The Weight of Love

January 19, 2018
By Applegate-Price BRONZE, chester, Vermont

Soft, long, brown hair draped across dark blue jeans. A hand stroked the hair as the other held a book, chestnut eyes looked through at the book as if being able to see the face reading it. The leg she was laying on started to bounce in a slight rhythm. “Whatcha thinking about?”
Moving the book to the side, the reader looked down at the person laying in there lap, her short hair getting in her face. “What do you mean?” she chuckled as she pushed her hair behind her ear, “I’m thinking about the book.”
“no,” the long haired girl sat up, looking the other right in the eyes. “You’re worried about something. You always fidget when your worried about something.”
A comforting look came across the girls face, as she looked in the chestnut eyes of her partner. “I’m fine, but I do appreciate you looking after me like this.”
The brunet looked at her sceptical, but relaxed when she kissed her forehead nonetheless. Looking into emerald green eyes the brunette smiled a knowing smile, “it’s because your getting me a dog for christmas, isn't it?”
“We are not getting a dog.”
“Oh yes we are, and you’re getting me it for christmas, and you’re nervous because you don't know what kind I want! It’s a huskie by the way.” she was talking a mile a minute, excitement plastered across her face.
“Pepper,” the green eyed girl said with a stern look, “we move around way too much to get a dog, especially not one as big as a huskie, and you know that.”
“Yah. I know,” Pepper looked down at her knees in disappointment, than her head perked up, “but a girl can dream.”
The green eyed girl smiled and curessed pepper’s face. Leaning in pepper gave her partner a, loving, peck on the lips before standing up.
“Well, Ivy,It’s getting dark, we ought to do something about dinner don't you think?”
Looking down at her watch, Ivy stood up too. “What do you want, we can get chinese agin.”
“Nope,” Pepper had already disappeared into the kitchen.
“Than what do you want?”
Sticking her head out of the kitchen door, her long hair was already pulled into a ponytail and was trying to tie an apron around her waist, “I wanted to make something to night.” Ivy walked up to Pepper, moshining for her to turn around, and help tie her apron on.
“What are you planning to make?”
“I was thinking pasta, you know, start easy.” Pepper laughed. Ivy smiled, she loved it when Pepper cooked. It never turned out, but she always looked so happy and proud when she was done.
“Do you want any help?”
“No, it won't be like the last… couple times, I prommis. Plus you always cramp my style.”
“Ok, ok, I won't ‘cramp your style’” she said in air quoits, “but, I would still like to watch you cook, Pepper.”
Ivy gave her that nickname the first time the two met, her real name is Tessa. Pepper made mashed potatoes with so much pepper they were inedible! Yet Ivy still couldn't stop eating, if only to make her feel better.
She watched lovingly as Pepper scrambled around the kitchin to find what she needed.
“Ok,” Pepper said under her breath, “I need pasta, butter, onions, and tomato paste. Honey, do we have any tomato paste‽”
“Uh, yeah actually in the top cabinet. Do you need help?”
“No, I got it!” Pepper said as she reached to just open it. Ivy got up and took the tomato past down for her.
“Ivery Ann Roy!” she gasped, “what did I say about cramping my style?”
Ivy stood there, past still in hand. “Well, you gonna take it or not?” Pepper snached the paste out of her hand and mumbled a ‘thank you’ under her breath.
“No problem, sweety.” Ivy smiled, than went to sit back down. She felt a tug at the hem of her shirt, turning around she saw Pepper, face in hands.
“Can…” she sighed, “can you help me make dinner?”
“Of Course I can.” Ivy smiled.
The pasta was boiled to perfecton the sauce was delectibul. Before they sat down to eat, Pepper walked up behind her chefe and kissed her on the back of the neck. “Thank you for fixing my awful food.”
“It wasn't awful, it never is.”
“My nickname is Pepper.”
“Do you not like it? I don’t have to call you that.”
“No! You will call me Pepper till the day I die!” Ivy smiled at this nocin.
The two sat at the table and talked about the weather and work, they talked about their days and their plans for tomorrow. It was perfect.
They walked to their bedroom to get changed into their night clothes.
“Ivy?” Pepper looked concerned.
“Yes?” Ivy walked up and and gave her a hug from behind behind, her lean body pressed against peppers cervy one.
“Do… do you think this will last?”
“What do you mean?” Ivy kissed the back of her neck.
“Like don’t get me wrong, I love you, I love you so much that it hurts. But is it going to be forever?”
“Does it matter? I love you, and I am happy right now and you are too and that’s what matters. Worrying about if one of us stops loving each other some time in the future is something that is impossible to predict. Now let's go to bed.”
Pepper nodded her head in agreement. They went to lay in bed, Pepper cuddling up to Ivy. Feeling her chest rise and fall, Pepper fell to sleep from the rhythm. The weight of the thought of lost love still on her head.

The author's comments:
waking up in the morning gotta get fresh, gotta go down stares

The sun was bright, much brighter than Pepper liked. The curtains were slightly drawn and the sun flooded into the small room, Pepper tried to ignore it, but it was time for work, and the sun knew it. She rolled over, not to find Ivy, but the worm spot from where she slept last night. Pepper groaned, she hated how Ivy ran at the crack of down, every morning. Pepper rolled back over when front door opened. Ivy appeared in the room. Opening her eyes, finally, Pepper saw Ivy, in her workout gear and a bit out of breath, sitting on the side of the bed.
“I wish you didn’t run every morning, I want to see you when I wake up.” Pepper groaned, sitting up, careful to keep the large, worm, purple comforter wrapped around herself.
“Well,” Ivy said leaning over the bed to kiss pepper forehead, “if you ran with me…” she trailed off.
“I will do nothing of the sort!” Pepper looked offended by the request.
“Alright, fine, you don’t have to run with me, but do you know what you do have to do this glorious morning?” pepper looked up at her curiously.
“You, my dear, have to go to work.” Ivy said, sipitheticy. Pepper quickly laid back down and threw the blanket over her head, and staying absolutely motionless.
“Pepper, you have you get up.” Ivy Sung, shaking her a little.
“I’m sick,” Pepper gave two extremely fake coughs, “I can’t go to work.”
“Your not sick.”
“Yes I am!” she threw the blanket off her head, “Do you want me to get my whole office sick?!”
Ivy looked at her sweetly, stood up and went to there dresser. Pepper looked suspiciously at Ivy.
“I still have you go to work, hu?”
“You can do whatever you want, I’m your girlfriend, not your mom.” she gave a wink over her shoulder at Pepper.
With a sigh, Pepper abandoned there bed’s warm embrace and was immediately attacked by the cold, crisp, morning air. She stumbled over to the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a tangled mess, sometimes she wished she had the curig to cut it short, but till that day comes she will have to brush. She made several faces in the mirror, for no reason but to make herself laugh. Ivy walked up behind her and gave a tight squeeze around her waist, and kissed Pepper’s temple.
“How are you already prepared for the day.” Pepper sounded exhausted from just the short walk from their bed to the bathroom.
Ivy giggled, “I’m just an early bird.”
“I hate you.”
“You don’t mean that.”
They quietly put makeup on, all the while making faces in the mirror at each other. At one point Pepper made Ivy laugh so hard, she got maskara all over her eyes. But alas all good things must come to an end. When they exited the bathroom, Ivy had already set out her clothes.
“You should set out my clothes in the mornings too.”
“But I don’t have your fashion sense, and you always look so great.”
“But it takes me like an hour!”
“It’s an hour well spent.”
Pepper glared over at Ivy, who stood her ground. Pepper gave up and started towards the closet, Ivy quickly grabbed her wrist, “whait.”
Turning around Ivy kissed her. “I forgot to give you that this morning.”
Pepper’s face went red, she pulled her wrist from Ivy’s grasp and briskly walked to the closet. When she did leave her clothe’s den, she walked to the kitchen to smell an aroma of coffee and eggs. She sat at thare small table of two, and watched her cook.
“I can cook you know.”
“Yes, I know.”
“I did it a couple of nights ago, remember?”
“Yes I remember.”
“I bet your cooking something healthy, too,” Pepper made a face, “Disgusting”
Ivy just laughed under her breath, while Pepper slouched down and laid on her arms. Pepper saw Ivy’s hips sway slightly, probably to a song in her head. All Pepper could think as she watched this was, “what is the world did I even think of doing to deserve this wonderful, wonderful woman.”
Pepper was torn from her thoughts when a plate was set in front of her, egg-whites will bell pepper.
“Just what I thought, healthy.”
“Hey, it’s much than the crap you were eating when we first met.”
“I was eating like a queen!”
“Yes, cup romin and microwave packets of oatmeal-”
“Organic microwave packets of oatmeal.”
“And organic microwave packets of oatmeal, is eating like a queen.”
Pepper made a pouty face, Ivy leaned over the table and kissed her cheek.
“I’m here to make sure you don't die of malnutrition.”
Pepper hated the whites of eggs, but she ate it all the same. Ivy seemed to have put some sort of spice in it, it was delicious.
“What did you put in this? It’s amazing!”
“A girl’s got to have some secrets.” Ivy winked
For the rest of the morning they talked about their day and what they were going to do, Pepper was a answering service employee and Ivy was a car mechanic. You probably wouldn't be able to tell by her thin stacher, but she was very good at what she does. They pick up their respective bags, leaving dirty dishes in the sink for when they get home. One foot out the door, Pepper stopped. Terning to Ivy she said, “did you remember to take your meds?”
Ivy ran to the kitchen, open a cabinet, and found a small orange conater. She too 1 small, round, pill from inside and dry swallowed it. She slowly she walked back to the door.
“Why did I run?”
“I don’t know, but we need to go.”
And with that they walked out their apartment, the outside world somehow didn’t seem real in thare. They walked down the street together than divulged paths at the corner. With one last kiss they left each other to go to their respective workplaces.

“Ivery!” an authoritative voice called from down stares, “get up, I’ve got a surprise for you in the gurash!”
Ivy didn’t like getting up early, especially on weekends. Grounding she got up when her feet touched the cold flower she shivered, it was fall so the morning was crisper than usual. She looked around to try and find her slippers to keep her feet worm.
“Ivery Ann Roy, if you do not get down hear!” the threat never came, but Ivy hurried all the same.
“I’m getting to it!” she yelled back, kissed her first and second finger than placed than on an old picture of a woman holding a baby, as she did every morning, than hurried down the stairs.
When she walked into the bright purple gurash connected to her house, still in her pajamas, her father stood there, tool box in hand.
“There you are sleepy head.” her father showed a bright smile, “you ready to work on the car?”
“I don’t see how this is a surprise,” Ivy sead, sleep still in her voice, “it’s not like I have a car.”
“That’s not the point munchkin. This is more of a learning experience. I know who you like, Ivy.” a red blush came across Ivy’s face when she heard that statement.
“I don’t… you… I...” she stammered.
“Mikel’s boy,” a wave of relief flowed over Ivy when she heard that, “You know, the one you were ogling at when he came over for the pool party.” little did her father know it was really, his sister, Jacky, “don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to have crushes at your age. You know what? I would be more concerned if you didn't have crushes, your almost a Junior in highschool.”
“Dad,” Ivy moned, “did you just call me down hear to embarrass me, because that's an even worse surprise than working on the car.”
“No!” he sounded a bit offended, “I called you down hear because that boy is as scrawny as a twig and probably doesn't know the first thing about cars, so if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you’ll know what to do.”
“Alright, fine, where do we start?” her dad’s eyes lit up.
“Ok, first,” he takes out two jumper cables, “ok we're gonna’ jump start the car!”
“Don’t we need another car for that?”

This is just a short chapter, because I didn’t know what to wright. If you have suggestions I am all ears.

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