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Lucifer's Lover

Author's note: People always told me I could never publish a book because I wasn't good enough so now...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

People always told me I could never publish a book because I wasn't good enough so now I'm here to prove them wrong...

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Once upon a what?

This story is not one that starts with once upon a time. It's a story that starts with a princess that wants to be different.
I took off my clothes because I always wore a bathing suit under everything just to be safe. I jumped into the lake and I felt great. I hated being in that dress all the time! To pass the time I sung a song, I sang all the time it was beautiful. I would never in a thousand years sing near anyone! I swam and sung my two favorite things! It was getting dark so I climbed out of the lake to a wonderful sunset. I got dressed and was about to climb on my horse when I heard a twig snap. I had fast reflexes so I pulled out my bow and arrows. Ready to shoot I spoke “Who are you, and why are you hiding from me?” A male stepped out, he was tall and fair skin with brown hair as well as amazing brown eyes. He had unbelievably large, white wings. I was awestruck because he was beautiful! I had to stay on topic “What are you doing hiding, and who are you?” he looked at me and with a voice so incredible said “I was listening to you sing, and just wow.” I put my bow and stuff up, I felt safe enough. “Who are you?” I said “I am lucifer.” He said proudly. I recognised that name! He was an arch angel! Trying to keep calm I asked another question. “What is an arch angel doing here?” He jerked in surprise at my question. He stood tall and with a chuckle said “I am looking for love.” I stood in shock when I finally came to my senses I noticed it was dark and it had started to rain. He looked amused as he threw his wings over his head and slowly walked over putting one wing over me, shielding me from the rain. I felt like a little kid but I didn't care. I spaced and when I remembered what I was doing he was waving his hand in front of my face. I looked at him “What?” I said confused. “Did you hear me?” He said looking worried “No, what did you say?” I said a little confused on what he meant. “I said where are you going.”. “Oh, ummm the kingdom of the seven crosses.” He raised one brow. “What?” I said even more confused than before. “How on earth did you get out here?” He looked kinda amused. “On a magic flying unicorn.” I said sarcastically. “Really?” He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and made it as obvious as possible. “Well here we go.” He said sweeping me off my feet literally! He climbed on my horse and with me in one arm and with his other arm he was guiding the horse. I remember getting sleepy then nothing. I woke up to the warm sun on my face then I thought for a good minute or so. Wait warm sun? I'm at home in my room, in my bed like everyone else. I felt my fuzzy blanket, I realized my blankets where silk not fuzzy. “Mornin’ sunshine.” Lucifer said casually. I sat up quickly and hit my head on his. “Ow.” I said rubbing my head. “Hold your horses princess.” He said with his hand on his head. “Alice, Alice Micathy.” I said sounding irritated. “Hey, chill out.” He said defensively. “Sorry.” I said quietly. “Wait, where are we?” I said looking around. “I thought we should stop once you fell asleep.” He said, his eyes were darting all over my face. I stood up and went over to my horse. “Well, bye I guess.” I said as I climbed on  my horse. He chuckled and his whole body shook. “Later sunshine.” I took off there was a feeling I had deep inside me. What is this feeling? I got home to my sisters crying. I hugged them tightly before I realized I was crying to I missed them. My sisters are 8 years old, triplets Tracy, Stacy, and Macy. “we missed you.” They said together. They always did that. “I missed you all to.” I said happily because I was home.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 25 Next »

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Geography said...
Feb. 20 at 11:52 am
Hello friend your book is great.
NatalieMcCormickThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Feb. 26 at 10:25 am
Thanks geography! I will see you in English!

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