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Two kid's , One love .

Author's note: I never really wrote story's until I started "Two kid's , One love . My friend Malia made me...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I never really wrote story's until I started "Two kid's , One love . My friend Malia made me write a story that would make her cry , so I began to write this story . So get some tissues , sit back and bare yourself for a heart breaking story .  « Hide author's note
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Dried Eye's

She stared out the hospitals open window and back down at the beautiful baby girl , that was cradled in her pale arms . Megan was so caught up in her life in the past nine months , she did not even think of a name for the baby she was expecting . Well the time had came and she had no name for her child . She gazed back out the two story window , wondering what she would name her . At that moment a petite orange leaf blew into the open window and fell gently on the white sheets of the bed. Then the name hit her .

"Autumn , Get your butt in here and eat your breakfast before you have to go to school !" Megan yelled from the small modern kitchen , while cleaning the dishes .
"Okay mommy !" Autumn shouted from her bedroom . She finished putting on her twinkle toe shoes and went to the kitchen . "PANCAKES , YUMMY!" She sat down at the dining room table and began to choke down the food .
"Slow down , you're going to explode if you eat too fast ! " Her mom said jokingly as she sat down with her daughter and ate her somewhat burnt pancakes . With a worried look Autumn slowly put her fork down and looked at her tummy to see if it was about to "explode ."
"I was just joking with you , sunshine ." Megan stated as she got up and picked up both of their plates to put them in the sink . Autumn went back into her room and got her plain orange backpack . Megan went into her daughters room and started to pick up a few baby dolls and toys Autumn had left out the night before and forgot to put them back in her toy chest . "You ready to go to school ?!" Megan said as she picked up her daughter and draped her over her shoulders carrying her out to the car .
"Nooo !" Autumn shouted while getting a little red in the face from the blood rushing to her head .
Megan carefully put her down on the concrete ground and opened the back door to their car . "Too bad , you have no choice . Now get in the car squirt ." Autumn growled at her mother like she was a dog and crawled into the car on all fours . Her mother laughed at her foolishness and got in the driver's seat and headed to the elementary school where Autumn attended . Megan slowed down at the sight of a red light . She looked back at Autumn in the backseat and noticed she had changed a lot in the past week . Her eyes have got a more greener tint to them , her brown hair looked like it had grown at least an inch and it even looked like she was getting boobs ! She was only eight , she should not be growing boobs at this age her mother thought as she turned back around . The light turned green and she continued to drive to school .
"Bye sunshine , have a great day at school ."
"Bye mommy , and I'll try it's so boring here there's no toys or TV's . I mean how am I suppose to have a good day when I don't get to play ?"
"It's called school not a play house ." her mother explained while Autumn got out the car and headed for the front doors of the school . Megan drove away and settled off to go to work.

Megan was at work doing some paper work when her phone began to ring . "Hello ?" Megan said with hint of curiousness in her voice .
"Hello maim , is this the mother of Autumn Richardson ?"
"Umm... Yes it is . May I ask who this is ?" Megan said with a worried look on her face .
"This is Nevaeh from White Reel Hospital. Your daughter passed out at school from not being able to breathe and she's at the hospital right now getting test done . So do you mind coming to the hospital to receive other information ?"
Megan took a couple seconds to take in what this woman just told her . She took a deep breath in and told the woman she would be there in about 20 minutes . Megan hurried through the doors of the company where she worked and ran to her car , where she sped down the highway to the hospital where her daughter awaits her . She got to White Reel Hospital and walked up to the receptionist desk and asked what room Autumn Richardson was in . The polite woman told her room 269 , but they were taking test on her right this second and could not go in there and to wait in the waiting room .
She walked over to the small waiting room where many people waited with concerned looks on their faces . She calmly took a seat next to this elderly man where she was greeted with a warm smile and a nod of the head . She got a "Time" magazine and began to flip through the pages like she was interested in what the magazine said .
"Megan Richardson" the woman from the desk said while staring at her and signaling she can go into the room now . She put the magazine back on the rack with the others and got up and started to walk to the room . 265 , 266 , 267 , 268 ... 269 . She paused at the door and deliberately opened the door. She looked at the bed where her daughter laid watching TV .
"Hey Autumn ." Smiling while she said those words , thanking God she was okay .
"Hey mommy , they said I passed out at school today ."
"Yea you did , are you feeling okay ?" Her mother said wondering where the nurses were so she could ask some questions .
"Does that mean I died ?"
"No , you did not die, you just kind of went to sleep for a little while, " She tried to put that in the simplest words she could , so Autumn could understand .
"Aw man , that would of been so cool to tell my friends !" Autumn said , disappointed.
Megan laughed at her silly words , while sitting down besides her . A couple seconds later nurse Nevaeh walked in the room carrying a clip board and a calm expression on her face . "Miss. Richardson " she began to say before Megan could cut her short with her questions .
"Is Autumn okay? , Why did she pass out today? , How long does she have to stay here?" After she started asking questions she just could not stop. Luckily Nevaeh returning the favor she cut her off too.
"Autumn is all right . She can go home right after we prescribe some medication and an inhaler for her , just in case she has any more trouble breathing."Nevaeh walked out the room and came back a few seconds later with some papers for the prescription . "Just go get these prescribed , she has to take one pill in the morning and one before she goes to bed," as she handed the papers over to Megan she had a warm smile on . She took all the confusing wires and clips off of Autumn and shook Megan's hand with a goodbye .
Hand in hand , Megan and Autumn walked out of the hospital with a relived face . As they drove home Megan stopped at a Walgreens and got the medicine and inhaler Autumn needed . Megan got a while to think to herself as Autumn slept the whole way home , properly dreaming about rainbows pooping butterflies . As that thought came in to her head she laughed to herself , She has such a big imagination.
"Goodnight mommy , I love you ! " Autumn in her Winnie The Pooh footie pajamas raced over to her mother and planted a big wet kiss on Megan's cheek .
"Love you too sunshine , now go to bed you have to wake up early tomorrow for school ," Megan kissed her back on the cheek and patted her on the butt as a sign to go to your room . Megan headed to her room , were she laid down and got out a book she started reading a couple days ago . She sighed and went on to reading . She soon fell asleep with a little night light on and her book clamped in her hands.
Megan was awoken by loud coughing and whipping noises . Still ditsy with sleepiness she got up and put her slippers on . Finally reality slapped her in the face . "Autumn," she gasped and ran into her room where she say her daughter laying in bed coughing uncontrollably and a little blue in the face . "Oh my gosh !" Megan ran over to Autumn and tried helping her somehow , then she remembered the inhaler . She ran to the kitchen knocking over a few things on the way and grabbed the inhaler that was sitting right next to the medicine that obviously did not work . Megan got back to Autumns room and put the inhaler to her mouth , not knowing how to use this object she just pressed the button at the top and told Autumn to breathe . Autumn soon stopped coughing and got some color back in her face . Not taking any more chances , Megan went to go get the phone to call the ambulance just in case something else happens that an inhaler can't help .
"Mommy ?" Autumn tried to choke out while holding her stomach . "I don't feel good." Before her mother could respond Autumn puked right over her night stand where her lamp and alarm clock got a little preview of what she ate for dinner . She looked like a mess , she had vomit all in her hair , her face was a combination of blue and green , her eyes had a look of fright and pain . Her mother had no idea of what to do before the ambulance got here , she got up and went to go get a towel to wipe some of the vomit off her face .
Five minutes passed and Autumn started coughing again while vomiting . Soon Autumns little body could not take this all and just passed out .
Autumn slowly opened her eyes letting the light from a small window fill her eyeballs. She could hear a faint whisper in the far side of the room , She soon realized this was not her purple and pink room she is used to waking up into . This room was white , organized , and official looking . She lifted herself up and propped her back on a pillow . The faint whispers stopped and her mother walked out from this little hallway . She had been crying you could tell just by staring at her glassy eyes . She did not say anything she just sat by Autumn in this twin sized bed and hugged her while weeping .
"Mom? What's wrong , Why are you crying , Where am I ?" Autumn said in a loud voice so her mom could hear over her weeping .
Her mom pulled back from their hug , wiped her eyes and cleared her throat . Trying to prepare herself for the horrible words that were about to come out of her mouth . "You have cancer ... " She started sobbing again and looked away from Autumn . Autumn stared at the back of her mother's head in confusion ."what is cancer ? It sounds like dancer .... but I can't have dancer ? She shook her head in bewilderment . " It seems bad , I never saw my mother cry this much before , not even when grandma died . "
Her mother tried to prevent herself from crying anymore , She had to explain the meaning "cancer" to her daughter , but she could not do that while crying her eyes out . She pulled a tissue out from her pocket and wiped the tears away from her eyes and turned back towards Autumn , just to be filled with more heartbreaking thoughts . "Well , cancer is a disease that not many people get , but you got it because your cells like to grow more than other peoples . You have to understand that this is not just a little virus that you catch and it goes away within a couple of days ." This is harder than she thought trying to explain this disease that she barley understood , to a eight year old . This was going to be the hardest part to tell her daughter , so she took a deep breath in and began to explain what was going to happen to her . "There are different types of cancer and you have caught leukemia . You're going to have to go through surgeries , therapy , tests , and a lot of other things . So I need you to be strong for mommy okay ? "
Autumn still looked at her mother with a baffled expression . She was only eight , but she could understand what her mother was telling her . She had watched a movie about this girl with cancer and in the end she died . Autumn looked straight into her mother's eyes and in the most serious voice she has ever talked in said "Am I going to die ?"
Megan could not answer that question , because she did not know the answer. She looked at her daughter with teary eyes "I don't know baby." The rest of their day was nothing , but taking test , talking to doctors and of course crying .
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