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An Archangel From Heaven and A Dark Knight From Hell

Author's note: I actually thought about this while I was watching Spongebob. Soon, I began work on it and this happened.
Author's note: I actually thought about this while I was watching Spongebob. Soon, I began work on it and this happened.  « Hide author's note
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Belinda woke up with a startled gasp, and knew she had a scrape around her neck and arm.
“Sheesh, my visions always have to involve me.” she muttered under her breath, as she threw the covers.
The clock read 3:00 am, and Belinda was frustrated as she walked towards her bathroom. In the dark of the night, she washed her cuts.
“Why is it always at this time that it happens?” she asked herself.
She closed her eyes and went back to her vision. It was in shadowy detail and all she could make out was an apartment and two people-a girl and boy talking. Then out of nowhere, a crash was heard and the boy threw his arm protectively around the girl. Belinda brought herself back and shook her head. She placed on her shoes and fixed her hair.
“I need a walk,” she grumbled as she climbed out her window and down the fence, surrounded with flowers of all types.
She slowly jumped down; making sure that her parents window was closed and crossed the street. She passed Livingston High School-the high school she will be attending in a few hours.
“Here I’ll be locked up, not using my motorcycle.” Belinda began pouting.
She passed her mom’s bookstore where she helped over the summer to earn some cash to buy her motorcycle. She then walked pass the cobblestone pathway where it led directly to the park. Belinda paused immediately and could’ve sworn that she saw two figures jumping over the roof.
“Get a grip, that can’t happen.” she angrily muttered to herself as she walked closer to the park.
She took the path that was much more darker, due to its beauty with its cobblestone pathway and the archway that blocked some of the moon’s light.

“Why are you here again?” Alexander asked his brother.
“I decided to tag along to see if we could pick up any last night hikers.” Alister laughed.
“I told you I don’t hunt humans. Alexander growled.
“Look, there’s my snack right there.” Alister climbed off the tree and pointed to a silhouette of a girl walking.
“Don’t you dare hurt her, I won’t let you.” Alexander charged towards Alister and knocked him down.
Alexander then immediately rushed to the girl’s side.
“Hi, I’m Alexander.” he introduced smoothly.
“I’m Belinda,” she slowly replied.
Alexander then realized that Belinda was shivering. He took off his jacket and handed it over to her. She slowly took it and looked at Alexander.
“Aren’t you the mayor’s daughter?” Alexander asked out of curiosity to also ignore tension.
“I wish I wasn’t.” Belinda replied.
“Why is that?” Alexander asked curiously.
“Let’s just say I have political issues.” Belinda giggled.
“Do you go to the local high school?” Alexander had to ask.
“I am about to, starting tomorrow. The new girl is what you can call me.” Belinda joked.
Alexander laughed at her comment.
“Well then I’ll be glad to give you a tour of our school tomorrow.” Alexander offered.
“Thank you, I would like that.” Belinda smiled.
“Well I got to go, my brother is getting impatient.” Alexander began to walk off.
“What about your jacket?” Belinda asked.
“You can have it, I have tons more. Bye.” Alexander was gone.
Belinda shrugged then went back home to ignore getting caught by her mom.
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wildbee said...
Jun. 16, 2011 at 9:32 am
ou like writing archangel books i see i have a archangel in my book called KILLER LYCANS
Azrael replied...
Jun. 16, 2011 at 5:43 pm
yea i like writing stories about many things and ill try 2 find it and i promise 2 read and comment on it

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