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My own angel

February 11, 2011
By Darksoul, canton, Ohio
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Darksoul, Canton, Ohio
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they sky is the limit

I watched her for about a week and everything about her made me just made me think that I shouldn’t be here. She seemed strong enough without me. I would watch her sit under a tree and write as she was waiting for her friend and even then she didn’t look up to talk to her friend. She would huge her note book or sketch book when she was sleeping. She was peaceful when she slept, the even rise and fall of her chest even the way her long brown hair covered her face, tempting me to just move it away from her face . I knew myself that I had to get closer to her but I didn’t know if I should or not I could end up falling in love with her which is forbidden of protectors. And yet I was already falling in love with this girl I really didn’t know , a girl that didn’t know that she was in danger just for have strange talents. Her parents were killed because of their talents and this girl why her? why not any other mundane?

I sat under my favorite tree in the garden and wrote about the dreams I had or nightmares I could then turn those into a story that fit with my life. I did the same with my drawings I could take and put my feelings into them or make them go with my dreams. At the moment I have paintings of the same angel covering all my walls of my studio up in my room. And a story that has to be at least hundred pages lying on my desk. I can’t stop having dreams of this angel and really I don’t want to I feel safe when I dream of him. It’s strange lately I have had a feeling that this angel is watching me keeping me safe. Ever sense my parents died I have had this feeling that I am in danger that there is something dangerously wrong with me.
“Max come inside dear it’s getting late we don’t want you to be late for school” I completely forgot about school. I grabbed my notebook before running inside to get my purse and books. I grabbed my keys and ran to the garage. As I started my mustang I had a feeling that something at school was going to be good. I parked in my normal spot and jumped out of my car and caught up with some of my friends. They were talking about something and didn’t seem to notice my percents. I headed to my locker and pulled out my history book before walking to class. I sat in the back where I always was sense it was the closest to the window and pulled out my note book. Mrs. Green never noticed me back there writing because I got good grades in her class and it wasn’t important today she was just going to give us a free day anyhow and I wanted to get my thoughts down as soon as possible. I lost my train of thought from the knock from the door. A boy walked in the room and walked over to the teacher who pointed him to the empty seat next to me. I put my head down and continued to write.
“Hey I am Noah I am new” he held out a hand I shook it with my free hand but didn’t look up.
“Max”. I finished my sentence and looked up.
“You look like you write a lot” he smiled and his brown eyes smiled with him.
“It’s my passion I haven’t been able to stop lately I have been having a dream of a angel and I write it down and it’s almost like my life except for the things I added to make it better” I moved a piece of my hair that fell in my sight.
“Can I read it” I smiled. No one ever really asked me to read my stories.
“Sure I guess just don’t laugh at it or I might have to kill you” he laughed and took the note book. I pulled out my sketch book and started drawing. He smiled here and there but never laughed .I was happy he didn’t.
“This is really good… and she can draw to what are you some kind of really talented person” he laughed and so did I. I put both books back in my bag .I pulled up my sleeves and laid then on the table.
“Thanks I appreciate that” I seen his face go from happy to really serious.
“What happened to your arms” I had cuts all over my arms I quickly covered them up and grabbed my purse. I ran out of the room at the same time the bell rang. I went to my locker and took out my English book and the homework that was a short story and knowing me I had written one ten pages long.
“You never answered me” I turned around and there stood Noah.
“And I am not going to I don’t owe you an explanation to why my arms are cut up” I started to walk away and he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the school building to the woods. I tried to pull away put he just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.
“Put me down! Now!” I screamed but he still didn’t put me down. I couldn’t see the school anymore and gave up. When I did he finally put me down. We were in an empty field that I didn’t recognize and I went through these woods every day to draw the trees and the little canopy that there leaves formed. He looked down at me and frowned.
“I really didn’t want to do that. You should have just told me when I asked you and now I won’t let you leave until you tell me.” I crossed my arms and sat down against a tree.
“Then we are going to be here for a while” I wasn’t going to tell him I really didn’t know him and I was going to tell him about the things in my life that wasn’t open to anyone.
So we sat there for I don’t know how many hours. He sat in front of me and just watched me. I don’t know at one point I fell asleep to the hum of birds and the cool breeze on my skin.
As I woke up I realized it was getting dark and I was covered with a jacket .Noah’s jacket matter of fact I went through my bag to get my phone. 7o’clock. Dang it mom and dad are going to kill me for being so late they probably had a search team out for me. I went to get up realized I was being held down. Noah had his arms around my waist and I was sitting in his lap. I felt safe but I didn’t know him so I really don’t think this should have happened. Actually I don’t know how this happed I was sitting by the oak tree two feet from where I was now. I shivered as an icy cold wind went through my hair. Noah’s arms tightened around me and I could feel that he was holding me to him so would stay warm and I was beginning to his body was really warm. I turned my head and seen that he had his eyes closed I looked to the side and seen my sketch book open to blank page. There were words on the page and I had to use my phones light to see them.
I called your parents and said you were hanging with me and won’t be home until late.
I wonder what he meant by late but I wasn’t going to wake him up. Instead, I leaned back on his and stared at the stars. I felt him take a deep breath and sigh. The whole time I sat there he said my name, and then I felt myself slowly fall back into unconsciousness.

I woke up in my bed still in my shorts and tank. How did I get in my room? Crawled out of bed and changed in to some new cloths. As I was coming down the steps I heard voices coming from my studio. I poked my head in the room and seen my mom, dad and Noah looking at all the paintings scattered all over. Noah turned around and seen me. I turned and ran out to the garden to the huge black gate that lead into the woods toward the little creek.
“Max wait up” I heard Noah huffing behind me. I ran up the fallen tree by the water and jumped over to the other side before turning to see Noah standing on the edge of the tree staring after me. I kept running until I got to the old tree house that was really high up on one of the trees. The ladder was cut down and I had to climb up the trees around it to get to the little deck. As I walked in I had a feeling that something is seriously wrong. I had cut myself in this tree house a lot when I was young and the little spots of blood told a story. One dot on the floor in the far corner is when I had hurt my friend so bad that she was in the hospital. The line of blood was from when my friend was killed because of me and all the other blood stains was from the people or me that I hurt. I only came here to cut myself or to think about something. And I really wanted to do both right now. I found the knife that I did this with under an old blanket. I sat down in the middle of the room and put the tip to my arm. I pushed in and could feel the blade slice my skin open letting blood just pour from the cut. I didn’t cry any more when I did it. As I pulled the knife away I heard a loud creek from behind me. I turned my head so that I could only see out of the corner of my eye.
Noah stood there staring at me with a sad expression in his eyes. He went to his knees beside me and put his hand on my hand. He gentle pulled the knife from my hand and threw it to the corner of the small little space. He took my arm and wiped the blood from the cut. It was longer than I thought it was. He looked in to my eyes and he seen how much pain I was in. it was getting really cold in the tree house and I was getting goose bumps from it. He put a hand on my cheek and I felt my cheek get warm right away.
“Are you going to tell me” I probably should.
“I cut myself whenever I hurt myself mentally and I cut myself when I hurt my friends physically” I finally felt tears come down my face. He hugged me close and I buried my face in his neck.
“Let’s get you back to your house your cold” I didn’t move. He had to lift me up and help me down to the ground. As we walk through the gate I realized I really didn’t want to go into the house so I turned and walked over to the gazebo. I sat toward the back so that I could see the fish swimming in slow circles in the small pond. I turned my head and seen ruckus my dog running over to me. He jumped up next to me and laid his head on my knees and wined I smiled and rubbed his stomach. I had have ruckus sense he was a pup when my parents died and he growled at the people when they came near me when I was young. I sat with him and cried in his fur when I found out they were dead. When they tried to take me to the orphanage he wouldn’t let them touch me nor would I let them take him away from me. So the first time I went there I walked in with my dog standing next to me and he wouldn’t leave my side and he still doesn’t he is a part of my life and he will always be.
Out of the corner of my eye did I see that Noah was sitting next to me watching me? He smiled when I noticed his presents. I grabbed the ball and chucked it for ruckus. He took off and I turned my full body toward him.
“Why did you follow me” I was honestly curious of why.
“I didn’t want to leave your side” I raised my eyebrow. He laughed and threw his arm around my shoulders. I really didn’t care anymore and sat my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes’. I felt Noah brush his lips across mine. It shocked me but I wanted to do the same sense I met him. I sat my hand on his cheek and he pulled me to him. Once he pulled away I was disappointed it wasn’t longer.
‘That was gross to watch’ I jumped and looked around to see anyone else was around the other person there was ruckus sitting in the middle. Noah seemed alarmed. I turned to ruckus and stared at him like I was crazy.
‘What never heard a dog talk before; well I am really talking to you through my mind but still. And wipe that look of your face’ I got up and walked over to him.
“You can talk to me through the mind” he barked and held out his paw.
‘I have been waiting to for years only now can I sense you really could use my help’ I had no clue to what he meant by help.
“What do you mean” I was now curious to learn what he meant.
‘I am your guardian/ animal shape-shifter. I can help you to learn your powers and tell you what happened to your parents’ I stood up.
“If you’re going to say that my parents were killed because of me, I already know that. Even you know that’s why I did that to myself a week after they died” I clenched my fists and fought back tears.
“What did you do to yourself” I forgot about Noah.
“What do you care” he grinned and looked straight at ruckus who looked like he was smiling to.
‘You know max you should start learning more about a full blood angel’ ruckuses tone was mocking in some way that I could not explain and if he was human I would have knocked the grin of his face.
“You’re an angel” I was starting to understand.
“Well technically no I am a wolf but I am having angel blood in me for a stupid reason and there for I have to be a guardian of a human and you are that human” I felt like I was going to pass out.
“You look pale max are you going to faint on us” I really didn’t know if I was going to I wanted to but I felt like I shouldn’t, instead I sat down next to Noah.
‘By the way Noah I thought full blood guardians couldn’t have a reason ship with the human’
I wasn’t exactly hearing what they were saying. I was trying to process this all but the thing that really puzzled me was what they meant by powers. Of course I knew I was different but powers what the hell did that mean? I stood up and looked down at ruckus then to Noah. They were both staring at me with worried looks. I started to run again but I headed for the street and was thinking of home. My real home.
‘Max where are you going’ I could see ruckus running after me though his own thoughts.
I just thought of home and kept running. I ran down the streets past school, past the old theater, past the park that my real father would take me to every weekend. One more block, just one more. And I was running to the back yard. No one had bought the house and my new parents finally thought they would buy it for me. But I never went there for the memories were to pain full. There was a thick wood behind the house and I ran into those, something was telling me to. As I turned my head I had seen shadows moving around me some human some animal. I finally stopped and felt some strange power to where I was standing. I walked to the east and moved a pile of vegetation there was an old stone there. A symbol of water was carved into it. The west had earth. The north fire and the south lighting. What were these for?
‘Max watch out’ I ducked as something hurtled toward my head.
Ruckus stopped by my side and turned into a lion my eyes widened. He wasn’t lying he can shift into other animals.
“What the hell is happening” I looked down at him
‘They’re here to take you’ something stopped by my side. Noah wasn’t laying ether. I heard him growl and leap into the dark.
Ruckus disappeared to. I was alone and I was panicking.
“My dear did your guardians go to fight” I turned around and there stood a man
“Who are you and what do you want with me” I was shaking from how scared I was.
“I am not important you are my dear”. He took a step toward me and I backed up. I turned my head and seen ruckus being thrown in front of me . I went to my knees and laid my hand on his chest.
‘I am fine I just need to heal’ I felt tears start coming from my eyes and I stood up I felt a ripple of rag go through me. I clenched my fists and looked at the man.
“Big mistake” I felt something electric go through my body and then I seen it. A light flashed over me and then toward the man. He flew threw the air with aloud crack. I looked down at my fist and fire covered them. Noah came into sight and looked at me. I dropped down to ruckus and passed out over him.
I was laying in my bed with ruckus sleeping next to my back pressed up so close to me. I moved and he got up and moved.
‘Your better’ I smiled
“I could say the same for you”. I rubbed my head.
‘Well thanks to you I am’ I stood up and looked down at my hands. I had two marks on each arm. The marks from that field.
“What happened last night? How did I do that?
‘It was amazing that you could use the two hardest elements. Lighting and fire. Now we just need to work on water and earth.’ ruckus jumped down and headed for the door. ‘Get dress we need to talk’ I shrugged and got ready for the day. I ran down stairs and stopped when I see ruckus in my studio.
“What are you doing in here?”
‘Start drawing what you see in your mind. Or at least try to draw what you seen before I got there’ and with that note I started to draw. I heard a knock at the door but I didn’t acknowledge who it was. I finished drawing and stood back for ruckus. I seen his muscles tighten then loosen. ‘That what I was afraid of’ he started pacing and then I seen Noah standing by the door. I smiled and he walked over to me and ruckus.
“What’s his problem” I showed him the painting/drawing and seen him do the something as ruckus.
‘We got to call him. I am sorry max but we have to’
“Who are you talking about?”
“The guardian king. He needs to see what is following you so we can get better directions.” For once I was scared about something.

The author's comments:
I want to know what you have to say about my story, and dont worry about hurting my feelings, i know somethings are messed up.i need the criticism

I sat up in my room and messed with my room trying to get it clean,but really I needed to keep my mind off things.Seriously,who in the right mind has to go through what I am right now?I am really starting to hate life.I sat down on the corner on my bed and looked at the two symbols on my arm.How could I control these elements? I mean if I could do this,what could mom and dad do? I'll ask somebody later, right now I could use a nice shower. I walked into my bathroom and shut my door. I turned the shower on and pealed off my clothes befor steping in the warm waterfall. I leaned against the wall and let the water run down my back. I loved to do this when I was , confused or frustrated. Which I was both at the moment. I grabbed my apple shampoo and washed all the dirt from last night out of my hair, then I tried to wash away all the problems off my body,I dont think that worked to well. I turned the water off and pulled a towel from the hanger and wrapped it around my body.I opened my door and then froze. I covered my mouth to hold back the scream that wanted to come. There lying on my bed was Noah. He just turned to me and smiled like I wasn't naked under the towel or maybe he just liked that idea. "What are you doing in my room?" I held the towel tighter. "I wanted to talk.The guardian king isn't here yet so I though we could have a little time together." "But you couldn't knock first?" "I did, you probably didn't hear me." Hear me my ass. I grumbled and walked to my closet to get dressed. I was still grumbleing when I walked out-now dressed-and sat next to Noah. "So what do you want to talk about?" He shrugged and grabbed my hand. "There had to be something you wanted to talk about?" He sighed. "When the king gets here, you can't show any emotion toward me,except friendly emotion, we angels aren't to be with the human we are protecting, it's one of the biggest laws for angels, and it's a rule to not be with a human in my kind.But I love you to much, so right now I am breakng both." I nodded. He smiled and sat up, he cupped my face and brought his lips to mine. I felt that strange tingle again. I think I like it though. I tangled my fingers in his hair, while his fingers traced my spine, sending a jolt up it. Forget laws and rules, I hate them both and I always seem to be breaking them.I wanted this, I wanted Noah, and nothening was going to break that feeling. Not even the stupid king, or the stupid wolfs, but most of all,not the people that were trying to kill me. I was beginning to love someone, nothing will changed that.I swear it won't.

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Darksoul said...
on Nov. 12 2011 at 3:45 pm
Darksoul, Canton, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
they sky is the limit

this is actually the first time i have been on teen ink for a long time,  i found another story website and am useing that now. i just dont have the passion for this story but i have another story on fanfiction u can look at.  just go to

on Oct. 22 2011 at 4:49 pm
DEROSSETT BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”


I always find it helpful when I am stuck to add something completely random, and then tie it to the plot:)

Try it!!

Darksoul said...
on Jul. 29 2011 at 2:35 pm
Darksoul, Canton, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
they sky is the limit

I dont know what to wite anymore so i am leaving it at a cliff hanger kind of thing


on Jun. 3 2011 at 8:35 am
Angie_101 BRONZE, Minneapolis Mnn, Minnesota
2 articles 2 photos 23 comments
it's okay....things happens. 4 the next chapter just read wht yuh have first then maybe yuh will think of sumthing(dats how i do it).i can't wait 4 the next chapter.<3

on May. 31 2011 at 6:22 pm
Angie_101 BRONZE, Minneapolis Mnn, Minnesota
2 articles 2 photos 23 comments
i love yuhr story, but it's a bit confusing....