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Mysterious Love

September 18, 2019
By Blackout13, Wausau, Wisconsin
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Blackout13, Wausau, Wisconsin
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After school…

Axton and Noah  met with their friends, they chatted for a bit and then Axton and Noah  waved their friends goodbye and walked home. On the way they talked and the mediocrity of teachers and how much of a nuisance the idiotic homophobes in biology are.  When they arrived at Axton ́s house, Noah asked, “Why did you want me to come over?”

“I just wanted to hang out,” Axton said as he unlocked the door and walked inside.

“What do you want to do”, Noah  asked.

“I figured we could do some work, study, and play something”Axton said.

“ Alright,” Noah  replied.

They worked on homework and then studied. Half an hour after they started their study session  Axton said, “I’m bored, what should we do now.”

“You said you wanted to study,” Noah  said.

“I know, buuuut you know how I process information,” Axton said.

“Yeah not at al-oww,”Noah said as fell on the ground from Axton punching him. “Why is it that you have so much force behind a punch that’s supposed to be playful?” Noah  said in pain.

“My job requires me to have a lot of force behind everything I do. Now how about we play a game,” Axton said.

“And what is said job?” Noah  asked while climbing back onto the bed.

“Does it really matter?” Axton replied. 

“Kinda, I see you with broken fingers and dislocated wrists all the time,” Noah  stated.

“Anyways, what should we play?”Axton said obviously avoiding the question. ”We can play Civ,  Borderlands, Fallout, Yugioh or-”

“Yugioh sounds good,”Noah replied.

So after half an hour of playing with magicians and dragons against against living computer code or cyberse as the species is called. Axton said, ”This is getting boring we counteract each other's moves extremely well.”

“Yeah you’re right. Want to spice things up?” Noah  said. 

“ How so? Like add a punishment if you lose.” Axton said with a sideways smirk.

“Yeah, but what should it be?” Noah  said.

“How about we put a secret on the line.” Axton said.

“Sure why not,” Noah  said. Sadly their secrets were the simple, yet complex fact that they both have feelings for eachother.

So after a while Noah  was down to his final thousand points and his Sun Dragon Inti effect activated because of Axton’s Decode Talker’s attack. This drained Axton’s last three-hundred and fifty points easily. 

“Now tal-,” Noah said as Axton leaned over the field kissing him on the lips cutting off what he was going to say. Noah  was shocked at first due to processing what was happening before leaning into the kiss. This shocked Axton, but after a little while Axton leaned back and Noah  said, “Want to go out?”

Before Axton could answer his phone rang it was his informant, Jared. “Hold that thought I gotta take this,” Axton said as he stepped out of the room. After Axton walked out Noah hopped on the bed. Laying down he began to notice a new vibrant life to Axton’s room. From the room he could hear hostage, gang and mall.

Axton walked back in and said, “Something’s come up, I’ll take you home.”

“What’s going on What gang has hostages at the mall?” Noah  asked.

“ How did you hear all that? Anyways, I’ll tell you in time, but for now I’ll only tell you that my job is dangerous,” Axton said “and if you know too much you may become a target.”

“ A target? … for your love?” Noah  said in a really cute way. 

“No,” Axton said sternly and slightly agitated. “Sorry but if they found out about you… let's just hope things don’t come to that.”

“What do you mean? Who?” Noah  said.

“ Actually I’ll just take you to the HQ, I’ll explain some on the way,” Axton said.

“Sure, “ Noah  replied.

So then they walked into the garage and Axton flipped a switch and a hatch opened in the back. They walked over to it and Noah  blindly followed Axton down into the depths. When they got to the bottom Noah asked, “How far away is this HQ?”

“Not far as long as we use the abandoned Metro tunnels,”Axton said.

“Why are there abandoned metro tunnels in Wausau?” Noah  asked.

“Back about maybe ten years ago the city was huge, so the city council decided to start building the metro system, but then the city’s population drastically declined by the time our secret society started up they stopped. Now the only thing left are the tunnels and a few fragments of stations. The base is built on the last fully constructed station,” Axton explained as they drove off through the tunnels. “So I’m second in command of the Shockers. We are ruled by a hierarchy of five department heads with a queen on top.  I’m incharge of the shadow knights we were always about gathering information,disabling future threats and only taking direct orders from the queen besides me. We were the most feared group for a while, but our original leader died in a gang war and I was forced to take over. I realized soon that we weren’t strong enough on our own so I started talking with the White Diplomats and the Blue Developmentals, they also understood that so we banded together fusing our ideals. We then thought we needed to expand out to some doing all the book keeping and the Blues couldn’t do it all so we enlisted the Green Librarians. We all agreed that we needed grunts to keep our ranks on the upside, so we talked to the Warring Yellows and they agreed as long as they could do the most fighting. Currently we are at war with the western cowboy a group as idiotic as they sound, most are from west and Everest area, but a few are from East” Axton said. 

“What happened?” Noah  asked. 

 “Our leaders used to date, but his stupidity caused a division between them then they got back together then broke up with him saying her friend was better long story short this war is mainly the remains of a bad break up. He used to be a part of the Yellows, but when the break up happened he took a big chunk of them with him.”

“So what called you away?” Noah  asked. 

“Their leader, Collyn Hunter, is currently holding the  mall hostage,” Axton said.

“What?” Noah  said.

“Yeah and the Shadow Brigade or voids as we’re known in the Shockers, how did one of my favorite characters say it? Oh yeah we are supposed to put out the fires that others can’t,” Axton said.

“ So your people are ready for anything,” Noah  said, “Any way I could join?” he said as they drove past a gate.

They stopped in an elevator and Axton hit the fifth floor basement and typed in a code they descended and sat in silence for the whole ride. When they arrived at the floor, they got off the bike and Axton walked it in. There was a bed, a desk, a computer, and a T.V. in a wall next to the bed. They took off their helmets and  finally Axton said, “ I don’t want you to get in any more danger than you already in.”

“I understand and what about going out with me?” Noah  asked. 

“ I think this will answer your question,” Axton said as he leaned in, hugged him tightly and kissed him. He leaned back and said, “ No I love you too much to drag you into this.”as he pulled Noah  into a tight embrace as the door opened behind him

“Hi Axton,” They heard as a door opened and they backed off.

“Do you ever knock, Red? I know you’re the queen and all but still you can’t give me any privacy?” Axton said calmly.

“ But I expected you to be ready for my briefing,” Red said, “Also I thought we were on a first name basis when we’re alone.”

“ You really need to work on being more observant. Look are we alone Red,”Axton said getting kinda annoyed.  

“ Wait is that who I think it is?”Red said.

“Red NO! For now we’ll call him N,” Axton said. 

“But why,” Linse said.

“Security, plain and simple. Here,” Axton said as he tossed a mask at Noah . “ Put this on and keep it on for the duration that you are here.”

“Anyways,” Red started, “Currently the plan is to enter through the service tunnels and use the logistics elevators. Based on where the hostages are located we can easily evacuate them before the fighting ensues. Four voids and five teams of yellows are located in the service tunnels under the mall, you will enter through the courthouse to the middle. Luckily he has most of the hostages in the middle and when the elevator goes down it closes up quick, so it will protect most of the hostages. Got it?”

“Got it, “Axton replied.

“What about me?” Noah  asked.

“Well you have two options, either go with Red or stay here and wait for me,” Axton said.

“I’ll stay here,” Noah  said. 

“Good to hear diner will come around six thirty, forty-five, I’ll leave you two love birds alone,” Linse said poking Axton’s nose *boop* and left suddenly.

“Well then, that was weird,” Noah  said.

“Don’t bother trying to figure her out, it’s not worth it. Anyways I’ve got to change,” Axton said.

Noah watched as Axton changed, first the shirt, then the shoes, last the pants. Axton noticed this and turned around saying, “Like what you see,” in a taunting way.  Noah turned away blushing, muffling his laughter with his hand. He turned back around and say Axton put on his skin tight suit that really exemplified his body, then the chestplate followed by the arms, next the legs and boots, and lastly the cloak and belt. Axton then walked over to Noah  hugged him tightly saying, “Alright, I’ll see you later, my love,” taking off the mask and kissing him.

 The Black Knight then walked over to the shelf and put his gauntlets on and grabbed his combat helmet. He walked over to his bike hit a green button and said, “bye” as he ascended.

After  Noah caught the last glimpse of his boyfriend he walked over and collapsed on the bed and said, “Wow my Axton is really powerful”. He then felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, it was a text from Axton, ‘If  you want to watch me work click either location or Axton on the tv. Then watch to your heart's content.’ In lue of this info he hit Axton so he could see from his POV. 

At the courthouse…

“So everyone knows the plan,”Axton.

Everyone replied with, “Sir yes sir.”

Everyone went to their respective place and went up to protect the civilians. Within the first thirty minutes of fighting all the civilians were evacuated and almost every yellow troop and one black troop were incapacitated on the Shocker’s side and only three cowboys and Collyn were left. 

“Who the hell are you the minute you arrived you took out half of my team… why do I get the feeling that I know you?” Collyn said. After a few minutes of fighting Collyn yelled,” Answer me!”

“ I’ll give you a hint, I used to have a crush on you,”Axton said.

“ That just makes things easier,”Collyn said before yelling “Now!!!”

Then a yellow and a cowboy ran over and started circling Axton and tying him up. Axton said, “I knew you had operatives still in my organization.”

“Now then time to unmask who this is,” he said as he elbowed Axton in the gut followed by a kick to the helmet. “No it couldn’t be, how!?” Noah  saw his POV go flying through the air and landing on the ground away from Axton. He quickly switched to location and typed in Axton and he started watching from a mall security camera.

“Why so surprised I Said that I’m a collector of retribution,” Axton replied.

“You know what I don’t even care, time to end this,” Collyn said as he raised his revolver to Axton’s head as a gray line passed over his face. He then fired it and Axton collapsed to the ground with a puddle of blood forming around him. “You three shoot him a couple times  in the back and grab the Brigadiers for immediate retreat.” 

Noah watched in horror as he saw the shot going out of the revolver, it hitting Axton’s head and Axton collapsing to the floor saying, “… NOOOOOO!!!!” while sobbing. He took the mask off and sat on the bed crying and staring at the screen. He stopped when heated Axton’s laugh.  

“He..he..he. Not so fast you bastard,” Axton said spitting out blood and cracking his neck fast and looking and Collyn with voids for eyes. He screamed demonically and some sort of portal opened up in the middle of the building. Then blackened creates erupted from the portal destroying the building. Luckily most of the troops were drones designed for this kind of combat. Collyn cowered in fear of what was coming out. Axton took his chance and hopped on a giant wasp-like creature then used it to tackle collyn  to the ground. The portal closed up and all the creatures ran off in every direction leaving the playing field covered in bodies. Police rushed in and Axton and the four black troopers retreated to the shadows after activating a magnetic pulse wiping every drones programming which in turn caused them to literally fall apart. Then Axton flew off to the base and landed on an abandoned airfield. Axton took out a cube and it sucked in the giant wasp creature saying, “I never thought I’d ever have to use my powers in this world, well it was a good run while it lasted. Damnit I left my helmet behind.”

Axton the walked over to the building, went inside and powered up a control panel. He thought, ‘ We really haven’t used this in a long time.’ He hit a few buttons and descended quickly into the base. He walked along an abandoned hallway in the base and slammed the wall and the wall opened up he fell into is room startling Noah . “Evening Love,” Axton said.

“Don’t be reckless please ,” Noah said sobbing.

“I’ll tr- blurrgh,” Axton said throwing up “blood on the floor”. “God that tastes horrible. Pleh-.”

“Are you Okay,” Noah  said concerned.

“Yeah I’m fine. I take some special serum that makes my spit red so I can act dead. Why do you think some call me the Undead Void Spawn while others call me the Immortal Hero. The only real damage is the little hole on my head from the bullet,” Axton said.

“God am I lucky or what,” Noah  said “ I’m dating the hero of the town and a supernatural one at that.”

“Hey guys dinner’s ready. I hope you like chinese take out,” Linse yelled.

“Who doesn’t,” Noah  yelled back. 

“Be there in a second,” Axton yelled, “Listen, I know that you probably have a lot of questions and I can probably answer most of them, but I’m tired and hungry plus we have dinner waiting…Mind the puddle of false blood.”

“Alright tomorrow then,” Noah  said hugging Axton tightly.


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