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Love Autmun

Author's note: Only one person inspired me to write this story. Maybe you can figure out who it is at the end....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Only one person inspired me to write this story. Maybe you can figure out who it is at the end. You can get a lot from reading the story like love, and a bit humor.  « Hide author's note
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Dustin Bennett

My mom looks down on me with her deadly glare, making her light brown eyes flaming with fire. "Dustin Drew Bennett!" She shouted my full name with acid spraying out of her mouth. All I can do his hang my head. I couldn't dare to look up at her when she is heated up about the news she found out about today. How couldn't she find out, it's all over the magazines, news, and all over the internet. "I can't even bare looking at you! I tried to ignore the way you been acting these pass few
There might be some spelling, and grammar mistakes.
months but, a video of you drinking and what ever else you were doing at the party is crossing the line! One slip and you just ruined your reputation!" My mom looks like she is about to breath out fire out of her mouth. I never seen her all tense up about a short video about me in a party last night. "I was drinking a bit so that doesn't matter," the moment those words slip out of my mouth I completely regret it. My mom starts grabbing her hair ready to pull her hair out of their sockets. "It does matter! You know why it matters?" she asked. I was about to answer but, she beat me to it. "Because you are one of the most famous teenagers out there! A simple teenager!" She spat out. Do I really care about my reputation? Yes, for sure. My music is my life, I can't just let a single video bring me down to the lowest of all lows. I'm eighteen that the age where I'm suppose to be out partying and a whole load of another sh**s. My mom does have a point I guess, even if I'm eighteen my mom is always in the picture to be following me through out my fame. "Dustin are you even listening to me?" My mom interrupted my thoughts. I looked up at her, I nodded my head and went back at looking at the floor. Watching my mom dead serious is like watching a hundred year old dragon coming out of hiding. Reggie, my body guard sat down next to me, patting his huge hand on my back. "Dude, listen to your mother. This isn't time to fool around. Leave that for later," Reggie whispered in his deep voice. Reggie is a tall build black man, he seems like incredible hulk standing next to me sometimes. "I got you mom. I promise I wont do it again," I promised her. She just shook her head in disbelief. "No! You went to far this time, I have to ground you this time." She sounds unsure of herself. "No, you are grounded now." I rolled my eyes. "What do I lose? My video games? My phone? Or my time of going out? Mom you can't ground me anymore, I'm a free man." I smirked at her. "If you are a man then act like one! Just 'cause you are eighteen doesn't mean you are still not my son.You are so grounded, to the level of not seeing a single friend or the lights of the city! I already have an idea where I'm going to sent you." My mom has completely snapped. Leaving Georgia is utterly to far from the word grounded, she might as well shoot me now. Mom could not be cruel enough to send me to a place I would feel rejected, I must be staying with my grandparents or my dad. If it was my choice I rather be with my dad; he is living the enriching life of partying with girls. "Are you sending me to dad's or grandma's?" I asked nervously. "Nope," she spat out dryly and cold. I never want to see my mom like this ever again. "You are going back to New Jersey." Chills came up crawling up my back making me shiver. The thought of going back to New Jersey is a total nightmare. "Mom! You must be joking, I can't go back there. You know how life sucked there in that small stupid ass town!" I got up on my feet. This could not be happening to me. I'm Dustin Bennett for crying out loud. I get the girls, the fame, and the money. A dream every teenage boy wants in their little life. I'll get tackle down in the streets in New Jersey if I even show my face poking around street corners. "Dustin, what your mouth around your mother!" My stylist, Kendall, jumped in the conversation. I forgot he was there at all. Are they all on my mom side? I haven't done any bulls**t. If I was smoking some weed or sniffing up some heroine maybe they can send me to my hometown. It was just a f*n' video of me sipping a can of beer, what big whop? I knew if I even try to argue against everyone in the room they are just going to defend my mother. "Whatever," I said dryly. I walk straight up to my room without even bothering of looking at all the disappointing nods they are all giving me. My life is completely f*ed.
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ChicUNIQUE said...
Feb. 13, 2012 at 4:39 am
i want 2 read more!!!! i love ur style of writing!!!
ChicUNIQUE said...
Dec. 28, 2011 at 11:41 am
i love this story but i am not the biggest JB fan. some might call me a hater but i'm just a non-belieber ;)
Oct. 19, 2011 at 7:04 pm

OMG Your a JB fan!!!!!!!

SO AM I:):)

Bookworm1998 said...
Aug. 12, 2011 at 3:17 pm

good story - i can't wait to see where this goes. just watch the grammar a bit more. i wonder... there are so similarities between your characters

Dustin Drew Bennet

Justin Drew Bieber

Dustin's manager Scott, and Justin's manager Scooter. really clever ;) i love Bieber too <3

LilLover5-15 replied...
Sept. 2, 2011 at 7:33 pm

Haha yea I totally agree.


Alantis said...
Aug. 12, 2011 at 1:47 am
Really good. :) Keep writing.

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