Sun Light

January 23, 2018
By Applegate-Price BRONZE, chester, Vermont

The door slams open, a muscular arm is wrapped around a scrawny neck. Eyes hazed over with tired and drunk, mainly do to the half empty bottle of brandy in his hand.
“Hey, Miles... Miles, are you listening to me?” the intoxicated man turn towards his support, “do you think you can walk to your room?” Miles nodded, then proceeded to walk along the wall all the way to his room.
The lanky man shook his head, following his drunkin love to his room. A thud noise came from the room. When he walked in he saw Miles, face down on the carpet, black hair sprawled all over his face, passed out. Picking the man up again he tucked him into bed.
The scrawny sober man walked into the kitchen, got a glass of water, and looked in the fridge, there was nothing but expired milk and a bell pepper. He walked to the bathroom and got a bottle of advil. Walking back to the bedroom he put down the water, two advils, and a note, on the snoring man’s bedside table, kissed his head, than left.
Waking up to a headache isn’t the best way to start a day, but when Miles finally opened his eyes he saw the water and advil and he couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. He picked up the note.
‘Dear Miles,’
He snickered at the formality.
‘You got very drunk last night, I drove you home so your car is still at the bar. Call me when you don’t feel like death, so I can drive you to your car. I have water and advil out for you, but you don’t have anything in your fridge so I will also take you grocery shopping when we get your car.
                                                                                    Much love, Julian’
For some reason reading that last bit helped his headache at least a little. Miles took the advil and dowend the water. “I really need to thank him somehow.” he thought, “maybe I can surprise him with dinner.” he got up and walked to the bathroom and tried the brush the taste of alcohol and sleep from his mouth. “Whate, no. I don’t have any food to make.” Spitting out the toothpaste he looked up at himself in the mirror, his eyebrow piercing was irritated, rubbing it he thought, “He’s always getting me out of trouble, there has to be something I can do.” Opening the cabinet he grabbed a couple more advils.
He walked to the kitchen and made himself another glass of water and took the advil in his hand. Stepping back into his room he sheds yesterday's clothes and puts on some new clean ones. “I should call him.” Picking up his phone he goes to Julian’s contact and pressed call, he would prefer to text, but Julian likes calls. The line rang twice. “Hello?”
“Hey, Julian. It’s me Miles.” God he hated calls.
“Miles, hey. You ready to get your car?”
“Oh, uh, yah.” He forgot about his car.
“All right, I’ll get in my car to get you.”
“Your the best, what did I ever do to deserve you?” There was silence for a long second, “are… are you still there?”
“What? Oh, yes, I’ll go get you.” he hung up without a goodbye.
Miles didn’t know what to do. Did he make Julian sad? Or woers! Mad. He paced around his apartment till his doorbell rang. Miles opened the door expecting the worst. Julian steps into the apartment, gave miles kiss, then hugged him. It took the raven haired man a second to realise what was happening and hug him back.
“I love you.” Julian said this into Miles’s chest, Miles just hugged tighter. Julian was used to those sort of responses to the word love, though they had been dating for six months, but Julian understood.
Pulling back Miles said, “why are you so happy?”
“I don't know,” Julian looked embarrassed, but that was to the closest to ‘I love you’ he had ever said, “I was just excited to see you.”
They stepped away from each other, “Ah! close the door, you’re letting all the sunlight in!”
“Do you still feel like death?” Miles shrugged, “Why did you call?”
“I wanted to thank you. For you know, not letting me actually die.”
“Do you want to go back to sleep?”
“I don’t want my license plate stolen more.” Miles laughed.
“I would tell you to eat something, if you actually had something in your fridge.” Julian closed the door.
“Can’t we just watch a movie, at least till my head hurts less?”
“Ok fine. Oh, I almost forgot.” Julian swang a backpack, miles didn’t even notes was there, off, and started rummaging through it. He took out a plastic container, when he opened it the room filled with the smell of chicken noodle soup, than a black thermos.
“What's in the thermos?”
“What would I do without you?” Miles brought Julian into a big hug and kissed him.
“I’m sure you'd survive. Somehow.”
The two spent the rest of the morning eating soup and watching a movie. When the movie was over the two got groceries than whent to get Miles’s car, which the license plate was missing from.

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