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April 6, 2011
By Beautifulanddangerous, LaPorte, Indiana
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Beautifulanddangerous, LaPorte, Indiana
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Author's note: I wrote this about my friends and their crushes in school. I changed their names of course. I did this as an essay for my language class but it ended up so good I decided to get it published.

The day was bright and peaceful. The sun shone on Stevie Rae’s blonde hair as she sat in the meadow by her country cabin, picking the dandelions and weaving them into circles. She had been doing this since she was a youngun’, but she was sixteen now. She still loved to sit in her favorite spot in the meadow to think and pick the beautiful flowers. This would never change the way life does. The old rusty car would still fade away with time, the flowers would still bloom every year, and she would always be able to sit here in peace and quiet away from the world.

The afternoon was coming to a close, and dusk was approaching with its refreshing cool that put dew on everything. She decided it was time to head home to eat supper with her mamma. She stood up and brushed the grass from her dress and saw a figure standing at the edge of the meadow watching her. When she looked into his face he turned away quickly and walked away. It was very strange and Stevie Rae was kind of scared so she hurriedly picked up her skirts and started for home. She got to the edge of the meadow, to the old dirt road that led to her home and turned right. The night was closing in fast and it was getting cold with the dark, so she wrapped herself in the tan shawl her mother gave her and began walking toward home.

As she was walking she failed to notice the mangled root that was poking up from the ground. Stevie Rae caught her foot under it and fell to her knees. It stung and her knees were scraped but as far as she could tell she was unhurt. So, she stood up only to fall again as pain shot up her calf. Her ankle hurt like the dickens and she looked down to see it was swollen. There was only one tree on that side of the road and it felt now as though its only purpose was to hurt people. Stevie Rae heard soft footsteps coming closer and looked behind her to see the figure from the meadow coming toward her. She sat down on her behind and rubbed her ankle gently, wondering in the world the person had seen her.

“Are you alright? I saw you fall.” The person said. It was Matt. Matt Montigerose had lived here his entire life just like her. They had grown up together and had always played outside during the summer when school was out. Now here was talking in his slightly deep voice helping her to her feet.

“Yea, I’m fine.” She said telling the most common lie known to man. She was biting her lip to keep from crying out with the pain of standing on her ankle.

“Uh huh, let me help you home.” He said with worry in his voice. He smiled reassuringly and helped her hobble on her one leg.

“Thanks. My ankle hurts somethin’ awful.” She said concentrating on not crying and staying upright. They hobbled slowly to Stevie Rae’s house, which was about a mile up the dirt road.

When they finally reached Stevie Rae’s house she was very glad to be home. Her house was nice with soft green paint and white trim. The porch was white also and had a nice old swing that hung by a rope from the porch ceiling. They reached the screen door and it opened with a loud creaking noise.

“Mamma, I’m home!” Stevie Rae called as Matt placed her on the soft tan sofa in the living room.

“Why Stevie Rae! What happened baby?” Her mamma came out of the kitchen with a worried look on her kind face. Her mamma was the kindest lady in the world. She had blonde, curly hair, like Stevie Rae’s, and soft green eyes.

“I tripped and fell. My ankle must be sprained Mamma.” Stevie Rae said with pain. She had started to shed soft tears.

“Yea, she fell and twisted her ankle ma’am. I brought her here safely. I gotta get goin’ now though.” Matt said still appearing to be worried about her.

“You go on youngin’ I’ll see to her.” Her mamma said smiling her thanks to him. She had a kind of motherly love for him. She had been the midwife when his mother had given birth to him.

“No problem, I’m glad I could help. Matt said as he walked the door. He had great admiration for Stevie Rae’s mom. She had raised Stevie Rae all by herself since her no good father had abandoned them when Stevie Rae was just a year old.

Stevie Rae put some ice on her ankle and slept on the sofa. She was usually happy to come home to the wonderful smells of her mamma’s kitchen. Mamma could bake the best pies around. The house always smelled of fresh baked pies and deserts. They both loved the scent of lavender. It made everything smell right. But, tonight Stevie Rae was just glad to be off her ankle. She didn’t even notice that her mamma had made baked potatoes and made her amazing homemade gravy. She just slept away the pain. She hoped that by tomorrow the pain would have subsided a little.

The next morning, Stevie Rae woke to the smells of sausage frying, and scrambled eggs, and delicious flapjacks cooking on the stove in the kitchen. She could hear her mamma’s familiar as she followed the tune to “Amazing Grace”. She got up and realized that her ankle no longer hurt, nor did it look swollen anymore. She walked into the kitchen and sat down at the old oak table.

“Morinin’ sugar! How’s your ankle?” her mamma asked smiling as bright as the morning sunshine.

“It doesn’t even hurt anymore. I feel much better.” Stevie Rae said returning her mother’s gentle smile. She loved waking up to her mamma’s singing and the great smells from the kitchen.

“Good. Now I think you should go over to Matt’s place and thank him when breakfast is over.” Her mamma said smiling gratefully as she thought about what he had done the night before.

“Okeydoke! He was nice wasn’t he?” she said.

“Yea he sure was.” Mamma said.

Suddenly Stevie Rae’s little sister Veronica came running into the kitchen. She was exactly what Stevie Rae looked like only younger. She was twelve and very excited. Her blonde hair was bobbing up and down as she sat down at the table and filled her plat with eggs.

“I heard what happened to ya last night. Does it still hurt?” she said her big green eyes looking right into Stevie Rae’s.

“No it doesn’t. I hope you weren’t worried.” She smiled at her sister. She was so young and happy.

“That’s good! So you get to go see Matt today?” she said smiling mischievously.

“Yea, I get to thank him for helping me. Don’t you have someone too…what about Joey? He is still livin’ up with the McEllen’s right?” Stevie Rae retorted. She knew her sister still liked that boy. He was a nice kid. He had long brown hair and bright blue eyes. He always helped around the yard when it was needed.

“Yea he’s still livin’ up there. I haven’t seen him in awhile though.” She said turning bright pink. I felt sorry for her. She had liked this boy so long but she didn’t even know if he liked her. She was too scared to ask.

After breakfast she got ready to go to Matt’s house and thank him. He lived with his father. His mother had died a few years back. They lived in a wood house not far from hers. She got her shawl from the peg next to the door and walked out into the warm, summer sunshine. She smiled; it was such a wonderful day. She started off down the road in the direction of Matt’s cabin.

Stevie Rae reached the cabin a short time, and she didn’t mind the walk at all. She turned onto the little dirt trail where the grass had been pulled apart, and continued toward the cabin. Actually, the cabin was more a shack because it was so small, and she felt sorry for them as she looked at it. Stevie Rae knocked on the front wood door and waited for it to be answered. Mr. Montigerose appeared and smiled at the girl. He was a kind man with an easy smile. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes.

“Mornin Mr. Montigerose, I came to thank Matt for helpin me yesterday.” She said smiling in return and peering into the house in search of Matt.
“I see. Well, he’s out back feedin’ those chickens. You can go back and see him if you
want.” He said smiling in understanding. He turned around and walked back into the house
closing the wood door behind him.
Stevie Rae walked around to the back to where she heard the clucking of a few chickens
in a pen. She found Matt bent over sprinkling chicken feed on the ground as all the feathered bird
came rushing up and pecked at the small kernels. He didn’t even notice her as she opened the
gate and stepped inside.

“Matt?” he jumped and turned around startled. When he saw who was standing at
his gate he smiled and relaxed and kept feeding the chicken even though he had dropped most of
the feed when he jumped.

“Hey Stevie Rae, what are ya doin’ here?” he asked calmly not meeting her eyes.

“I just come to thank you for helpin’ me yesterday. It was really nice of you.” She
said watching the back of his head hoping it would turn around.

“I’m glad to help. Is your ankle alright?” he said turning around and looking
down at her ankle then back up to her face..

“Yea it’s feelin’ much better. I can walk on it now.” She said. Well, I best be off.
I have to help mamma with the canning today.” She smiled at him and started to open the gate.
She stepped out and was almost to the drive that led to their cabin when she heard “Stevie Rae!
Stevie Rae wait!” coming from the back of the house.

“Um is it all right if I come to see you sometime? I mean, like if we went for a
walk or somethin’?” Matt asked sheepishly, not meeting her eyes.

“Of course Matt, when do ya want to go? I’m canning with mamma for most of
the afternoons but I’m free every night before supper.” She said smiling up at him and meeting
his eyes. They were green, a nice green to be exact. They said that he really was trying to say
something and it was becoming difficult. Stevie Rae just kept smiling.

“Okay sounds good. How about tomorrow night then? The moon’ll be full
tomorrow.” He said now looking her right in her eyes. His expression said that he had
something within him that he just couldn’t let out, jeesh he was so nervous.

“Alrightey. I’ll meet you at that tree where I fell okay?” She said adding a little
humor to the conversation, trying to make it easier for Matt to say what he wanted to say.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” He turned away then with a red face and went back to
feeding his chickens. Stevie Rae just stood there for awhile and then walked down the dirt path
to the old dirt road and followed it home in silent happiness. She smiled the entire way thinking
about nervous he had been. She hoped he wouldn’t be like that the next night.

At dinner that night Stevie Rae was still smiling, thinking about Matt. She
couldn’t wait until the next night. She was also starving; all that canning had made her hungry
enough to eat a horse. Her mamma saw that something was up so she smiled at her and just kept
looking until Stevie Rae saw that her mom and her sister were staring intensely at her.

“What is it mamma? You’re lookin’ at me funny.” Stevie Rae said shoving a
spoonful of mashed taters into her mouth. She wasn’t even going to ask Veronica.

“You have been smiling more than a cat that fell into a lake of cream. What are
you thinkin’ about baby?” her mamma said with a twinkle in her eyes. She obviously knew what
she was thinking about. Could it have been more obvious? Her sister was giggling now.

“I am just thinking about someone.” Stevie Rae said smiling dreamily and trying
to hide it. She would not let her sister know about her feelings for Matt.

“I’m thinkin’ that someone’s name starts with an “M” am I right?” Mamma now
was picking up some green beans with her fork and putting them into her mouth to hide her
laughter. Veronica was now laughing hysterically.

“Yea you’re right. Let’s not talk about it okay Mamma?” she said starting to get
uncomfortable. She loved her mamma and could tell her anything, but this was not anything, and
her sister was sitting right there. Veronica did not have much room to talk though. Stevie Rae has
read her diaries and her thoughts about Joey too.

“Okay baby, I understand.” Her mamma was smiling and thinking of some way to
change the subject.

“Well, I think I’m goin’ to turn in for the night. I’m pooped from all that cannin.”
Stevie Rae yawned and stood up and pushed her chair in. She hurried up that stairs and got ready
for bed. She lay there thinking about Matt and what would happen the next night when
Veronica’s small appeared in the crack between her door and the wall.

“Hey Stevie Rae! Can I come in?” she said smiling and looking like she needed to tell her something.

“Sure, come on in. You look like you need to tell me something…what’s up?” she said
with a friendly smile that intensified her twang.

“Well…it’s about Joey. She said turning pink. “The other night when I went out for a
walk, he was on the road and we talked.” She was now very pink and about to burst with
information about something.

“Yea and…” Stevie Rae said. She wondered what she was trying to tell her.

“Well, we talked and ended up holding hands. And, right before we left, he kissed me
Stevie Rae!” she said now that her face was beet red. She was looking away not willing to meet
Stevie Rae’s eyes.

“Wow that sounds great. What was it like?” Stevie Rae asked now curious about the subject.

“It was amazing. I think I love him. I want be with him. I just hope he feels the same
about me.” She said now looking a little sad.

“Oh of course he does. If he kissed you he must. Ya’ll are so young though. Why are you
telling me?” Stevie Rae was puzzled as to why she would be the first to get this little bit of info.
She understood why she wouldn’t tell their mamma but she would have kept it to herself.

“I had to tell someone. I knew I could trust you.” She said. “Now tell me about you and
Matt.” She said now meeting her eyes and looking like her old self.

“There’s nothing yet, well except that I’m goin’ for a walk with him tomorrow too.”
Stevie Rae said smiling at the thought. She had liked Matt ever since he tripped and fell into the
little pond that creek had made. It was funny and they had laughed for a long time about it.

“Will you tell me if anythin’ happens?” Veronica asked sounding like the little gossip girl
from school. She always liked to know what was going on.

“Yea I will. It’s time to hit the sack now I reckon.” Stevie Rae said sounding mother like.

“Yea I guess so. Night Stevie Rae!” she said as walked towards the door tiptoeing so that
they wouldn’t wake their mamma up.

“Night Veronica!” Stevie Rae said. After her sister left she laid down on her pillow and
fell asleep.

The next morning Stevie Rae woke up and headed downstairs. The morning went as
usual. Her mamma made some chocolate chip flapjacks and got some orange juice for breakfast.
They washed cans and prepared the fruit and vegetables, and then carried them down
into the cellar. The sun was very warm and when dusk was approaching a refreshing cool came
over and brought comfort to the hard working ladies. Stevie Rae stomped up the stairs from the
cellar and sat down in her chair at the table.

“Good lord, that stuff sure is heavy.” She said smiling at what they had accomplished.

“You bet that stuff is so heavy sometimes I wonder why we bother.” Her mamma
said pulling up a chair and sitting also. “I’m going to start on dinner. What would you like?”

“I think tonight I’d like some of your amazing steak and baked potatoes.” She
said.”I’m going to the meadow now okay Mamma?” she got up and rushed to the door. She got
her shawl and opened the screen door with a loud creaking noise. She turned and winked and
Veronica as she slipped out the door. She never heard her mom’s reply because she was already
halfway down the drive.

Stevie Rae walked out into the cool of the approaching night. She started to hear
crickets chirping and frogs singing near the creek. She loved that creek as well. During the
summer she swam in the creek and fished sometimes. She sunbathed there and washed the
clothes too. Now as she headed down the road she heard it steady gurgling as it lazily moved
along in its rocky bed. Stevie Rae was nearing the meadow, and the spot where she had fallen the
day before. She looked around at the open field and the woods on the left side. She had never
entered those woods. They always seemed scary and the type of place only people with no where
else to go entered. Leaving these scary thoughts she turned and almost jumped out of her skin.
Matt was standing about two feet away and she hadn’t noticed him there.

“Matt you almost scared me out of my skin!” she said trying to calm her heart
down so that it didn’t feel as though it were about to pop right out of her chest.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean scare you. I was just wondering what you were thinking
about. You seemed deep in thought.” He said smiling at her. He didn’t seem nervous anymore.
Maybe now that she had said yes he wasn’t as scared about her.

“I was thinkin’ bout’ those creepy woods. I ain’t ever been in there and I don’t
plan on it. So would like to come to the meadow with me?” she was now under control and
wanted to get away from those trees.

“Sure. I never really have been to the meadow. I only walk by it.” He said
obviously thinking it over.

“It’s one of my favorite spots. I go there almost every night right before dinner to
think. But, I’ve always been alone. This will be new for both of us.” She was looking into thse
green eyes again looking for some emotion. He just stared back at her face, into her eyes. They
stood there for awhile, both trying to read what the other was feeling. They stepped closer til
they were almost touching. Then he grabbed her hand and together they walked to the meadow
where the old rusty car sat.

The sun was now a half circle against the horizon, glowing a faint yellow color.
They reached the meadow and walked to where Stevie Rae sat each night. They sat down and
were silent for awhile. They just looked up at the stars that were rapidly growing in number and
brightness. Then they looked at each other and smiled, each at the same time. His hand was over
hers and they just sat. Matt looked into Stevie Rae’s clear green eyes, and she stared back into
his, they didn’t know what else to do.. They moved closer until their shoulders touched. Stevie
Rae leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed, her blonde hair falling across their shoulders.

“How did this happen?” she said breaking the long, long silence

“Well, I asked ya to walk with me and here we are.” He smiled and she could feel
it on the top of her head. His chin was resting near the middle and his cheek was on the left side
of her head resting softly there like a butterfly on a flower.

“Yea but I haven’t talked to ya in such a long time. We should have started out
slow ya know.” She smiled anyway and realized that what they had was special. It happened fast,
but that was good. They had nothing but time to enjoy it.

“When we were youngins’ we used to go swimmin in the water hole that the
creek made. When you started floatin’ around and layin’ in the sun, I knew that I liked you. I
have ever since.” He said leaning his head down gently onto hers.

“Ya know, that’s the same for me. I saw you trip that once when we were down
there and I just liked you.” She said tracing patterns on his fingers with the hand that wasn’t
under his. She giggled, a girly strange sound that made her stop and then smile.

“What we have is gold. I, for one, am goin’ to keep it that way.” He said and
Stevie Rae pulled away and looked into his eyes again. He put his arm around her and pulled her
close. Fireflies had started to light up the meadow, looking like twinkling green stars. They sat in
silence once more with her head on his shoulder and their fingers intertwined. When it started
getting dark she remembered that she had to go home for supper. He mamma would worry if she
wasn’t home soon.

They stood up and walked hand in hand to the edge of the meadow. They had to
go separate ways from there. So they stopped, neither wanted to leave. He hugged her close and
then they parted, but their hands were still holding fast and he pulled her back. He leaned down
and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, and she kissed him back. They stood with their foreheads
together, eyes closed, not wanting the moment to end. As the fireflies lit up the sky all around
they stood with their eyes closed swaying gently back and forth. They lived this dream for all
eternity, their moment never ending, and the fireflies never fading.

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