Lucifer's Lover

February 9, 2018
By NatalieMcCormick BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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NatalieMcCormick BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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You know my name not my story, you see my smile not my pain, you notice my cuts not my scars, you can read my lips not my mind.

Author's note:

People always told me I could never publish a book because I wasn't good enough so now I'm here to prove them wrong...

This story is not one that starts with once upon a time. It's a story that starts with a princess that wants to be different.
I took off my clothes because I always wore a bathing suit under everything just to be safe. I jumped into the lake and I felt great. I hated being in that dress all the time! To pass the time I sung a song, I sang all the time it was beautiful. I would never in a thousand years sing near anyone! I swam and sung my two favorite things! It was getting dark so I climbed out of the lake to a wonderful sunset. I got dressed and was about to climb on my horse when I heard a twig snap. I had fast reflexes so I pulled out my bow and arrows. Ready to shoot I spoke “Who are you, and why are you hiding from me?” A male stepped out, he was tall and fair skin with brown hair as well as amazing brown eyes. He had unbelievably large, white wings. I was awestruck because he was beautiful! I had to stay on topic “What are you doing hiding, and who are you?” he looked at me and with a voice so incredible said “I was listening to you sing, and just wow.” I put my bow and stuff up, I felt safe enough. “Who are you?” I said “I am lucifer.” He said proudly. I recognised that name! He was an arch angel! Trying to keep calm I asked another question. “What is an arch angel doing here?” He jerked in surprise at my question. He stood tall and with a chuckle said “I am looking for love.” I stood in shock when I finally came to my senses I noticed it was dark and it had started to rain. He looked amused as he threw his wings over his head and slowly walked over putting one wing over me, shielding me from the rain. I felt like a little kid but I didn't care. I spaced and when I remembered what I was doing he was waving his hand in front of my face. I looked at him “What?” I said confused. “Did you hear me?” He said looking worried “No, what did you say?” I said a little confused on what he meant. “I said where are you going.”. “Oh, ummm the kingdom of the seven crosses.” He raised one brow. “What?” I said even more confused than before. “How on earth did you get out here?” He looked kinda amused. “On a magic flying unicorn.” I said sarcastically. “Really?” He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and made it as obvious as possible. “Well here we go.” He said sweeping me off my feet literally! He climbed on my horse and with me in one arm and with his other arm he was guiding the horse. I remember getting sleepy then nothing. I woke up to the warm sun on my face then I thought for a good minute or so. Wait warm sun? I'm at home in my room, in my bed like everyone else. I felt my fuzzy blanket, I realized my blankets where silk not fuzzy. “Mornin’ sunshine.” Lucifer said casually. I sat up quickly and hit my head on his. “Ow.” I said rubbing my head. “Hold your horses princess.” He said with his hand on his head. “Alice, Alice Micathy.” I said sounding irritated. “Hey, chill out.” He said defensively. “Sorry.” I said quietly. “Wait, where are we?” I said looking around. “I thought we should stop once you fell asleep.” He said, his eyes were darting all over my face. I stood up and went over to my horse. “Well, bye I guess.” I said as I climbed on  my horse. He chuckled and his whole body shook. “Later sunshine.” I took off there was a feeling I had deep inside me. What is this feeling? I got home to my sisters crying. I hugged them tightly before I realized I was crying to I missed them. My sisters are 8 years old, triplets Tracy, Stacy, and Macy. “we missed you.” They said together. They always did that. “I missed you all to.” I said happily because I was home.

I woke up and ran to my mom and dragged her into my room. I spilled everything I did and how I felt, I couldn't hold it in anymore. She told me to go find him and I knew were he was. I went back to the lake and stood there for a minute. “Lucifer!” I yelled. He dropped from the tree. “You found me sunshine.” He said with a smirk, his smile drove me crazy his crooked smile was great. “Why did you chuckle when I left?” I already knew the answer but I asked anyways. “I knew you would be back because you loved me weather or not you wanted to or not.” I froze. We heard a gunshot before I could react I had been swept off my feet again! He sat on my horse and took off the wrong way! “I live the other way.” I said a little confused. “Yeah I know, but they don't.” He said consintrating on were we where going. “Oh, that makes lots of since.” I said questioning my mental skills. When we go far enough he picked me up and into the clouds we went. It felt amazing to fly in the clouds, I felt free! He stopped flying and we were falling headfirst! Right before we hit the ground he pulled up. “Where are we?” I said too afraid to open my eyes. He let out a chuckle so I thought it was safe. I opened my eyes and gasped, what I seen was beautiful! We were in a tall tree, I could see a castle! Wait, I live there I looked around to see a marvelous lake. “It's… It's beautiful, Thank you!” I hugged him then pulled back in embarrassment. I was blushing wildly so I looked away. He touched my shoulder then spoke softly. “Hey, it's ok don't be embarrassed.” That only made me blush more! I turned to him and looked him in the eyes. He looked confused. “Are you ok? Why are you crying?” I hadn't noticed. I hugged him and cried he didn't question me he just mhugged me back. I had never felt love before, my parents were always “too busy” and now I know it's a great feeling and I wasn't crying because I was sad. I was crying because I was happy. I don't remember anything after that but I woke up in my bed. There was a note taped to my door, it read: “sleep well my love.” I smiled and hid it where only I could find it. I went to join my family for breakfast and they wouldn't stop staring at me. “What?” I said confused. The triplets opened their mouths to talk but mom gave them the ‘shut up’ look. I taught them sign language, lucky me! They told me to meet them in there room at noon. When I got there they said that a cute angel looking guy dropped me off. I didn't know what to think! Honestly I couldn't think of anyone but him. I knew I had to see him so I went to the lake. Before I said anything he dropped from the tree again. “Do you live up there or something?” I said smiling. He came over and hugged me I was glad. “Sunshine! Your back!” He said I could hear the smile in his voice. “This comes as a surprise?” I said smiling the biggest smile ever. “I have a question.” I said scanning his face for emotion. His face lit up “what can I help you with?” He said his face still lit up. “Why did you take me home? I could have just slept in that tree with you.” I said resting my hands on my hips. He laughed and looked at me. “I don't live in that tree.” He said still laughing. “Oh, that's just disappointing.” I said laughing with him. “Wanna go for a walk?” He said trying to hide a smile.

“I should have known better.” I was walking, my eyes were covered by lucifer’s wings. I started tripping when he caught me and picked me up. “No more walking for you.” He said with a laugh. “That's ok.” I said because for the first time ever I knew I was safe. He sat me down in the sand and then sat beside me. “Open your eyes.” He said calmly. When I did I was speechless. We were at a lake I had never before in my life seen. It was sparkling from the setting sun, it was beautiful! “Th-Thank you.” I said. I felt crying again because it seemed for the last couple days everything I had seen was beautiful. That's all I ever wanted, to see beautiful things. For the first time in a long time I was happy, truly happy. We sat for a while just talking about this or that and before we knew it the moon was sitting in the sky. It was big, bright, and beautiful. When I went home my parents were talking to a male about my age. I walked over to see the triplets cuddled up like they were hiding and they only did that when there was bad news. I walked over to my parents and the unidentified male to join the conversation. The triplets gave me a pleading look and signed that I should turn around and leave before this gets bad. Of course I didn't listen and went to join my parents. “Ladybug!” my parents said together. Ladybug was my nickname since I was little. Instead of fighting it like I normally did I just responded. “Yes?” They smiled like they were happy and cared but I knew they didn't. “This is Drew Armstrong.” My mom said still smiling. I shook his hand and put a smile on my face even though I was tired and just wanted to sleep. “Pleased to meet you.” I said through my pounding headache. “Oh, well I'm pleased to meet you too princess.” after that he kissed my hand. I pulled my hand back quickly. “Mother, could you please state his business.” My mother laughed. “Don't be silly, he is the guy your marrying.” She said still faking a smile. Fear struck me but I still kept smiling. “Please excuse me.” I said and walked off. The triplets ran up to leave with me clinging to my dress. We went to my room and I started crying the triplets where pacing something they only did when they were deep in thought. “We could feed him to a dragon! ROAR!” said Tracy laughing. We all started laughing then I remembered what we were doing. “Come on girls this is bad and we need real answers.” I said eyeing Tracy. She looked guilty “Sorry Alice.” she said looking like she was going to cry. I hugged her like she was leaving me forever because that's what I was doing, I had a plan. “That's ok but I came up with a plan.” I said I wanted to smile because now I didn't have to marry that dumbo out there but I couldn’t because if my plan was going to work, I may never see them again.

I looked at the triplets I felt sad but I had to keep myself together. “Ok lets go.” I whispered as the triplets just stood there staring at me. “Lets go!” I whispered a little louder. “We don't wanna lose you.” They said in a whisper but like most the time together. Then tears started rolling down their cheeks. I kneeled in front of them and hugged them. Our plan was to pretend I fell out of the tree rolled into the lake and drowned. Yeah real dramatic but it felt like the only way. Then an idea popped into my head. “Hey, I have an idea.” with a smile, they just looked at me hoping I wasn't leaving. I knew because I could see it in their eyes. “Meet me at the tree everyday at…
3:30! I will be waiting.” they smiled really big and nodded. I had a waterproof bag full of clothes and other things I was gonna need later. I tore up a dress to make it more realistic and left it in the water. “Go!” I said and they took off running to tell my parents I drowned. I threw the dress in the water and then I jumped in and swam I got halfway across the lake when I seen my parents running up to the lake. The triplets were staring at me I went under water and held my breath for as long as I could. When I came back up they were walking away so I turned and swam the rest of the way. When I got to the other side I pulled out a water bottle and something to eat. After that I couldn't think of where to go. I went into the woods and found a cave, I went inside to explore and make sure it was clear. It wasn't long, only long enough to keep the rain off me. I pulled some wood and rocks in the cave toward the back and made a fire pit. I put dead grass inside to light it and put a pile over in the other corner for later. I made a small bed out of some of the grass, I was done for now so I went and sat at the mouth of the cave. I went to sleep because it was late and when I woke up I checked me watch. 3:00! I stood up and coved the mouth of the cave with moss so it looked like a very mossy rock. And ran to the tree when I got there it was 3:25! Barely! The triplets came walking up with a big wagon of stuff. They looked up and seen me, dropped the handle to the wagon and came running over. Their frowns turned into smiles almost instantly. “Alice!” They yelled together and started giggling a lot! They ran over and hugged me and cried like it had been weeks! “Girls!” I hugged them and cried happy tears. Their voices were like music after a long time without them. “Everyone knows you died.” Said Tracy then soon after Macy whispered something and looked down at her feet. “What?” I said and looked at her. “Lucifer went crazy and went back to the lake where you met and burned the tree to the ground.” Said Stacy with a sad look. I stood up and gasped, I forgot to tell Lucifer the plan! “Sorry girls I have to go!” I said and took off, they didn't freak out like I expected they just waved. I got to the lake to see a pile of ash where the tree was. Tears ran down my face and fell on my shirt. Something came and hit the ground. Hard. “Lucifer.” I whispered. Somehow I knew it was him.

He stood, he was taller just by a little but he was and his wings were no longer white. I didn't know what was going on. Why was he changed? I studied him further and he had long horns with a tail that looked like an arrow head at the end. His skin was the same color as mine. I was scared to death that he was gonna hurt me.  When he lifted his head his eyes looked lost I could tell he wasn't seeing what was there he was seeing what he was thinking about. He was crying, tears streaming down his face. I barely heard what he whispered “I will find you, Ashley I should have told you that I loved you.” I was shocked at what he said. “Lucifer.” I whispered without meaning to. He looked up with a mean look in his eyes then he seen me and his eyes softened. “Great, now I'm seeing things.” He said, his voice was deeper than usual. “No, I'm here, really here I never died!” I said trying to get him to understand. “Wait, your just someone trying to get to me!” He went from sad to extremely mad. “No!” I yelled afraid that he was gonna hurt me. Why, why was I afraid? I knew he wouldn't hurt me. “Prove it, show me your not a fake!” He was only getting more furious. I thought but it didn't take long. “We met here, at this lake. I thought you lived in the tree that you burned to ashes.” I was crying again but I let out a giggle because I was having flashbacks. Flashbacks of everything that ever made me happy. His eyes softened again and more tears fell to his cheeks. “What happened to you?” I said scanning his new form again. “I… I fell.” He said looking down at his feet. “What's that mean?” I said. He looked at me with very VERY sad eyes. I thought for a minute and when I realized what happened I gasped. My eyes widened and I covered my mouth more tears fell. “If you fell then what are you?” I said still crying and I could hardly see him through the tears that filled my eyes. “He… he calls me satan.” He said looking more sad than ever. “I-I’m sorry.” I said not really paying attention. I was trying to sort through the information and fix this. I wanted to hug him and make him feel better but I couldn't move. Why wasn't my body responding? It hit me right then and there. Like I ran into a wall. I was afraid of him. How could I be afraid? He was there for me, through a lot of my happiness. He was my happiness. I couldn't be afraid of my happiness. I could move again so I ran over and hugged him. “It will be ok, we will get through this.” I said as more tears ran down my face.

We were kneeling before God as he sat there in thought. Lucifer had been begging him to take him back as for me though, I wasn't aloud to speak until Lucifer was done talking so he got the story from him and no interruptions from me. We all stood and God spoke in a mighty voice that boomed and bounced back. “I can not until you prove yourself worthy of my kingdom. Until that point in time you shall not return.” no one was laughing or happy at all. I wanted to laugh to make the moment brighter than it was but I knew better than that. I mean I wasn't stupid enough to laugh in a sad moment. No matter how much I wanted to make it better. “You are dismissed.” his voice boomed again. Louder than I have ever heard. I stepped on a soft spot in the clouds and down I went I was falling! “Don't worry your safe. This is just a test you won't get hurt” God's voice was in my head now. I didn't scream or cry because I knew I was safe. Before I knew it Lucifer had caught me when I looked up I could see his face drenched in tears again and his midnight colored dragon like wings shifting us gently toward the ground. I hugged him “don't cry you just have to prove yourself to get back into his kingdom.” I said softly trying to comfort him. He didn't speak so I thought he wasn't going to when he spoke fast. “Yeah but… but that could take a long, LONG time.” I understood what  he was saying so I came with another genital response. “Than a long time we shall wait.” I wanted to just yell and be mad but I couldn't. Not here not now. Not when Lucifers so torn apart that if I did he would just dry more. That would be cruel. We stood and I spoke. “Where are we going to go?” “You are going home where you are safe from me.” he said looking away. “I can't go home my parents think I'm dead!” I said and tear fell before I knew it because I missed my parents more than anything right now besides being happy. I wished everyone was happy because for what felt to me like forever I had been sad and crying never happy. “Why? Why did you do that?” I could tell he was getting mad again so I stepped back. “Be-because they were going to make me marry someone else.” I said in a small voice. Then he looked at me still furious and when he seen me his eyes softened. He walked over and hugged me. “I-I’m sorry.” he said as he calmed down slowly. “I have been in a hidden cave.” I said as soon as I remembered. “We could go there.” I said suddenly excited because we had somewhere to go. “Take me there.” he said looking into my eyes. His face was serious. No emotion. So I did.

We were standing outside the cave we had just arrived. “Are we there yet?” Lucifer complained. “I said hidden cave you're not going to know when we get there till I tell you.” I put my hands on my hips, half irritated. “But yes we are here.” His face lit up. “Where I don't see the cave.” he was looking around. He put his hand on the moss that covered the mouth of the cave. When he did he fell through. “Found it!” he yelled. I could tell he was in pain from falling. I giggled and walked in behind him. He looked around and then looked over at me. “This looks… cozy.” He said looking around again. I giggled again. “It's better than nothing I guess.” I sat beside him. “It's our own home.” I said looking around again trying to picture a home instead of a cave. I couldn't picture anything but a cave no matter how much I wanted to. I gave up and trying to forget about it I started trying to stir up a conversation. “So do you like your new “home” or do you think we need to move?” I made air quotes around the word home. “This is good for now.” He said sounding kinda bored. “Ok, you sound bored lets go…. Gather berries!” I grabbed a basket. He stood and shrugged. He grabbed a basket and we left the cave. I went running toward some berry bushes and giggled because it was so good to go outside. I took a deep breath and let it go. Fresh air was great, I loved fresh air. Lucifer was behind me but not running instead he was walking at a slow pace looking around enjoying nature. He looked over at me and smiled. He sat down and started picking berries with me. We were sitting and talking minding our own business when we heard footsteps. I was looking around breathing fast out of fear. Lucifer wrapped an arm around my waist and we shot upward into a tree. A human just a little girl came walking by. She looked like she had been out here a while. She was skinny and had messy hair. Her skin was covered in dirt she looked around when she found our baskets. Lucky she didn't see us. She started eating from the baskets and put some berries in the front pocket of her torn dress. I dropped from the tree and spoke softly trying not to startle her. “Hey who are you and what happened.” she looked at me and I was surprised that she didn't run away.

We were back in the cave as she ate handfuls of berries. Poor girl must be starving. I sat and tried to make my eyes wonder. I kept looking at her because I couldn't help it. When she noticed me looking at her she offered me a handful of berries. I shook my head and smiled at her. “Can you speak?” I said looking at her. She nodded and ate some more. “Can you tell me your name?” she finished chewing and wiped her mouth. “My name is Izzy.” she said in a small, soft voice. "Well, my name is Alice but you can call me anything you want to. Whatever is easy for you to remember.” I said worried for her health. She looked around me and pointed. I was confused so I looked behind me were she was pointing. She was pointing at Lucifer. “Oh that’s Lucifer but I guess you can call him whatever all well.” I heard him shift then speak. “Yeah that's fine.” he said in a low voice I hardly understood him. She looked at us both back and forth, one than the other. Then spoke in her voice I loved so much “Mommy? Daddy?” she looked down like she was in trouble. I froze afraid to answer the wrong answer. “Ummm, yes?” I said happy that it sounded like she trusted us. She looked up and her smile was beaming with joy. I hugged her like she really was my kid. I was sitting there hugging her when something was wrapped around me. It was Lucifer's arms hugging us both. This was my new family and anyone who wanted it couldn't have it. I had a pair of scissors in my bag so I cut my hair to my shoulders. I made a fake name. I was called Paris, Paris Johnson. I was proud of my new name. I washed up in a freshwater creek near the cave and went to get a job so one day maybe we could be a real family. We could have a house and carriage and everything else normal families have. I was on my way and I looked perfect. I was going to get any job that I could except at the palace. If anyone worked at the palace they had to live there and I couldn't, wouldn't move away from my family in our little and cozy “home”. I walked up the path to start my new job. I was going to be a horse groomer. I knocked as hard as I could but it wasn't hard because I was tired. “Who is it?” I heard a little boy yell through the door. “It's the new groomer. Are your parents home?” I heard him run off and run back to the door. The locks turned and he opened the door. He looked about six he was dressed as a sheriff and wearing an eyepatch. His mom came running up behind him. “Nathan! Don't run off when I'm talking to you!” she wasn't yelling. Only enough to get his attention.

She seen me and nudged Nathan toward the back of the house. “I'm Chole.” she said offering me her hand. I shook her hand and spoke softly trying to present myself as polite “I’m Paris. Your new horse groomer.” “Yes, I’m aware.” she was looking at my outfit and hair. I stiffened. Thinking she might recognize me. “Have I seen you somewhere?” she studied me closely. “Ummm, maybe but I don't think so.” I laughed trying to keep my voice steady and not give anything away. “Ok, I will show you to the stables.” said Chole already walking. I started following her there. We went up a long path to a barn. We pushed the large doors open to see a shelf of supplies for the horses and a water hose for watering them laying beside it. I looked at the rest of the barn to see four horses with name tags beside them. Scarlett, amber, zane, easton. I read them carefully. Admiring the horses one by one. Scarlett had a long beautiful mane. I walked over to her and her tail was just as beautiful. Her mane had small braids in it. I carefully approached Amber. She looked mean and fierce. Her mane was a brownish-red color. Her eyes where white. I gasped. “She blind.” I looked over at Chole. She nodded looking a little sad. She had a bow in her mane and one on her tail. I switched sides of the barns to see Zane. his main was cut short so he looked like he had a mohawk. His main was a goldish honey color. His eyes where the same. He was a muscular horse. I walked over to Easton his main was midnight black and marvelous. He wasn't as tall as the others. He was just a foal. I gave him a carrot and he walked over and took it. He wagged his tail. Could horses wag their tails? I shrugged and walked over to Chole. She had a big smile on her face like I just fell in mud. She looked behind me so I turned around. Easton had escaped and was standing behind me. I giggled and rubbed his head. He licked my hand. “Eww gross.” I said still giggling uncontrollably. “When do I start?” I said. “Tomorrow, it's late now.” I looked at my watch. It was 6:00. “Oh, so it is.” I went home and when I got there Izzy was decorating the cave with flowers. She heard me enter and looked over. She dropped her basket of flowers and ran over. “Mommy!” she yelled and hugged my legs. I bent down and hugged her back. “Come on let's go get dinner.” she ran and grabbed two baskets.

“I’m going to work!” I yelled behind me. “Mommy.” Izzy said running up behind me. “What sweetheart?” I said as I knelt down to look her in the eyes. “Can-can I go with you?” she was looking down at her feet like I already said no. “ummm, well I don't see why not.” I said and she looked up with a smile. She went and got one of her dresses I made out of some of my old ones that were still nice. We went through the woods and over the bridge, up the path and to the door of the family who hired me. I knocked swiftly. We waited but not for long. Honestly longer than I expected. Chloe opened the door and looked at me. “Can I help you?” she said with an obviously fake smile. “My daughter, Izzy wanted to know if she could come to work with me.” I said looking her in the eye no matter how much I wanted to look away. I looked over to look at Izzy and she was gone. I turned around. There she was, Thank god! She was just hiding behind me. I picked her up and turned back around. “Uh, yeah.” Chloe said as she fidgeted with something. When she looked up she gasped. Izzy's head was lying on my shoulder and so when Chole gasped she shot up. Izzy looked around and when she seen Chloe she gasped as well. Chloe's eyes softened and a tear fell to her cheek “My-my baby.” she said reaching for Izzy. Izzy latched on to my clothes and screamed. I sat down on Chloe’s porch rocking Izzy back and forth trying to sooth her. She quieted and I stood again trying to sort this out I spoke. “Chloe can you explain or should I let Izzy?” Chloe pulled me inside and we sat on the couch. “Izzy is my baby girl. I was asleep one night and it was storming. I put Izzy to bed a few hours earlier and when I woke up to go get her she was gone.” Chloe was looking down. I heard a small voice speak. “No, it was my fault.” Nathan stepped out. “What do you mean baby it is not your fault.” she had picked him up and was holding him close to her.

“It is my fault.” he said crying so much his face was red. “Me and Izzy were going to run away together. I changed my mind and we started walking back, when I looked back she was gone.” Nathan was wiping tears from his face. I looked to see Chloe’s face looked horrified. I looked at Izzy then Chloe. “Izzy, do you want to stay here?” I said looking her in the eye. She shook her head quickly. “No, I stay with mommy.” she said softly. Hugging me like someone was taking her away and all she could do was hold on. I kissed her head and hugged her tight. I pulled her off me and sat her down between me and Chloe. “You can adopt her. On one condition.” Chloe said looking me in the eyes. I nodded. Then she continued. “I get to see her once a day and if she wants to stay with me at anytime she gets to.” I looked at her in shock. “Well, of course I’m not that mean.” I was looking over at Izzy. “Chloe, can you do me a favor? For Izzy of course.” I shifted my gaze from Izzy to Chloe. “If it's for her, I will do anything.” I she said looking at Izzy. I could tell she wanted to hold her in her arms but was afraid that Izzy would reject her. “I need you to keep her here for a little while. See we don't have a house we live in the woods where we found Izzy and I need you to keep her here were she is safe until we get a real house.” I said looking at Izzy again. “Bu-but mommy I want to stay with you and daddy.” she was about to cry. “I will come to work and you can see me there and daddy can come to so you can see us.” I hugged her trying not to cry. “Go give Chloe a hug ok.” I said nudging her toward Chloe. She hugged her. “Thank you for helping mommy.” Izzy said and then hugged her. “Anytime.” she told Izzy quietly. Still hugging her Chloe looked up and me and whispered “Thank you.” I just nodded afraid that if I spoke Izzy would remember I was there and want to come with me again. I stood to leave and Chloe spoke setting Izzy between me and her. “Please, stay for dinner and bring your husband to. You have done so much for me.” Izzy sat straight up and I straightened my posture as well. “What?” she said looking at me than Izzy. I sighed and sat down. “Can you keep a secret for me and Izzy?” I said looking her in the eyes. “Yes.” she said shifting to face me. She looked confused. “My ‘husband’ is Lucifer and I'm the ‘dead’ princess Alice.” I spoke softly really trying to keep eye contact. She spoke and I could tell she was trying to put two and two together. “Come over anyways. How did I not recognize you?” I looked at her a giggled a little. “I cut my hair.” I said trying not to smile.

We were sitting at the table with steaming bowls of soup in front of us. “Thank you.” we all said to Chloe. She smiled brightly and nodded. We ate without words and honestly it was kinda annoying. It was good, one of the best things I hate eaten in awhile. All I have eaten was berries and fish from the forest. Witch was kinda sad but it was all we had to eat. After dinner we were sitting for a little bit just talking and having fun. I heard a tapping coming from the window. I opened the door to figure out what the sound was coming from. It was raining and thunder clouds where rolling in from the distance. I was looking outside staring at the storm and eventually lost track of time. I could have been standing there for hours or minutes before Chloe spoke. “You guys can stay here tonight. It won't be safe in your cave.” I turned to see Chloe’s eyes were filled with concern. I looked at Lucifer who was looking back at me. I looked over to Izzy’s pleading eyes. “Umm, ok I don't see why not.” I said looking back at their expressions. Chloe’s eyes were happy, Lucifer wasn't looking at me anymore but he was smiling. Izzy’s face was beaming with joy, that made me smile. I couldn't imagine a life without Izzy. I walked over to Lucifer who was still sitting at the table writing something down. “What are you doing.” I said trying to see what was going on. He was drawing something. “Well I thought instead of buying a house, why don't we build one instead just the way we want it.” he said looking up from his paper to me. I gasped. “That's a great idea.” I said hugging him. I seen Chloe look over at us and then look away. Her face was bright red with embarrassment. “I love you.” I whispered to him smiling. He chuckled and his body shook. “I love you to.” he said as Izzy tugged at my dress. I turned around to her open arms and sad eyes. I picked her up and hugged them both. “We love you to.” I said then I kissed her head. Izzy yawned and fell asleep right there. I giggled and walked over to Chloe with Izzy sound asleep in my arms. “Where should I put her.” I whispered trying not to wake Izzy. Chloe stood and walked to the back of the house so I followed. We came to a door and Chloe took of her necklace. It had a key on it. She unlocked the door and pushed it open to reveal a beautiful room. It was dusty. It had a small bed with beautiful butterfly stickers on the wall. The name Izzy was on the wall in wooden letters. I laid her down in her old bed and covered her up. We laid a blanket in the floor and me and Lucifer slept on that. I remember laying down and then everything went dark.

Me and Lucifer we're putting the last piece on our house we had been building for a while now. Before we could live in it we needed the money we had saved up to put stuff in it. “I’m taking Chloe’s carriage to pick up furniture.” I said walking away. I walked for a while before I got to Chloe’s house. I knocked and yelled “Chloe! I’m borrowing the carriage now ok?”  “go ahead!” she yelled back. I walked around back and made sure everything was on the carriage. I checked once, twice, three times. It was all good. I climbed on and rode into town stopping at every store that sold furniture. Loading the carriage by the time I was done the carriage had enough room for me to sit. Lucky for me I was sitting in the front guiding the horse. When I got back to our newly built house I couldn't see Lucifer anywhere so I stepped inside to find him. I walked a little than felt something grab my waist and pull me back. I screamed and then I heard Lucifer laugh. I turned to see him laughing at me. “Don't do that!” I said laughing with him. He laughed some more. When he finally stopped laughing he looked at me with happiness beaming from his eyes. I hugged him and he pulled me close. I smiled because I felt better now. With him nothing could go wrong ever again. “Come help me set up the house.” I said adjusting the collar of his shirt. “Ok, lets go.” we walked out and over to the carriage to pull things out. And one by one we carried everything inside the house. We were placing the last thing when we heard another noise. There was kinda a small mew sound then a spitting-choking sound. I ran out back toward the noise. It was a kitten and it was attempting to hiss at a ladybug. I giggled and the kitten looked over at me. It ran up and purred as it rubbed it's head against my ankle. I picked it up and rubbed it's head. She purred some more and then climbed up my sleeve to my shoulder. I went to pull her off and she nudged my hand away with her nose. It was cold against my hand. I pulled way and laughed. I took her inside and walked over to Lucifer. I tapped his arm and he turned around. He opened his mouth but I interrupted before he could speak. “Can we keep the pretty kitty please.” I said smiling. I pulled her off my shoulder and holding her in both hands in front of him. She meowed and rubbed her head against him. He laughed and rubbed between her ears with one finger. “I guess.” he said laughing a little more. I placed her back on my shoulder and went to get a basket. I grabbed one of our very many baskets and a bunch of cloth. I put the cloth in the basket and set the basket on the floor by the couch. Where she could get it but someone wouldn't step on it. I set her in it and she walked in a circle and fell asleep. I laughed and walked to get her a food and water bowl. I filled her water bowl and set it down. I was thinking what to put in her food bowl. We don't have cat food. An idea popped into my head. I cooked some fish and cut it up. I put it in her bowl and set that down to.

I walked into the house carrying Izzy on my hip. When I opened the door the cat, that cute little tabby rubbed my ankles. I set Izzy down and she squealed. “KITTY!” she came and started jumping in front of me “Mommy! Can I hold the kitty?” Izzy was giggling and jumping and just having the time of her life. I picked up the cat and sat in front of Izzy. “She is your cat if you promise to take care of her.” I said looking her in the eyes. “I will, I promise.” she said trying to hide a giggle. “Ok, well whats her name?” I raised my eyebrows at her. “Lets call her pinky.” she said with a laugh. “But, she is a tabby. That means she has grey and black fur. Not pink.” I said laughing at the name. “Ok, well then let's call her… princess.” she said petting her. I rolled my eyes. “Well, she does act like a princess and she sure is cute.” I said laughing as she pressed her cold nose against my hand again. I pulled out her bed and set her in it. She walked in a circle and fell asleep. Izzy stood up and ran through the rest of the house. “What are you looking for Izzy?” I said trying to find her. She came speeding past. “My room, where is it?” I walked over to a door in the hall and opened it. “She ran over and peered into the room and gasped. It was white and pink. There was a few cubbys on the walls in random spots, some had toys and others had glass dancers sitting in them. Her bed was white and had white blankets almost like snow. There was pink and white cloth hanging from the ceiling that flowed down and laid by her bed you couldn't see the pillows but you could see the blanket. There was a rug in front of her bed with a wrapped present sitting on it the rug was handmade by me and had a heart printed into the middle. The floor was wood and across the room from her bed was a white desk with a white chair. It had a lamp on it with a fuzzy pink shade. Izzy ran in and sat on her bed. “I feel like a princess! Everything is so pink and white and I love it!” she said looking around. “This means you need to keep it clean and not stain it.” I said looking at her. She just nodded as she kept looking round. I still had Princess’s bed in my hands, she was still sound asleep. I sat her bed in a safe spot and that was where it will stay. I picked up the present and handed it to her. She looked from it to me a few times. I nodded and she opened it slowly. When she opened it completely she gasped. She pulled out nine beautiful dresses one for every color in the rainbow plus one black dress and one white. I handed her another box of stuff I had hidden away. She opened it and hugged me. There was a pair of shoes to match every dress and more bows than I could count. There was also belts that go around dresses. She went to explore more of the room and looked at me. “Why do I have two closets?” she said and I giggled. I opened one of the doors to reveal a walk in closet and then opened the other to reveal a beautiful bathroom. The floor was tile that was white as snow with marble counters.on one side of the bathroom was a toilet and on the other was a bathtub. She giggled and hugged me. “You better go hug daddy to, Without him none of this would be here.” I pointed toward the hall and she ran out. She came back two minutes later and I was hanging up her dresses. She seen me and just kinda stared. “Can I help you.” I said hanging the last dress. “Can I have a ribbon?” she said still staring. I went into her bathroom and opened a drawer under the sink. It was full of riddons. She dug through till she found a pink one. She ran out and tied it on Princess’s bed.

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch. I was sewing Izzy a new dress when she came running in. “Mommy?” she said sitting beside me “that's me.” I said trying to concentrate. “Can I have a brother or sister?” she said and the needle poked my thumb. “Ow! Why do you want a brother or sister?” I said trying to make sure I wasn't bleeding. “Well, I think the house it too empty and we have the guest bedroom.” she said still looking at me not ready to give up. “I will think about it. Go play for now I will talk to you later.” I said as I began sewing her dress again. She ran off and I didn't know what to think. There was a knock on the door. I thought it was Izzy playing around so I set her dress down on the couch and stood up. I went and opened the door ready to play. Wearing a big smile when Izzy came running out of her room. “Did you knock?” I said with my hand on the handle. She shook her head slowly then there was another knock. I opened the door to see my sisters. With really big backpacks on. “What are you doing here?” I said looking at them. Izzy pushed past me and looked at them. She looked up at me. “Are these my sisters?” she said smiling widely. “No. hey Izzy can you go play with princess for a minute?” I said trying to get her inside the house. “But.” she was looking at them again I shot her a look and she walked off. “OH MY GOSH.” they chimed together. “You had a kid?” they were smiling. “What? No! What are you doing here?” I said placing my hands on my hips. “Mom kicked us out because one of us had to be queen but she didn't want to choose so she is going to adopt a kid to replace us all.” they were saying this all together but I understood them. “So we wanted to know if we could stay here with you.” they were looking inside. I rolled my eyes. “Lucifer! Izzy!” I shouted then turned back to them. They got here quicker than expected. “Izzy stay with them in the living room, and don't touch your dress.” I said looking at them all. I grabbed lucifer's hand and pulled him into our room. I closed the door but kept my voice low just in case. “They want to stay here. When Izzy found out she thought they were her new sisters she asked me for not to long ago.”  I looked at him and he sighed. “They can stay if you let them. I think it will be good for Izzy.” he said still processing the information. I sighed like he did just a second ago. “Then they can stay.” I rubbed my head. I walked out and looked at them. “Izzy, sweetheart let's go to your room for a minute.” she looked sad when we got in there the first thing that came out of her mouth was “their leaving aren't they.” I looked at her and laughed “No, Izzy they can stay.” she lit up and ran in there “Your staying!” they all squealed.

The guest bedroom had three beds and the girls had designed it themselves. They were sitting in there painting their nails. I closed the door to the bedroom. I couldn't stand the strong smell of nail polish. I wasn't quite sure if Izzy knew they were my sisters. I would tell her when I was ready but she had just been moved around so much and got 4 new family members. I had to count in my head because my thoughts where all jumbled. Princess is one macy, tracy, and stacy are three so yeah four. The triplets where only a little taller than Izzy. only because Izzy was six and the triplets where eight. When I made dresses for the girls I had to make sure that they were bigger than Izzy's. I made that mistake once and now Izzy has three new dresses. I always put a letter on the front of the triplets dresses. It could get hard to tell them apart sometimes. I went and sat on the couch to sew some more dresses when I heard the bedroom door open. The triplets and Izzy where giggling when they walked in and showed me there nails. They picked up the cat and she had nail polish on her nails to. I giggled they were so cute. I hugged my girls and pulled out a box for each of them. They sat down and opened them. The triplets gasped at the same exact time, like expected. Next came Izzy's squeal of excitement. I giggled, I loved hearing Izzy’s happy squeals. The triplets pulled out matching bags with letters printed on the front and Izzy pulled out a bag that had a rainbow heart on the front. They pulled out pencils and markers, paper and books, folders and binders. They looked at me when they pulled out their headphones. Izzy's headphones had a tiara on top and the triplets had cat ears. Of course different colors. “What is all this for?” Izzy asked setting everything back in the box. The triplets studied the stuff for a minute and gasped. “NO WAY!” they yelled. Izzy's face was still confused. “Your going to school!” I said and the triplets jumped up and down. Izzy looked at me as her face went from confused to happy and she put everything in her bag. “Momma, can you please sew me a rainbow dress to match my bag and some shoes to go with it? Oh and a belt please.” I laughed and nodded. “Us to!” the triplets raised their hands high up in the air. I nodded and went to get my sewing supplies. I grabbed what I needed and some extra cloth buttons and yarn for later. After I was done with the dresses I made dolls, one for every girl. The dolls looked like what the girls will look like on their first day of school.

“Girls! Lets go or your gonna be late!” I yelled. They were getting ready for school for the first time. They walked out and I gasped at my beautiful kids. Izzy was wearing her dress and shoes with a brown belt. She had her bag on and she was holding her doll. The triplets were wearing their dresses to. They had their bags on one shoulder. Somehow they always seemed to mimic each other. They were holding their dolls differently though, oddly enough. Tracy was holding hers like a baby. Stacy had hers on her shoulders, and macy was just holding hers. I opened the door and stepped out. The girls followed me out and we set off. When we got out of the forest the sun blinded me and I covered my eyes. When I uncovered them the girls were wondering around and looking at everything. I walked off knowing they were following me. When we got there I looked up at the small building that looked like a church. I walked into the building to find empty halls. Right across the hall from the front doors was the principal's office. I walked over to the door and opened it. I peered inside. A woman, not very tall but she was pretty. She had brown curls that fell around her face. When she heard us enter she looked up and smiled. “Come in.” she whispered. “Over there.” she whispered again as she pointed toward a door to our right. I led the girls in and walked after them to see a male. Almost as tall as me with blond short hair he looked up and pointed to some chairs the girls sat down but I continued standing. “Who are you?” he asked me. I stuck out my hand so he could shake it. “I’m Alice Micathy.” he stared at my hand but never shook it I lowered my hand. “I’m principal Snyder.” he spoke in his rough deep voice. He was doing something on his computer. “Alice Micathy, mother of Izzy, Tracy, Stacy, and Macy Micathy.” he turned his computer around to show all of our information I opened my mouth to tell him they were adopted but shut it. He handed me some paper. I counted five! “These are their schedules for class and the other one is all of them together for you so that you know where they should be.” his voice made me jump. “Ok, then let's go.” I said because honestly I just wanted to get away from him.  I pulled the girls out of the room and looked at my sheet of paper hoping it says where to go. I looked around for the right classes. Oddly they all had the same classroom. I looked around to find out that it was the only classroom. I opened the door to a huge classroom full of kids of all ages. I was shocked at how many kids were here. Of course being a castle raised princess me and my sisters where the only ones there. I was standing in shock when the girls giggled. I looked down at them. They were whispering back and forth. I walked in with them and a woman not very tall but she stood her ground. Not letting the students overpower her she yelled. “CHILDREN! PAY ATTENTION!” she surprised me for a small person she had quite a voice. The girls stopped giggling and whispering and were standing straight. I was afraid to move. “Now girls step forward.” her voice had became calm and sweet. The girls stepped forward. “Introduce yourselves please.” she stepped back and let them speak. The triplets went first. “I’m Stacy.” she spoke up and waved then stepped back a little. “I’m Tracy.” she went to join Stacy so Macy could speak. “I’m Macy, and I’m the third triplet.” she stepped back and Izzy stepped up.”I’m Izzy and those are my older sisters.” I looked around to see some of the students whispering back and forth. “Girls find a seat please.” the teacher spoke in a whisper. The girls ran up and found four seats right next to each other and sat down. I left to leave them to learn and meet new people.

I was sitting on the couch. It was saturday, and I was fixing one of Macy’s dresses she had tore it on a branch outside. There was a knock on the door so I stood to answer it. I put my hand on the door and was just about to open it when Tracy ran up “NO!” she screamed I looked over at her “What is wrong with you?” I was furious that she didn't just ask me and not scream. I pulled the door open to reveal a couple kids. They were half female and half male, about nine or ten years old. Stacy and Macy walked up and stood a couple feet behind Tracy. One of the kids spoke. “I know they are in there I heard them.” the one who spoke was a male in a hoodie. One earbud in his right ear and his hands in his pockets. “Yeah.” I spoke and stepped back as the triplets stepped up to the door. They just kinda stared at each other. “Well invite them in, don't make them stand outside.” I was trying to break the silence. Tracy opened the door and they walked in. the triplets sat on the couch and some of their friends sat beside them. A few were left standing. I went and got a few bean bags so the rest could sit. When everyone had a seat I left so they could talk back and forth without an audience. As soon as I left I could hear murmurs of them talking. I smiled because now at least I knew they wouldn’t sit and stare at the walls. I had nothing to do so I went to make some snacks for them. I pulled out a tray and set it on the counter. I went to get some drinks when I heard a scream. I stopped and walked into the living room. A female child with blond curls and a blue dress was standing in a beanbag looking at the floor horrified. “What’s wrong?” I was scanning the floor looking for something, anything. A little boy shot up out of the blue. “I caught it!” he was smiling as he spoke. I looked at what he was holding. It was a little green garden snake. Poor little thing was terrified. I walked over and got it. I took it outside and let it go. I walked into the house and everyone was looking at me. At least ten little eyes staring at me. “What?” I was confused, all I did was free a snake. The triplets came and hugged me then went and sat down. I went to finish making snacks and as soon as I turned the corner I heard a question that made me freeze. “Why don't you call her mom? She’s your mom right?” the voice was soft and sweet and reminded me of a lullaby. “Well you see, I don't know how to say this. Me and my sisters are adopted. That female is our sister.” that was Tracy. I heard a few gasps. I ignored it and went to the kitchen. I got drinks and finished preparing the snacks. I brought the tray out and set it on the table. “Snacks, take what you want.” I was looking at everyone who was staring back at me. They looked at me differently and that made me uncomfortable. I turned and walked into my bedroom and sat on the bed. I heard a soft knock and I opened the door to see a small girl with black long hair in a braid she had glasses and she looked so innocent. “They said you guys came out here for no reason. Are you guys the four missing princesses?” she was the one who asked why they didn't call me mom. I couldn't answer. I was frozen in place and the only thing that came out of my mouth was “Yes.” when I realized what I said I froze. Everything went black. I woke up in my bed with the girls huddled around me. “Mommy? Are you awake?” Izzy's voice made me smile. Lucifer's head popped up behind them. He sighed with relief. I sat up to see the girls on my bed Lucifer was standing over me and the triplets friends where missing I looked out the window to see a bright moon. It was noon last time I checked. I looked at the clock on my desk. Midnight. I layed back down. I took a deep breath when I heard footsteps. I looked over to see a doctor with a clipboard. “I found out what happened.” he was still studying his clipboard. When he looked up he was surprised. “Your awake.” he ran over listening to my heart with a stethoscope he felt my head and looked for a pulse. “What? Is something wrong?” I said and my voice was scratchy. My head was spinning. I had to put my head on my pillow. I was sweating, I felt like I was sitting in the desert. I pulled the blanket off me. The cold air hit me. It stung my legs and arms. I went to stand and Lucifer grabbed my shoulders. He pulled me back down and covered me with a blanket again. Again, everything went black.

I woke up to an annoying beeping sound. I opened my eyes thinking it was my new alarm. I looked around and realized that I wasn’t in my house. I was in a hospital room. I sat up and a nurse ran in. “Ma’am you need to lay back down.” she was rushing and attempting to push me down. I decided to lay back and relax. “Why am I in here? What is wrong with me?” I said listening for my voice. I sounded better than before. “Do you really not know?” she looked at me worried. “No, now are you gonna tell me or not?” I was becoming frustrated. “Your pregnant.” I froze. I had never tried for a baby. I prayed and listened. I heard a booming voice knowing it was God. “it's a gift from me.” I heard the echo and smiled. This was the best gift ever. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I heard a booming laugh “your welcome.” Then I opened my eyes. Right after I opened my eyes Lucifer walked in with the girls. They looked at me and smiled to see me awake. They came over and hugged me being as careful as possible. I pulled the girls up on the bed and hugged them. I closed my eyes and embraced the moment. When I opened them I seen Chloe and Nathan standing in the doorway. “Lucifer can you please take the girls to the waiting room for a moment?” I was focused on her. When they left she came over an sat on the bed with Nathan across the room looking out the window. “Chloe? Can you do me a favor?” I looked at her and she shifted “Yeah, what is it?” She looked concerned. “Can you take the girls and keep them for a while? Just so they won't have to be alone all the time.” I was trying to make sure that everyone was happy. She nodded “Yes, of course.” her face calmed down and she looked relieved. She looked happy that I wasn't hurt. “Well I’m going to go get some extra blankets for the triplets so I’m going to go.” she was grabbing Nathan “I’m going to sleep, please tell Lucifer to take the girls home and come back some other time.” I curled up and shut my eyes at some point in time I woke up needing water. I stood up and walked over to the bathroom. I cupped my hands and drank from that. I was walking back to bed when I heard a faint whisper. I couldn’t tell what it said so I ignored it and went back to sleep. I woke up again to doctors around me. I looked down to see my stomach was pushed out a lot. I heard a voice that was loud and clear “Mommy please help me. It hurts!” the voice was painful to hear. I looked down to see the doctors putting shots into me. There was a voice in my head that boomed. “Your child is in pain. Help him. He his crying out for you.” the boom calmed me. “STOP!” I yelled and everyone froze. I was trying to sit up but the doctors pushed me back down. “Let me up!” I was struggling against them. “Ma’am you need to hold still.” this was a male doctor who was so wrapped up in clothes he looked like a snowman when he moved. I pushed passed the doctors and stood up walking around gathering my stuff. They looked at me in shock. “What? Have you never seen a woman?” I was irritated. “How are you standing?” they looked at me like I was walking on water. “Ummm, on my feet obviously.” I just wanted to go home and sleep in my bed not some uncomfortable hospital bed. “We haven’t figured out what happened, you can't leave yet.” they were running over trying to pull me back. “Excuse me? I can leave whenever I want.” I walked over to the door and looked back at the doctors. I shook my head and turned to leave when I turned straight into Lucifer. I almost fell when he caught me. “My love? Why are you out of bed?” he was trying to take me back. I gave him a glare and he let me go and stepped back. “Good choice.” I continued walking and left the hospital without looking back. 

I woke up feeling refreshed. I was glad that I was home again. The girls would be returning later today. I sat up and felt different somehow. I ignored it and got up to make breakfast. I was pouring milk in a cup and turned to get a plate for some toast. When I had my plate and toast I turned to get my cup. I looked over to make sure it was were I left it. It was but it was empty. I set my plate down and got more milk. I went to put the milk back up and I glanced at my cup. Empty again, I got more and this time took my plate and cup with me. I put up the milk and went to eat. I sat at the table, I was starving. When I got finished eating I remembered what I was missing. My baby bump was gone. I looked around like my baby was hiding and shook my head. When I turned back around there was a little boy sitting at the chair across from me. “Who are you?” I had a feeling that I knew him. “You know who I am. Please remember me.” his eyes where pleading. Then I heard the boom. “He is your child. He has been talking to you remember? Don’t forget the gift I gave you.” the boom echoed and that's when I remembered the voice from the hospital. I stiffened and he smiled. I looked at him and relaxed. I studied him and he looked a lot like me. Almost like he didn't have a father. The same hair the same eyes. It was strange but the only different thing was his hair was short and he was younger. I wanted to find anything different anything at all. I found nothing. I hugged him knowing that this was a piece of me, a piece that I could never let go. “Thank you mama.” his voice reminded me of the boom but it was younger and didn't boom. I let him go and spoke, not looking away from him. “Would you like something to eat?” I stood ready to get him something. He smiled and said “Milk.” I laughed. “You were stealing my milk?” he nodded and laughed a beautiful laugh that made me happy. I went and got a small cup of milk and gave it to him. He looked at me. “You didn't have to get me milk just a cup.” I looked at him confused. “You asked for milk.” I sat down. He drank it quickly and looked at me. Making sure I was watching he closed his eyes and touched the cup. It refilled itself. I gasped and stood, studying the cup. He just laughed. I sat back down trying to relax. I heard the girls musical laughter. The door opened and they came running in Lucifer at there heels. They looked around and spotted me. They smiled then the smiles faded. Lucifer stood straight like he was afraid to move. I looked back to see my son sitting there smiling at them. I looked back and all eyes moved to me. I stood picked up my son and he grabbed his cup. I retreated to my room. I closed and locked the door. I heard a knock. “Go away.” I shouted at the door. “Fine.” I heard Lucifer's voice and wanted to smile but couldn’t. I heard a thud and looked around. I frowned. Lucifer climbed through the window. He walked over and sat beside me. The only thing between us was my son who I still hadn't named. I rubbed his head. “Did God bless you with a name?” I was looking at him and he looked over to me and shook his head. “Then what will we call you?” I laughed at my own words. He shrugged and refilled his cup. Lucifer rolled off the bed. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. “He can do that?” I was still laughing because the surprised look on Lucifer’s face was priceless. He climbed back on the bed and took a deep breath. “Why don't we name you Samuel?” he turned to the sound of his new name. I looked at him, he was smiling. I laughed and hugged him. He froze and I became concerned. “Samuel?” I was waving my hand in front of his face. He shook his head and smiled. I was still concerned. He laughed and spoke in his voice I loved so much. “Just checking on the girls.” I looked at him and then over to Lucifer who was staring back at me. We both looked at him. 

I was pacing back and forth. Lucifer walked into the room. “I’m done setting up Sam’s new room. He can sleep in it now.” his voice sounded heavy. I could tell he was tired. I checked the time. It was getting late. “Kids bedtime.” I heard them running around then they came in the room. I hugged them all. “Goodnight.” they said together. “Goodnight.” I said back and let them go. They hugged Lucifer and ran to bed. All except Sam. I picked him up and carried him to his room. I laid him down and shut the door. I went to my room to sew more clothes. An hour or two had pasted before I check his room to make sure he was ok. There was a dim light on the ceiling. I assumed it was him and left him to sleep. I went to my room and crawled in bed. I was asleep before I knew it. I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. I heard the girls giggling and talking. I heard Lucifer's laughter throughout the house. I opened my eyes to see Sam laying across from me. I smiled and sat up. I kissed his head. I finally had enough strength and stood up. I turned and picked Sam up. I walked out into the living room were the girls where playing and set Sam down. “Play with your sisters.” I watched him walk over before I turned around. I walked into the kitchen with Lucifer. He had just finished making our food. I set everything on the table and the kids came running. The all sat down and Sam filled everyone's cups. “Thank you.” we all chimed together. He smiled and we ate. I was thinking about what we should do today. Izzy spoke and it startled me. “Mama is Sammy gonna go to school?” I shrugged then spoke. “Well, he is so little still and I just don't think he is ready yet.” Izzy tilted her head to the side in confusion. “He looks like four or five.” her mouth was full so I couldn't really understand her. “He was born two days ago, besides he doesn’t even talk yet. Well he talks to me but he doesn’t.” Izzy became even more confused. “He speaks to my mind and he has since before he was born.” I was remembering his voice. I heard it again. “Can’t they see I’m different? Besides I talk to Daddy to, ask him.” his voice was in my head again. Only one or twice had I ever heard him speak to me, literally. “Why don’t you talk to the girls?” I was confused on that topic. “Because they are average humans. Me you and daddy are special.” I looked at him. “Think of talking to me and think what you want to say, try it.” so I did. I thought of talking to Sam and thought “how are we not average.” His laugh echoed through my head. “You know me and Daddy are different. How have you not realized that you are different?” I thought. “I don't know enlighten me.” I laughed “go look in the mirror.” I heard the smile. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

I was looking in the mirror. My face looked like stone. I was becoming more beautiful than ever. Almost like I was perfect. I heard the boom. “I am changing you and your children into Angels. I need you to stay the age you are for a little longer.” the boom made me stop looking in the mirror. I went and sat down. I explained everything to my family. The girls froze and looked at Sam. “I heard him.” Izzy's voice was stiff. “Us to.” the triplets said. Then they Froze. “I heard a boom.” Izzy said “us to” the triplets repeated. Lucifer stiffened. I thought. Did the girls know about Lucifer? I sent the message, the same way Sam talked to me. He shook his head. I spoke to him again “We need to tell them, like really need to tell them. We are becoming just like you.” he nodded. I opened my mouth to speak and Sam spoke before I could. He told them my entire past. Ever since I met Lucifer. Me and the girls sat shocked. Lucifer was casual. “How are you ok with this?” I asked him. “Because angels can read minds. Me and Sam are angels.” he spoke calmly and I sat shocked. “So you knew everything this whole time?” I asked. “You knew it was me when I came to get you because you thought I was dead?” I was becoming furious. “I went through all that trouble trying to convince you it was me and you knew?” I stood and stormed off. Sam was close behind. I ran into my room and slammed the door. I locked all the windows and sat on the bed. I hugged Sam close and soon I felt his tears. “Why are you crying?” I asked hugging him as close as possible. “Because angels can read minds, so therefor I feel your pain. If you listen closely, you can hear their thought to.” he actually spoke this time not in my head but with his beautiful voice that I loved so much. I sat Sam beside me and dug through some drawers looking for the poem Lucifer gave me for my birthday last year. I read it slowly looking for something, anything that I didn't notice before. It read: Leaves are green water is blue therefor my heart is cyan for you. I smiled he chose those colors for us. My favorite color is green and his is blue. It was bad but I loved it. I couldn't find anything though. I heard footsteps and looked at the door. Someone slid a note under it. I walked over and picked it up. It was the poem I gave Lucifer. It read: roses are red, violets are blue, your the best thing ever so my heart beats for you. I laughed. I stuck them together with a tack on the wall. Now whenever I came in here I could see them. I heard a scratch than a meow. I laughed and yelled through the door. “Go play with the girls for a while.” I was feeling better but not stable enough  to face them right now. I would have to come out sometime for food though. “No you won’t” Sam spoke and it startled me. “Won’t what?” I asked knowing he was reading my mind. I was still confused though. “You don't need food.” he was looking at me. I laughed “something new to get used to.” he laughed with me. I sat down and hugged him tight. This was a piece of me I wouldn’t, couldn’t let go. I kissed his head and turned to open the bedroom door. Before I could get to the door it flug open almost hitting me. I looked back at Sam and he shrugged. I scrolled everyone's minds. Nothing, blank. I walked out and everyone was playing with the cat. Spoiled I thought laughing. “I know it's great.” I Heard someone say. I heard the boom of a familiar voice. “I said everyone.” I understood than. The cat was like us. An angel. I laughed and walked over to pet her. She laughed and I walked off to get a cup of milk. I paused before getting a cup. I turned and got the jug out of the fridge and drank out of that because why not? I went and pulled on some shoes. “Children, shoes.” I said walking back into the living room with them. They ran in all different ways. They came back with there shoes on. I put a collar on the cat and was thinking about putting a leash on her. “Don't!” I heard her say I laughed and put the leash away. 

We were walking down a path, laughing and talking. I heard a gasp. I looked around and seen my parents. Mom came running over. I jumped when she grabbed me. She started pulling me. I thought really hard and shot a bright light that startled her. “What?” she looked so confused. “Mom, no. this is my new family and you can't take that away.” she looked at me, then them and back at me. She looked furious. She slapped me. I didn't feel anything. “Angels can't feel physical pain.” I was standing calmly. “Your not an angel! Your a demon.” I grabbed Sam. I walked off everyone close behind. “Wait.” she was running behind us. She stopped and she was panting. “What?” my voice was harsh. Gosh that was rude. “I'm sorry, come back and be the queen.” she was looking at me. “Never, you can’t treat me like that then expect me to want to talk to you.” I didn't stop looking at her. She dropped her head. I was staring her down. I could tell. I fell and everything was black. I woke up at home. Why did I keep passing out? I rolled my eyes and stood. I stretched and felt something different. I looked back to see two brilliant, white wings. I walked into the living room to see Lucifer sitting there. I walked over. “Where are the kids?” I asked. “Asleep.” was his only answer. “What's wrong?” I asked. “You guys are all angels and i'm still… This.” he shifted looking me in the eyes. “You will change one day.” I said I heard the boom. “Soon.” was the only thing I heard. I smiled and hugged him. “I’m going to check on the kids.” I walked away giving him time to think. I opened Izzy’s room. She was sitting in bed. “Izzy?” I was talking softly. She leaned forward and smiled when she seen me. She climbed out of bed. “Momma look.” she spun around so I could see her folded wings. “Beautiful.” I said and she smiled. “Go to sleep you have school tomorrow.” I hugged her. “But my wings mama.” she looked worried. “If you want to show them I will fix your dresses, if you don't we can put your dresses on over them.” she nodded as I spoke. I left, I closed the door them went to the triplets room. I opened the door slowly. They were awake as well. I saw them smile and open their wings. “Yay, well goodnight girls.” I waved and shut the door. I walked into Sam’s room. He opened his wings and I opened mine. We both laughed. I hugged him. “Goodnight.” I walked out and closed the door. I walked into the living room and sat with Lucifer. I looked over and he was asleep. I laughed and kissed his cheek. “Goodnight.” I feel back to a bright light. He shot up. I gasped. His white wings where back. I laughed really loud and the kids ran out. They all gasped and laughed to. The cat jumped off the counter in the kitchen and walked in. she had wings to. I laughed again. A cat with wings. I seen something I would probably never see again. I waved my hand to call them over. I hugged them and Lucifer came and hugged all of us. I walked outside and spread my wings. I moved them slowly and took a deep breath. Everyone came out behind me. Lucifer shot up and grabbed my hand. Sam came after us. I couldn’t fly yet but they could. We were up there for a long time before I learned to fly. When I got it I went down and picked up Izzy. Lucifer picked up two of the triplets and Sam grabbed the last child. After a couple hours we were all Laughing and playing. Princess was running around us, but not on the ground. She was in the sky. I got tired and we all went in and to sleep. I woke up and took the girls to school. When I got back Lucifer was reading the newspaper. He showed me the headline. It was us, perfect picture. We were laughing and playing. It was from the other night when I learned to fly. The headline was in bold letters. I read it four or five times. It read: Secrets Revealed. I couldn’t stop staring at it. I heard a knock. I turned to open the door but before I did I peeked through the blinds. News reporters, of course.

The girls came running in the back door and into the living room. I went to Sam’s room looking for him. I found him sitting on my bed with princess. I grabbed them both and went to the living room where the girls where freaking out. I whispered to Lucifer. “Take the kids out the back door and to the cave, hide there I will sort this out.” he nodded and grabbed Sam waving the girls to follow behind. They snuck out the back and there was another knock. I opened the door and cameras flashed blinding me. There where so many voices I couldn’t tell who was saying what. “Whoa slow down.” I said and everyone quieted. When I got my vision back everyone looked eager to talk. “Ok one at a time.” I said slowly looking at everyone. Everyone raised their hand at once. I pointed at one person at a time. The first person was a short male in a tophat. “Do you like being perfect?” he said it quickly. I slammed the door and ran out the back. I closed the door and flew into the clouds. I made sure they seen me. I heard them talking and cameras clicking. I dropped out for a minute and took off. They followed me, just like I wanted. I watched Lucifer lead the kids back inside. I kept flying and lead them to the palace. I landed on top and then without them knowing I fly into the clouds again hiding I watched them hitting the door with such force. I went back home and when I went inside the triplets were playing with a puppy it was jumping and barking. They were laughing. I looked around to see Princess giving the dog an evil look. I laughed and she looked at me. She ran over and jumped on me acting all innocent. “Oh Alice! Look a dog! Make the intruder leave!” she was acting silly to me. I laughed even harder and everyone looked back at me. They all smiled and continued doing whatever. Princess jumped down and walked off like I just gave her a bath. The triplets came running over. “Can we keep it?” they chimed together. I laughed again. “I’m going to tell you what I told Izzy when we got Princess.” I said looking at all of them. They nodded still smiling. “Only if you take care of it.” they laughed and ran to there room. They closed the door and I heard them running around. I saw Sam hiding around a corner. “Hey why are you hiding?” I asked moving closer to him. He stepped out and he was bouncing a ball. I laughed and he looked at me. He smiled and he was off as well. I closed the blinds and locked the door making sure no one could get in. I sighed and sat down. I laughed again at Sam for hiding because he had a ball. I was tired and wanted to lay down and sleep for the next forever. I closed my eyes and drifted of to sleep. I had a flashback more than a dream. I remember being a little girl sitting by the lake trying to pet a fish. I remembered growing up and the older I got the more responsibility I had. Then I remembered meeting Lucifer. I remembered everything we did together and meeting Izzy. I remembered Chloe. Wow I hadn’t been out there in a while. I remembered when the triplets came to the house. I also remember the day I officially met Sam. I remember getting princess and the new puppy. I woke up smiling and happy. I looked at the time. I slept for five hours. I felt great. I went to check on everyone. Izzy was asleep in her floor. She had been playing with dolls. The triplets were still trying to train the puppy and Sam was sitting lost in thought. I couldn’t find Lucifer anywhere. I sat on the couch and relaxed wanting to go swimming again but with the reporters everywhere that was almost impossible. I don’t think I could ever go back to the lake ever again. After the gunshot and seeing Lucifer after he changed. Lucifer came through the front door. “You were afraid?” he asked looking sad. “Of what?” I asked him trying to find out what he meant. “You were afraid of me when you seen me at the lake after I changed.” he was still standing there staring me down. “I was for a minute, but not anymore.” I said walking over to comfort him. He stepped back and flew off.

“Kids stay here I’ll be back.” I yelled and took off. I looked everywhere then went to the cave and inside there he was messing with the old fire pit. Poking at it and looking sad. I just stood there not knowing what to say. He looked up and just looked even more sad. “Just come home when your ready.” I said and left, afraid he would never come home. I went inside and everyone was looking at me even the dog. I laughed and went to my room. I closed the door and flopped on my bed. I looked at the time. Midnight. “Kids you have school time for sleep.” I yelled toward them. I heard everyone start moving and then I heard a knock. I opened the door. Everyone hugged me so I hugged them back. When everyone was asleep I went and locked every door and window. Except the one to my room so if Lucifer wanted to he could get in. I flopped back on the bed and closed my eyes. Ready for anything to come my way. I fell asleep having the same flashbacks I did earlier. I woke up because my flashbacks startled me. I knew what I saw wasn’t flashbacks anymore. I stood up and searched the house the only person I found was Sam and the animals. “Where are the girls?”  my voice was scratchy. “They left.” he said just kinda staring at me. “Did Lucifer ever show up?” I was growing very worried. He shook his head till he looked dizzy. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was a masterpiece with really messy hair. I brushed it out. I sighed and ran my fingers through it. I wanted long hair. My hair grew and grew to waist length. I stood shocked. I stepped out of the bathroom and walked around. Lucifer came into the living room. I was even more shocked. He looked ok, Kinda devastated but ok. He came and sat down beside me. I hugged him and he hugged me back. The girls walked in soon after. What time was it? I looked at the clock. It was four O’clock I sighed and they came and cuddled up with us. Sam came in to as well as the animals. I laughed because this poor old couch was gonna break one of these days. They read my mind and laughed to. There was a knock on the door. I stood to open it. It was a little kid. He didn’t stand tall but he gave off a bad vibe something…. Something evil.

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