The Girl Next Door

March 25, 2011
By hannahbbycakes, Brownsburg, Indiana
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hannahbbycakes, Brownsburg, Indiana
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Hope you enjoyed!

I woke up to sun blaring in my face, streaming from my window. I pulled the covers off and just sat there in my plaid boxers, thinking. I looked around at all the baseball pictures and trophies and then my eyes wander to the framed picture of my girlfriend, Chastity Long. She looked flawless. Too bad half of her was plastic. I never really liked Chastity, it was really just for my image and I knew that was a selfish thing to do, but I would do anything to be one of the popular guys and as long I was with Chastity and had a sport going for me, I was so in.

Then it hit me. It’s the last day of summer. I shouldn’t be sitting here in my underwear like a bum. I should be hitting the clubs with my friends! What was I thinking? And I had already wasted most of the day, it was already one. I immediately jumped out of bed and walked down the hall, almost trampling my little sister, Abbie. “Ew, Tony! Put some clothes on!” she said shielding her eyes.

I stared at the little 10 year old girl with her brunette braids and Hollister labeled clothing. I laughed and said, “You know you like it!” pushing past her. She pretended to gag. I walked into the cold tiled kitchen and found my mom looking through a gardening magazine.

She looked up and saw me. “Gosh, Tony. You’ve slept the day away, I thought you were dead.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said rolling my eyes a little. “I think I’m going to go the pool or something.”

“You’re going to bring your sister, too, right?” she looked at me, dead serious.

“Mom!” I whined. “Are you kidding me?” I said, giving her the most disgusted look I could come up with.

My mom had a good laugh and said, “Kidding, kidding. I’m taking Abbie last minute school shopping, don’t worry.”

“I hate you!” I said laughing at myself.

“Hey, did you see that big moving truck outside next door?”

“Huh? What?” I said, running over to the window to peek outside.

“Yeah, I guess we’ve got new neighbors.” she said.

I squinted out the window, trying to find any signs of the family. All I could see was men bringing boxes into the empty house. “Pretty cool,” I said.

“I’m thinking about taking Abbie over to greet them…I should probably bake something. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”

“Yeah, mom.” I said. “Well, I’m going to hit the pool, now.”

The author's comments:
Hope you liked it! I'll add more, later!!! :D

I felt like I had sat in that old red truck for an eternity, but realistically, it was only 6 hours from back home in Kentucky to the Michigan suburbs. I sat on the front steps of porch of the brand spanking new, cookie cutter house, lined with a white picket fence and all. “Don’t you want to go see your room?” my dad asked, sitting down beside me and putting a hand on my lap.

“I’d rather not,” I said rebelliously.

“Okay, then I’ll just take your huge room, with the walk in closet and bathroom that you’ve been wanting ever since you were ten…” he said, trying to be funny.

“Just stop, dad.” I said standing up from the porch and walking away from the lot with my flip flops clapping behind me. I wasn’t sure where I was going, I just needed to get away from him. I looked around at all the house; they all looked the same to me. Square boxes, white picket fences, and neatly kept lawns with basketball hoops and tree houses, lined the streets. In the distance, I saw a community pool and decided I would go hang out there for awhile, I didn’t have my bikini unpacked but at least I could work on my tan, before school started the next day.

As I approached the pool, I realized it actually wasn’t too crowded. There were a couple of guys sitting on the edge of the pool, a girl sitting in the hot tub, and some babies splashing around in the baby pool. I minded my own business and sat down on a beach chair. The sun hit down on me hard and I quickly pulled out sunglasses and my iPod nano out of my tote bag. I spread out “Seventeen” magazine and started reading the latest relationship status of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. I noticed a guy with cute brown, emo hair out of the corner of my eye. I noticed that I probably stuck out like a sore thumb. My hair was greasy and pulled into a messy bun and I hadn’t shaved my legs in weeks. I sighed and tried not to notice as all his guy friends started messing around and shoving each other into the people, while he just sat there, staring. I started to get worried and wondered if there were McDonald’s hamburger chunks stuck in my teeth from lunch in the truck.

Finally, he turned his head away from me and got up to check a text message coming from his bright purple phone that was vibrating a couple chairs away from me. I watched him carefully as he picked up the phone and skillfully texted a short message to whoever it was. I couldn’t help notice how firm his stomach was, it wasn’t a 6-pack but at least it was a 4 or so. I looked down at my stomach, and yeah it was skinny and tan but it flopped like Jello.

Then to my horror, I saw my dad walking towards the pool with his hands in his pockets and looking down at the ground. Did he expect me to feel sorry for him? I got up from my seat and walked out of the pool, before he could start anything. “So I’m done unpacking and everything’s in your room…” he said grabbing me by my shoulder, before I could take off.

“That’s great, dad,” I said trying to avoid as much conversation as I could, afraid I would start crying and ruin my eyeliner. I couldn’t think about Kentucky or Michigan or anything without crying, anymore. I started to walk away, “I’m going to go check it out, okay?” I said coming up with an excuse and speeding up with my gladiator sandals clapping behind me.

Chastity Long: Soaked

I sat in the tanning bed waiting for the timer to go off. I would’ve done a natural summer tan, but the tanning bed was so much more convenient. You sat there for 5 minutes and flawless tan, voila! The timer buzzes in my ear and I click open the bed. I go over to the mirror to check the new tan out, “Perfect!” I said posing in the mirror. I walk out of the store and decide to go hang out at the pool, but not without my boyfriend, Tony, of course. I pull my iPhone out of my new Kate Spade purse and scrolled down to “Tony Jacobs <3,” displayed with a little heart and all. I texted him, “Meet me at the pool, kay? Love you!” I immediately got a message back, “Already there, babe. (:” I smiled and started to walk towards the community pool, ignoring the pain in my feet from wearing my brand new Jimmy Choo’s that I hadn’t worn in, yet. In the distance, I could already see the guys splashing around in the pool like little kids.
As I got closer, a smelly girl with greasy hair and mascara running down her cheek ran past me. “Hey!” I shouted. She didn’t respond and kept running. I wondered what her problem was, but kept walking and reached the pool. Tony greeted me with a big hug and I jumped into his arms and pulled my legs around his waist, giggling.

“Come in the pool with us!” he said gently, putting me down.

“I don’t think so,” I glanced at the group of jocks from school goofing around at the edge of the pool like idiots.

“Come on!” he said, dragging me to the edge of the pool. I flipped off my Jimmy Choo’s and threw my Kate Spade purse on top of a beach chair. I dangled my feet in the water, while the guys tugged at them.

“No!” I giggled, splashing them in the face. The quarter-back, Alex tugged on my arm pulled me in head first, Hollister mini dress, Juicy Couture charm bracelets, and all. I jumped out from under the water about to sack Alex in the head with my Kate Spade purse.

He noticed the anger in my eyes and tried to apologize. “Dude…I’m sorry!” he said backing up holding his hands in front of him. I just sat there soaking wet, looking back and forth, between Alex and Tony.

“Man, what were you thinking?” Michael, one of the jocks, punched Alex in the arm.

“Dude, we weren’t really going to throw her in…” Tony said pulling me out of the water.

“Does it look like I’m wearing water proof eyeliner?” I said, glancing at Alex and pointing to the cheek that now looked like the smelly girl’s that I had passed. I stormed out of the pool area and pulled out my phone to call my driver, Benji.

“Hullo?” he answered in his British accent.

“Benji! I need you to pick me up at the pool, immediately.”

“Will do, beautiful,” he said, hanging up the phone.

While I waited for Benji, Tony came over and wrapped me up in a sopping hug. “Tony…I don’t need to be any wetter than I am, right now,” I said still kissing him on the cheek. He grabbed a towel instead and wrapped me in that. “Better,” I said smiling.
Benji’s limo pulled around the corner. He pulled open the door, in his recently shined shoes and business suit, for me and didn’t say a word until we were driving down the road. “Did you go for a dip, Chastity? You know, if you didn’t have your swimsuit, I could’ve dropped it off for you.”
I decided to keep on the down low about Alex pulling me in and I said, “You wouldn’t know which one to bring, Benji.”
“What? I still got taste!” he said chuckling and cracking himself up. I kept quiet, in desperate need to get home and take a nice warm shower with my new loofa.

Tony Jacobs: That Pretty Girl

I felt utterly bad for both Chastity and Alex. For one, Alex was about to get a long phone call from Chastity’s father and secondly, Chastity didn’t deserve to be soaked in the pool…well maybe she did. When I got home I pulled out my phone and decided to text Chastity. “Did you get a nice shower? I’m sorry that Alex is such a jerk.”
My phone vibrated. “Yeah. I’m really tired, Tony. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay. Love you,” I simply texted back.
“Tony!” my mom called me from downstairs. The kitchen was full of bags from Hollister, Kohl’s, Justice, and Aeropostale from Abbie’s shopping spree, earlier.
“Yeah?” I asked. My mom was in the kitchen holding a sticky mountain of brownies.
“We’re going to go greet the neighbors,” she said chewing on one of the brownies and nodding over to Abbie, who was sitting on the couch watching “Zoey101.”
“Okay…?” I said. I really hoped my mom didn’t want me to come with them.
“I want you to come with us,” she said, as if she could read my mind.
“Mom!” I tried protesting.
“Well, what am I going to say? I’m Kelley Jacobs and this is Abbie and I also have a son but he’s too lazy to walk over here?” she said.
“Exactly,” I said grabbing one of the brownies.
“Come on, before everyone eats these before I can give them to the family,” she said pulling the plate away from me.
“Fine,” I said. Abbie got up from the couch and followed me and my mom out the door. When we got to the house, the moving van was gone and the lawn looked freshly cut. We waited on the porch and Abbie rang the door bell. We could see through the house , there were still boxes piled everywhere and almost no furniture.
A middle aged man came to the door. “Hi, I’m Kelley Jacobs. This is Abbie and Tony,” she said pointing to us. “We’re your neighbors and we just wanted to welcome you with some brownies.”
The man said with a friendly smile, “Ah! That’s great! I’m Daniel Torres and my daughter, Jess, should be around here somewhere.” Abbie looked eager to have a possible playmate. He grabbed the plate of brownies, “Do you want to come in? We’d love to share.”
“Yes!” Abbie said, before my mom could say anything. She just smiled, “I guess we could stay for awhile.”
Mr. Torres opened the door and led them in. “Wow, I’m really sorry for the mess, but you know…moving and all.”
“I totally understand,” my mom said. We sat ourselves down at the only seating in the living room, a long leather couch.
“Jess?” he softly yelled down the hall.
“What do you want?” Jess yelled ,almost harshly back.
“Come here!” he said, getting annoyed.
“What do you want!?” she said walking out of the bedroom. She was wearing an “All Time Low” tee and Abercrombie and Fitch short shorts and her black hair with blond streaks was knotted up in a messy bun. She stared at me and then it hit me. She was the girl at the pool, earlier, the really pretty girl.
Mr. Torres explained, “This is the family that lives next door. That’s Abbie and Tony Jacobs.”
“How old are you?” Abbie asked. “Maybe we’ll go to the same school!” My mom looked at her doubtfully, comparing the height between the two.
“Fifteen,” she replied.
“I’m fifteen,” I forced a smile.
“Ah! Perfect,” my mom smiled, winking at me. I gave her the kind of glance that told her mom-I-have-a-girlfriend!

Jess Torres: He’s A Night Owl

I stood their staring at the guy, who I had seen with his shirt off, who was my neighbor, who would go to my school, who would be in some of my classes, who I instantly had a crush on. I couldn’t help giving a goofy grin.
“Well, we should get going,” Mrs. Jacobs said, grabbing another brownie, on her way out.
“Nice to meet you guys,” my dad said. I gave a quick wave as the family disappeared.

I couldn’t stop repeating his name in my head, Tony Jacobs. I knew I had no chance with this jock-like guy, what so ever. I raided the fridge searching for Mountain Dew. Jack pot! A half empty Mountain Dew bottle. I drank the whole thing, from the bottle. It was getting late and I knew having half of a Mountain Dew bottle would not help the night before the first day of school jitters, but I drank Mountain Dew whenever I was depressed and I couldn’t stand being in this house and longer. I walked into my room and turned off my light. My eyes were closed but my brain was running a million miles per hour. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next morning. I finally got to bed but I woke up constantly throughout the night.

At 3 in the morning, I woke up and decided to go to the back porch, just to waste time. I looked into the starry sky and swung back and forth on the porch swing. I heard some clatter coming from Tony’s house. I looked over and didn’t see anything. Then I heard the slam of a door. I looked back over again, to find Tony, walking towards the back of his yard. He stopped at the white picket fence and threw himself on top of it and swung his legs. He hadn’t noticed me yet and I wanted to keep it that way, but then his eyes wandered over to wear I was sitting; he squinted his eyes and called, “Jess?”

I walked up to the fence that separated our yards. He jumped down from where he was sitting and walked over to where I was standing. “What are you doing out here?” he asked me.

“Mountain Dew and the night before school are not a good mixture,” I simply said.

He laughed. I was surprised he found me funny and gave another goofy smile. “What about you?” I asked him.

“Kind of the same as you…but I’m a night owl. I go out here to think when I can’t get to bed. It’s so different from the daytime,” he said.

I soaked in the deep words and said, “Quiet, too. No parents yelling at you or cars rushing by.”

“Exactly,” he said. I was so proud of myself for starting a real conversation with him. “I don’t really know you. So who are you?” he said hoping I would pick up on his mind twisting question.

“Well…I’m Jess Torres,” I said.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” he said rolling his eyes.

“I’m from Kentucky…”

“Where the hicks live?” he joked.

“Shut up. I loved it there!” I said.

“You’ll love Michigan more!” he said. I shrugged. My eyes started to droop; I was finally getting a bit tired. He pulled himself up on top of the fence. I did the same. “Do you mind if I ask a personal question?”

“Depends,” I said mysteriously.

“Okay, well. Tell me about your mom,” he said. A tear ran down my cheek, I was fortunate that he couldn’t see it in the dark.

“Uh...she’s dead,” I managed to get out.

He put an arm around my waist. I felt extremely uncomfortable sitting with possibly the hottest boy I’ve met, spilling my life story. “My dad’s dead,” he said.
“Sorry for bringing back memories, but when I met your father and realized that maybe we’d have something in common…I couldn’t help bringing it up.”

I took the sleeve from my hoodie and wiped my tear stained cheeks. “It’s okay.” I said. We sat there in silence for awhile.

“Uhm...I’m kind of tired now,” he said breaking the silence and taking his arm away from my waist.

“Yeah, me too,” I said, jumping off the fence.

“See you, tomorrow,” he said. I walked towards the house. He didn’t jump off the fence, until I disappeared into the house.

Chastity Long: Celebrity Rumors

I woke up my alarm clock blasting “Pretty Girl Rock” from the stereo. I stomped out of bed and threw my eye mask down. I was definitely not used to the “waking up early thing.” I walked over to my Sephora inspired bathroom and started working on my hair. I was super anal about having my hair done, the first thing. I just thought it was gross running around in tangled hair so my hair had to be done first. I then did my makeup, applying Lash Blast mascara and did a simple smoky eye and finish off with MAC clear coated lipgloss. My hair and makeup was done Then I walked over to my “first day of school” outfit, displayed neatly on my black and white polka dotted mannequin. I undid on piece at a time, a Ralph Lauren turquoise blazer, a lacey brown camisole from Hollister, a white Hollister mini skirt, brown dotted hose from Forever 21, and a white fashion scarf. I put on each piece and modeled in the white mirror, next to the mannequin. I looked adorable.

The intercom in my room beeped, I pressed the receive button. “Are you done getting dressed, Chastity? Your breakfast is done,” the cook Eduardo said.

“Just about done, Ed. I’ll be down in a second,” I pressed the end call button and walked down the wooden steps into the foyer. My breakfast was displayed on the dining table, a cheese and ham omelet, orange juice, and toast soaked in melted butter. The cook pulled a seat for me and I sat down. “Thanks!” I said giving him a quick peck on the cheek. I sat across from my dad who was reading a newspaper in his plaid robe with a steaming hot coffee, next to him.

“You excited for the first day of school? Or in this case the first day of HIGH school?” he said putting down the newspaper and smiling.

“Sure,” I said, trying my best to look excited.
I took my phone out and my dad immediately corrected me, “No phones at the table, Chas.”
I rolled my eyes and put the phone back into my tote. After I was finished with my breakfast I walked outside of the marbled house. The limo was already pulled up and Benji was waiting for me. He opened the door up with his clean white gloves and let me in. I sat in the limo as it pulled away from the house, with my head against the window texting one of my best friend, Blair Hoover. “Be ready, we just left the house,” I texted her.
“Kay,” she texted back. I slipped the phone back into my metallic tote bag.
“So are we picking up Blair or Mackenzie first?” Benji asked from the front.
“Blair. She’s been texting me more, so she comes first.” I said knowingly. Benji pulled up to Blair’s castle like stone house. Blair walked down the cobble stone. Benji opened the door and Blair slid into the leather seat.
“Whoo! I’m number one, today!” she cheered.
“Keep it down, Blair!” I said, still smiling.

She reapplied bright red Sephora lipstick.”You look cute today, by the way,” she said turning her head to look at my outfit.
“Thanks. You too, of course!” I said looking at her outfit. She was wearing Coach high tops, a Coach purse with gold accents, a denim mini skirt, and a brown, green, and pink v-neck argyle sweater from American Eagle. She looked cute but I still thought I looked ten times better.
We pulled up to Mackenzie Baker’s house last; Mackenzie was waiting on the porch reading a tabloid. Mackenzie was so engrossed in whatever juicy gossip there was, she didn’t notice that Benji was waiting on her so Benji honked the horn. Startled, Mackenzie jumped up from the porch and slipped inside the limo.
“I can’t believe it! I heard Selena got punched in the face!” Mackenzie said throwing the tabloid onto my lap.
“Rumors! It was a cold sore. You really shouldn’t believe in that crap, Kenzie,” Blair said pointed to the wound on Selena’s face.
“She could just be making that up…so whoever punched her wouldn’t like be arrested…” Mackenzie said.
“Who cares about Selena? Justin flipped off the paparazzi!” I said in horror.
“Whatever, he’s seventeen. He can do what he wants,” Blair said.
“I for one would be thrilled if my boyfriend did that to the guy that punched me!” Mackenzie said.
“Tony wouldn’t just flip the guy off, he would kill him!” I said, smiling thinking of her boyfriend.
“Then he would be arrested and you would never see him again,” Blair said.
“Know it all,” I said rolling my eyes.
The limo pulled out into the parking lot of Rosetta High School. Everyone waited for the girl’s entrance.

Jess Torres: A Limo Entrance
My dad pulled into Rosetta High School’s parking lot. I looked around and saw everyone meeting up in groups and couples hugging and people taking pictures with their phones. “Well, I’ll see you later, honey. Have a good day!” he said watching me get out of the car. I didn’t say anything back. I looked around and noticed a long stretch limo and I expected a celebrity to appear out of the back. A man in a business suit and white gloves with his hair tied up in a low ponytail opened the back door. Three stylish girls walked out, confidently. I didn’t recognize one. Then I spotted Tony running up to the girl in the middle, wearing by far the cutest outfit she’d seen. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him quick. Jess felt a pang of jealousy. The three girls and Tony stood in a group, chatting for awhile and a couple of guys with big muscles-obviously jocks-joined the group.
I walked by and gave a slight wave to Tony. He flashed a huge smile at my way and grabbed my shoulder. “Guys,” he said and the whole group turned to me and Tony, “this is Jess. She’s a cool girl. She’s my neighbor from Kentucky.” I felt extremely dominated by the group and force a smile and a little wave. Tony started to introduce me to everyone. “This is my girlfriend, Chastity,” he said pointed to the girl who almost looked like a human-sized Barbie.
“Hi!” Chastity said, brightly. “These are my girl’s, Blair and Mackenzie.” Blair had dark brown ringlet hair and Mackenzie had honey blond hair, the kind of hair that always stayed straight and would never curl. I gave a quick wave.
“These are my friends, Alex and Michael,” he said nodding at the big muscled guys.
“Hey,” I said lightening up and smiling a bit. “I better go get my class list and stuff…” I said.
“Yeah, see you around, Jess!” he said. I walked off into the school’s office.

Tony Jacobs~ Not A Hillbilly
“You like her, Chastity?” Isaid, walking with Chastity to my first class of the day, homeroom.
“Hell no! Puh-lease. She’s a hillbilly from Kentucky! Did you see what she was wearing? I mean flare jeans that are probably so antique her grandparents wouldn’t even know where they came from and a white cotton shirt from Walmart? How original!” Chastity stormed.
“Wait, Chastity. She was wearing a blue Hollister shirt and skinny jeans…” I said, confused.
“Does it matter?” Chastity said, grabbing my hand.
“Well…it seemed like it mattered to you,” I said.
“Whatever,” Chastity said, rolling her eyes.
“She’s pretty cool, Chastity. You didn’t give her one chance!” I said, squeezing her hand.
“Let’s get something straight, bud. You can’t pick who I hang out with!”
“Okay, okay!” I said untangling my hand from her and backing away to my math class.
“I love you!” she called after me.
“Yup,” I said.
Math class seemed like it went on for hours, even though there was no math included in the class that day. The math teacher, Mr. Billson, went over emergency procedures and classroom rules and let everyone read for the rest of the class. Most of the classes were basically the same the rest of the day.

Jess Torres: Kate Spade Is Not From Kentucky After my first three classes or so, I felt like she knew the whole small school from the back of her hand. After fourth period, I stopped at my locker to put my stuff away, and headed to the cafeteria. While I walked to class, Tony nudged me and walked beside. “So, how’s Rosetta so far, new girl?” he said jokingly. I smiled. “Where should I sit in the cafeteria? I hardly know anyone here…” “What? You know me!” Tony said a little hurt. “I just didn’t think you wanted me at your table…” I said thinking about the jocks, Chastity, and her friends. “Are you kidding me?” Tony said smiling, I shrugged, “Okay.” The next thing I knew, Tony was grabbing my hand and pulling me into the lunch line. “Stay away from the hot food…besides the tacos. The tacos are alright,” Tony said giving me the heads up. After we got our food, I scanned the cafeteria for Tony’s group. Chastity, Mackenzie, Blair, and the rest of the jocks were all seated in one long table in the middle of the cafeteria. I glanced over the table and realized there weren’t enough chairs for me, “I don’t think there’s enough room…” I said looking at Tony. “We’ll make room,’ he said giving me a quick wink. We approached the table and Chastity dug into her salad as she gave Tony an unpleasant look. “Hi guys,” I said, giving a quick wave and then putting my tray down. Tony pulled a chair from another table and sat down right beside me and Chastity. The whole group was quiet for almost the entire lunch period, except for the few guys who kept snickering over something. I felt utterly alone, as I sat there trying to eat my taco as hot sauce spilt down my chin and my eyes burned with tears. Tony saw my red puffy eyes and put a hand on my back. Trying to get the group interested in something Tony said, “So how about that school dance, coming up?” “Puh-lease! School dance, fool dance. We’re skipping that s**t and coming to my house to party,” Chastity said taking a sip of her iced tea. Nobody said anything else afterwards, except Mackenzie who blurted out, “Is that your new Kate Spade bag you wanted to show me?” she said with excitement, picking up Chastity’s new purse. “Psh, yeah! Isn’t it adorable?” Chastity said, admiring Mackenzie’s envy over the purse. “Kate Spade?” I asked with confusion. There was not a store in Kentucky called Kate Spade. “Darling, you have so much to learn,” Blair said, reaching across the table and putting sympathetic hand on arm. “Gawd, you are a stupid hillbilly!” Chastity said in disgust. The tears in my eyes started to burn, again. Tony looked over at me, giving a sorry look. “It’s a top notch designer in New York,” Blair said. “Oh,” I said, not wanting to start anything else.”Well, it’s cute.” “Of course it is,” Chastity said. I grabbed my lunch tray and went to go dump it in the trash, but before I could get half way across the lunch room, Tony grabbed me. “You haven’t ate anything,” he said critically. “I’m not hungry…” I said shaking his arm off of me. “Listen, I’m sorry for Chastity’s behavior,” he said. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes, “I know, Tony. But maybe I’m not meant to hang out with popular people like you.” The tears started to burn again. I quickly dumped the tray into the trash and ran out of the cafeteria as Tony stood there, motionless.

Tony Jacobs: Mocking Chastity
I watched as the one girl I was referred to as, that pretty girl, walked away from me. I felt like Jess had been so much more than just a friend, and not in a sexual way, either. I felt like I was connected to Jess in some way, almost like she was my second sister. Tears started to burn in my eyes and I walked away from the door and sat with the rest of the jocks and preps.
“What was that? Should’ve just let her go,” Chastity said, scrunching up her eyebrows.
“I think someone likes the new girl,” Alex chanted.
“Shut up, I have a girlfriend,” I said putting an arm around Chastity to prove it to him.
“Gawd, you’ve been such an ass, Alex!” Chastity said.
“Hey, I didn’t know you were joking!” Alex said, referring to the pool accident the other day.
“You thought I was going to pull my fully dressed girlfriend into the pool?” I said doubtfully.
“Actually, yeah,” Alex said flashing a goofy smile.
“Puh-lease!” Chastity yelled, getting up from the table. Blair and Mackenzie followed her out of the cafeteria halls and into the hall.
“You do too like her!” Michael said when everyone else was gone. Michael was the only one who knew that I was just using Chastity for my popularity status.
“I don’t know yet…she’s just a friend,” I said smiling.
“Puh-lease!” he said mocking Chastity. “Seems like a VERY close friend, to me,” he said, more seriously.
“Whatever.” I said, punching Michael in the bicep before leaving.
“Whatev!” Michael said in Chastity’s girly voice. I turned around and smiled.

Chastity Long: Making the Hillbilly Suffer

I, Blair, and Mackenzie stood around the small mirror in the girl’s bathroom reapplying lipgloss and eyeliner and sharing gossip. “So what do you think of the girl that doesn’t know what a Kate Spade purse is?” I said, smirking.

“What a Kentucky hillbilly…” Mackenzie said.

“That’s exactly what I thought!” I said.

“It looks like Tony has his eye on her though,” Blair said.

“No he doesn’t! Tony wouldn’t do that to me…would he, Mackenzie?” I turned to Mackenzie, hoping for a better answer.

“Well…he looks like her likes her…a lot. Why else would he run after her and invite her to sit with us and call her a pretty cool girl?” Mackenzie said running her mouth.

“If that’s the case, I’ll make it my personal mission to destroy her,” I said applying a fruity shade of MAC lipstick.

“I’ll help!” Mackenzie said.

“You in, Blair?” I turned to Blair.

“Does it matter? You can get a better guy than Tony, any day!” Blair said, preferring to keep the peace.

“This is true…but it does matter! I’m not going to let her steal my guy and get away with it, like I’m defenseless.” I said, moping. Blair sulked.

“She’s right Blair, we have to make her suffer first,” Mackenzie said putting the top back on her clear-coated Sephora lipgloss and putting it into her Chanel makeup case.

“If I don’t, she’ll get a big head and think she’s better than us!” I said.

“I’m in,” Blair agreed.

“Alright, emergency sleepover at my house, tonight! Chastity said.

After school, Blair, Mackenzie, and I waited for Benji’s limo to pull up in the front of Rosetta. The limo pulled around the front and Benji opened the door for the girls. Blair pulled a Coke Zero out of the mini fridge and leaned back in her seat.

“What do you want Mackenzie?” I asked.

“Mhm…You got a Snapple?” she asked me.

“Yeah,” I said pulling out a Snapple for her and a strawberry Starbucks frappecuino for myself, from earlier in the day. I threw the Snapple to her from across the limo and she caught it in the air with one hand.

Benji pulled down the glass separator and said, “Lucky catch or you’d be paying for the window to be replaced,” he said staring at Mackenzie slurping down her Snapple.

“Benji! Leave the poor girl, alone. You know she could easily pay for a stupid window,” I said, dismissing Benji by pulling down the glass separator. The Long’s limo pulled into the castle-like house’s circular driveway. The girls sprinted up the marble staircase as Belle; the Long’s maid opened the double doors for the girls.

Jess Torres~ Jess Jacobs

My dad pulled up in his red clunker truck into Rosetta’s pick up line. I was horribly embarrassed as I buried my face in the sleeves of my navy blue Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie. I watched all the girls in slutty miniskirts and shirts that were too low cut jump into their parent’s Mercedes, stretch limos, and gold Hummers. My dad waited for me to get into truck but I had to wait to make sure Chastity, Mackenzie, and Blair were out of sight before I could join my dad in the truck. Their limo had already pulled away from the school and I was officially safe.

“Hey,” I said pulling myself into the passenger seat.

“Well, hello high school student! How was your day?” he said, not taking his eyes off the road.

“Fine, I guess,” I said bluntly.

“Homework? I mean...I know it’s the first day, but there’s some pretty crazy teacher out there,” he muttered.

“Algebra,” I said.

“Really?” he said, raising his eyebrows.

“I guess I have a pretty crazy math teacher…” I said sarcastically, pulling out my Algebra 2 text book and pretending to work on math homework. I didn’t really have any math homework; I just needed an excuse to stop talking to him. Instead, I wrote “Jess Jacobs” over again with a black sharpie.

“Someone needs the fix these roads,” he muttered.

Suddenly, my Motorola vibrated. I had a text from Tony. Tony Jacobs, the caller ID read. I couldn’t get over the fact that even his name was cute. The text simply read, “The fence? 3?”

After the incident in the cafeteria, I wasn’t sure if I could face Tony, again. But I knew Tony was a nice guy and forget the whole thing. “I guess,” I texted back.

My phone vibrated again, “Awesome! It’s a date.” I read the conversation over and over again. A date? What a date? I slouched back in the leather seat and put my feet up on the dashboard. I gave a big sigh and looked out the window; and watched all the little houses zoom by.

When we pulled up into the short little driveway, I went straight for the Mountain Dew; I still couldn’t get over this date thing. .I walked over to the guest room’s window that just happened to be facing Tony’s bedroom window. “Oh crap,” I muttered to myself. There he was; sitting in his plaid boxers, in his bed texting. I would do anything to be sitting in that bed next to him. Gosh, did that boy just always have of have his shirt of constantly? Before he could catch me being a stalker; I flashed a picture with my cell phone’s camera and ran down the hall. Wow, I was falling for Tony Jacobs; hard.

Chastity Long~ Old Jokes

It was 11 at night; and I, Blair, and Mackenzie had just gotten back from a late night swim in the indoor pool. We all walked up to my room, stanching of chlorine and water dripping from our hair. “Hair dryers and conditioner are on the very bottom cabinet,” I said, leading them into my bathroom. Each of us took a sink and washed our hair in it. After the loud noise of three hair dryers going off at once; our lush hair was back to its normal condition.

“Okay, we need a plan,” I said diving onto my light pink queen bed.

“We have to do something, so extreme, Tony will never want to be around her again!” Mackenzie said, smiling at the world of possibilities.

“We should safe that for the end,” Blair said thoughtfully.

“Blair’s right…we need something that’ll get her good, but nothing too insane…yet.” I said with a devilish smile.

“Well, I’ve got some ideas but they’re pretty cliché,” Blair said taking a decorative pillow and hugging it to her stomach.

“Please don’t tell me your going to say we do that old red paint trick…” Mackenzie laughed..

“Or the dye in the shampoo!” I said.

“You got me…but can’t we do those things, just so she’s embarrassed in front of Tony and then we’ll start some extreme things,” Blair said, pleading.

“Come on girls! We’re better than this!” I said.

“But they’re so funny!” Blair cried.

“But they’re so old!” Mackenzie said, slapping Blair in the arm.

“Fine, we’ll do them,” I said.

“Yes!” Blair said, punching the air.

“I’m hungry,” Mackenzie said looking around my room for anything edible. She grabbed a couple mints from the glass bowl on my desk.

“Snack time!” I yelled.

Almost on cue, Elle brought up a tray full of popcorn, root beer, boxes of candy, fruit salad, and left over pumpkin pie, from dinner. “Here you go girls,” the old Hispanic women said, dropping the tray in the middle of everyone’s blankets and pillows.

“Thanks, Elle!” I said, I quickly grabbed an unopened MAC lipgloss tube and handed it to her, as a tip. She cracked a wrinkly smile. As soon as Elle left, we all cracked up in laughter at the thought of a crinkly old woman wearing MAC lipgloss.

Jess Jacobs~ Mr. Perfect

I paced around the still unfamiliar room to me, waiting for the clock to change to three. My dad was in bed, snoring so loudly I could hear it across the house. There was no way I could sleep any longer with the racket he was making. I took another sip of my Mountain Dew and flipped open my phone to the picture I snapped of Tony. I stared at his perfectly toned body and his perfect brown hair that fell onto his face, perfectly. He was perfect. I sat on the window sill and watched the silent street. I knew it was wrong. Chastity obviously loved him a lot and there was no way Tony would ever think about me like that. But I still had a feeling that he just might.

I turned to look at my clock. The clock had changed to 2:59. My heart started to race as I prepared to leave the house. I pulled over a Nike hoodie and stuffed my phone in the pocket. I shoved my feet into the plaid slippers, that didn’t fit me. My phone’s screen lit up. I had a text from Tony, “Ready?” it said.

“Ready,” I texted back, looking back at the clock again; it was 3 o’clock at night now. I stuffed my phone back into the pocket, again. I walked into the kitchen and opened the squeaky screen door and shut it, gently careful not to wake my snoring dad.

There he was, Mr. Perfect, sitting on the white picket fence, waiting for me. I smiled and he gave me a boyish wave. “Hey,” I said, jumping up beside him.

“Hey, Jess,” he said looking at his feet.

“About lunch...” I said trying to break the awkward silence.

“It’s okay, Jess. And if it makes you feel any better, there’s something I need to tell you,” he said.

“Um, alright,” I said shifting uncomfortably on the fence that was poking at me.

“We can sit on the ground,” he said cracking a bright smile.

I giggled, “Okay.”

We jumped of the fence and sat against it, on the ground. I pulled my legs up into my chest, ready to soak in whatever Mr. Perfect had to say.

Tony Jacobs~ A Big F*ing Deal “So, what do you want to tell me?” Jess said sneaking a peak at me. “I’m not dating Chastity because I like her…” I blubbered, “Wait, you’re using her?” Jess gave me a dirty look. “Well, no,” I said. “I have to date Chastity or I’ll never be accepted by any of the jocks.” “That’s using her, Tony! I can’t believe someone like you would do such a thing!” Jess said, raising her voice. She sounded like she was going to cry. “I thought you’d understand,” I said, pulling at the grass. “I can’t understand! Why would you do that to her?” “It’s not like Chastity is a good person…” “It doesn’t matter if Chastity is a good person or not! It just makes you look bad,” she started to get up, frustrated with me. “I would never have told you if I knew you were going to make such a big f*ing deal about it!” I said glaring at her. “It IS a big f*ing deal!” she jumped over the fence into her own yard. “Bye,” I said. “Bye, Tony,” she said locking herself inside her house. I sat on the cold damp ground, and tried swallowing the lump in my throat. My hand brushed across the grass and I felt something on my hand. I searched around for it and found a phone. I flipped open the phone, as the light brightened up the yard. I looked at the phone in horror as I recognized my face as the wallpaper. There I was sitting on my bed, in my room, half naked. What kind of messed up person would put me as their wallpaper? Then I realized that it was Jess’ phone and I suddenly realized why she was so mad. Jess Torres had a major crush on me. Had I lead her on? I was utterly confused.

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on Sep. 19 2017 at 5:49 pm
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Finishhhhhh it pleaseeeeeeee!!! xD

bookworm223 said...
on Feb. 8 2014 at 4:46 pm
I know exactly how you feel!!!!! But I've learnt to keep going, and I promise that the results will be great!!! 

on Apr. 4 2013 at 3:59 am
FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
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Umm, More Please? It's brilliant :)

Eniola said...
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Favorite Quote:
There are three rules for writing a novel:
Unfortunately,no one knows what they are. -W.Somerset Maugham.

Hey...uh,where's the rest of the story?  Girl,if you don't finish it I am going to hunt you down! Just kidding. Your story's amazing :)

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Life is not worth living without three things, 1.Chocolate 2.Love and my personal favorite 3.Mistakes.

You are a very good writer. I like your chapters a lot. I only have one concern, please limit your cussing. I know that you star it, but please I can still read the titles and when you use the fword as a title, well its kind of disturbing.

peggy14 said...
on Sep. 13 2012 at 6:34 pm
peggy14, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"live life with no regrets"

wwwrrrrrrrrrriiittttttttttteeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeeee  plz:)  

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Hi i'm new here, how can i read the next chapter?? nothing happens when i press "next" :/

on Apr. 18 2012 at 8:20 am
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Favorite Quote:
“There comes a time in our lives when we do things that we don’t understand. We confuse ourselves, we might even logically oppose our impulses and yet we act on them anyway... There are some things that we feel that we absolutely must do. We might know that they are wrong, or pointless, or gravely punishable, and yet we do them anyway. These actions are not born of anger or emotion – we are perfectly sober. It’s rather inexplicable. When the time comes, we can’t stop ourselves and so we cannot blame ourselves.” -Umasi, Truancy

This story is very realistic. It captures just how many teenagers run through their daily lives. The song "Tear Drops on My Guitar" actually reminded me of this story. Great job and I hope you can find the time to write more!

on Apr. 3 2012 at 9:17 pm
cantdeleteaccounthelp, Sey, West Virginia
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I like it pretty much! It is very realistic. I wish you could end it, I don't really like loose ends... :)

on Mar. 15 2012 at 9:48 pm
Ms.PeytonLovesHP GOLD, Rancho Cordova, California
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Favorite Quote:
“We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Doctor Seuss

Oh my god! It's REALLY REALLY GOOD! You need to write more! I have a question though. He said, "Did I lead her on?" at the end. I though he kind of was? That he liked her?

on Feb. 26 2012 at 12:09 am
Ginga-Ninga GOLD, N/A, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Never Question Yourself. If someone tells you to change, stay exactly who you are. No one should ever try to change you.

Awkward Moments... Gotta Love Em...

I wish I could write more then a prologue... I get a plot figured out but I try to write the story and feel like it is terrible and quit...

on Feb. 2 2012 at 4:45 pm
mudnainah BRONZE, Barikville, Washington
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it's not in everything that you find happiness, but in happiness you shall find everything.

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"You know you are in love when reality is finally better than your dreams," Dr. Seuss

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Haha. Well, I might get back to it, who knows! (:

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Favorite Quote:
"Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once." - Spakespeare
Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something ~Wesley
Dare to move~ A Walk to Remember

:O just leave us hanging like that, I bet your next piece is gonna be just as good :D

on Jan. 8 2012 at 3:18 pm
hannahbbycakes, Brownsburg, Indiana
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Thank you SO much to everyone who's commented. (: It means so much to me. I'm afraid that I've kind of abandoned this plot. But I'm happy to say that I'm working on a new piece that I'll be uploading soon! (:

on Jan. 6 2012 at 5:10 pm
Kitty.Meow.Daly SILVER, Clarksville, Tennessee
9 articles 0 photos 45 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once." - Spakespeare
Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something ~Wesley
Dare to move~ A Walk to Remember

Please finish!!! I'm hooked!!!

on Dec. 30 2011 at 6:32 pm
rayosunshine BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
It's not the power of the curse, it's the power you give the curse." - Penelope

Omg! I need to know what happens next! Please write more!

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PrincessSparkleStar BRONZE, Michigan
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I Really likethis story! I wish every boy would choose the girl nxt door. Please write more and please check out my poem, remember that day?

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