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A Pathway to The Finish line

February 3, 2018
By Midnightwolf1987 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Midnightwolf1987 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Even though it seems that life is short, it is the longest objective you will ever encounter!"

Author's note:

This is a true story about me and my bestfriend, who had been separated from me by my parents not too long ago. I was inspired by the struggle we had faced in the years that we had been together, the secrets, the love, and hope of a new beginning. 

The author's comments:

Our lives had just begun, placed in the maze as our hands hold each other as we take the first step inside.

Living in this world can be such an inconvenience. Everyone is distracted by the upcomings of the society around us. Distracted by the social media apps, gossip, you name it. It just seems all we have been drawn to the first access of communication in our hands, the cell phone. Are we to be so blind that we cannot see what we’ve been influenced to become?
I know, I know that I am different for think of this. A Lot of people have claimed that I am weird-for more ways than one. Mostly because of this medical condition I may or may not ha-
What I'm saying is we just need to open our eyes, ya know? We have our own pathways, and yet they are all alike in the same way.
‘That is what I think upon the daily..’ a drawn out sigh discharged from my mouth as my leather boots clicked through the double metal doors into the chilled room of the theatre; my last class for the day and I was already dreading the long boring speech of medieval theatre or really the renaissance era.
Sure it was uh, ‘exciting’, but did I really want to go through a whole nother lecture about the new improvements of Greece and Thesis? Of Aphrodite and Zeus?
My gaze traveled to the usual group of friends that I would hang out with, which really consists of three people only. Two blondes and a black haired girl. I had met the first blond, Allison during the first day of school-she had biology with me. The second was Callie, mostly we had been introduced cause of games we had both been influenced by. The final female, Mackenzie.
Now she was different, this person had some tough attitude inside of their bones. I've only known her for a few weeks now, but something had changed between us. Mostly just sitting on each other’s laps and sharing some inside jokes with one another. But recently we have been getting more closer to each other, for one reason.
Mack was moving out of the state and into North Dakota to live with her mother. I was devastated at the fact that my own close friend would be leaving so soon, but isn't that what a lot of people do nowadays. I’ll support myself with this emptiness someday.
  As I plotted myself next to the black haired one, I noticed something unusual about her, a small redness had appeared on her cheeks. A smile crept on my face as I leaned into her shoulder and closed my eyes. The scent of her cherry like sweater enveloped my nostrils which instantly calmed me down.  I passed her a sketch book, my special sketchbook.
“Here, I drew a couple more drawings during my English class. It was a movie day.” Her breathing soothed me as I hear the flipping of pages and excited squeals of happiness. I hope she enjoys my art like the last ones, I've tried to do more techniques, mostly blending.
“Well well, your drawing is getting better!” She exclaimed to me, shifting slightly as she (Is what I assumed) grabbed her pencil from her bookbag.
I, in turn, distracted myself with grabbing my tablet from my backpack and plugged my earbuds inside of my ears. “Have fun!” I told her before dropping into a wonderland of gentle music. This was one of my favorite art songs, Ode to Joy, I believe by Beethoven. It was such a great sheet of music, crafted into such a beautiful world. My mind swirled into colorless visions, twirling around in my head as i let myself drift into some of my mindless dreams.
Shifting to the side I was aware of how close I was to the girl next to me. Her skin felt nice and cold against my own side. Our legs propped up against each others, my head on top of her shoulder. I could feel the nudging of her arm as she kept putting down more strokes of lead onto the white smooth sheets of the thinned out art canvas. Each paper is dear to me, each paper is such an...excitement to what's to come when the sheet is finally being drawn onto.
Its calm as we await the lecture of the teacher again.

It was towards the end of the period when I had opened my eyes again, it was then she had passed me my sketch book back, a grin scraped across my lips as I see one of her characters drawn into the page. Not particularly where I would like it, but it wasn't about to be erased anytime soon.-I’m sorta of a hoarder when it comes to art, I keep any trace of Art that I had made. They are special to me because I had processed so much of my time alive to create that little piece of me on the paper, -It was a detailed sketch of a horse like character named Arrow, I believe he is a kind of species; I wouldn't know because I wasn't so into creating new species.
She smiled at me, showing a row of brightly colored white teeth behind some braces. I grinned back at her and wished the girl a good day. But I knew that we would be texting later on, like we usually do around the time I get home.
I made my way outside of the theatre, the sun blared into my amber eyes which had made me flinch involuntarily. “Gah! Its way too bright…” I hissed underneath my breath, to where the other kids around me had murmured words in agreement.
‘The theatre was about 3 minutes away from the bus stop if I stop by my locker to grab my books for geometry, but it was about 2 minutes to go to the bus loop.’ I spoke to myself, unconsciously making my way down to the pale concret, the sun just felt like a fire had been set to the schools and the students were absolutely melting in the blaze. A cough racked my chest unexpectedly, my head bent towards my shirt opening as snot dribbled from my nose.
“Ugh…” My throat felt hs been put to the very same flames burning down the school. I've been sick with this, fever for over a few days now. Usually I would get better and then, BAM. Before I knew it, the sickness was back, worse than ever. Every single type of medicine ever created was practically in my system right about now. I hate being sick…
It's rather disgusting…
I made it to my bus stop in no time flat, reaching up to grab the smooth railing and hoisting myself into the cold bus. Already the frostbitten gazes of the students had made me want to cover up and hide away from their judging looks.
Alright alright, i'm not the most uhh…. Attractive woman a man can settle his eyes upon. These hips look as if God had used my body as a kleenex, stretched me out, and just left me on the ground wrapped up in a red snot balled mess. My curly hair and amber eyes are really the only pretty attribute to my rather incompetent body. Sometimes I do wish I was like those models shown on the magazines my mother would get on certain nights. Their perfect shapes have just always caught my eyes. Someday I yearn to acquire that body shape.
I've been bullied in the past, mostly verbally but barely any physically. Mostly
‘Cause they are frightened of me-I am built like a metal bulldozer. I sometimes reminisce on my past, wondering if I hadn't been so fat (or rather strong), would my life be any different? As In would people have accepted me in a sense that they wouldn't think of me as that one fat kid in middle school. Being called on last in pe, and just been factored into the weird side of the school. So much of my life had been wasted due to the way I look.
I hate it.
It's been a couple of weeks since my friend had moved to North Dakota to live with her Mother and her mom’s boyfriend, JJ. But before she did leave, I had given her a small token of gratitude, artwork of characters from a game called Undertale, their placements in a star formation. I remember the look on her face when she had grasped the fragile paper in her hands, almost as if she did a wrong jerk it would crumble in her grip.
During that time, one of my friends, a guy named Bryce had asked me out to go to the dance with him. I complied and said yes, though he had mistaken that ‘yes’ as a ‘yes’ for me to go out with him as in dating. So now, I am dating a guy who I barely knew, just because he had wanted to go to a small dance together.
Now don't get me wrong, he is a pretty nice guy, but to be honest I didn't like the way he had treated me. To me Bryce was very, very clingy and didn't know when to stop or when I had wanted some space to myself. Sometimes I would give subtle hints as to what I had wanted, but he would look over it.
I seated myself onto my warm bed filled with stuffed animals, a small cheetah-which I had gotten when I was five at the San Diego zoo and stayed with me ever since- cuddled against my chest while I texted on my phone to Mack.
We would usually just rant about our lives, sometimes she would tell me about her day in ND, how its always so cold that her fingers felt as if they would snap off any second. Then maybe on some days she would just call me up on the phone-I had a flip phone- and talk for hours on end.
She had two cats over living there, Jiggy and Reana, not brother and sister but by adoption they are siblings. Mack had saved Jiggy out in an alleyway one time and before long they had connected and bonded in no time. Mack would send me pictures of the two, usually cracking up jokes about how they looked like ‘loafs’, when the cat has all of their legs tucked right into their body and under them. I loved it when she would tell me the stories about the cats, sent me smiling and just had me happy for a while.

Mackenzie 10:34pm- Reana is a cracky.
Me 10:35pm- Uhhhhhhhh why?

Mackenzie 10:37pm- She started to mess with the q-tips again, got one stuck in her mouth so I had to take it out. Now my hands are all slobbery.

Me 10:38pm- Pfft! Omg thats so funny XD

A smile swept across my face, turning myself over as I curled my body more into the blankets. My heart fluttered as we kept texting back and forth, into the night we would do this hours on end, spending time knowing each other more and more. The cushion underneath my body was warming up with the heat of my stomach. I could hear my brother snoring from across the room to the left of me, and my parents are in the room to the right.
Closing my phone, I let my eyes adjust to the dark lighting. Figures in the shadows were seen in a matter of seconds. The Tv, the dresser, bathroom door, and the sliding mirror for my closet. Turning my attention towards the reflection, I could just make out the bushy brown mess called hair. The curl dragged across my face as my eyes peered out into sight. Looking at myself sometime just made me feel better, I would guess.
A small buzz, one, two, three- It’s a text.
I opened up my phone, pressing the ‘ok’ button to read the message. She was complaining how she couldn't get the feeling of slobber off her hands. A snicker escaped my lips when I replied with ‘using some hand sanitizer’. I loved to joke around with her sometimes seeing, well reading the reaction really gets to me.
Some hours had passed and it was midnight, my eyes were starting to drag down my face, almost like slime. It was time to go to bed, and yet I really just wanted to stay awake abit longer. And it's funny for me cause Mack is two hours ahead of me, so it’s really late for her!
Mackenzie 12:01pm - Moooooooo!

Me 12:01pm - Heyy, Im getting just a bit sleepy, wanna head to bed now?

I waited for a response, my eyes slowly closing as the minutes went by, some doubt in my stomach as thoughts entrail into my head. Is she mad at me for wanting to go to sleep or-
Vibration in my hand alerted me that she had replied. I opened the block and smiled. Relief filled my bones.

Mackenzie 12:13pm - Sure, I was getting ready for bed, just had to brush my teeth and say goodnight to JJ and Mom.

Me 12:14pm- Oh cool! It’s alright, Im just really tired. Goodnight Best friend!

Mackenzie 12:14pm - Im your best friend…?

I jerked my head back and felt my eyes sparkle slightly.

Me 12:16 pm - Of course you are! Your such an amazing person and I think you and I would be really great friends, well best friends even!!!

Mackenzie 12:17pm- Im so glad, honored too, to be called your best friend.

Mackenzie 12:17pm- Heh, well it's time for bed then. Goodnight best friend!!!!
Me 12:17pm - Goodnight best friennd!!! WUV CHU!!

Joy bursted inside my heart as I gripped the flip phone in my hands, the metal shifted as it threatened to crack slightly. My eyes shut tightly as I held the cellular against my chest.
‘A real best friend, this one is special, I know it.’
I placed my phone right onto the desk next to me, the sagging air of sleepiness soon drawn me in, my eyes shutting tight to welcome the dreams for tonight. My heart was still a racing mess as a vision swept into my gaze….and the dream commenced.

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