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My Past Love

Author's note: It's a funny thing how this all came about; I used to have a crush on a guy 7 yrs. older than me....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: It's a funny thing how this all came about; I used to have a crush on a guy 7 yrs. older than me. One day, I thought, what will happen if I go back in time?
And then it just took off.  « Hide author's note
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Expert of my diary~ November 27, 2009

“…If someone would have asked me what I thought of my life I’ll say ‘It’s a very boring, everyday life, thank you very much.’
All my life I’ve always wanted excitement.
I’m a dreamer-type you see. I’m a bookworm and read too many books for my own good.
I have a normal life, not worthy to be turned into a book, but this is a journal so it doesn’t count.
First I'll talk a little about my life.
Hi my name is Mandy Ferrera.
I know, I would want
Hey, this is my first completed novel, I hope you like. This story is about time traveling. Please review/critique, and thanks for reading :P
a more unique name, like Erin or Alexa, and could have changed it, but I’m keeping this journal factual.
Oh, I have a mom, a dad, and a pesky little brother named Justin.
I have an abuela (to note that we are Spanglish people. Or at least I am. My family are Spanish people)
I also have an aunt named Susana who’s a widow and lives with my abuela (this is my mom’s side, okay; don’t even get me started with my dad’s. We breed like rabbits)
Now, this is the part where I’ll say something creative, or cute, or funny.
But, I’m going to tell you this: everything I say is real.
No fantasy is involved here.
I’m a very artsy person.
Not only in drawing but in the whole subject of THE Arts. Things like singing, acting, drawing, playing piano, writing, etc.
It would take too long to explain my whole life, so to make the long story short, I’ll start with a place.
St. Dominic Catholic Church.
The church I have been going to since before I was born (in my mom’s belly, if you’re wondering)
As any child around the age of six, I was bored in church and never really paid attention (sue me, I at least admit it).
Though, that’s irrelevant; why I brought attention to my six year old self is because this is when I started the Choir.
Yes, I love to sing, even at that age, but I never thought of myself good.
I remember my first choir director well.
Her name is Diana and she was in her twenties.
Carmen, the pianist, I still remember because she still plays with us.
As the years went by, I was still in the Choir and I’ve seen Choir directors come and go. Let me count how many…in a matter of five years, at least four Choir directors came (that I remember).
Some for a year or two, others for a few months; I’ve also seen fellow Choir members come and go.
Then, about three or four years ago, he came.
Our new choir director was then a young man around sixteen or seventeen, looking for a part time job.
His name is Vicente.
Vincent in English, but I got used to saying Vicente, so even now I still call him that.
Vicente is, I think, a genius in music.
He plays the flute, piano, organ, almost everything else in the orchestra, can sing well, and composes music. He was already in University studying music at age seventeen.
He’s around 5’8’’, dark curly short hair, dark eyes, glasses, pale, and yes he stammers (though I don’t notice it too much because I stammer sometimes too). Oh, he also has a little beard and mustache (though not the corny kind).
I know he may sound like a geek (when I was young I just thought of him as: director).
I never thought of him much; I just saw him one hour each week and never thought about him again.
My first crush was in fourth grade was with this guy named Cesar.
I continued to like him until the summer of eighth grade, and then I stopped.
I was never a one who was “boy crazy” or go over boys fast.
But when I do have a crush, I have it for a LONG time.
But let me describe my second crush, which is very importance for this tale.
I didn’t know about it, but I think it started when I was twelve years old and the start of my thirtieth year of life. I recognized that I started liking him around two months after my thirteenth birthday. That I liked Vicente.
I was kind of nervous and ashamed though, because he is seven years older than me.
For goodness sake, he was finishing University when I’ve barely even taken a step in High school!
I am fourteen, he is twenty-one.
No, he wouldn’t like me back, it’s impossible for him to like a plain girl with lots of pimples and is practically a baby to him, not when he has a lot of pretty talented girls his age in school with him.
I started thinking about him more and more, this is only a crush, I kept thinking, only a crush…”
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