grave and cried my name. When I came out of the trance I saw my master sleeping beside me on my bed and realized everyone was back. I slowly got up and made my way to the dining room. Hank flew out of his chair to come to me and he pulled my wrist up to his view. I looked to my bleeding wrist as Hank turned to his son.
“Son! Get the first aid kit!” He hissed and then quickly led me over to the sink. He stuck my arm under the faucet and turned it on. Cold water burned my cut until Hank’s son brought over the first aid kit. Hank used gauze to wrap around my wrist and then looked up to me, “Are you feeling ill?”
I smiled, “Don’t I always?” I asked and he sighed.
“Is there anything I can do?”He asked and I shook my head.
“I will be alright after a few hours,” I whispered but then grabbed his arm, “Has Isabelle talked to you?” I asked and he nodded.
“Ken is already hunting you and our master down. He is much faster than usual.”
I nodded, “But is this his son or is this the true Ken?”
“We cannot be sure. We will have to meet him to find out.”
“That is not an option. I cannot let that man get close to my master,” I hissed, “He is still top priority regardless of how much pain I am in,” I added but looked up when my master entered the room. Everyone froze and watched as my master came over to me and wrapped his arms around me.
“Master Vlad.” Hank whispered and then quickly bowed. My master looked to the man and then let out a warm laugh.
“My goodness, Hank! You have aged with the best of them! I barely recognized you! For a moment I thought that other man standing was you.”
“Yes, that is my only son and we do look much alike.”
“Now Hank, you must explain to me why my lovely Veronica spoke such a horrid name only a moment ago. She knows I displease of the name.”
“Master Vlad, it seems Ken Martin has already located Nicky and has asked through my granddaughter that they meet privately.”
“Oh? Kenneth has already spotted my lovely follower? What a quick child he is.” My master said as he squeezed me in his arms, “Well you must meet with him and kill him, my beautiful.”
“But, my master, Nicky is in critical health right now! She cannot fight such a skilled man such as him!”
“Hank!” I hissed, “Stop this! How dare you speak to my master in such a rude tone! If he wishes that I fight that man, then I shall!” I looked to Isabelle, “Miss Isabelle, please tell Ken Martin that I am willing to meet with him.”

When I went to school in the morning I was sure that my master was secured and safe for the time that the sun was up. I walked with Isabelle and Emit to class and went through the first part of the day with no problems. At lunch I sat under the same tree as usual but with a book about the ‘Middle Ages’ Hank had left for me. I looked up when Isabelle came over and sat beside me in the shade. “Who’s that?” She asked as she pointed to the picture I had been staring at.
“King Henry the second, he was my first lord and master.”
“Did your family work for him?”
I shook my head, “My father abandoned my mother and me after I was born and my mother died of an infection when I was 10. I worked for Charles the great from then till I met Vladimir.”
“Wow, so you’re like part of history?”
I smiled towards her, “More like history is part of me. Time keeps passing but I still have yet to die and stay dead.” I replied as I closed the book, “So has anything else happened with Ken Martin?”
“Are you really going to see him? Didn’t he kill you?”
I nodded, “More than once, actually.”
“Then why are you going to go to him?”
“If I do not go to him, he will come after my master or your family. You have all been so generous to a complete stranger; I could not let you all be harmed because of me. Also, my master told me to kill that man so I cannot stop till I succeed,” I slowly stood, “Well do you know where I could find that man?”
“He’s probably walking around with his friends or something.” She said and I nodded. I walked away and slipped my book in a small bag Isabelle had lent me this morning. I started walking around the large campus, but stopped when I heard someone calling to me.
“Chica!” A boy with skin darkened by the sun, eyes of a bear, and hair of night called as I saw the two others sitting on the bench beside him. I walked over with a smile as I recognized them as the three boys from the weight room.
“Hola. ¿Cómo es usted?” Hello, how are you? I replied
“Bien, ¿Qué hace usted fuera aquí?” Good, what are you doing out here?
“Trato de encontrar Ken Martin.” I am trying to find Ken Martin.
“¿Es amigos con Ken?” Are you friends with Ken?
I shook my head, “No, pero fui dicho que él me busca.” No, but I was told he is looking for me.
“Acaba de ir por aquí con sus amigos tan él es probablemente cerca por.” He just went by with his friends, so he’s probably nearby. The boy to the right said.
“Gracias!” I called before walking away. I walked around the area and finally spotted the dirty blond hair and blue eyes that always seemed to become my nightmares when I died. My whole body shivered as I remembered his tears streaming down his face as he pulled the sword across my neck and I fell. My finger’s quickly pulled the trigger of my gun before they became limp and he fell as I hit the muddy ground. I looked up to the dark clouds as rain fell on me and my eyes closed. I focused my mind and walked over to the group of girls and guys surrounding him, “Excuse me,” I said as I came upon them, “Do any of you know where I could find Ken Martin?” I asked and one of the girls in the group crinkled her nose.
“Who is this girl?”
I smiled towards the girl, “Well I was told by my second cousin I am living with, Isabelle Muller, that Ken Martin was looking for me.”
“You were looking for this sophomore, Ken?” The girl asked as her black hair moved when she looked him in the eyes.
He stared at me, “I don’t remember doing such a thing.”
I sighed, “Well then, I guess it was a prank or something. Sorry to have wasted your time,” I started to walk away but stopped when another guy in the group grabbed my arm, “Yes?”
“You’re pretty cute, new girl. Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Um, no.”
He pulled me towards him, “Then how about you and I go somewhere?” I was frantic for a way to escape. I knew if I hit this guy I would be in trouble, but I didn’t have any other way to escape.
“Please let go of me.” I insisted but looked up as the three guys from before came over to us.
“Chica, is this guy giving you trouble?” The guy to the left asked.
“I think it would be in your best interest to let go.” The middle one added.
The guy who held my arm laughed, “Since when have you guys ever stood up for a chick? You’re thugs.”
“Let her go man, then we won’t have to beat yo’ ass.” The right one said.
“Los chicos, yo soy bien. No utilice violencia.” I said with a smile.
“You a Mexican, new girl?” the guy holding my arm asked.
I frowned, “That is not any of your business.”
Suddenly Ken grabbed the guy’s arm and I looked to him, “Hey, don’t start any trouble. Let her go.”
“What? You just denied her!”
“Well I’ve changed my mind so f*** off,” I looked to Ken as he grabbed my arm, “Come on, Nicky. Let’s get outta here.” He said as he pulled me away from the group. I could feel my heart racing with adrenaline as we left school grounds.
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